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2023.06.01 13:40 Financial-Current289 Purpose of chartering organizations in the new BSA

I have often wondered the purpose of being involved with chartering organizations at the unit level of the BSA. I do understand that the Chartering Organization is meant to "own" the units, and that the reason for being involved with charters is so that local organizations can be out there interacting with the community.
In my time in scouting, however, I have not been impressed with the chartering relationships. I see many shortcomings:
  1. Charters can become too involved: The BSA is a national organization with comprehensive standards, rules, a culture and code of conduct that spans 50 states and hundreds of thousands of members. There is no reason that the national program should be tempered, altered or disturbed by the desires of a local charity organization that has its own priorities. The COR is an important figure to a unit with unwieldy power to approve or disapprove of unit leadership. The COR is not necessarily a respected figure in scouting and may simply be a person that a charter sticks in the position.
  2. Charters, in their own self-interest, are divesting themselves from Scouting at an alarming rate: We have all heard stories of this or that organization (the Moose, the Elks, the Schools, etc) deciding that they are in one year, and out the next. The unpredictable nature of finding and working with a charter is not something that people had to face at the peak of scouting in the 60's and 70's. Additionally, the culture of community clubs in general has sharply declined in America. Therefore, the pool of available charters has decreased, with a constant fear of charters deciding to "pull the rug out" from a unit.
In short, I feel that the great benefits of involving local charities in the program reached a peak a long time ago, and these benefits no longer exist.
I believe that with the bankruptcy behind us, a new path forward should be charted in which the BSA adopts a model of direct chartering from units to the area Councils. I believe that this can be a modernizing approach, with the following benefits:
  1. The council, as the charter, can provide a consistent and high-quality program to each unit with no interference from non-scouters: council personnel can be delegated to replace the COR as a "key-three" person. Council personnel are respected, seasoned, and can establish a direct line of management from the council leadership to the unit.
  2. The council, as the charter, can provide stability that is currently lacking from the current charter arrangement.
  3. The council, as the charter, can assess and spread resources (in both people and money, where appropriate) from unit to unit. This will be possible because the council has a birds-eye view of their organization.
  4. The council, as the charter, will be able to organize units for girls without impediment from charters that, while eager to sponsor boy scout units, refuse to modernize with our program and charter units for girls.
In short, I believe that the organization should pivot in this direction as part of it's new 20-year lookahead plan.
I'm interested in your thoughts, both pro's and con's for keeping or leaving the charter model.
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2023.06.01 13:39 electraahearta 3 Things I learned from Diagnosis

my hope is that this helps those on their journey to official diagnosis. as well as those diagnosed. (i’m not a professional just experience with a diagnosis)
  1. BPD diagnosis is HUGELY general. it’s a neurodivergence umbrella with numerous traits, tendencies and temperaments. these can overlap into many mood and neurological disorders, narcissism, PTSD, bipolar, depression, anxiety, autism, histrionic, adhd, psychopathy and so many more.
  2. Not everybody agrees on BPD diagnosis. i’ve seen multiple psychiatrists, all had different views on BPD as a diagnosis. some people use the term “personality disorder”, some refute it. some people believe BPD should be split into multiple disorders, others refute that. and psychiatrists will have different opinions on you. a BPD diagnosis isn’t simple. BPD also isn’t a one size fits all. humans are DRASTICALLY more complex than that.
  3. a diagnosis doesn’t make your problems go away. I used to believe a diagnosis would really help, I wanted to label, heal and move on. but it’s not that simple. the process is like an onion, it gets more complex as times goes on. there are so many layers to BPD and neurodivergence.
don’t EVER try and make yourself worse to fit the criteria. you’re a human being, you’re not meant to fit a criteria. that’s not your job. just show up(safely), try and make good decisions. i know you want to make your identity this diagnosis. and get worse, i get it. but if you are on this sub, you probably are what it says on the tin, just in a unique way.
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2023.06.01 13:39 stringbeansssss First time home buyer, considering Gatineau over Ottawa

