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Unofficial subreddit for CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). People from other boards are also welcome here. Link to the CBSE discord server: https://discord.gg/BxbcEFjHMc

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Votre communauté gaming française ! Venez partagez des liens, l’actualité, des discussions et vos commentaires sur tout ce qui est en rapport avec les jeux vidéo et le Gaming.

2023.06.01 14:31 El_halo [NA/EU/SA] Tarkov Discord with 120 Players from Chads to Timmys Looking for More Players!!!

TLDR - GalaxyGaming is a discord for Timmys and Chads, PVP, Quests, Events, and more. No bullshit, hop on the server, pick a role, and get to playing with others!
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/JPa7xjaKrk
Hello! Are you looking for a place where everyone plays together? A place where you can join any chat and users will gladly talk, play, and help? Well, there’s no better place for that than GalaxyGaming! We pride ourselves in being the most welcoming and tight-knit community in Tarkov. Below are some of the things we offer:
· Sherpa program for New Players
· Quest Help
· A Safe Community Free of Cheaters
· In Depth Guides On Rat Spots For Those Who Like To Dabble In The Art Of Ratting
· Various Roles to Suit Your Playstyle
· Various Bots and Server Features such as Music and Polls
· Boosted Discord with Better Quality Streaming, File Upload, Customs Emojis, etc.
We welcome anyone who wants to join regardless of skill or level. It doesn’t matter if you are level 1 and haven’t played a single raid, or if you are an absolute Chad who's been playing since alpha; There will always be a squad just for you! If this interests you, you can join anytime with the discord links that have been included in this post. We hope to see you soon!!!
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/JPa7xjaKrk
Also, every Friday at 11 PM EST we have a Tarkov Night where everyone gets on and we run labs, reserve, we go rogue hunting, and do private matches between teams of players similar to Arena!
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2023.06.01 14:31 whatthezep [19M] How serious is my jaw dislocation? And do I need to see a doctor?

Hi everyone. I am a 19 year old male, South Asian and my height is around 5'9. I weigh on the lesser side, so around 50 kgs or so. Currently on no medications and I quit smoking a couple weeks ago. Today I was in a fight with someone and we both repeatedly punched each other really hard. Somewhere in between I felt his punch land on my jaw and I felt a electrifying sensation across my entire face. After the fight was over, I put some ice on it and it started to feel better. But then when I was having a sandwich it started hurting again and so my concern grew and I read every page on Google about jaw dislocation.
I am able to open and close my mouth with a little pain; able to drink, talk, scream too. Clenching my teeth is not that hard either but I do feel some tension behind my molars everytime I clench them. I have slight ear pain as well. Most of the articles said that these things, if not serious, can heal on their own in a week or two.
Is this serious or nah? And how much time should I give this to heal before going to the doctor?
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2023.06.01 14:30 International-Ad832 Got a rank for monet

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2023.06.01 14:30 LegitHadEnough Right sided, sharp chest pain which goes round my back upon waking/exertion. Doctor said it’s muscular, and only recommended painkillers

30F. Height: 5'7 weight: (9 and a half stone) Race: White (also: from Britain). Existing conditions: Asthma, Autism, Depression & Insomnia. BPD. Reflux. Seb derm (on scalp). Medications: Trazodone, 50mg. Fostair 100/6 4x per day. Salbutamol 100mcg up to 4x per day, when needed. Omeprazole 20mg. Smoking: doesn't smoke (only a few times in the past). Drinking: social 1x per week. No rec drug use.
Basically, for about 5 days now, I’ve had sharp chest pain on the right side which has gone round to my shoulder. It feels deep in my chest but the pain is also beneath my collar bone and sometimes further down into my rib cage.
It starts when I wake up and can painful when breathing in, but it eases up during the day. Well, it disappeared for about a day and a bit and now has returned after I went out for a walk.
I saw my doctor the other day to get his opinion it. He checked my numbers (he couldn’t find my pulse for like 15 minutes, which I think was an error on his part), and they were fine. He also ruled out a blood clot. His verdict is that it’s muscular and that I need to take painkillers.
Well, I’ve been taking painkillers and unfortunately, the pain has returned. The pain isn’t intense, but it’s sharp.
Can any further lung issue be ruled out? Also, are there any muscle exercises I could be doing to ease this? Because I don’t want to rely on painkillers for this.
Thanks 😊
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2023.06.01 14:30 Senior-Fulham New to the group as Facebook group is hit and miss

