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2023.05.30 02:01 gs19ca613 I’m Addicted to Sugar and I Have No Idea What To Do

So I (14M)(I know it’s a bit young to be on Reddit, sorry), have been sneaking into the pantry to take spoonfuls of sugar. Like actual granulated and confectioner’s sugar.
I usually take about 4-5 spoonfuls a time, and they’re pretty big spoons too. I sometimes don’t do it for over two weeks but sometimes do it three times a day. I know it’s disgusting and terrible to even think about, but I’m honestly addicted to it and I don’t know what to do about it.
Whenever my parents and sister aren’t around, I just run in there and take a bunch, and even though I know it’s wrong I still do it for some reason. Someone please tell me what to do, I’m trying to keep my parents from finding out but it’ll happen eventually.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.05.30 01:19 SuperSneke 23 [M4F] #Tennessee #USA - Hey There Delilah: Seeking a Girlfriend to Inspire Beautiful Melodies in My Life

Hello there. Do you enjoy someone who's more candid about how they feel than they probably should be? Are you someone who enjoys a good personality more than abs? Are you someone who's ok with an LDR, and willing to travel, and put in the effort to make it work?
One might wonder what path led me here to be posting on Reddit, to look for a Relationship.
Well, the truth is, I don't feel like I can find someone for me around here, although I am trying, and doing this as well.
I've certainly found people who I care deeply for, but alas it didn't quite work out, and that's ok.
Who am I? Fair disclosure here, I am a obese white male. I'm losing weight, but I will be plus-sized for at least another year. I am a Computer Science student
So what kind of person am I? Well, I am certainly a kind person. Respectful too. I can be kinda clingy, because when I'm in love with someone I want to constantly be talking/with them. I'm also a pretty open-minded person. There is very little that I will dismiss out of hand when my partner is suggesting things. I would also say that I'm kind, goofy, and incredibly loving/romantic.
How do I love? Well, I would certainly say that words of affirmation is my love language. I love sending random paragraphs about why I like X, or poems, I love flirting also. I also quite enjoy quality time spent together doing an activity together. Cuddling is a big favorite too.
Who am I looking for? I am looking for someone who's 18-26. Preferably in college. It would be awesome if you were in TN, or a neighboring state, but as long as you're in the United States, and willing to travel, it'd be ok with me. Also not interested if you do drugs, or smoke.
What am I looking for? I'm looking for a long-term relationship. Please include a * at the end of your message so that I know you read the entire thing. I want my relationship to be based on mutual respect, and hopefully everything else will follow.
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2023.05.30 00:46 Cookies_N_Grime Possible irritation bump on medusa/philtrum (had pus)

So, I just texted my piercer about this with a picture and she immediately said that it was a keloid and that she has some stuff to sell me to treat it... I'm definitely skeptical, and quite disappointed tbh. Now she has me doubting if it's an irritation bump at all. Last week it had pus in it. Keloids don't do that right? It's not exactly hard, just fleshy and gross, sometimes has pus in it.
Some of it came out as I was washing my face, with warm water it seemed to have popped a bit like a pimple. All white, no yellow. Now it has a crust over it. Can irritation bumps do that, and could it be infected? I have some saline wound wash solution and spray it on two times a day already, would that be good enough? I looked it up here at first, but the pus confused and worried me, and I wondered if that was common with irritation bumps. Thank you.
Specifics: I've had my medusa for a year now, never had any problem with it until now. Jewelry is a 7mm titanium threadless bar with a prong set top. The only thing changed recently is the prong set top (about 3 months ago). I wonder if a bezel set would cause less irritations.
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2023.05.30 00:31 G0ldenAng1e I Never Felt Like I Had a Choice, And Now I Balance on One That Could End Everything

I am 17m and can't write an introduction, ran through three drafts nearly pulling my hair out, so I'll just roughly list my problems:
  1. When I was 12, my brothers (both being younger, but that doesn't matter) started chastising me, calling me gay. The issue was that I wasn't, and I knew it. For the next two years, the most formative of my life, they did this, every hour (if not minute) they could. This led to my mind subconsciously thinking it was true, and even now I still have habits that make me want to burn myself alive. I have no disgust towards the LGTBQ crowd, but I know it's not me, and yet it's still here with me. I hate myself after every act, wishing I could stop.
  2. I feel like I'm not really heard by anyone in my family. Every time I saw something, asking for help, my dad interprets it in his own way, giving an answer he thinks is satisfactory and then gaslighting me into believing that's what I meant. Whether he realizes it or not. My brothers are both just, I don't know really. They're not bad, but I'd rather be erased than say I love them. One is always rude, cussing at you for either not understanding him and has a lack of respect for everyone. The other, youngest one just sucks. He's annoying in every way you'd expect a younger brother to be like but he also has no respect or manners for anyone. He calls me and the other brother bitches every chance he gets (even though our parents try to stop him when they hear it), and he just starts shit with us damn near daily.
  3. I have a ton of stress I can't get rid of. I have no outlet. I've tried writing and working out, I've tried meditation and doing chores, but eventually it just comes back. My whole life I've just had to bottle it up. Every time I've wanted to beat someone up, every time I've hated something, I was forced to keep it in. No one told me to, but I just had no exit for it.
  4. I'm indecisive because every major decision was made for me. Even though I can't think of any instance of my parents out right denying my options, I just feel trapped. I was never really given a choice in the things people care about. My license for example. Everyone's been asking when I'll get, but they keep forgetting that I HAVE NO FUCKING CONTROL OVER IT. My parents have to sign me up, they have to take me there for the test. I have no control over it. Now I have to choose what job to go into, three years too late because there was no clear choice. Everything used to be front and center and now everyone's looking at this blurry line of doors saying "It's so easy just choose" while pointing in a random fucking direction. I don't know how to start anything, I'm just forced to look at a possibility with a brain that just won't do anything.
  5. I just don't do things. I've tried setting my life on track, learning some coding language, writing a long story, putting something together, anything, but I never do it. I look at the tools to do something, I'll have a line of questions to search, but I just won't do it. I don't know why, but I can't do anything.
  6. My home life is wonderful, despite the things I've said about it. I have a bed, a roof, food, parents who do love me, family outside of that who do love me. But I have nothing I can physically hate. Sure I can tell you I hate my brothers or my dad's beliefs/way of thinking, but I can't physically hate them. All there is, is me. I hate myself every time something happens, every time I get angry or stressed. When I need to hit something I hit myself because our walls are made of cheap American material.
  7. I just can't think of the future anymore. Every time I think about it, I just get crushed under the weight of reality. Hmthe price of everything is rising, meanwhile we're paid comparably less than people working before/after the great depression. The police systems are becoming more corrupt and half our government just doesn't give a shit about us. I want to get a job but don't really know how. There's no readily "there" programs to help you settle into life. No classes to teach you how to make a resume, no gateway that makes it as easy as everything before.
If anything, I guess I'm just confused about it all. I was raised to be a logical thinker, and I am one; but I can't think of any reason for it all. I don't mean philosophically, but just for why it's so damn complicated and horrible. I wonder why my swxuality is the way it is, despite me wanting to tear that small bit away from me. I want to know why I can't just do stuff. I want to know how I can even begin to start my own life.
After 4 years of this, having no true career path, knowing whats wrong with the world constantly (my dad always shows us videos about the horrible things going on), no one close who I think can and will help me, and having no outlet for the hatred and stress I have, I just want to let all of it go, to not have to worry.
I just want it to end, but if I can find a way to start my life, then maybe it won't be so bad.
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2023.05.29 23:36 NamelessNanashi [The Gods of Dragons: Beginning] Ch 10 - Hurry Up and Wait