I live in Ottawa and I’m hoping to start making offers on houses starting at the end of June. The housing prices are much more attractive in Gatineau. I feel like I’m missing something, I understand that income tax is high and I would have to pay taxes to both Ontario in Quebec ( employed in Ontario ), but why are more people not buying in Gatineau? Cons are taxes and health care but the pros are being able to build what is simply gone in Ontario. Houses are sitting for months in Gatineau, why? I would think this is the best opportunity for many Canadians in higher cost of living areas to take advantage of. What am I missing/ are there major cons I’m unaware of?
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2023.06.01 13:39 livesoccerstreams How can some websites provide live football games for free?

how do they manage to provide this service for free? And are there any risks involved? In this blog post, we'll explore the world of soccer streams reddit and similar platforms and give you all the information you need to start watching live football today!
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2023.06.01 13:39 Hyperblue8 2 years of reactivity

We have two dogs, street dogs from Armenia. We took one in and he was perfect, still mostly is. He has picked up a little anxiety from the other dog. After some months we stupidly decided we could handle a second. A friend told us about another street dog they were trying to find a home for, they did not mention he is reactive.
We have considered and even half heartedly tried to rehome him but never gone through with it. It's almost impossible to rehome dogs in Georgia regardless, there are so many street dogs and modern training techniques are still mostly missing here, if we found someone to take him we would be worried about how they would treat him. We have had behavioural specialists and a neurologist and he is on medication. We now live in Georgia (the country) so the medications available are limited and are human medications. Please bare in mind before you all comment about how dangerous human meds are, this is what is available. You should also be aware that dogs are often stabbed and shot here, so although human meds may have consequences the consequences of not giving him anything could be much worse. Obviously he is always muzzled, despite this on several occasions he has successfully bitten people by somehow removing the muzzle during the attack.
It has been 2 years of struggle, training, never going out, endless costs. We absolutely adore him, he is the sweetest boy at home, but we cannot stay indoors forever. We have had to find mostly online jobs because he just cant handle us going to work.
I have considered taking him to europe but I'm not sure an airline would allow him to fly, we have started the process of getting the tests done so he can fly if needs be. I do not want to give him up but I also do want to.
We don't have the skills to train him, but in the back of my mind I wonder if we could gain them? we have tried before, I took a live course from IMDT, we have read various training books and we followed the instructions of a trainer but it has had little effect.
Possibly we are missing something. One thing I always notice is that there is very little material for if you have two dogs, little money and a small apartment. It makes a lot of the techniques near impossible to implement.
We are very open to suggestions and advice, less open to nastiness though... We know we have not done everything right, many mistakes have been made, you don't need to tell us that.
To clarify what my rambling post is asking:

Where can I find a good resource to follow in this particular situation? And should I continue with him or would he be better in Europe?
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2023.06.01 13:38 jcgooya How G2A manipulates its sellers' rating.

After being scammed in G2A by a seller called Siastore, and seeing how many other people are also complaining about invalid keys and being tricked into buying Steam Accounts, I got curious: How can such a vendor get so good reviews?
According to G2A, Siastore has 95% positive reviews today. But if you click to look at the reviews, you will see the number of negative reviews is way higher than positive. Where's the magic?
It is in fact, quite simple: when you rate a seller after a purchase in G2A, you can rate it as negative, positive, or neutral. The magic starts here: G2A adds the neutral reviews as positive.
But that alone would not be sufficient to maintain a high rating for its scammers. So what does G2A do? They simply change all the negative reviews into neutrals after one week. Exactly. They manipulate the reviews to trick their customers into believing they are actually buying something trustworthy.
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2023.06.01 13:38 inkheiko The Story of GoV Nikke

