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Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

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2023.06.01 13:18 Bikerfry Lightly Used Luxury Sport ~$30k??

Hi Guys,
Time to replace my 2013/215k Pilot. Wife has a family car so I'm getting something enjoyable for commuting and playing dad-taxi.
I'll keep it for 10 years/200k so reliability and gas mileage are important. I do all my own maintenance and minor repairs so small stuff isn't a big deal, so I'm looking for lowest risk of major issues. The Honda has me spoiled - it's only had a few small issues. It's never been in a shop aside from a timing belt change.
Top of the list
Tempting, but probably not
Of the list I've had a Q50 and a 330i for rentals. I loved the 330. The Q50 was fast AF compared to what I'm used to, but felt like any old Japanese car inside. I haven't driven the others.
Any first hand experience with these? Any cars I'm overlooking? Maybe an Acura TLX? An Accord or turbo Legacy would probably be great, but just seem so vanilla...
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2023.06.01 13:17 MrsL0v3 Rope plant tips

Rope plant tips
Hi Friends! My husband bought this little baby for me recently (he said the large ones were very expensive at the little shop he saw). It’s been on my plant wish list and I want to keep her healthy. I live in Lake County Florida and I have her in my sun room near a Southern facing window. Any tips?
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2023.06.01 13:17 strangegoo I'm gay and weak. I couldn't resist it.

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2023.06.01 13:17 Legal-Science-3169 I think my IBS-D gave me IBS-C

Let me explain…I used to have IBS-D so so so bad. Everything was a trigger and I spent a lot of time on the toilet, always needed to be near a washroom, took wipes with me everywhere. It caused me much anxiety especially because I was in my late teen/early adulthood going out all the time and drinking. Alcohol is IBS-D’s arch nemesis. I was also gassy which caused me much anxiety too. I got good at holding it til I could find a bathroom but then I would also hold gas because I couldn’t always tell the difference between what was gas and what was a bowel movement. When I was super anxious that I’d have to go immediately like during social events then I got really good at holding it. Eventually though instead of getting anxious shits I would lose the need to go entirely until it started to back me up. I don’t even get the urge to go anymore. Now I just try to go as often as I can to see if I can and when I can go (seldomly) it’s typically soft stool. Now I think I am unintentionally holding it in 😭
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2023.06.01 13:17 LBK0909 Nintendo online purchases for foreigners in Korea.

So previously I had my Korean credit card linked to my account. However for language reasons I had my account region as Australia. Everything has been fine for years.
Now it's time to renew, it tells me I must use a CC from the same region as my account. >> So I change my region, English is now no longer supported in the Nintendo eShop, Credit card payment is no longer accepted and it only seems to accept Kakaopay. >> however as a foreigner (F6) I can't setup Kakaopay. No now I have no way to renew and no way to purchase games online.
How do you guys purchase Content on the Nintendo store? Is there another way I'm missing here?
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2023.06.01 13:16 patient_tortoise Travelling to offbeat places around Delhi

Posted this in delhi, thought will be relevant here too. ----------------------------------------------------- Hello Delhites,
The best part of moving to Delhi was its proximity to countless tourist locations (hill stations, national park, historical places).
But honestly most of these places (like Shimla, Mussorie, Rishikesh) are over-commercialised.
I am a type of guy who travels to have some peace. I travel to explore the local culture and stories.
Last time I visted Nagthat, a small hill village in Uttarakhand. I stayed at a homestay that had hill views from window. The locals there took me to a waterfall that is still remains unexplored by tourists. Had lunch with locals, visited the local diety temple and saw the sunset from terrace farms. Countless memories and infinite peace.
I am planning to visit another village in Uttarakhand (Kaladhungi near Jim-Corbett National park) in last weekend of June.
If someone has similar vibes of mine and are open to explore the rural and offbeat locations, DM me. I have prepared the itinerary. I have contacts with the homestay there. So accomodations,food and guide is also sorted.
We will be having a small trek to waterfall and take a jeep safari to National park apart from enjoying some local cultural activities this time.
DM me if you are interested. Even if you can’t make it this time but belong to this club, let’s stay in touch.
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2023.06.01 13:15 NCForDayz Where is the best espresso coffee shop?