--- Table of Contents ---
Summer 4984, 13 Doumoth
“Ugh! I hate this!” Daisy whined loudly, letting her head fall back to stare at the ceiling.
“Almost done…” Rerves said to reassure her, though he lacked his usual smile.
Ania picked up the last piece of armor, a steel vambrace, and began polishing with a groan to match Daisy’s, “When we aren’t cleaning, we're polishing, when we aren’t polishing, we're cleaning. How is this Paladin training?”
“If I wanted to be a servant, I would've joined their guild…” Thom’s small voice chimed in.
Shon said nothing. The five Squires, Shon, Daisy, Thom, Rerves, and Ania, sat under a shade in the Temple courtyard, polishing the knights' spare armor for the hundredth time. The sun beat down mere feet away, reflecting off the finished pieces as the shadow of their shade crept closer and closer, the sun climbing towards noon. The yard was mostly clear, the Paladins not on duty retreating into the cool stone fortress while those on duty only occasionally coming to check on the Squires' progress.
Ania had the right of it. Ever since they'd moved into the Temple proper and became official Squires, the five of them had done nothing but clean, polish, and memorize armor and weapon vocabulary. And complain… the others always complained. Shon just sighed as the four others continued to gripe. There was no point in it, the work needed to be done, and they were the ones assigned to do it. It didn’t matter how annoying or monotonous it might be.
Sometimes the younger Paladins would join them in polishing, caring for their own armor while the Squires worked on the spare pieces. The spares were used mainly by the enlisted, and only if they hadn’t finished buying their own sets yet. Occasionally a Paladin would check out a set to practice with. Although most of them had a preferred style, they needed to stay proficient with all types. At least that meant only half of the pieces the Squires had to clean were still polished from the day before. If the armor was never used, it really would be a useless task, instead of half useless as it seemed now.
The Paladins never complained…
The Squires hadn’t started out tired and annoyed. Daisy and Shon had been joined after their first week by Thom and Rerves, who both came from the capital city. They'd been friends growing up, Rerves was a noble, and Thom's family worked as their personal stewards, one step up from servants. A week after that, Ania arrived from a small village in the south. Only having known one Paladin and having never seen a proper Temple before, she'd been in awe of the fortress Temple of the city for at least a month. But then the excitement had given way to frustration, and -for Shon at least- boredom. And so the others had started complaining.
Their relationship with each other had started out warm enough. They stayed up late into the night, sharing their histories and dreams of their future as full Paladins. Shon joined them when prompted but mostly preferred to listen. He didn’t think he had any stories worth sharing, though they had bombarded him with questions after Veon-Zih’s first training visit. Just like everyone else, they didn’t seem to know how to deal with Shon’s quiet nature. But unlike everyone else, they hadn’t pulled away and stopped talking to him altogether. Except when they complained. Shon never complained. He didn’t see the point. When asked, he would say that they needed to follow orders. So they'd stopped asking him.
Shon held his last piece of steel plate carefully by the leather straps, wiping the last bit of polish off with a clean rag. He could see his reflection distorted by the curves and dings, and wondered if he could manage to draw the changes accurately when given a chance. The tinking of metal on metal sounded in the distance, and the Squires' heads shot up, followed by their bodies as they scrambled to their feet to salute the woman approaching.
General Rasnah was resplendent as always in her uniform, the chains of office clinking on her shoulders. She walked towards the Squires with her head held high and her hands clasped behind her back. With her was Master Veon-Zih and Shon felt his spirits rise just a little higher.
“At ease, Squires.” Sir Rasnah said as she drew to a stop just outside their shade. She waited until they'd taken the formal 'at ease' position, legs shoulder-width apart and hands clasped behind their back, “Report.”
Rerves took charge, as usual, “Sir, we're nearly done, Sir.”
“Just one piece left, Sir,” Ania added, then blushed furiously as she usually did whenever addressing a high-ranking officer.
Sir Rasnah nodded, then glanced to the sky. She then looked to Veon-Zih, who smiled and shrugged. Her lips turned up on half her face in what could almost be called a grin before she cleared it, serious again as she addressed the Squires, “You may have the afternoon off. Report to the kitchens and evening duties before sixth bell.”
“Sir, yes, Sir!” the Squires spoke in unison, Shon’s four fellows grinning broadly and sneaking happy glances at one another.
They held their positions until Sir Rasnah turned away, walking back to the Temple proper and leaving them to their freedom. Veon-Zih remained behind, smiling warmly at them and addressing Shon, “Lunch? I found a fine eatery a few blocks away.”
Shon nodded, finally smiling with the rest, “And practice?” he asked.
“After food,” Veon-Zih answered, stepping aside and gesturing towards the gates. Shon rushed to help the others put the clean and polished armor away, then jogged to Veon-Zih before falling into step with him as they left the Temple.
Veon-Zih waited until they were well clear of the gates before asking, “So what do you think of your fellow Squires?”
Shon sighed in answer, which made Veon-Zih chuckle for some reason. But the sigh hadn’t really answered the question, so Shon said, “They complain a lot.” he probably could have, and should have, come up with something nicer to say. But after hours of hearing them gripe while they worked, it was the only thing on Shon’s mind.
“There's nothing wrong with complaining, you know.” Veon-Zih mused. Shon merely shook his head. The knights never complained; he'd been watching them. If there was a job that needed to be done, they would do it. His fellow Squires seemed to complain before, during, and after every unpleasant assignment. Though never in front of the Paladin giving it.
“Do you honestly think the knights like polishing armor? Do you like polishing that much? Maybe you should've come to the Monastery after all. We don’t wear armor, but we have many fine statues that all need to be polished every day. Every little nook and cranny scrubbed clean and shining.”
He glanced at Shon with a grin, then leaned over to whisper, “They hate it too, but just like your fellows won’t complain in front of them, they won’t complain in front of you.”
“It needs to be done…” Shon tried to argue, though it sounded hollow considering his own, though silent, annoyance.
“A perfect excuse,” Veon-Zih stated, turning sharply down a side road, so Shon had to jog to keep up, “There are many reasons spare armor needs to be polished. The most obvious is that it's needed to stay in good repair. The task is assigned to Squires because it gets you intimately familiar with armor beyond just naming the parts. And because no one else wants to do it.
“That doesn’t mean we should be complaining about it…”
“Not in front of the officers, no. But amongst each other? Why not?”
Shon furrowed his brow but didn’t have an answer. Veon-Zih gave him one, “Joint misery creates companionship. Even if you have nothing else in common, everyone knows you all hate polishing already clean armor. Right now, I bet your fellow Squires are scratching their heads, wondering if you do actually enjoy the task. Some might even be wondering if they're worthy of being Squires. Since they complain, and you don’t.”
Shon’s steps faltered. Would they really think he was more worthy than them? For something so trivial as chores? He had to rush to catch up and argued, “But there's no point in complaining. We have to do it anyway.”
Veon-Zih sighed and stopped walking. He waited for Shon to turn to him then said, “But my statement still stands. Joint misery creates companionship. Your fellows take a risk in voicing their complaints to you, hoping that they're not alone in their opinions. What if they're the only ones who hate it? What if that really does mean they aren’t meant for the Temple? Just because they can channel divine magic doesn’t mean Hengist will choose them.”
Shon let himself ponder that for a while. The other Squires always seemed so sure of themselves, so excited to begin real training. Did they really have doubts and fears the same as he did? And what did that say about his assumptions? That they would complain and the knights didn’t? Was he actually judging his fellows as unworthy without realizing it?
“The Paladins really complained when they were Squires too?” he asked.
“I guarantee it.” Veon-Zih answered and started walking again, “I know I did, and all the other Monks in my class too.” he chuckled, “Sometimes routines like cleaning and polishing can be meditative. You can let your mind wander while your hands work through the familiar motions. But before you get to that point, or if you would rather be doing something of your choosing, then it's nothing but monotonous work. Necessary work, but still work.”
Following Veon-Zih around another corner, Shon pondered his Master’s words. They got all the way to the little eatery the Monk had been looking for, even took their seats, and gave their orders before Shon spoke again.
“I hate platemail the most…” he said. Veon-Zih arched an eyebrow at him, and he continued, “It’s bulky, and there's just so much of it. Then as soon as you're done, someone moves it aside and gets fingerprints on it again. Chainmail isn’t much better. You can’t see the fingerprints, but it’s hard to get the oil between the links. And yet water obviously has no problem with it because that’s where all the rust is.”
Veon-Zih laughed boisterously, throwing his head back and startling those at the closest table, “I hated the creases in the palms of the statues the most,” Veon-Zih held up his hand, his forefinger and thumb forming a circle, the other fingers extended, “how can so much dust cake itself in such a small space in only a day?” he complained, dropping his hand and shaking his head.
The waitress brought them their stew and drinks, and Shon started eating while Veon-Zih thanked her. Picking up his spoon, the Monk paused as he dipped it into his bowl, musing, “I wonder which parts your fellow Squires dislike the most?” Shon didn’t know, but he wanted to. Would they agree with him that the plate was the most frustrating? Daisy seemed to groan loudest at the leather, but their complaining always seemed to be general moans at the work as a whole…
“Maybe I’ll ask,” Shon mumbled, embarrassed for some reason.
“Or,” Veon-Zih took his first bite, then pointed at Shon with his spoon, “you could just tell them your least favorite, and they will open up and share their own.”
That’s what they expected of him, wasn’t it? They expected him to join in the conversation, not just answer questions… Shon could only nod.
Shon had grown so much. It was difficult for Veon-Zih to watch him without smiling. Only a head shorter than his Master, Veon-Zih could still see the ten-year-old oddity he'd spied upon almost four years ago in the church courtyard. And yet, he had grown so much. Veon-Zih wondered if anyone else could see it.
They practiced in one of the parks in the noble’s district. Veon-Zih thought it was important that Shon get out of Temple whenever possible, that he see the city and its people, to remember what he was training for, and why he wanted to fight. Shon was more like Veon-Zih, and his order of Monks than the boy would ever know. Or admit. He strove for perfection. Every punch, kick, and kata they worked through needed to go exactly right, or he would do it again. Like many Monks, Shon found true enjoyment in the process of working and growing better than his past self. But he was also different in a critical way. Shon wanted to use his strength. Wanted to protect people, fight evil. Many Monks never left the Monastery. A single Grandmaster could easily fell a small raiding force alone. Yet, so many chose not to fight outside their sparring rings and training.
Even Veon-Zih hadn’t left the Monastery because he wanted to help those locked outside its walls. He'd left because he believed he couldn't attain the perfection he strove for inside them. He'd wanted to be tested by the world, to rise to the challenges life presented and overcome them with his discipline and practice. Along the way, he'd learned to be more like Shon was naturally. He'd made friends from other orders, and saved countless non-combatants. Only after seeing the results of his fights, the grateful families reunited, had he realized the moral folly in his fellows and in himself.
They practiced and even sparred until well after fifth bell. The display at first earned them a few disapproving glares from the nobles and servants passing the park. Then they'd actually attracted a few spectators, who clapped as though watching a show. Shon blushed furiously at this, his pale cheeks growing pink as he tilted his head down, trying to let what was left of his now short hair slip down to hide his face. Yet, he never lost step or stopped the training. Veon-Zih had barely resisted laughing, though if more at the foolish watchers or his embarrassed student, he wasn’t sure.
Veon-Zih finally called their training to a halt, and Shon glowered at him. The boy had nearly gotten in his first solid hit in their sparring and was obviously reluctant to stop after making such progress. “It’s nearly time for you to get back, and Sir Rasnah will not accept me as an excuse for tardiness.” Shon’s eyes went wide, and fear replaced the look of frustration on his face. He ran his fingers through his hair, looking up at the sky to try and gauge the hour.
Veon-Zih chuckled, “I’ll race you back.” he said, a hint of mischief seeping through his voice. Shon arched an eyebrow and Veon-Zih could practically hear his thoughts. Run? Through town? You must be joking. “There's no law against running,” Veon-Zih argued with the boy’s expression, “Every moment offers us an opportunity to train. We're late, so this is the perfect opportunity to test our speed against time and run.”
Shon alternated his arched brow to the other side, looking down the road then back to Veon-Zih before confirming, “A race?”
In answer, Veon-Zih ran. He sprinted past Shon -though not at his full speed- before slowing down just enough to keep things fair. Shon bolted after him. Nobles, servants, and even a few guards gasped and called out in indignation as Veon-Zih and Shon swerved around them on the wide roads of the nobles' quarter. They were forced to slow when they reached the more densely packed streets in the city center. Shon was careful to run around the people doing their shopping but kept his eyes set ahead, planning his route and scaring those who noticed him out of the way with his intense blue stare. Veon-Zih was much more confident in his ability not to hit people and so brushed much closer, never quite knocking into them but often brushing their clothes as he passed.
Ahead a cart laden with crates and barrels ambled across the thoroughfare, and Shon slowed to a jog, trying to run around it. Veon-Zih lept, landing on his hands on the cart and propelling himself up and over before hitting the ground again and continuing the race. He heard the merchant curse and the bystanders gasp in surprise but was more amused at the growl of frustration that came from his student, who put on an extra burst of speed to try and catch up. Veon-Zih was half tempted to let him and half tempted to sprint all out and leave the boy in his dust. He chose to do neither and just laughed, continuing at the pace he'd set and soon coming into view of the Temple gates.
The Paladins on watch saw him coming and exchanged confused and nervous glances, drawing their swords but not barring his path. Veon-Zih didn’t slow his run until he reached the knights. Turning to the side and planting his feet, he slid past them on the cobblestones. Turning back as he slid to a stop, he found one of the Paladins facing him as though ready to fight and the other facing out as though looking for whatever force had sent Veon-Zih sprinting for the Temple.
Shon slowed to a jog and stopped before the knight facing him, breathing hard. “What’s going on? Squire report.” the Paladin demanded, still holding his sword at the ready.
Shon had to take a moment to catch his breath but eventually managed to gasp out, “Race…” before looking absolutely horrified at what he'd just done and said. “Sir…” he added quietly as if that might somehow make his unconventional arrival more acceptable.
“And you managed to keep up with him?” Sir Rasnah appeared from beyond the gate, arching a steely eyebrow and drawing sharp salutes from the Paladin guards who finally sheathed their swords.
“I went easy on him,” Veon-Zih assured her, earning a glare from Shon, who passed through the gates, still breathing deeply but no longer gasping for air. Veon-Zih hadn’t even broken a sweat.
Rasnah looked between the Master and student, finally settling on Shon, “Oh, don’t look at him like that, Squire. Master Veon-Zih could beat a riderless horse in a foot race.” which drew a befuddled look from Shon and a laugh from Veon-Zih.
“General Rasnah, Sir,” another man ran towards the gates wearing the uniform of an enlisted. A messenger from the city gates.
“It seems today is a good day for running,” Veon-Zih quipped as the guards allowed the man to pass and give his report.
“A wyvern has been spotted over the woods near Lakeland,”
Sir Rasnah didn’t respond right away. She narrowed her eyes at the messenger and spoke to Shon, “You have duties, Squire, hop to it.”
Shon saluted, though Rasnah still wasn’t looking at him. He glanced at Veon-Zih curiously, then turned to follow the orders.
Veon-Zih hesitated but decided to follow Shon. If he was needed, Rasnah would let him know.
“A wyvern?” Shon asked in a whisper.
“An abomination,” Veon-Zih explained, “Monstrous beasts with a body as large as a wagon, not including the tail. They fly like birds and will hunt anything that strays into their territory, including humans.”
Shon’s brow furrowed, and Veon-Zih patted him on the shoulder, “It'll be alright. They rarely attack settlements unless they're starving.” Which was good because a single wyvern could destroy a small town.
“What will the Temple do?” Shon asked as they reached the back door to the kitchens.
“That depends… most likely, they'll send a group to the village and watch the skies.”
“They won’t hunt it?”
“Maybe, and maybe not. Wyverns are dangerous enough that it’s a real risk to hunt one, but they also can’t be allowed to harm nearby towns. The Temple of Saint Giorgos will want it destroyed, but Sir Rasnah won’t needlessly risk her men if it isn’t necessary.” Veon-Zih explained.
Shon thought for a moment, then asked, “Have you ever fought a wyvern?”
Veon-Zih tried to make his smile reassuring, "Twice. Though I would rather not try a third time if it can be avoided.”
“Red, what're you doing?” Ran asked.
She rolled Her eyes, focusing again on what She was doing and not bothering to answer him. Her fingers ached, but She worked them into the cracks between the stones of the tower wall, shifting Her weight from one hand to the other and searching out the next handhold.
Brom laughed, and She heard the slap and woosh of breath as he pat Ran on the back hard enough to knock the air from the thinner man’s lungs, “Can’t you tell? She’s climbing!”
“Sort of…” Ran mumbled.
She wasn’t climbing up the wall, as much as She wanted to. Instead, She was up only about a foot off the ground and working Her way sideways around the tower. “Afraid of falling, Red?” Ran asked instead. That question was even more stupid than the last, and She arched Her neck back, holding tight to the wall and looking at him upside down.
“Really?” She asked in response to his denseness. He should know She wouldn’t be afraid of falling. She had fallen many times when She'd braved climbing the trees around the perimeter. Even broke Her arm once, and that hadn’t stopped Her from trying again with the splint still on. But that was when they used to let Her out more often, about once every other week. No, the thing that kept Her from climbing up the wall was the same thing that had stopped Her climbing trees. The same thing that stopped Her running around the tower at top speed while Brom or Ran kept time and She tried to beat Her record. And the same thing that kept Her from even crossing the tree line to play pretend in the woods.
Ran had the decency to look embarrassed, realizing his mistake eventually. There was only one thing that ever stopped Her from doing what She wanted, and even that often took multiple ‘lessons’ each time. Morndancer had grown increasingly erratic and more often violent of late. He would mutter to himself in draconic then give opposite orders to the journeymen and apprentices in common. Though everyone in the tower spoke both languages. He would lock himself in his room for days and hadn’t been back to visit his family or the Mages Guild in weeks. Shaloon would cover for him, but she wasn’t much better, cutting holes in reality and staring into the outer plains for hours on end, whispering. Half her words in draconic and the other half in common, mixing the languages in the same sentence.
Brom and Ran had refused to talk to Her about it, but She had listened at Her door when they thought She was sleeping. The Archmages were going mad. The eventual cost of power, they said. Though neither seemed upset that the same would happen to them eventually. Perhaps their lack of concern was the first sign they'd already started.
She continued Her climb, putting Her worries about Brom and Ran’s sanity out of Her mind for the time being. She would have plenty of time to stew about it when She was locked in Her room. For now, She wanted to enjoy being outside in the brief summer warmth.
A burst of sudden wind from above set Her hair whipping about Her face and nearly cost Her grip on the stones. Squeezing Her eyes shut, She tried to shake Her hair back, blowing at the strands against another huge gust before something heavy shook the ground behind her. She let Her head fall back again, so Her hair fell away from Her face, and She could see what had come upside down. The sight caused Her to fall off the wall.
Landing hard on Her backside, She scrambled to Her feet in a mix of awe and horror. A monster large enough to fill Her entire room and then some, stood in the clearing around the tower. It had a long sinuous neck and dull brown scales. It walked on great taloned legs in the back and the joints of its leathery wings in the front. It snapped at Archmage Shaloon as she jumped from its neck to the ground, its teeth as long as daggers and looking just as sharp. It didn’t bite the Archmage, who ignored it as she approached the journeymen.
“What are you three doing out here?” she demanded, mixing draconic with common and glaring at the two men who, for some reason, looked ashamed despite the permission they'd gotten to be out today.
The Firewyrm ignored the question, asking one of Her own, “What is that?” She pointed at the monster, not sure if She felt sad or disgusted at the sight of it. Both seemed odd emotions to have at the sight of a beast that could eat Her in two bites.
Fingers snapped, and She flinched, reaching for Her collar. The monster let out a strangled roar, thrashing its head wildly, its own copper collar shimmering with light and magic. “Another failure of our predecessors, thousands of years ago.” Morndancer exited the tower, his robes billowing around him.
Another snap, and the Firewyrm flinched again. But Shaloon just snorted, sneering at the other Archmage after stopping his torment of her mount, “The north-western Talon was gracious enough to lend us this sample after years of training. It should come in handy with the local draken who worship its kind as gods.” the beast snarled at the humans just out of reach but didn’t step any closer, digging its talons deeper into the ground and hissing, “It was a great success after the slaying. We’ve only had one greater.” she glanced at the Firewyrm who tilted Her head at the two of them, curious for more but sure they wouldn’t give it to Her.
Archmage Morndancer dismissed the defense of the monster’s existence with a snort, “And yet we are still facing the same problems as those before us. What information do you have?
“A storm hit out at sea, and there are signs of another possibly brewing in Halakon.”
Ran swallowed nervously, and Brom stuttered, “Should we…?”
“No.” Morndancer answered the unfinished question, “There is only one thing that can stop these storms, and we are the only ones willing to make the sacrifices to do it.” he turned away from them, returning to the tower door before glancing over his shoulder, “Get back inside, we need more samples if we are to make up for our own successful failure.”
“Saint Giorgos says the wyverns are the last vestiges of the dragon’s evil in the skies…” Sir Rasnah sipped her tea thoughtfully.
Father Branston snorted, “Yes yes, and drakes are their evil on land, and leviathans their evil at sea. They are beasts, Rasnah, as old as memory.”
“Branston's right,” Veon-Zih shrugged, rolling his teacup between his hands, “They're terrible beasts with some magic to them, but they're no more intelligent than a drakwalf or horse.”
They sat together in Father Branston’s office to enjoy warm tea and a colorful sunset through his massive windows. But none of them could really relax with the news of a wyvern flying around the woods to the north. Just to the west of Hamerfoss.
“They've been known to hunt for sport,” Rasnah reminded them, her face pained at the memory.
“So do house cats.”
“House cats don’t pick off entire barbarian tribes over the course of a week.”
"I'm sure they would if they could,"
Branston sighed, reaching for his teapot and pouring himself another cup, “What will you do? If you need healers, I have a few skilled enough to go.”
Rasnah sighed, rubbing her forehead and resting her cup in her lap, “Perhaps one. I’ll send a group to watch. If it's sighted again, we'll have to do something.”
Veon-Zih cleared his throat to get her attention and arched a questioning eyebrow her way. The Paladin returned the look with a smile and said, “I will make sure they have a sending stone. If you're needed, I’m sure they'll wait for you to arrive before seeking it out.” her smile faded, and she stared into her cup, “If they really are vestiges of dragons then I suppose Saint Giorgos is right and all of them were evil.”
“Having a crisis of faith, Rasnah?” Branston asked softly, but with a smile, “Legends say Hengist was allied with goodly dragons.”
“Dragons of Gold and Silver and all the precious metals,” Veon-Zih finished for him, then added, “None of that matters anymore. All we can do is face the challenges life presents us with in the here and now.”
“Of course,” Rasnah agreed, looking up at her old friends and managing a lopsided grin, “And now we have a wyvern possibly claiming territory in our forests. Do you think Daunas will want to join the hunt? If necessary,” she added at the end.
“Mung's boy? He’s still stationed at Hamerfoss then?” Branston asked.
Veon-Zih chuckled, “I don’t believe he would forgive you if you didn’t let him.” his chuckle died, and the three gazed mournfully out the window. Remembering their last wyvern fight, and their friend lost in bringing it down. It had been their last adventure together.
-End of Part 1-
--- Table of Contents ---
All comments and are welcome and wanted.
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2023.05.29 23:04 Gibberish94 I need advice? regarding younger sister (25F) stopping contact of of nowhere with me and my other sister (29F)?