I'm still discovering the game little by little, and I am finding boh things I like and dislike. However, for a long time I spent time learning why I loved few things, but not enough on why I disliked some.
For now I am far from being up to the story, and I will play it way less than other games for now (since I literally have 4 gacha I need peace ;_;), but hearing people talking about the story, I believe I might try to get more serious later.
I like story, I follow YouTube channels about narration, and I try to apply it while exploring a game. And at the moment, since nothing actually dangerous happened (beside prologue, and commander, but it's about him), I wanted to share my thoughts about a character: The Commander.
It's not rare to have some sort of self insert protagonist in games (Persona 5, Honkai star rail, Honkai Impact, Genshin Impact...), However, some of them are more nicely done imo, and some other projects were eventually dropped in the end. And despite I feel the tension and the story getting very interesting... I feel like the Commander could be, in my opinion, the weakest thing about the story.
It might be because of the dialogues, or the fact the game is still young and needs to grow up, but I really don't feel that attached to the protagonist:
He seems to be some sort of Marie Sue, in the most important moment (except prologue) he always seems to get what he wants, his morality is never questioned, and his most important goal in the first place don't seem that unreachable.
For a bad comparison, it looks like some dense protagonist in a Shonen with a harem: the side story I started with Noir and Blanc was about kissing the commander in the end and how they would be happy about it, everyone around seems to be really fond of the Commander... Which is not a bad thing, someone can be liked by many, but it feels blank.
The Commander feels both empty/blank and unbalanced in his personality from what I saw. He doesn't feel that human because there aren't any main defaults or trait beside "He's a nice guy", or "He's handsome"... It's like a "wish fulfilling" character. And the fact he also suffers from amnesia makes it actually very cliche (he can have amnesia without problems, but with everything else, it's the most basic character that also is living a "dream", having a harem of some sort, and becoming every girls' special someone)
I might be wrong (and I hope I am), but at the moment, I could actually get attached to every Nikkes that all seem to have actual personalities (except some times when they are around the Commander), and I could get invested with the story but how the Commander's character is treated makes it less enjoyable in my opinion.
Buuut If that actually is a problem (if I'm not imagining things), I wondered how to fix it, and I see two main ways: removing Commander, or making it less self insert or less of a wish fulfilling character.
In Honkai Impact 3rd for example, there was some sort of captain thing, but it is even less than tertiary in the story they want to tell. Which doesn't add any problems about it, and it helps to focus on it. It is the easiest solution, and maybe the Commander's death could both affect the Nikkes and give a strong motive for the future struggles
However I wish to have a more human Commander, and there is one thing that is both good and bad imo: The Commander's habit to bandage Nikkes.
In the current state of the story I am, it makes him even more of a dense protagonist of a harem, with every girls around him at his feet (Im exaggerating obviously), but if he had actual traits that made him more human and not always "that perfect" this could actually be something actually cute or that gave him more personality, and brings better the fact he values Nikkes.
A human has both qualities and defaults, before being actually moral, which makes them human: The Commander can be always in the right, but he can't really look that flawless as well. It is like he both has no qualities while being the nicest person in the world. What could be interesting is to maybe give him more traits, and actually more type of relationship than the current ones that I saw in the game at the moment:
He could be actually impulsive, but way more impulsive, not considerate enough, maybe too obsessed at times, or even maybe a pervert... Basically, things that could make Nikkes have actual reasons to like or dislike him, and give him more... Constancy. He could even have a character development where he learnt an important lesson.
The lack of impact and personality on the dialogues doesn't help either, just adding more different dialogues even if overall it doesn't change the story (like in persona 5) could give your commander more personality. Maybe even the bonds with other Nikkes could actually evolve without really change the story (for example, the episodes I call "dating" could have actual outcomes at the end of all the episodes after doing specific actions).
This wouldn't change at first the way the story goes, but it would give more life to the protagonist, and make him way more pleasant to follow imo.
Maybe I was not clear, or maybe you disagree, you can tell me if it gets better in the future, but for now, this is what I think of the Commander. And I believe that if they removed or change him, and don't give more focus to other things than the Nikkes and the universe, it would be way cooler to follow!
Please share your thoughts with me :3
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2023.06.01 13:38 spanishbombs123 Advice on reporting locum pharmacist. I’ve reported her before but company did not get back to me. [england]