I'm trying to learn how to make espresso at home and struggling with getting the balance between acidic and bitter. Mainly because I struggle to know what a balanced shot taste like to compare.
I've resolved to go to some popular coffee shops that and try out their espresso to see how the professional's taste like so I have an idea.
However, it seems all the popular shops I go to that are brand name (think Monogram, Analog, P&S, DeVille) espresso all taste like garbage. Either super sour or super burnt/bitter. At first I was quite happy thinking maybe my pulled shots aren't too far off the mark.
But I don't think it's right and would like to find a shop that can give me a taste of what balanced tastes like. Any recommendations?
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2023.06.01 13:15 AutoModerator June Hardware Thread.

Here is a monthly thread about hardware.

You came here or were sent here because you're wondering/intending to buy some new hardware.
If you're comfortable picking motherboards and power supplies? You want buildapcvideoediting
A sub $1k or $600 laptop? We probably can't help. Prices change frequently. Looking to get it under $1k? Used from 1 or 2 years ago is a better idea.

General hardware recommendations

Desktops over laptops.
  1. i7 chip is where our suggestions start.. Know the generation of the chip. 12xxx is this year's chipset - and a good place to start. More or less, each lower first number means older chips. How to decode chip info.
  2. A video card with 2+GB of VRam. 4 is even better.
  3. An SSD is suggested - and will likely be needed for caching.
  4. Stay away from ultralights/tablets.
No, we're not debating intel vs. AMD, etc. This thread is for helping people - not the debate about this month's hot CPU. The top-of-the-line AMDs are better than Intel, certainly for the $$$. Midline AMD processors struggle with h264.
A "great laptop" for "basic only" use doesn't really exist; you'll need to transcode the footage (making a much larger copy) if you want to work on oldeunderpowered hardware.
We think the nVidia Studio System chooser is a quick way to get into the ballpark.

If you're here because your system isn't responding well/stuttering?

Action cam, Mobile phone, and screen recordings can be difficult to edit, due to h264/5 material (especially 1080p60 or 4k) and Variable Frame rate. Footage types like 1080p60, 4k (any frame rate) are going to stress your system. When your system struggles, the way that the professional industry has handled this for decades is to use Proxies. Wiki on Why h264/5 is hard to edit.
How to make your older hardware work? Use proxies Proxies are a copy of your media in a lower resolution and possibly a "friendlier" codec. It is important to know if your software has this capability. A proxy workflow more than any other feature, is what makes editing high frame rate, 4k oand h264/5 footage possible. Wiki on Proxy editing.
If your source was a screen recording or mobile phone, it's likely that it has a variable frame rate. In other words, it changes the amount of frames per second, frequently, which editorial system don't like. Wiki on Variable Frame Rate

Is this particular laptop/hardware for me?

If you ask about specific hardware, don't just link to it.
Tell us the following key pieces:

Some key elements

  1. GPUS generally don't help codec decode/encode.
  2. Variable frame rate material (screen recordings/mobile phone video) will usually need to be conformed (recompressed) to a constant frame rate. Variable Frame Rate.
  3. 1080p60 or 4k h264/HEVC? Proxy workflows are likely your savior. Why h264/5 is hard to play.
  4. Look at how old your CPU is. This is critical. Intel Quicksync is how you'll play h264/5.
See our wiki with other common answers.

Are you ready to buy? Here are the key specs to know:

Codec/compressoin of your footage? Don't know? Media info is the way to go, but if you don't know the codec, it's likely H264 or HEVC (h265).
Know the Software you're going to use
Compare your hardware to the system specs below. CPU, GPU, RAM.
Again, if you're coming into this thread exists to help people get working systems, not champion intel, AMD or other brands.

Apple Specific

If you're thinking Apple -

This the key article you want
The TL;DR? Here's the key info for people who are thinking of themselves as media professionals:
Pick Mobile or Desktop. Then it's about what meets your budget. Prices are indicated based on Apple's site in the US as of Feb 6, 2023. The details (such as cores or RAM) is so you can match the pricing.


What's most important is % of sRGB (rec 709) coverage. LED < IPS < OLEDs. Sync means less than size/resolution. Generally 32" @ UHD is about arm's length away.
And the color coverage has more to do with Can I see all the colors, not Is it color accurate. Accurate requires a probe (for video) alongside a way to load that into the monitor (not the OS.)

If you've read all of that, start your post/reply: "I read the above and have a more nuanced question:

And copy (fill out) the following information as needed:
My system
My media
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2023.06.01 13:14 simplymatt1995 Potential for a Boyd spinoff in the near future?