My younger sister (25F) suddenly stopped all form of notifications with me (29F) suddenly out of nowhere and it feels like she died in my heart.
I'm the closet family member she has, out mother died when we was teenagers and we suffer abuse from our aunt who took over custody.
Years later she told us that our uncle was sexually assaulted her and all three of us went no contact with the other family members, due to the fact that they thought she was lying.
I believed her and supported her through this difficult time.
She moved to Michigan late last year on a job assignment (she's a traveling nurse) and decided to take up residency there IMe and my other sister currently stay is Georgia), and seem to be enjoying life there.
She started to actively date while down there and even though I teased her on some of her date choices I supported her and gave her advice when needed.
The last time I sope to her was a couple of weeks before her birthday 5 weeks to be exact and we talk about a few things dating life work normal stuff, but that was the last time I spoke with her.
Her birthday was coming up and I wanted to send her some birthday money as a gift and was trying to call her but it went straight to voicemail. Send her messages with no response back even send her gift and no response.
I was getting nervous it's just the 4 of us and she miles away so I did a wellness check the police told me she didn't want to be bothered and I left alone at that.
Every couple of weeks I send her a message with words of encouragement or send her a voicemail. (I mainly called her to hear her voice) but when I call today her number went to a business number "All of our agents are currently busy".
It's a national holiday today so I didn't wait on hold. (I'm going to give it a proper call tomorrow)
Just need some advice on what I did wrong and is there anything I can do to reach back out to her. It really do feel like she died and I cry about it almost every day. And now that I can't hear her voice anymore is truly heartbreaking.
I just really miss her.
I'm already talking to my therapist about this but any advice on what I could had did wrong or if there a way to fix it?
TLDR: Younger sister stopped all forms of contact and blocked my number with no warning on her part and is unable to reach back out. Need advice if there's a chance to fixed the relationship?
Sorry is advanced if there typos I'm crying as I'm typing this up.
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2023.05.29 22:36 thisismynewera I am sick, disabled, and tired.