New to the group as Facebook group is hit and miss
I’ve got plenty of spares, hopefully I can help someone else in return, finding it hard to find people to send mine to.
If anyone can help that would be great
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2023.06.01 14:30 KieraJacque [5e] (online) (one shot) (20th level) (Battle of Gods) Mapping out a Battle Scene for my Novel. 20 Players or 10 players with two characters each needed. [6/19 7 PM EDT-12 AM EDT (half hour break) & if needed 6/26 7 PM EDT-12 AM EDT (half hour break).


This is for a novel I am writing. I have no idea how to write a battle scene, well I do kind of. I just always play D&D with my husband to do the battle and write from there. So everything in this game will be my intellectual property for my novel. But to thank everyone, you will all be listed in the credits at the back of the book. I'll reach out to you on discord at that time to get the name you want to be thanked under. This also could make way for more games in the future. I am halfway through book one and decided the prologue's will all show the evil Gods backstory, the moment that will happen in this war, where my Villain ie my PC will slaughter a whole bunch of powerful Gods, then be told how powerful of a warrior he is by one of the level 9 Gods, a God he has looked up to all his life, is the setting point for what makes him who he is now. So just be warned, that scene will come. You are free to play your characters as they see fit, the only thing I ask is you look up different native american names or words to name your characters. That is the general language I am using to name these Gods. I'm writing the first prologue of seven prologues for my seven book epic high fantasy novel where the evil chaotic God, Asgahni (cherokee for evil according to https://www.cherokeedictionary.net/). The naming conventions and the words sound so regal to me, and what I imagine for Gods. Also, since so many American place names come from Indigenous words, I feel they're easier to pronounce.
Lots of homebrew radiant powered weapons will be homebrewed into your inventory, so you'll need to be able to add yourself to my campaign on D&D Beyond. We will be playing on Roll20 and talking on Discord during the game and talking on Discord prior to the game. I'm looking for experienced players (played in a minimum of five battle heavy games before, preferably have been playing regular for a year or more). This is not a 20 person party, this is twenty characters split between two teams and fighting against each other, I will be playing my character [level 6] whose back story it is, plus I will be adding a really high powered player on his team for the story. If anyone backed It's Tough to be a God on kickstarter, those are the rules we will be using to build these characters off of. Since I'm assuming most people do not have the book, I will be editing a lot of your pages to power you up to God level.


The entire session will be recorded so I can write the prologue later, this recording will go nowhere beyond me! So if you are not comfortable being recorded, do not apply. But just keep in mind, I will be the only one who ever hears this recording. Players my ask for it if they want, they will only be given it if every player decides they are comfortable with that. Screen recording of the roll20 screen will be taking place as well as voice recording.


But! If you have something you really want to be (besides warforged) bring it up to me and we'll discuss. This is just all I own that I'm willing to have be in this game.


The only non normal one I have is Blood Hunter, which I'll definitely allow, I've never seen it in action, I only ask that if you choose it (since we're at level 20) that you either find some time to familiarize yourself with it or that you have played it before for more than three sessions. If you have another class I've never heard of and want to play, just bring it up to me and we'll discuss it.


No need to roll abilities, they all start off at certain levels depending on the book, but there is some room for play. At least three stats will be set at a certain point depending on the book, and then you'll discuss how you want to roll play to set the other three somewhere between 14&22.