Since Raylan is getting another show to himself here with City Primeval is anyone else hoping we get a Boyd spinoff to either air alongside it (if it becomes a multi season show like Justified) or come after it? Boyd’s story ad the deuteragonist, for me personally, was the most consistently engaging aspect of Justified. Raylan was great, as was Timothy Olymphant’s performance, don’t get me wrong, but he wasn’t anywhere near as genuinely compelling to follow along with as Boyd who was so indescribably multilayered, wildcard-ish and just all around fun. Walton Goggins as an actor on that same end brought so much charisma to the role and always felt to me like he was having by far the most fun out of all the Justified cast. I’ll definitely be feeling a void with no Boyd in this show even though obviously I’m excited for it as it’s own new independent thing.
It feels like they’re trying to replicate Boyd here in certain ways with Clement Mansel from the CP novel but realistically I don’t think he’ll be anywhere near as successful and iconic
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2023.06.01 13:14 _Monsieur-Croissant_ Need support for succeeding school

Hello Everybody, first I wan't to say that my main language isn't english so please don't hate and school is different in my country so it isn't like highschool, it's like college in america.
I have lots of battles with myself everyday, I'm struggling to stay focused and disciplined.. totally got no control over my thoughts. I got SO MUCH FEAR right now I'm a little bit sweating because my grades are horrible and rn I'm learning super hard just 2 days before the last exams of the first semester and if I don't get like a B in every exam, I'm gonna drop out. I have found a girl that is so sweet looking and intelligent and kind and.. yeah just makes my thoughts racing when she's near me. Then my best friend is also there, who just got my best friend like 3 months ago.. before I had nobody.. I wanna study computer science and without succeeding in that school I won't be able to. And I am so scared of everything rn, even from god and jesus because I have sinned so much you won't believe me it's horrible I have terrible thoughts sometimes. And many times I have asked for help and forgiveness but afterwards I just went straight into sinning again without thought. I'm really thinking that Jesus feels really betrayed and angry because I have kinda exploited him.. and now I think I'm totally lonely and on myself and all I want is that maybe some of you can pray for me, maybe he will listen to your prayers for me because I have destroyed my relationship to god. Please pray for me so I will gain strength to control myself and successfully pass the first semester. I'm doing all I can I swear..
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2023.06.01 13:14 patient_tortoise Travelling to offbeat places around Delhi

Posted this in delhi, thought will be relevant here too. ----------------------------------------------------- Hello Delhites,
The best part of moving to Delhi was its proximity to countless tourist locations (hill stations, national park, historical places).
But honestly most of these places (like Shimla, Mussorie, Rishikesh) are over-commercialised.
I am a type of guy who travels to have some peace. I travel to explore the local culture and stories.
Last time I visted Nagthat, a small hill village in Uttarakhand. I stayed at a homestay that had hill views from window. The locals there took me to a waterfall that is still remains unexplored by tourists. Had lunch with locals, visited the local diety temple and saw the sunset from terrace farms. Countless memories and infinite peace.
I am planning to visit another village in Uttarakhand (Kaladhungi near Jim-Corbett National park) in last weekend of June.
If someone has similar vibes of mine and are open to explore the rural and offbeat locations, DM me. I have prepared the itinerary. I have contacts with the homestay there. So accomodations,food and guide is also sorted.
We will be having a small trek to waterfall and take a jeep safari to National park apart from enjoying some local cultural activities this time.
DM me if you are interested. Even if you can’t make it this time but belong to this club, let’s stay in touch.
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2023.06.01 13:13 ILoveRemote AITA for buying my wife a gift she didn't ask for

My girlfriend has an issue with her weight. Her job is stressful and has been stressful since she started. Unfortunately, she turned to comfort eating & binging to deal with it, leading her to obesity. We live together and at this point, we eat separate dinners. For example I'll have fish or chicken & rice, and she'll order tacos from door dash or pizza.
Lately, her obstacle is her clothes have been getting tight and her wardrobe choices are dwindling. On Tuesday morning, I saw her putting on jeans( her office's dress code is super chill) and she was really struggling to get them on and buttoned. She muttered, " Am I too big for these now too? Fuck". It was painful to witness. And, she's made comments like this in a past, about a month or so ago, I was in a similar situation and she was in the mirror saying, " My butt is fucking huge"
I went into my office that day, she went to work. I decided on my way home, I would buy her some new clothes, thought it'd cheer her up.I went into the department store where they sold the jeans, bought them a size bigger than what she has, did the same with her shirts, and went home, put the clothes on our bed.
She comes home, sees the clothes, and immediately gets mad at me. Her fear was that I told people who worked there that I was shopping for my girlfriend who has eaten her way to the next size up. Basically, she thought of it as me thinking she's fat and deciding to do something.
I said I was just trying to be nice and there was no, " God, she's so fat, better go buy her bigger clothes", I just wanted her to be comfortable in what she wore.
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2023.06.01 13:11 poply Overreacting to anti-lgbt, insensitive, and unhelpful MIL with newborn?