First of all, this past week has been horrible. I've been fighting off illness (woke up today sick, so didn't do it well enough) and suffer from chronic and physical illnesses already. On top of that, I get extremely fatigued during periods, which started last weekend and has finally just stopped. I live in a house of 4 people including myself. Me, my partner, a parent and a tweenage sibling. I care for Sibling when Parent is asleep from working nights, and when Parent is working nights. My typical day goes like this: I wake up around 2pm to a mess in the kitchen and living room from Parent getting home and Sibling getting ready before school. I take the dog out and walk him a ways. I clean up the house, feed the pets, get coffee ready to start (but it has to dry out before each use, so don't start it yet). Half an hour to an hour later, Sibling gets home and starts about their day, this or that, leaves a mess in their wake. I start coffee about now, and try to make sure Sibling gets something to eat (they are incredibly picky, and spoiled, so when it isn't exclusively junk food it devolves to a bad attitude and/or screaming at me). I have Sibling clean up after themself after leaving trash and stuff everywhere, which ends up in more screaming, attitude, name calling, etc towards me. I get my coffee and usually go to my room, because Sibling pitches a fit if I have the lights on or curtains open, and sitting in the dark is too depressing. Cue more fight because I leave Sibling by themself so I hate them. I don't argue anymore, just go to the bedroom because they know I'll leave if they make it dark. I am hurting badly by this point (from cleaning, walking dog) but sit at my desk because Partner is still asleep and there's no room to relax on the bed. Do whatever computer things I want to do between scheduling appointments, keeping track of paperwork, etc. Drink my coffee to relax. Around 5pm I try to figure out a meal for Sibling, which means more fighting, or I cook dinner for everyone, which often also means more fighting because even asking "If I make X will you eat that?" is "NO!" because I guess I should know by now, despite that it always changes depending on their mood and how much they actually are tempted by the food prepared. And no, I can't just make something and expect Sibling to fend for themself. Parent will get up to get ready for work angry and frustrated with ME that Sibling did not eat and/or that I made something Sibling will not eat. Or that I branched out from a handful of basic recipes that are not good for my chronic illnesses and also don't have a lot of nutrients, which I am severely lacking in already. If I don't cook I start planning something for me and Partner (usually sandwich, leftovers, usually something easy but now and then I'll cook just for us). Wake up Partner, sometimes up to 3 times. Dog needs out again, wait to see if Partner will get up in time to take him or if I have to do it. Partner comes up, tries to hug/kiss me. I feel gross and inhuman after a day of cleaning up after everyone, fighting with Sibling from the moment they get home, taking care of pets, working on doctor and etc related things. If I brush off Partner, they get more needy. If I communicate my need for space to unwind, they get more needy despite their opinion that they give me space. And also, if I say "I need space", it hurts a lot more when they won't give me space afterwards, so I sometimes avoid it for that reason. Parent gets up. Walks around huffing and puffing that this or that isn't clean, this or that isn't done, dinner wasn't catered to Parent and Sibling, whatever. Handles bedtime. Leaves for work, Sibling goes to bed. 50/50, Sibling finds a reason to start screaming at me from the bedroom, "You hate me! You don't love me! I just want a hug! I'm so thirsty and you don't even care!" and on and on and on. I realized by now, it doesn't matter how much I try to talk it out, what I do differently, etc. They're acting out issues that are bigger than our personal relationship with each other as siblings. There's nothing I can do right as a result. If screaming gets too loud (because we're in apartments) I tell them, I love you. Stop screaming NOW or you get no TV tomorrow. It's okay to be upset, but it is not okay to yell/call names/get out of bed. Goodnight, I love you, sweet dreams. It doesn't stop, but I ignore it and within an hour or two, they stop, call me a name or two and go to sleep. Alternatively, on nights where they stay up later (such as Friday nights or non-school weeknights) the fight starts much earlier because whether bedtime is on time every single night, or if I let them stay up for a special occasion, once it's bedtime I'm horrible for not letting them stay up longer. Then after that, the usual screaming at me from their bedroom. On weekends, Parent naps in the living room, Sibling sleeps late. Parent lets Sibling stay up till 3/4am regardless of how many times Parent has agreed with me that it causes more issues and that they will stop. All the sleeping in the living room means I can't use the kitchen without making someone mad, meaning cleaning, cooking, etc is even more stressful than usual. If I don't clean, the dishes pile up and up, the garbage too, the pets rarely have food or water if I don't do it, the dog won't get taken out enough, there are no clean surfaces in the house if I want to be anywhere or sit anywhere besides my bedroom. So I'm confined to my bedroom, usually with my sleeping Partner which means nowhere comfortable or relaxing for me to be. I can't drive due to some of my mental health and health issues, so I can't go anywhere if nobody will take me. (And no, nobody will take me, that is never a priority.) And then on top of being in the living room until 3/4am Saturday, Sunday night, the only nights where I am not in charge of Sibling so I get a beak, and sleeping in there throughout the day so that I still can't freely be about the apartment, I have to spend time catching up on personal chores that I'm too tired for during the week. Laundry washing and folding, room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, shower, etc. On week nights, I'll sit after Sibling goes to bed and play videogames after they are done screaming (around 12-3am, on any given night). But no matter how much I have asked, or begged, Partner will not leave me alone to focus. They always have a reason why they thought it was okay to interrupt my peace and quiet, but that's the thing- they ALWAYS have a reason. And they break my focus enough times, no matter how much I make it clear that I don't want them to talk to me while I play, that it's irritating to even try and I just give up and go to bed. They stay up for hours more playing a game beside me, which keeps me from sleeping well due to the sound, movement, lights. They're not tired because they slept until 5/6pm, or later if I don't wake them up that day. Over days, they need more and more emotional connection from me because I am capable of less and less. Because I'm getting no peace, no quiet, no ME TIME. I don't know how many times I've cried because it would be so relieving for Partner to get up once or twice now and then and handle the day stuff, and let me sleep in and let me relax a little. A break. I don't know how many times I've begged them to please not talk to me after Sibling finally stops screaming at me so I can decompress, only for them to find reasons why they thought it was okay to do it anyway, or otherwise disrupt my Me Time. I feel so mean when I'm short tempered and snapping at them for every little thing. I don't even feel human most days. I don't know how I'm supposed to be nice. To Sibling, too. They're acting this way to me because I'm a safe person to treat that way. Because I have never been scary aggressive, or unjustly mean, and I do not abandon them. The same can't be said for other adults in their life, so they can't act this way. I get it, but that doesn't really make it less stressful. Parent is tired from night shifts. So can't clean, cook, or drive me places without huge effort on their part. I quit asking after the third time of asking Parent to make Dish-I-Like for dinner, and they didn't, but did end up cooking something for Sibling. That hurts. The social isolation of having no nearby friends, no way to go anywhere or do anything, and nobody who prioritizes my needs, also hurts. I'm running on empty. I have other family. They come over and criticize the way I handle Sibling. Because I shut down their attitude when it starts, if there are guests around. Saying "That's enough." when they start muttering insults about me is apparently mean. That's cool. Or they argue with me about things I'm knowledgeable about, insisting I'm wrong without listening to my side. About topics that don't even really matter, and seem so light hearted but they're so mean about it. So I quit inviting said family members over. Friends won't come by, busy with their own lives and their own stresses. I'm all by myself even when my Partner is here. Because Partner sleeps aaaallll day. Sibling fights with me on everything aallll day, and is hurt when I can't then play games or spend time with them. but I'm on edge, I'm too stressed. Parent sleeps, works, and prioritizes everyone but me. Goes out of their way to do favors and give money to other family members, who don't give that same effort or energy back and are even pretty mean to Parent. But will not prioritize driving me places to get me out of the house a couple of times a week. Spending time with me places I enjoy. Making me food I like, even when they say they will. Enforcing rules with Sibling on weekends, despite saying they will, despite knowing it makes things harder for me. I do those things for them, I do those things for everyone. Nobody does those things for me, unless I ask, and even then it's 50/50 if it is followed through, and it isn't the SAME if I ask. It's just me being in charge of finding a way for another thing to get done, but a thing I don't have the energy for after everything else. I can't go to bed early because sibling stays up so late fighting me. So I can't get up early even though that would help me a lot. I tried for a while and was ending up with 3 hours of sleep at most, per night. Can't do it. Yesterday I woke up to a disaster kitchen after Sibling had friends overnight. Cleaned up a big chunk of it, left a couple of things just sort of hoping somebody would do it. Nobody did, got up today and still haven't done it because I just do not want to. Parent has excuses- hurting, sick, tired, sleepy, busy. I have those excuses too. Partner sleeps. Sibling doesn't have to do chores and I can't make up rules because I'm the only one enforcing any of them, so only I'm dealing with the fallout and without consistency they just don't stick. I don't feel human. I need a break. I need support. I can't leave, there's nowhere for me to go, there's nothing I can do. I have to go to vocational rehab before a lawyer will help me with applying for disability. I can't get there. I have to be home at set times anyway. I can't trust Partner to be awake at the times that they would need to be awake for me to go anywhere. I just feel stuck. Idk. Someone please help me feel like a person again lol
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2023.05.29 22:24 alvaa011 Affinity FCU fees / perks