So I had another awful encounter with a locum pharmacist. So I (f23) used to be addicted to codeine. My usual pharmacist is absolutely amazing with me and treats me with so much respect and dignity- this locum pharmacist does not. I’ve had two run ins with her now.
First time was when I had to pick my buprenorphine up for the day. I have work at 9.30 but I get there ten mins early so I’m the first one then grab the bus quickly. It opens at 9.
My blue script at the moment is supervised meaning I have to take it in front of them in a private room and wait a couple minutes for it to dissolve a bit. This stops people from taking them out of their mouth and selling it. They do this but give me a couple of days worth to take home as well.
I was the first one in and she knew I was there. 15 mins go by and 3 people have already been served before me. She then starts making a cup of tea and asks if any of the other staff would like one.
At 20 minutes past I let the other staff members know I haven’t been served and need to get to work and she still takes an extra 10 minutes to give it to me and when she gave it to me she said ‘next time don’t come so early.’
I just walked out and didn’t say anything as It was all too stressful. I told my dad about it and he ended up going down to try and make a complaint.
She basically never said sorry and said that they’re really busy in the mornings. She didn’t give him any information to make a formal complaint.
I sent a complaint via email to the company that owns the pharmacy and didn’t hear back. I sent another email about 2 weeks later but still didn’t hear anything back so since then (about 3 months) it kinda drifted out of my mind.
Today the pharmacy was absolutely packed with about 10 people in a small space. Someone had been waiting there before me and he asked to talk to the pharmacist.
He basically had gone two places already and then to the doctors to pick up his daily diazepam which means he’s weaning off something. He explained all of this and she said ‘we don’t have the script here for you’ then walked off into her pharmacy room.
I was so annoyed. This man just needs a little care and compassion. He’s obviously very agitated as he’s in withdrawal. What she said was so rude and she didn’t even explain to him what he needed to do next to sort it.
Anyways she’s trying to take me in the private room so 10 people don’t see me taking the medication. There’s so much stigma already and a couple of times when I have done it not in the room I’ve had people call me a heroin addict and told me to go get a job etc. I hold a full time job.
Because the man was sort of in the way she decides to get the medication out in front of everyone to see and gives it to me. She doesn’t talk to me at all whilst giving it to me so I go to walk over by the chairs by the door to wait and because I was by the door she shouted in front of everyone ‘EXCUSE ME YOU NEED TO WAIT HERE FOR 10 MINUTES.’ I felt absolutely humiliated.
I have a support worker for drug dependency and she actually asked me at one point about all of this and she explained her and many other support workers hear that people on blue scripts are treated very badly- especially with locum pharmacists.
So I want to make an official complaint but I don’t want them ignoring me anymore. Is there anything I can do or say to make sure this complaint actually gets back to her? Or anyone else I can get in touch with?
Thank you
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2023.06.01 13:38 GadgetConnections U.S. Based Convoy S21E - ANDURIL - Available NOW!

Happy June ya'll!!

I just got a shipment of Convoy S21E in from Simon.
U.S Based. Priority Shipping Available.
Also FREE shipping option.


Supply truly is limited at the moment.
There is no 519a yet.
Simon said the driver is not done yet.

Here is what there is though.

S21E SST40 - 6500
S21E SST40 - 5000
S21E S**F**T40 - 6500

Also have a bunch of T3s in all the colors

Even some Copper T3s left (limited)

Illuminated Metal Tail Switches for the S2+ ( New Colors) Including RGB (slow fade, non controllable.)

S2+ in a bunch of color temps

and lastly

Some Classic S21E units

Wuben 20% OFF - code WUBBY20

These deals are only for us here and Reddit.

If that is something you are looking for.

Happy Summer and many thanks!
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2023.06.01 13:38 you-arent-reading-it Is she the right support teacher for me?

Today I went to meet my possible support teacher of school and she brought up these arguments and reactions. Do you think they are valid and do you think she would be the right person for me or for people that have level 2 autism like me?
1-Minimizing the problems of my disability is good.
2-I should feel better because there are people who are in a worse condition than mine.
3-she doesn't believe that I tried hard to have a welcoming approach in the past regarding myself.("welcoming to myself" I think she meant to say positive)
4-she had not clear the difference between high-functioning and low-functioning. I had to lecture her about this.
5-She bases the fact that I am good enough because in ONE year I had great grades. (I didn't finish highschool and I am 23). Yes she knows only about one year. I failed classes for many years and multiple times. Furthermore I had barely acceptable grades in all of my other years.
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2023.06.01 13:38 SpeeNutch The PIN method on the register page is losing you money, PlayerAuctions.