God Levels

There are levels one through ten. I'm looking for a mix of levels 6 through eight, with one or two level nines. These will influence your stats and powers. But in a war, not everyone is evenly matched. Since I know everyone is going to probably want to play the higher characters, it will be on a first come first serve basis. But hey, even if you don't get to play as a higher level God, you're still playing in a war amongst Gods, as a God. That doesn't come along very often.


You're all going to have the same background- that you were raised as a God amongst massive wealth, everyone will roll a d20 though to decide how many worshipers they have in this world. All of you were raised in a world where throughout childhood you were taught many different things Gods need to know, like how to create humanoids, and how to create landscapes like mountains and seas.

What are you a God of?

That's up to you! Everything except for war is on the table. But, also, first come first serve.

The World

Welcome to Eria Asomia. It is the oldest planet in the Casideous Nebule. It is filled with every type of feature included in earth as well as most fantasy things. It's beautiful. The climate is based off of earths climate. I'm almost done with the map (my book is set on the planet a family of Gods-my character I'm playing- fled to to escape the war and its aftermath as my characters older brother started the war to overthrow his father as the extreme God, then everyone picked sides). This is a high technology world. Think like the ideas of technology in the Jetsons but with a modern polish on it. Great big gleaming metallic airships in every color. The whole entire world is a communist society enforced by the Gods. The people have never known different, so they are happy how it is. These people are like extremely, weirdly, happy. And the Gods are now letting them be slaughtered as battle springs up all around their homes. So the humanoids are at shock over everything going on. One or two might run into the battle field, what you do with that is up to you. There will be no judgement for any evil or good actions, this is war!


If you die, before the break at two hours, you can rebuild your character and during break I can populate it with the right stats and magic items and you can rejoin. If we end up going into a second session, and you died during the second half of the first session, you can make a new character and I can do the same thing. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this as I will, despite the fact that I will be taking detailed notes.

Blood & Gore

Topics that this game will include:
Topics this game will not include:

To Apply

Fill out this APPLICATION and message me on discord at KieraJacque#7621 with the completed application. Talk to you all soon!
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2023.06.01 14:29 planetex_io news

🏋️‍♂️ DOGE address activity soared by 8,220% in May

Network activity on Dogecoin broke all records over the weekend.

✅ According to IntoTheBlock, on Saturday, the average daily number of transactions on the blockchain skyrocketed by 8,220% from 25,000 to 2.08 million.

✅ This week, transactional activity began to weaken. BitinfoCharts data confirms that the activity of DOGE addresses reached record levels over the weekend.

✅ On May 31, the network processed 1.9 million transactions.

✅ Computing power is also growing. Dogecoin hashrate hit 740.79 terahash per second (Th/s) yesterday.
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2023.06.01 14:29 readerbynight 2meirl4meirl

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2023.06.01 14:29 HodgepodgeNothingPod Episode 35: Pirates win 9-4! A message to Ben Cherington & Derek Shelton.

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2023.06.01 14:29 Ok_Werewolf3208 Blood Pressure Worry?

Age 33
Sex M
Height 5-9
Weight 195
Race W
During my pre screen for my annual physical I received a BP reading of 146/82. The doctor said that was probably due to anxiety about the appointment, but everything online says that reading is extremely high. Should I be concerned ?
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2023.06.01 14:28 drutastic57 Lakers seem to be interested in Portis. I’d take a flyer on Mo Bamba

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2023.06.01 14:28 -Megaflare- Check out this asshole

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2023.06.01 14:28 D_C2cali Prop 22 payment still at 30 cents?

Prop 22 payment still at 30 cents?
I just got my prop 22 payment for last week and it says we have to get 34 cents/mile but I only got paid 30 cents/mile. Anybody else in this boat?
Basically short $9
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2023.06.01 14:27 One_Understanding_97 Advice for me?