Hey guys,
Looking to open up a checking/savings account with Affinity. I have been reading through their website and don’t see any significant fees/drawbacks.
Can you guys give me some insight on anything to watch out for with Affinity? Any fees you guys don’t like or didn’t expect?
On the flip side, are there any perks/ things you really like with them?
Any info helps. I am leaving TD bank and plan on joining Affinity. I want to make sure I don’t get hit with anything unanticipated.
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2023.05.29 21:33 TheNerdyNarrative Review: HAPPY PLACE by Emily Henry Contemporary Romance

Review: HAPPY PLACE by Emily Henry Contemporary Romance

I read BOOK LOVERS by Emily Henry to low-key make fun of it. I am not a reader of contemporary romance. It completely backfired on me because I loved it - immediately added this one to my TBR - and once again, I loved it. Am I a fan of contemporary romance or am I just an Emily Henry fan? This author writes some of the most authentic and compelling characters. They make me laugh, cry, love, hope and bring me face to face with remembered pain from experiencing something similar.
Emily Henry writes characters who are like me. They have self-made check off lists. They talk in book tropes. Reading isn't just a hobby to them. Half deaf, but still will holler questions from another room, knowing full well they're not going to hear your answer. Sarcasm, quick wit, humor - all the best ingredients for great banter and character interaction.
"Want is a kind of thief. It's a door in your heart, and once you know it's there, you'll spend your life longing for whatever's behind it."
I cannot get enough of Emily Henry's writing. The ability to put words to emotions is something I fell in love with in BOOK LOVERS and enjoyed again in this one, even though it made me cry a lot.
The tone for this one is a little darker, we really go through it with these characters. Told from the perspective of Harriet, we follow her to Maine for a vacation with her best friends. Only one teensy issue - she arrives and discovers her college sweetheart Wyn is also in attendance - the one she was engaged to and broke up with a few months ago. The breakup that she still had not told her friends about. At first, I thought it might be a comedy as these two try and figure out how to navigate this trip, but it quickly becomes deeper than that. There was so much pain and baggage carried by these characters - and sadly the miscommunication trope reared its pesky head - but I still loved my time spent with this book. (Even when it made me physically ache from some shared experiences!)
If you're a romance reader or a fan of Emily Henry, I do think you will love this one, but I think it's important to make sure you read it at the right time for you.
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2023.05.29 20:37 L0VETRUTH 1440p 144Hz VA Panel or 1080p 240Hz IPS Panel?