Do you guys, staff at PlayerAuctions have any idea how many people don't make business with you or don't perform a transaction using your site because of your shitty and frustrating register method? No site, and I mean no site that I've ever been to has had such a frustrating and shoddy way of doing something as simple as setting up a new account to buy or to sell . Like me, there are thousands of players that simply turn around and take their business elsewhere.
The players, sure they won't make a profit. But its you as a company that lose the most money.
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2023.06.01 13:38 gojospiel Even the little things hurt me

In my workplace, everyone is pretty close to each other. Like there's just this observable ease between everyone, like their small talk flows smoothly, they seem like they genuinely are friendly. And being around them so much, I think my brain has been tricked into believing that I should be treated by them with an easy friendliness too. But when it comes to me, people freeze, become rigid. They're so polite, like, they're too formal, or not even formal... But it's pretty obvious they don't see my energy as something pleasing.
These things hurt like crazy to me. How am I not used to it? It's just that, it should be normal to me by now but I can't get used to it. I'm emotionally so sensitive and weak. I can't even just brush it off. Every single interaction with people bother me too much. Every single interaction that is bad in my standards !!! Pisses me off!!! I am the only one who is revolting. God I wanna quit my job but then even if I get into another company it's always going to be the same and the pay is just as fucking low!!! Maybe even lower!!!
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2023.06.01 13:38 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Platinum Dating (Program)

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2023.06.01 13:38 teonanacatl83 How to get LSP to show on hover in NORMAL mode?

Hi All,
After a bit of scouring on lsp-zero's github pages and also the neovim/nvim-lspconfig repo, I'm still at a loss on how to accomplish this.
As the title suggests, I wish to have the LSP suggestions show up when "hovering" over a keyword in Neovim while navigating in NORMAL mode (ideally after a second or two of stopping on that word and not navigating throughout the document).
I'll admit it's been a while since I've touched my neovim config, as I've been quite happy with it for a while now. That said, I've noticed I'm not catching what LSP is suggesting lately because it only shows up when I type and I don't always pay attention to the LSP suggestions while my thoughts are flowing. The LSP setup I have as is is super helpful, but I'd like to have the suggestions pop up whenever my cursor is over the word (again, ideally after a second or two of no navigating).
Here are my config files:
And specifically the lsp configuration file:
Any and all help in this regard is obviously greatly appreciated. Many thanks to any who help in advance!
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2023.06.01 13:37 Napalm-1 Nearing significant upward pressure on the uranium spotmarket. Launch of Zuri-Invest soon, producers and clients competing in the spotmarket, ...

Hi everyone, Debt ceiling sage, Is FED going to increase rates further?, War in Ukraine, ... In the meantime in the tiny uranium spotmarket utilities, financial players and producers are outbidding each other. Yes, you read that right! Today many uranium producers are spotbuyers too, because: 1) spot price is lower then AISC + small margin when producing their own uranium 2) Some producers having a lower uranium production then their uranium supply commitments towards their clients, so those producers have to buy uranium in the spotmarket too. Also more and more financial funds are created to buy physical uranium in the spotmarket, because investors start to notice that there is a global growing supply deficit at today's uranium prices. Latest example: Zuri-Invest (but you also have Sprott Physical Uranium Trust, Yellow Cake, ANU Energy, and family offices) will start buying uranium in the spotmarket next week. Zuri-Invest on their own will have at least 100M USD which represents approximately one month of uranium spot supply. But Zuri-Invest is not the only one buying uranium in the spotmarket, by consequence those 100M USD together with the uranium spotbuying from others will largely exceed one month of spotsupply creating a significant upward pressure on the uranium spotprice. Source: An uranium price of 60 USD/lb isn't high enough to get the needed higher production cost producers to produce uranium again! The consequence: Upward pressure in the uranium spotmarket is steadily building up
Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (U.UN on TSX in CAD, U.U on TSX in USD, SRUUF on US stock exchange) is the most liquid one: Note: the uranium companies made a first bull run in 2021-2022, but got depressed by the negativity in the stockmarket in general (Market went from "risk on" to "risk off" mode), but the uranium spotprice actually remained quite stable. Why did the uranium price remain stable? Because the sector fundamentals are very bullish, even producers buy uranium in the tiny uranium spotmarket at these low uranium prices. Now we are steadily going to go back to "risk on" mode imo. Tomorrow, in a month, 3 months? We'll see. It's not IF, but WHEN. So, if you are interested in the potential of this turnaround in the stock price of uranium companies, you can look at following ETF's: URNM, URA, URNJ or their holdings.