Hi everyone,
Idk if anyone saw my last post on recommitting to this path. I was hoping to hear what others would do/recommend if you were in my situation.
I am a going into my fourth year at uOttawa in the human kinetics program (Ontario IP). Currently I have a 7.9 cgpa at uottawa, which I calculated to be a 3.46 on the OMSAS scale. By my calculations, if I get an A+ in every course (unlikely) this upcoming year, I will end up with a 3.6 cgpa. More likely I'll probably end with a low to mid 3.5. But my last two years would be 3.9+.
Obviously my cgpa is way too low to have a much of a chance anywhere, especially this year. But I was thinking of shooting my shot and applying to just McMaster and maybe Western (depending on how my MCAT goes).
My issue is that I know I won't have much time this summer to study for my MCAT. Bit a rough patch financially so I've had to work full time, I'm doing a research internship which will more than likely get me a conference abstract and a publication, and I'm on a varsity team so I have to train and play games as well. I do have a background in anatomy, physiology, bio etc. but not much in the organic chemistry, biochem, physics (I took the courses in first year, but don't remember much). Therefore, I was toying with the idea of focusing my studying on the CARS and applying to Mac. I haven't really touched the other sections yet (MCAT is scheduled for August 5th). I did try the AAMC free full length test (but only tried hard on the cars section), and got a 127 CARS on my first attempt. But I've heard these tests are kinda inflated so idk so how happy I should be about this.
If I get a super high cars and casper do you think I'd actually have a shot at Mac with my low gpa? Do you think two months is enough time to meet the western cut offs for the B/B and C/P sections, given my limited background and time this summer?
I would really really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you so much in advance everyone.
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(A speculative attempt to describe the near future of Europe, Britain and USA that is now fast emerging.)
And so it was that the more the Russian military succeeded in its campaign across Ukraine the greater was the pressure to extend the war mode that had informed both political and media elites to the general public of all nations within the collective West.
This process had already been well advanced during the years after 9/11 and came to the fore especially during the Trump years. These were the years of ‘cancel culture’ and of naming those who did not take the official western line on Russia as ‘Putin’s Puppets’. Fear was stoked from one end of the USA to the other claiming that a powerful but hidden Russian influence posed an enormous danger to the normal running of the USA, including that of its electoral systems.
While a new McCarthyism was awash across the USA something very similar was being attempted in the USA’s closest ally, Britain. It seemed that as in America with Trump’s face selling magazines and all the profits attendant on that phenomenon, so in the United Kingdom the face that sold magazines through their covers and newspapers through their headlines, was that of Vladimir Putin. Anyone who dared talk of these money-making and fear-spreading tactics in anything but glowing appreciation but instead cast doubts upon their propriety found themselves a social pariah.
In those families where such “black sheep” refused to remain silent but argued for a fairer hearing of the Russian case or who cast doubt on what became known as ‘Russiagate’ experienced a near permanent split in their relationships. Those who depended upon their positions at work quickly became aware of the need to remain silent on such topics. Self-censorship became the norm for most of the people who retained an open mind on these matters.
What had occurred was that the two principal and most powerful elites across the western world, the political and media elites had united in a joined-at-the-hip allegiance to one single and unchangeable narrative on both Putin and Russian influence. This was extended before too long to include China also but with Russia’s intervention regarding Ukraine on the 24th of February this year the preponderance of the West’s focus returned with a vengeance to Putin and Russia.
The phenomenon above has a name. It is called ‘War Mode’. Though a war has not been declared against Russia a war is indeed being waged against it. In a war, or within the confines of ‘War Mode’ nothing positive is allowed to be said about the enemy. Such behaviour is regarded as traitorous. In wartime it is subject to extreme penalties such as incarceration in specially created camps. The difference between a declared was and ‘war mode’ in this respect is perilously little and this is why, as Russia took ever more land from Ukraine the difference in mentality and action disappeared completely.
It was when the Russian military broke through the main defences of the Ukrainian military opposite Donetsk City and in both the Kherson region and that of Izyum that we saw the effect of the ‘war mode’ mentality deepen across the West. With the fall of Odessa only a week later in mid-September it appeared the final straw had been laid upon the veritable camel’s back. First the British government, led by Elizabeth Truss and then the Biden administration began to pass the draconian laws that they insisted were necessary.