So after 4 stressful weeks in the NICU, we bring our baby boy home. My MIL wants to come visit, and we have a room available so we oblige since we could use the help.
Since she has been here she has made several questionable comments that have stirred something up within me.
Any non-Christian, non-conservative media is offensive to her, which limits my choices. Despite her judgmental remarks, I remain polite and tolerant. She spends her time on her phone, occasionally making snide comments, while we take care of our son.
I feel trapped in my own house. Today, I planned a brief trip to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner. I hoped for a peaceful 30-minute trip with my wife without the judgmental atmosphere. I thought she might volunteer to babysit, but instead, she remained glued to her phone, leaving us to sort out the logistics ourselves of whether one of us should stay home, or if we should bring him to the store. This dampened my mood and my wife suggested that I adjust my general demeanor around MIL for the sake of harmony. Despite her behavior, I haven't uttered a single harsh word to her. We've always gotten along fine, though our interactions have been limited to a few hours. This woman has begun to feel like a burden in my home.
Being a private person, I value my personal space. Therefore, I wonder if this is simply a reaction to my nature. However, if my wife won't address her mother's impolite comments and unhelpful behavior, I believe I should feel justified in doing so. My wife has told me she doesn't feel comfortable confronting or being straightforward with her mom in any way, and I've communicated that if she doesn't, I will eventually have to do so.
Am I wrong to feel stressed, annoyed, or offended? Most of this behavior feels particularly egregious since it is occurring within our home. I don't even know why this woman is in my house if she's just going to sit around, make a mess, be rude, and do nothing all day.
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2023.06.01 13:10 jfihjiilq Buy farmapram Lyrica online.Buy zopiclone online.Buy ephedrine Cocaine Oxycodone Adderall Xanax hydrocodone oxycontin online,Buy Meth online,Buy Lortab online,Buy dmt online near me:Email:[email protected],Txt:+13234860278‬

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2023.06.01 13:08 Particular_Regret820 Paranoia or a real cause for concern?

Hello, Reddit community! I'm reaching out to you today because I've been going through some unsettling experiences lately, and I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid or if there's a genuine reason for concern. I would appreciate your insights and advice.
It all started during the lockdown period when I was feeling lonely and ended up making friends with people involved in criminal activities. However, once I started working, I made the decision to distance myself from those negative influences. That's when things began to take a strange turn.
A few months after cutting ties with these individuals, I started receiving anonymous phone calls on a monthly basis. Curiosity got the better of me one time, and I picked up the phone, only to hear an unfamiliar voice disclosing personal details about my workplace and my behavior. Naturally, this left me quite unsettled. I took the necessary precautions by changing my phone number, hoping to put an end to these strange occurrences.
Months later, however, while I was out shopping, someone approached me and asked if a certain old friend of mine was part of my family. I was taken aback and questioned why they thought that. The person claimed that they had seen me together with this old friend, but that simply wasn't true. This incident further fueled my growing paranoia.
Just two weeks after that incident, I observed some suspicious-looking individuals lurking near my workplace while I was taking a nap. I thought I overheard them discussing plans to harm someone. Needless to say, this intensified my already heightened state of paranoia. Yet, as the months passed, nothing actually happened, and I tried to move forward with my life.
However, the situation took another disturbing turn when I visited a prostitute the following year. Once again, I received an anonymous call, this time in Turkish, my native language, even though I'm currently residing in another country. The caller accused me of repeatedly contacting their number and threatened to ruin my life. This encounter deeply unsettled me, reinforcing the feeling that someone has been searching for me for years.
Adding to my growing concerns, just yesterday, I noticed a suspicious-looking individual in a car staring at me intently for a solid five minutes without averting his gaze. This incident left me feeling extremely unsettled and concerned for my safety.
Now, Reddit, I turn to you for advice and perspective. Am I simply being paranoid, or do these experiences warrant genuine concern? Should I consider leaving the country to ensure my safety? Your insights and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read and respond.
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2023.06.01 13:08 Keanu_Jeeves_ Rage Post: The App SUCKS at Downloading Videos