Here a post of 2 months ago:\_uranium\_market\_in\_20232024\_ukraine/
This isn't financial advice. Please do your own DD before investing. Cheers
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2023.06.01 13:37 silentscribe07 The Role of Commercial Property in Noida's Hospitality and Tourism Sector

Noida the city of fame located in Noida, a renowned city in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India is now an important center for business activities, particularly in the tourism and hospitality sector. Because of its central location as well as well-planned infrastructure as well as growing opportunities for business, Noida has become a popular destination for both businesses as well as investors. This article examines the important significance of commercial property in Noida's tourism and hospitality industry and focuses on the most important projects that aid its development.
Commercial Properties located in Noida are driving growth in Tourism and Hospitality
Noida provides a variety of commercial properties catering to the particular demands of the tourism and hospitality sector. These facilities not only provide a perfect location for businesses to run but also attract people and visitors to the city, adding to the appeal of the city overall. Let's look into some noteworthy initiatives that are transforming the commercial landscape in Noida.
World Trade Tower (WTT Noida Sector 16)
The World Trade Tower in Noida's Sector 16 is a prestigious commercial project that is now an iconic symbol of the city. It is a state-of-the-art facility with high-tech amenities and an ideal setting for businesses operating that operate in the tourism and hospitality sector. The tower's location makes it accessible to the transportation hubs and draws both tenants and investors from around the world.
World Trade Center (WTC Noida Sector 132)
A different notable project includes notable project is the World Trade Center in Noida's Sector 132. The World Trade Center is a world-class commercial project that gives businesses a powerful place to collaborate and network. By focusing on trade and globalization and trade, World Trade Center acts as an effective catalyst to attract international companies as well as promote development in the tourism and hospitality sector.
Bhutani Cyberthum
Bhutani Cyberthum, located in Noida's Sector 140A. It is a modern commercial development that blends sustainability with innovation. It has modern commercial spaces, retail stores as well as entertainment and leisure zones which makes it a perfect location for companies within the tourism and hospitality industry. Its distinctive design as well as modern facilities have received favorable reviews, which further enhances the appeal of this project.
Bhutani experience (Sector 32)
Bhutani Experience located in Noida's Sector 32 is a commercial establishment that caters to the changing demands of business in the tourism and hospitality sector. The facility offers flexible offices as well as conference rooms as well as recreational amenities, making an exciting and productive working atmosphere. Its position within a highly-connected location makes it easy for customers as well as employees.
Bhutani 62 Avenue (Sector Sector Noida)
Bhutani 62 Avenue situated within Sector 62 Noida is a commercial project offering a complete solution for companies that operate in the tourism and hospitality sector. The project offers commercial spaces, retail outlets, and entertainment facilities which makes it an all-in-one location for tourists. Its location in a strategic area and its well-maintained infrastructure make it a great investment.
Bhutani Techno Park (Sector 127 Noida)
Bhutani Techno Park located in Noida's Sector 127 is a commercial facility that is designed to satisfy the varied demands of business within the hospitality and tourism industry. The facility offers top office space with conference facilities, meeting rooms, as well as recreation areas that encourage cooperation and creativity. The proximity of the project to major roads and transport hubs makes it more accessible and easy to use.
Bhutani City Center (Sector 150)
Bhutani City Center, located in Noida's sector 150, is a commercial project which caters to the requirements of hospitality businesses and the tourism industry. Its modern design large office space as well as retail stores It creates a stimulating and vibrant environment for businesses and tourists. Its location in major residential areas boosts foot traffic and increases customer satisfaction.
Spectrum Metro Mall (Sector 75 Noida)
Spectrum Metro Mall in Noida's Sector 75 is a renowned commercial space that functions as a central point for business within the tourism and hospitality sector. The mall offers shopping areas, entertainment zones, and offices providing an experience that is seamless for those who visit. Its central location and numerous amenities make it an ideal place to shop, dine, and entertainment.
Sky Bhutani Alphathum (Sector 90)
Sky Bhutani Alphathum, situated in Noida's Sector 90 is a commercial development catering to the rising need for offices within the tourism and hospitality industry. The project provides companies with contemporary offices that are sustainable with cutting-edge amenities. The unique design and green features are a major reason for the popularity of the project among investors as well as tenants.
Bhutani Cyber Courtyard
Bhutani Cyber Courtyard located in Noida is a creative commercial space designed for companies within the tourism and hospitality industry. The space offers flexible workspaces with collaborative zones as well as recreational spaces, creating an enjoyable and productive working environment. The prime location of the project and modern design makes it a desirable alternative for those looking for commercial space located in Noida.
Bhutani Cyber Park
Bhutani Cyber Park is a commercial project located in Noida that serves businesses that operate in the tourism and hospitality sector. The park offers office space that is modern as well as a modern IT infrastructure and many facilities. The location of the project, which is strategic within Sector 62 Noida, known for its business-friendly atmosphere and its business-friendly environment, adds further attraction.
Bhutani Etherea
The Bhutani Etherea property is a commercial building located in Noida offering office spaces as well as co-working spaces to companies within the tourism and hospitality industry. The property offers design, functionality as well as sustainability to create an ideal workspace. Its emphasis on collaboration areas and innovative design has been a popular choice by businesses.
The commercial buildings situated in Noida are a key factor in the development and growth of the tourism and hospitality sector. Initiatives such as The World Trade Tower, World Trade Center, Bhutani Cyberthum, and Bhutani Experience have reshaped the city's appearance, providing companies with the latest technology, flexible workspaces as well as cutting-edge facilities. The properties do not just serve the needs of companies, but can also enhance Noida's popularity as a place to visit for travelers and tourists.
The investment in commercial properties in Noida offers lucrative opportunities to firms in the hospitality or tourism business. Noida's location is strategic along with its well-designed infrastructure and the emergence of well-known projects make the city an ideal location for businesses seeking to establish their brand and profit from the growing market.
To find out more, dial: +91 99009009728
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2023.06.01 13:37 EverettDonovan I can suspend my disbelief up to a certain point, but even the remote possibility of a non speedster being able to take on a speedster is just fucking stupid