The security of the nation was at stake was the common sentence heard on both sides of the Atlantic and therefore the measures being taken though much regretted had proven unavoidable in the circumstances. The European powers were reluctant to follow suit but after consultations behind closed doors they complied less than a week later with admonitions that these measures would be purely temporary.
Temporary however, they were not. And the effects were immediate.
Unknown to any but a few a comprehensive database had been created of all so-called “subversive voices spreading misinformation” Talk of misinformation, disinformation and fake news had been a common enough topic across the political and media elites for some time, but now the determination to close down all sources of unacceptable opinion became all-pervasive. One by one and sometimes in groups of up to a dozen at a time website began to disappear from the internet. ‘The Duran’ channel was one of the first, and though there was massive speculation and outrage at first regarding the unknown whereabouts of the primary figures associated with the site at first, as those who spoke out were also apprehended soon silence began to be all that prevailed.
The atmosphere of self-censorship that had been seen increasing from 2016 onward now took on similar characteristics as the ‘normalisation’ process which had post-dated the Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia. Those who chose to voice their protest at what was going on or who continued to spread “unorthodox views” criticising western state “truths” concerning the now mortal enemy, Russia were simply ‘disappeared’. The remaining population continued life much as before even expressing great approval that the ‘troublemakers’, ‘traitors’ and ‘Russian Agents’ had been suitably punished for their malignant delusions regarding the evils of the Russian monsters who had made such a heinous and unprovoked attack upon the innocent population of Ukraine.
Several hard-hitting publicity campaigns had reinforced this majority prejudice against the so-called ‘Russian Supporters’ to heights unseen since the second world war ended though only historians were able to comment on this, the populations of the West being in the majority too young to make sense of these remarks. Several historians too were subsequently no longer to be found, or at least to be heard from again in the public sphere.
A special police force was required, complete with an army of analysts in their back office. The database of ‘subversive personalities’ was being added to significantly on a daily basis as the ‘Russian Spy Hotline’ was deluged with calls by “friends”, parents and neighbours reporting on those they suspected of holding ‘order contravening’ or ‘security risk’ views. The original camps set up in remote locations were doubled in size, then tripled, quadrupled and so on. Entire cities of the non-conformists were constructed where ‘political reorientation’ and ‘in-depth deprogramming’ took place.
Various suggestions were made for a more secure environment going forward. One of the most popular was for microscopic chips to be implanted in the soft brain tissue of every fetus so that adequate monitoring and potential preemptive punishment for forbidden thoughts could be effected. This was considered far too extreme when it was first broached in the British parliament in late 2024… but by 2026 it had become a common, if hidden practice.
Much has become hidden now as I write this on 2030. We live in a time where great care must be taken in all things. Each adult that wishes to maintain a life without attracting trouble, one where an income can be earned and a family raised must exercise extreme control over things said, associations maintained and even places visited (certain locations have been named as ‘potential insurgent hotspots’). We watch each other like hawks, unable to know whether those around us are beneficiaries of the ‘State Medal for Heroism’, those who have named beyond 1,000 criminals and traitors who have wished the downfall of the state. You may think that is a high number to reach. Not at all. The current figure for the United Kingdom is currently 17,586 and rises by up to a dozen each day.
No one talks freely about the disappeared anymore. Whispered rumours in safe places among friends do take place. We wonder constantly where John Pilger, George Galloway, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Maté, Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris and many others may be, and even if they are still alive. But even this is becoming more and more dangerous as by satellite and roving surveillance units held by the ‘SMh’ (State Medal for Heroism) holders are becoming ever more sensitive as devices to hear even the most whispered speech.
Those of us who have survived the database searches live in fear. We exist in a darkness surrounded by the blithely ignorant who continue to indulge themselves with mindless passion in the new, state-sponsored ‘bread and circuses’ entertainments. We are naturally sick at heart and can barely endure the permanent falseness that pervades everything now with not a trace of any of the relief we felt hearing some of the down-to-earth reality as transmitted daily by The Duran and others. We now live within a vacuum chamber of darkness, one from which there appears no possible escape… save one.
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2023.06.01 14:27 iNeon1 ELT not working