Hey guys i searched all around this sub but didnt seem to get a 1:1 post that answers my question.
I am Canadian and my budget is around $230 id say as I am a student but i just wanna upgrade from my 1080p 60Hz haha. Any insights would be appreciated.
I have the KOORUI 27" 1440p 144hz VA panel in my sights as well as the DELL 2522HG 1080p 240hz IPS panel. Any recommendation if the possible ghosting on the VA is worth the 1440p resolution? The Dell goes on sale every few months and there is another monitor called the ViewSonic XG251G i believe thats 360 Hz and goes down for sale for around the same price as well? if that shows up I may buy that but any advice? I can run 360 fps no issues on decent bit of games but I do think its overkill but if its a good monitor i dont mind buying it.
I mainly do gaming with some media consumption and everything is usually on dark mode. I do complete university work on my setup too so itd be a daily main use type of thing as well. Contrast ratio and colour accuracy would be kinda important for me.
thank you guys! any input at all is appreciated.
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2023.05.29 19:54 newmusicrls Beatport Mainstage Top 100 May 2023
GENRE Mainstage, Electro House, Big Room, Future Rave, Future House
  1. Eli Brown – Be The One (Original Mix) 02:49 136bpm Bbm
  2. Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Hardwell Remix) 03:04 138bpm Dbm
  3. HI-LO, Space 92 – Arpeggio (Extended Mix) 05:42 130bpm Gm
  4. Space Laces – Dominate (VIP) 03:49 128bpm Eb
  5. Hardwell, Sub Zero Project – Judgement Day 04:28 150bpm Em
  6. Benny Benassi, The Biz – Satisfaction (Original Mix) 02:35 130bpm Bb
  7. Hardwell, 4 Strings, Maddix – Take Me Away Again (Original Mix) 03:25 138bpm Ebm
  8. Hardwell, Olly James – Seduction 03:11 134bpm Dm
  9. Avao – Dance With Me 02:59 bpm
  10. David Guetta, Sia – Titanium (feat. Sia) (David Guetta & MORTEN Future Rave Extended Mix) 05:45 126bpm C
  11. Cedric Gervais – Molly (Original Mix) 03:42 126bpm Am
  12. Hardwell, Timmy Trumpet, Maddix – Revolution 02:46 140bpm F#m
  13. Tiesto – Lethal Industry (Maddix Extended Remix) 04:32 135bpm G
  14. Hardwell, Olly James – Flatline 02:58 134bpm Gm
  15. Rudeejay, Tujamo, Da Brozz – Get Get Down (Original Mix) 02:43 125bpm F
  16. Bassjackers – Traffic (Original Mix) 02:21 135bpm Bbm
  17. W&W, Sandro Silva, MC Ambush – Shake The Building (Extended Mix) 03:56 130bpm Fm
  18. Rudeejay, Neitan, DJ Kuba – Sandstorm (Extended Mix) 04:19 135bpm Em
  19. Hardwell, Quintino – Sloopkogel 03:05 132bpm Fm
  20. R3HAB, AFROJACK – Shockwave 02:02 bpm
  21. Carola, Felguk – 5th Symphony (Original Mix) 02:37 126bpm Cm
  22. Fergie – Here Comes That Sound (Extended Mix) 06:25 130bpm E
  23. Afrojack, Chico Rose, Mougleta – Alone Again (feat. Afrojack & Mougleta) (Original Mix) 02:43 122bpm Dm
  24. Dustycloud – Paris to Vegas 03:37 bpm
  25. Shouse – Love Tonight (David Guetta Extended Remix) 04:15 126bpm Cm
  26. Afrojack, Mike Williams – Alone (Original Mix) 04:12 135bpm Fm
  27. Avao, Matrick – WTF 03:03 bpm
  28. Mike Candys – Tell You (Original Mix) 02:49 140bpm Gbm
  29. W&W, AXMO – Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Extended Mix) 03:52 128bpm E
  30. FOVOS, Shortround, Bangs – Don’t Let Me Go 02:47 130bpm Dm
  31. Xillions, Tungevaag – Dancing On My Own (Original Mix) 02:41 128bpm Dbm
  32. Rave Republic, New Sound Nation, Sønsh – Daddy DJ (Extended Mix) 03:38 145bpm G
  33. Klaas, MATTN – The Logical Song (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Extended Remix) 03:36 130bpm B
  34. NoNameLeft – Stay Awake 04:41 128bpm
  35. jaakob – Mind CNTRL 02:54 bpm
  36. Armin van Buuren, Vanessa Campagna – Vulnerable feat. Vanessa Campagna (Extended Mix) 05:10 128bpm Bm
  37. Shift K3Y, Kaleena Zanders – V I B R A T I O N (Extended Mix) 04:50 127bpm Bbm
  38. Robin S – Show Me Love (Original Mix) 04:29 120bpm Am
  39. SOROUSH YARAHMADI, Me2 – Symphony (Original Mix) 02:11 130bpm Em
  40. Linka, Gregor Potter – Lost In Techno 03:09 135bpm Gm
  41. Hardwell, Will Sparks – Twisted 03:04 135bpm Cm
  42. New World Sound, Will Sparks – LSD (Original Mix) 03:12 130bpm F
  43. Kaskade, Justus – Dance with Me 03:40 bpm
  44. Morten – No Good (Original Mix) 02:21 128bpm Cm
  45. Timmy Trumpet, DVBBS – Synergy (Original Mix) 03:29 125bpm Em
  46. KEVU – Sound Of The Underground 02:44 150bpm Fm
  47. Revealed Recordings, Trey Pearce – Something (Extended Mix) 03:36 135bpm Gbm
  48. Mike Candys – Body Rock (Extended Mix) 03:15 130bpm Gm
  49. Armin van Buuren, Blasterjaxx – La Bomba (Extended Mix) 04:03 135bpm F
  50. Becky Hill, Meduza, Goodboys – Lose Control (Original Mix) 02:48 124bpm Cm
  51. Trym – It’s Better When We Fake It (Original Mix) 06:58 133bpm Db
  52. Ben Nicky, Uberjak’d, Trey Pearce – Relapse 03:30 bpm
  53. W&W, AXMO, Haley Maze – Rave Superstar (Extended Mix) 03:31 150bpm Gb
  54. Freejak – Sandstorm (Original Mix) 02:40 128bpm Em
  55. Chris Lake, Alexis Roberts – Turn off the Lights (feat. Alexis Roberts) (Extended Version) 04:52 125bpm Em
  56. Revealed Recordings, b1rdie – This Is Not A Test (Extended Mix) 04:07 132bpm F
  57. Dyro – Lucid 03:44 bpm
  58. Morten – The Drill (Original Mix) 02:19 128bpm C
  59. Hardwell, Metallica – Nothing Else Matters vs F*CKING SOCIETY feat. Metallica (Hardwell Extended Mashup) 06:15 128bpm Em
  60. Showtek, Robin Schulz, Oliver Tree – Miss You (Showtek Remix) 03:28 145bpm A
  61. Space Laces – Dominate (Original Mix) 03:54 128bpm Eb
  62. Armin van Buuren, Ahmed Helmy – Rhythm Inside (Extended Mix) 05:34 126bpm A
  63. Ship Wrek – Sober 02:49 bpm
  64. Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, Ryan Tedder – Calling (Lose My Mind) (Extended Club Mix) 06:13 125bpm E
  65. Mike Williams, DTale – Living On Video (feat. DTale) (VIP Mix) 03:52 130bpm Gbm
  66. Retrika, Alex Mueller – Cybernight (Original Mix) 02:53 130bpm D
  67. FOVOS – Feel The Rhythm 03:20 135bpm
  68. Firebeatz – California (Extended Mix) 03:31 128bpm F
  69. Armin van Buuren, Alba – State Of Mind feat. ALBA (Extended Mix) 04:31 130bpm Dm
  70. Tujamo, Antoine Delvig – Vida Loca (Original Mix) 03:01 126bpm Eb
  71. Alle Farben, Maurice Lessing – Apollo (Original Mix) 03:07 127bpm Dm
  72. STVW, Tungevaag, Joe Jury – Lovers On The Run (Original Mix) 03:10 130bpm Ebm
  73. Marlo – Give Me 02:19 bpm
  74. AXMO – Party Everyday (Extended Mix) 03:53 145bpm Gm
  75. Robbe, Mert Can, DJSM – On The Floor – DJSM Remix (Original Mix) 02:25 133bpm F
  76. Timmy Trumpet, POLTERGST – Tonight (Original Mix) 03:22 126bpm Ebm
  77. Will Sparks – Come With Me (Original Mix) 03:50 132bpm D
  78. Tiësto – Baila Conmigo (Original Mix) 02:26 128bpm Bm
  79. Alesso, OneRepublic – If I Lose Myself (Alesso vs OneRepublic) 03:33 126bpm D
  80. NoNameLeft – Distract 04:07 127bpm
  81. Armin van Buuren, Matluck – Letting Go feat. Matluck (Extended Mix) 04:28 128bpm Cm
  82. Retrovision, Tungevaag – Alone With You (Original Mix) 02:34 66bpm Cm
  83. Jordan Shaw, Justin Mylo, Money For Nothing – Before The Dawn (jeonghyeon Extended Remix) 02:41 126bpm D
  84. Nicky Romero – Techtronic 03:44 bpm
  85. Asco – Fortuna (Original Mix) 03:40 136bpm Dm
  86. Calvin Harris, Hurts, Alesso – Under Control (Extended Mix) 05:36 126bpm Ab
  87. Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Extended Mix) 05:30 128bpm G
  88. MorganJ – 4U (Original Mix) 02:51 126bpm Cm
  89. Steve Aoki, Vini Vici – Wild (Original Mix) 02:15 104bpm E
  90. Bingo Players, Oomloud – Get Low (Original Mix) 02:37 96bpm Gbm
  91. Martin Garrix, DubVision – Starlight (Keep Me Afloat) (feat Shaun Farrugia – extended mix) 03:22 127bpm
  92. Henry Fong, Knock2 – What’s The Move (feat General Degree) 02:49 130bpm
  93. Modapit – Out Of Control 02:01 bpm
  94. Siik, Andrew A, Barmuda – Saviour 03:14 bpm
  95. Lucas & Steve – Warp (Original Mix) 02:23 126bpm Gbm
  96. Cherish, ACRAZE – Do It To It (Tiësto Remix) 02:05 125bpm Gm
  97. NWYR – The Lone Ranger (Extended Mix) 06:31 128bpm Ab
  98. D-Jastic – Up To No Good (Extended Mix) 05:11 128bpm Abm
  99. Timothy Allen – Show Me (Original Mix) 02:11 126bpm Gb
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2023.05.29 19:52 Turt1eShark Your Human Roommate Shrinks to Your Size (Part 1) [A4A] [Borrower Listener] [Human Speaker] [First Meeting] [Strangers to Friends] [Shrinking] [Shooting Star] [Wish] [Magic]