No wonder that Reverse Flash, Zoom and Savitar are my favourite villains.
How the hell do you not understand the rules you established on your own? A speedster should be able to enter a room full of people and just walk casually in it with the illusion that time is still, because no one has the ability to move, think or react fast enough to create motion in that situation, nobody that is not a speedster, of curse.
I can make an exception for The Thinker, since his superpower is indeed to think fast, maybe as fast as Barry can run, perhaps even more.
I don't care if you think that they have to break this rule in order to have a show, it's a simple rule that makes superspeed that effective of a power, just have speedsters face speedsters and alternatively powered allys face other threats that have nothing to do with speed.
There is virtually no threat that a speedster couldn't neutralize by just moving at flashtime, having a pair of metahuman power dampening handcuffs and there you have it. The criminal is in their cell before they can even initiate the thought to process this information of events.
This is for example why I roll my eyes at Killer Frost being able to freeze Black Flash to death, Barry struggling with almost every single meta of the week that doesn't have speed, Bloodwork, Cicada, ... The list goes on and on.
The only struggle I can buy as "realistic" is when Barry is opposing another speedster, or someone with powers specifically designed to take on superspeed, like Turtle.
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2023.06.01 13:36 throwitawaybongybong Took 3 dabs, rolled 4 joints, & on the way to work.