Hello, I am new to the game and I am trying to download some mods. I tried downloading the Extra Landscaping Tools but it does not appear in my toolbar. Am I doing something wrong ? Also any suggestion for opening more then 9 tiles ? Thank you.
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2023.06.01 14:27 feistychick Pumpkins blooming in zone 6a!

Pumpkins blooming in zone 6a!
I’m so excited because I expanded my garden by a lot these year (and moved into the front yard where I get full sun). I raised all my plants by seed this year so this whole season is an experiment! The garden is also 100% heirloom (minus last year’s mint).
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2023.06.01 14:27 Acidcatfish99 So, I wan't to hear you out. Civilly

So, I wan't to hear you out. Civilly
I (pretty much) binged RWBY about a year ago, so I didn't experience this community's discussions and critiques as the show was coming out, until volume 9. This show has a lot of divisive and polarising topics, often stemming from less than superb writing. Personally I enjoy the show casually but I recognise its short comings and am interested in other people's perspectives.
TL:DR I like the show, it's not perfect and I want to hear opinions
Let me cook. Now, don't put me on the pyre, but why do people get so...invested...in the disapproval of shipping. I'm not naive. I've had my fair share of ideal character relations. But why is any one ship in this show "the worst" when its likely a product of the writing that would remain similar if any two other characters were chosen.
If you have particular reasons why two characters shouldn't be paired, irrespective of the quality of writing, i want to hear 'em (in the comments please). Because so far it seems that most of these arguments are spat without reason. People may be justified in their belief, but many also fail to discuss why, rather stating that it's 'the worst'.
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2023.06.01 14:27 _777cherries Beach chair/seating suggestions?

Im a FTM currently 23w due 9/26 and it's basically summer so I plan to be at the beach fairly often. Before I was fine with a blanket on the ground but that was pre-pregnancy. Any beach tips especially beach chaiseating suggestions so I can be comfy. I already have my large insulated water bottle and a battery powered fan/mister. But I cant decide on seating and I need a brand/model a pregnant person can vouch for lol.
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2023.06.01 14:26 Lordunknown12 Stuck on e

Stuck on e
The answer is 1000 but idk how
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2023.06.01 14:26 Akuliszi Okay! One day early!

Okay! One day early!
I'm so excited about all of this. I never seen so smal Vinyl. I guess time to chech if the old machine still reads it.
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2023.06.01 14:26 PSBattlesBegins ✨ Moderator Updates: Pride Month🏳️‍🌈

✨ Moderator Updates: Pride Month🏳️‍🌈
A pleasant day to everyone! Siesta here, back with another batch of updates and announcements for the subreddit!
Lets begin!

Milestone: sixfacedworld Reaches 9,880 members!

- An inch close to 10,000 members! I cant believe we've gone this far, and I am so happy that this community has been growing fast! Thank you for all the support, apprentices, and see you next season!

🌈Pride 2023: New Background

- Heres the new background for the subreddit in the month of June!

🌈Pride 2023: New Post Layout

- This will be the temporary post layout for this month!

📢Other Announcements

sixfacedword is in Reddit's Top 5% Subreddits! (by Size)- This is a huge achievement! Thank you so much for joining this subreddit, we've come so far.
Annoucing Predictions and Quizzes in 10k Members- Coming soon, work in progress 👀

Useful Websites and Other Recommended Communities:

MT Wiki/Fandom: > Link <
MT Community Discord Server: > Link <

Thats all for this month, see you all on July!

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