THIS SCRIPT HERE-approximately 1400 words [to be continued]
I'm back to writing! And what better way to come back than the debut of a new series? I've wanted to start one for a few weeks now, but since I decided on my break I figured it would be better to wait until after that was over before I start.
Fun fact: The first script I ever wrote was about a borrower listener and human speaker. I also thought about turning it into a series, although I never ended up publishing it. It honestly wasn't too hot...It's fun to revisit the concept now that I've gained more scriptwriting experience. Not only that, it's the same concept with a twist!
Most borrower scripts focus on the human protecting the smaller one, which makes sense (and is honestly one of my personal favorite scenarios to listen to). But I thought it would be neat to reverse those roles. Now the human is totally vulnerable and out of their element so the borrower has to take on the role of protector and guide. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this new series!
You MUST give credit!
Ok to monetize and paywall
You can make any changes to the script as you see fit, including (but not limited to) character names, pronouns, the flow of dialogue, sound effects, ect. The only things I ask are that you don't alter the main plot, do NOT make my SFW scripts NSFW, and don’t add anything racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/etc.
If you use this script either leave a link to your fill in the comments or dm me the link!
If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me!
Please give me constructive criticism! It helps me become a better writer!
Want More?
You can get early access to scripts and commission your own custom scripts on my Ko-Fi! COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!
Please consider checking out my Script Masterlist!
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2023.05.29 19:38 hnghjhgj Heat vs Celtics Game 7 Odds, Picks, and Predictions: Bam Shows Out Inside TD Garden

Somehow, someway, the Celtics have won three straight games to climb out of a 3-0 hole, forcing an all-or-nothing Game 7 inside TD Garden with a spot in the NBA Finals hanging in the balance. Find out where the best bet lies in our NBA betting picks below.

In some alternate NBA universe, the Miami Heat swept the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. In another, the Heat took the series in five games. And in another playoff multi-verse, Miami needed six games to drop pesky Boston.

That’s not the case in our wild and twisted universe, where we get a Game 7 between the Heat and Celtics on Monday night.

Boston has battled back from a 0-3 hole in the East finals, slapping NBA playoff odds in the face for what they had priced out as an 8% chance of completing the unprecedented comeback.

As of Monday morning, the Celtics are 7.5-point home favorites and boast a 75% shot at advancing to the NBA Finals, according to the moneyline odds.

I dive deeper into the Game 7 spread and OveUnder total and give my best NBA betting picks for Heat at Celtics on May 29. Be sure to also check out Rory Breasail's favorite Game 7 prop picks!

Heat vs Celtics Game 7 picks and predictions
The Miami Heat’s most consistent contributor during the NBA Playoffs was Bam Adebayo... until he wasn’t.

Adebayo, who had been an anchor for Miami’s postseason push on both ends of the floor, had his first truly bad game of the playoffs at the worst possible time.

The 6-foot-9 forward went 4-for-16 from the floor and finished with only 11 points in the 104-103 Game 6 loss at home, after shooting 54% and averaging 17.5 points per game during the tournament until that point.

Miami bettors are banking on a return to form from Bam, but NBA odds may be a little more reserved when it comes to his points prop for Game 7. Sportsbooks have Adebayo’s OveUnder at 16.5 points (Over -125).

Player models are much more optimistic and so much so that I can’t ignore an Over on Adebayo’s scoring tonight. All mainstream projections are calling for at least 17.7 points with a number north of 18 and some pegged at 19 points against the Boston Celtics. My number comes in at 18.31 points.

Even in his quieter offensive outings during the Eastern Conference Finals, Adebayo still shot well and got to the charity stripe. He’s averaging 15.3 points for the series and opened the East finals with efforts of 20 and 22 points, with shot totals of 13 and 17, respectively.

Bam was less active on offense through Games 3 and 4 as the Celtics defense showed him more respect, but his field goal attempts are back up the past two outings with totals of 15 and 16 shots in the past two contests.

"Keep shooting the shots that I'm shooting," a resilient Adebayo told the media after his Game 6 struggles. "I've got confidence in myself like no other. For me, it feels like a lid is on the rim, but I've got to figure out how to make that basketball go in."

An insane atmosphere inside TD Garden won’t shake the six-year pro, as he’s upped his output in enemy territory all season. Adebayo averages 20.7 points, going an average of 8-for-15 from the floor in road games. So far in the 2023 NBA Playoffs, he’s putting up 17.8 points on 54.4% success as a visitor.

Heat vs Celtics Game 7 same-game parlay

Bam bounces back from a bad Game 6 and comes up big against a slimmer point prop in this do-or-die showdown in Beantown. My number for Adebayo is more than 18 points while some models call for 19.

Going Under on Marcus Smart, who will be a defensive devil in Game 7 but will see his scoring dip. Projections call for 12.5 points which is short of 13.5 and some books are at 14.5 O/U, so shop if you can.

Finally, taking Al Horford to dish out at least three dimes. Most models have three or more from the Celtics forward with my number just short at 2.9 assists. He had only two assists in Game 6 but tallied five and four in the two games prior.

Bonus: if you want a kicker, Kyle Lowry Over 2.5 assists is a nice add-on. He’s projected for more than four dimes with some models posting a ceiling of five. However, this prop isn’t available for all SGP markets just yet.

Heat vs Celtics Game 7 spread and OveUnder analysis

You would think that after six games of head-to-head encounters, the Game 7 spread for the Eastern Conference Finals would be drum tight. However, we’ve seen plenty of movement from the opening odds to early Monday morning.

Following Boston’s 1-point victory in Game 6, the spread hit the board as big as Celtics -8.5 with the team coming back home with all the momentum. That line stayed put for about 30 minutes before early play on the Heat started chipping away.

The line dropped to Boston -8 by midnight Sunday morning and has since slipped to as low as Celtics -7 at most books as of Monday morning. Bettors watched Miami hang around for most of Game 6 despite its worst shooting night, and the Celtics barely held off a fourth-quarter rally on the road for a 104-103 win on a last-second offensive putback from Derrick White.

According to Covers Consensus, 72% of picks are siding with Miami on the road in Game 7. Action at BetMGM books has been even heavier on the Heat, with the sportsbook reporting 81% of bets and 82% of handle taking the points with the underdog Monday night.

Boston has been much better on the defensive end over the past three contests, tightening their vice on Miami’s top stars Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

The Heat’s complementing talents were shooting extremely well to start the series but have since cooled, and the Celtics have been able to focus energy on slowing down those two standouts. Butler and Adebayo were a collective 9-for-37 from the floor in Game 6, with the Heat making only 35% of their shots as a team.

That improvement on the defensive end has been a boon to Under bettors. After the opening three games of the East final went Over the closing totals of 212, 214, and 214.5 points, the past three games have stayed below numbers of 216, 214.5, and 209 points in Game 6.

The OveUnder total for Game 7 hit the board at a very low 203 points, making it just the fifth total of 205 points or less in the 2023 NBA Playoffs. The previous four short totals (ranging from 205 to 201) have produced a 0-4 OveUnder record, all staying below the closing number.

The pace of the series has also changed dramatically from the opening three games to the last three, with Miami’s 3-0 lead being run at a rating of 97.17 while Boston’s trio of victories came in at 93.3 in terms of tempo.

Early play on the Heat-Celtics Game 7 OveUnder was on the Over and bumped the total up to 203.5 over the weekend, which has peaked to 204 at some shops as of Monday morning.

BetMGM sportsbooks are reporting 75% of bets and 60% of the handle taking the Over in Game 7. Covers Consensus is in line with those splits, as 81% of picks are banking on a higher-scoring finish to this exciting series finale.

Heat vs Celtics betting trend to know
The Heat are 8-4 SU and 9-3 ATS as underdogs this postseason and 21-16 ATS (57%) when getting the points overall on the entire season (regular, play-in, playoffs). Find more NBA betting trends for Heat vs. Celtics.