I can only work with idiots all day when I'm reasonably high. I don't even have to be stoned, necessarily, just a little bit high.
I achieve a state of hyperfocus when sufficiently stoned that always helps me bust down the work on a pressing project.
Dancing around the kitchen handling two positions at once at McDick's used to be fun, like getting my SpongeBob on, high af. My insane boss forced me to quit after I got so sick of how the coronavirus policies were not being followed. Gross.
Y'all like McDonald's? Don't. That "dirty" taste you get from fast food is trans fats, which are created when food, which we called "product" there, was fried in oil at high temperature. Dirty grease? Mhmm. Tons of them. All day, baby, at one of the busier McDick's in the city.
I think that even breathing in the grease fumes was probably bad for my cardiovascular system over time. Think about it. Why wouldn't it be?
I smoke weed, which can already lead to tachycardia and hypertension. Taking precautions is my best bet for a long, happy life with many adventures to come.
Please take care of yourself. Because I want you around.
Sorry. /endrant
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2023.06.01 13:36 The_Werewolf_Knight How I think the more gory scenes from the games can be adapted if the movies will be PG-13

1) Elizabeth Afton's death:
To my understanding, the scene where she was dragged into Baby's cavity isn't how she died and she died because of the scooper that was used to remove the endoskeletons from the animatronics. So I think a good way to adapt that part would be to show how the scooper is used, show the adduction, and, the moment when the scooper strikes through Baby it simply needs to cut right before the impact.

2) Michael's getting scooped:
They can just show something similar to what I suggested for Elizabeth's death. I would like to add that they can quickly switch to Mike's expression after he dies. To see what I mean, search the scene from Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness where Captain Carter dies.

3) The Bite Of '83:
I think they can show us how Evan is shoved in Fredbear's mouth by the bullies. Now this is how I would execute it step by step:
-have the actor playing Evan crying and screaming out of fear;
-show how the mechanisms start to malfunction/are looking like they are about to collapse (or any indications that the suit isn't working properly);
-at the time of the strike, record only the upper part of Fredbear's head lowering down suddenly. The actor playing Evan will have to be silent:
-cut for a moment to see the bullies' reaction;
-go back and show how the body is hanging motionless without showing the head.
(If there's no problem, they can add a crushing sound effect and a blod drip rolling down Fredbear's body)

4) The Sprignlock Failure:
For this one, I am most proud of:
Fill the room of the scene with other endoskeletons wide open (I mean the mode that allows you to wear the suit). When William starts to get crushed, you only need to have the actor scream and some sound effects. During that scene, the camera has to shift focus to other endoskeletons that start to get crushed so you can send the message of what is happening inside the suit.

Do you like it?
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2023.06.01 13:36 Bourneidentity39 A dude I know divorced his wife without grounds. He told me there is a big loophole in Watchtower doctrine because of it.

He said neither of them could stand each other and knew they’d never be happy together, so divorced.
The elders made it clear to them they’d be single for life, because they were still married in Jehovahs eyes and were not free to remarry.
He said although he’s divorced from her, he’s free to go to her place and sleep with her anytime he chooses, and there isn’t a fuckin things the elders can do about it.
Some may say, no, he can’t do that. He’s not legally married to her. That doesn’t matter, there is no law saying you can’t sleep with any other adult. Jehovahs laws trump man’s laws and in this case, no law is being broken.
I wonder how many elders have had to encounter this and their brains froze up with confusion knowing there isn’t a damn thing they could do about it.
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2023.06.01 13:36 barkgoofball Bro imagine being in SAP...what pet do you wanna be?

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2023.06.01 13:35 gloucat still can't listen to them again

I have not used reddit before, but I feel maybe someone here will understand how I feel.
Frightened rabbit was there for me since I was 13. I was not a happy child, my family situation poor on a good day. I had no one. Listening to frightened rabbit made me feel understood when no one else was there for me. My feelings did not feel so unique or isolating. If someone else holds such feelings in them and lives, I can too. The amount of comfort their music brought me was immense and incomparable.
The news of Scott's death came when I was still fighting to live to survive at home. It felt like the only person who felt the same way I did chose to end it when I was trying so hard not to.
Its been 5 years, and I'm no longer in the same situation. I made it out. I'm a different person. And I will forever hold Scott in my heart. But I can not listen to frightened rabbit or even think about him without ugly crocodile tears rolling down my face.
I guess I'm not good with loss. I don't know what posting this will achieve but I've held this feeling for years and maybe I'm not alone in this. I know scott touched so many others.
If you have any wisdom or thoughts to share I would love to hear them.
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