Covers NBA betting tools
NBA odds
NBA picks
NBA player props
Best NBA betting sites
Today’s NBA matchups
Heat vs Celtics Game 7 game info
Location: TD Garden, Boston, MA
Date: Monday, May 29, 2023
Tip-off: 8:30 p.m. ET
Heat vs Celtics Game 7 key injuries

Boston Celtics
Player Position Status
Malcolm Brogdon SG
Ques Mon - Forearm
Reported: Sun, May 28
Danilo Gallinari SF
Out for season - Knee
Reported: Thu, September 8

Miami Heat
Player Position Status
Victor Oladipo SG
Out for season - Knee
Reported: Sun, April 23
Tyler Herro SG
Early June - Hand
Reported: Fri, April 21
Gabe Vincent SG
Ques Mon - Ankle
Reported: Sun, May 28
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2023.05.29 19:29 Kristel_huff Euphoria TV show season 2

Season 2
I'm not sure if anyone feels the same or can relate. Or maybe someone has already posted something similar. Hell to be honest I'm not even sure why I'm posting this and outing myself. But here we go. As someone who is in active addiction and still processing the recent loss of a loved one, (My mom) not to mention the added trauma of me being prior military and law enforcement, season 2 fucked me up. I was crying like a baby almost all of it. Especially when Rue flipped her shit when her mom and Jules got rid of the suitcase, because I have lashed out like that before when entering withdrawal and the finale with that eulogy for her dad and then what she said to Lexie about her dad loving her and wanting to change for her, because I have 3 daughters and sadly know what my addiction is doing to them even if they can't really see it or understand it yet. Yea it fucked me up. I've never cried that much or that hard to a TV show or movie before. That's it that's all I wanted to say.
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2023.05.29 19:05 technicaltucker I need help with a girl

Hello Reddit I would like to talk about Friday night 26th of may on this day I decided to ask if my neighbor wanted to go to a car meet with me in my new car she said yes and we went and the experience has a full even destiny there makes me feel quite funny and the feeling that I don't think I've ever had with any relationship background on my neighbor she's really caring really nice very intelligent and listens.
when we arrived to the car meet she said he was scared and I tried to reassure her that I would be there for her and that she would be safe and for the duration of the time when we were at the car she would stay very close to me the car me comes to an end and we're driving back and I've asked about a ring she had on and where she got it as I wanted to get a necklace for very private reasons and she asked about them and she just listened and comforted me it was an amazing feeling.
the night comes to an end as I drop her off and she gives me a hug and we say goodnight I get home and she sends me a heart over text.
I have realised over the weekend I do really like her like nothing else I've felt before and I want to try to show her that but am unsure how to. I'm not in the best shape I happily admit I'm 6f and only 45kg but I've started working on it and am slowly gaining.
my true question is what should and what can i do?
Many thanks all of you 🙏
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2023.05.29 18:50 soul__absorber why do i feel bad about this?

why do i feel bad about this? submitted by soul__absorber to CharacterAI [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:42 Successful_Bat_8677 Diablo 4 developers exposed for fake sycophant questions supposedly from fans

Diablo 4 developers exposed for fake sycophant questions supposedly from fans
Almost exactly a week is left before the official release of Diablo 4 (those who pre-ordered will be able to play earlier, on June 2). Blizzard developers, represented by Associate Director Joseph Piepiora and Art Director John Mueller, decided at the very end of the game promotion campaign to answer questions from fans in the classic question / answer format. The video, published on the Future Games Show channel, was intended to dispel all doubts of inquisitive players.
Unfortunately (at least for Blizzard), it turned out that most of the questions in the video were not from the players.
The fake question scandal caught the attention of Quin69, who, while broadcasting his reaction to the Q&A, began to inquire about their rather suspicious content; some of them were not like what a gamer would write before the release - some of the comments looked like laudatory "odes".
The streamer decided to check who the comments mentioned in the video are coming from. It turned out that a significant part of the "authors" of comments either do not exist or are somehow connected with the developers.
Here is an example of a similar question from a fake user:
Thank you so much for adding the couch co-op game! I can imagine how this made the development process more difficult, why was it so important to add this option to Diablo 4?
After this masquerade was revealed, Blizzard naturally received a wave of criticism, this time from real users leaving real comments:
The game's marketing team made me hate the game even before I played it.
Cardboard questions for cardboard developers from a cardboard pastiche of what was once Blizzard.
You can see that these are bogus questions and answers if they do not contain pay-to-win questions.
Blizzard has not yet responded to allegations of question rigging, but it goes without saying that no amount of positive PR will help here. The question of why the developers decided to shoot themselves in the foot before launch remains unanswered.
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2023.05.29 18:30 WindexTaster Need Help with my Alienware AW988 Headset.

Need Help with my Alienware AW988 Headset.
Hello, everyone. I purchased my AW988 Headset a Fairly long time ago, almost a good few years since I purchased it. Anyway, this headset has lasted me it's years very well, but one thing I'm having a problem with, is the AlienWare Control Center application.
You see, when I first got my headset, I downloaded everything it needed, such as drivers and the application, and it allowed me to change the headset's Colors, change it's audio mode, everything I should still be able to do.
However, not only recently, but throughout the years I've used this headset, these options have disappeared. I can't change the colors on the headset, I can't change anything like frequency or volume, all I have the option of doing is changing the power plan, like when it turns off after x amount of time.
Now, normally, this wouldn't be a huge problem, if it wasn't for the fact that I just had to do a soft reset of my computer, and now the audio setup I had seems to have been altered back to the default state, which will affect my gaming, since I relied on the audio setup I had to tell me where people are or arent coming from.
If anyone has any suggestions, fixes, just anything at all that may help, please feel free to let me know.
Again, the headset I am using is the AW988 Wireless (USB Dongle) Headset.
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2023.05.29 18:19 turko127 27 [M4F] DC Area/Northeast USA - Neurodivergent Teddy Bear seeks… master-no… owner-nooo… ah, a loving relationship

How I yearn for the days of cozying up with a partner in a warm embrace (again). Chilling in the house watching anime, Pokemon battling, telling me some interesting nooks and crannies (or nook’s cranny) of whichever game we’re playing. Perhaps a romantic dinner at a reasonable restaurant on the Riviera… or Riviera Casino & Resort (I dunno, I made that up). Melting into each other no matter where we go or what we do… I miss that. I hope that’s of interest to you.
Physically, I’m half anglo-yank, half turk, a little big but am working on it. Lost nearly 40 lbs in 5 months and gunning for more. I take pride in being able to buy smaller shirts again. One day we’ll use my old 3xl shirts to snuggle.
Whatever your sorrows, I’m here for you. I very rarely get angry or frustrated and I even more rarely let it get to me. You’ve probably been through a lot and want to melt your frustrations away. Or you want to pick my brain about politics. I’m here for both. I live for both. But I’m also here for myself, and I’d say I’m doing pretty decently for myself. You being around is one way of worming your way into my heart already :)
If you’re interested, drop a DM (not reddit chat please). I’d eventually like to move onto discord if we hit things off well enough. I’d also prefer you to be in the US, hopefully around the Northeast or Virginia (my home sweet home). Or the Denver area. And lastly… please be somewhere in the ballpark of 23-31.
Take card of yourself, and hopefully I’ll hear from you.
Edit: please no minutes old or hours old accounts contacting me.
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2023.05.29 18:18 DangerousDylan A Woman[26F] I[26M] Turned Down Has A Boyfriend[26M] Now and She Doesn't Stop Talking To Me About How Awesome He Is. I Still Have No Interest In Her And It's Getting Annoying At This Point. How can I get her to stop?

Last year I met this girl on a dating app, she was really nice but not my cup of tea. I told her after the second date that I wasn't interested in her but I'll be here if she wanted to be friends. She agreed and we had a pretty good friendship after that. I introduced her to my friends so now she's apart of the group.
A couple of months ago she meets this guy and they start dating, now every word that comes out of her mouth is about him and how awesome he is. At first, I was happy for her. I still am, she deserves it, but I'm starting to think she's throwing her boyfriend in my face to try and make me feel regret for not choosing her. It doesn't really help that I think her boyfriend isn't very sociable. He only comes around when she is there and he doesn't really make an effort to be friends with the group even though we tried our best to include him.
Our messages are filled with her sharing intimate moments between her and him, with her going on and on about his personal life while I just leave her on read. I thought she would get the picture by now that I don't care, but apparently not. I want to diffuse this situation without it boiling over into the friend group. I don't want any unnecessary drama, but I also don't want to deal with this bullshit from her anymore. What can I do to get her to stop talking about him without her getting upset?
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2023.05.29 17:55 ferrin14 Game Style/Approach

Curious about everyone’s approach for the game.
When I first got running on the ground, after the tutorial, I went right for Link’s old house for funsies. Like I did for BOTW, I prioritized getting the towers and then just blindly explored, taking it all in. Got used to the mechanics, did some quests, progressed some of the main story.
Not sure if this is an ADHD thing or what, but I started down a weird path of seeking out the shrines, activating them, but not even entering them. I want to open them all then bounce around to complete them later as a back to back challenge later. I like doing things in bulk. 😝
I am also doing this because I am using a bike build that gets me around SO EASILYand I would have to rebuild it every time I left a shrine. That may be the main reason for this tactic. I’ll hit the depths soon with this bike to unlock all the lights, which will be easier to locate with the shrines above on the main level.
As with BOTW, I am absolutely obsessed with this game. I already thought BOTW was incredible with how vast it was. I was THRILLED when I saw the main map was the same. With the additions of the sky and the depths, thank god the main level is the same. 😅 Even with all that, it still feels like a completely different game with massive upgrades. I don’t understand how a game this big can have so little bugs. Meanwhile when I play Skyrim— well we all know how bethesda games are. Lol
TOTK was worth the wait.
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