I’m so FREAKING tired of having to pause and resume downloads to get it to download, or when that doesn’t work having to fully delete all my downloading videos and then go find them all again to restart downloading, or when even that doesn’t work just having to wait a few hours and try again to get it to work. I regularly have to go into zero signal areas so I like to keep content downloaded and it is so unbelievably frustrating that downloading videos only works right the first time about 50% of the time. It’s been like this for years and I’ve had a few different phones and make sure all updates are installed. How are they such a big platform (one of the biggest if not the biggest) and still have not figured this out? It’s legit pathetic, and I probably find it even more frustrating since I pay like 40/mo for a premium family plan so to me it’s like a service I pay for. FIGURE IT OUT YOUTUBE, ITS BEEN NEARLY 20 YEARS
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2023.06.01 13:07 rusticgorilla Florida jail officials refuse heart transplant recipient his medication, causing his death; DOJ says Louisiana officers violated law in death of autistic teen



A 54-year-old Black man died after Florida jail officials refused to give him medication that kept his body from rejecting his heart transplant.
Dexter Barry was arrested for misdemeanor assault in November 2022 after allegedly threatening to beat up a neighbor during an argument over wifi access. No actual physical fight occurred. According to body camera footage reviewed by The Tributary, Barry advised an officer at least seven times that he needed his medication to survive. He was booked into Duval County jail, run by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office.
The next day, Barry reiterated to a judge that he desperately needed his medication:
“I am on medication,” Barry told the judge. “I just had a heart transplant, and I haven’t taken my medicine all day since I have been locked up, and I take rejection medicines for my heart so my heart won’t reject it, and I’m almost two years out.”
Barry also told jail officials while in police custody; they made note of it, but never gave him the drugs.
The medical records, initially obtained by Jacksonville civil rights attorney Andrew Bonderud, show that Barry also told the jail’s healthcare providers about his medications. Barry only received his blood pressure medicine and a drug for cholesterol and his prostate, according to the medicine log.
Bonderud said he believes the jail not giving Barry his anti-rejection medicine “was entirely driven by profit and a profit motive.” Bonderud, who is representing Barry’s family, explained, “Generic cholesterol medication probably isn’t that expensive. But the heart transplant medicine is very expensive.”
Barry died at home three days after being released, having missed at least five doses of the anti-rejection medication.
Dr. Maya Guglin, an Indiana cardiologist on the board at the American College of Cardiology, said organ transplant recipients have to take anti-rejection medications because their bodies view the new organ as an invasion that must be fought off.
“If you just drop those medications, everyone is eventually going to reject that organ,” she said.
Even if medication is restarted, it will be too late, Guglin said.

South Carolina

A South Carolina man is suing the York County Sheriff’s Office after four deputies shot him nine times during a mental health emergency.
Trevor Mullinax was in his pickup truck on May 7, 2021, with a shotgun. His mother, Tammy Beason, was beside the truck talking to him. A family member called 911 to request a wellness check, reporting that Mullinax was suicidal.
Body camera footage shows the moment that deputies arrived on the scene, opening fire within seconds of leaving their vehicles.
“Prior to arriving at the Plaintiffs’ location, Sheriff’s deputies failed to plan, choosing instead to ride in like cowboys from a John Wayne movie, defaulting to using deadly force, immediately, without attempting to deescalate the situation, in complete disregard for State law/regulation, Sheriff’s policies, and/or County ordinances,” the lawsuit states.
According to court documents, the deputies fired almost 50 rounds at Mullinax, striking him approximately nine times, including in the head. The plaintiffs’ attorneys allege this happened despite Beason being in the line of fire and Mullinax having both his arms raised.
York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson has defended the deputies’ actions, claiming that Mullinax picked up the shotgun in his truck and the officers feared for their lives. Three of the deputies who shot Mullinax are still on duty.
“I tell all of my deputies that their goal is to serve the citizens of York County and then to go home safely to their families. Mr. Mullinax chose to put these men in danger by pulling a shotgun. These deputies responded appropriately to the threat as they were trained to do. Had Mr. Mullinax made different choices that day, deputies would not have been required to use force,” said Sheriff Kevin Tolson. “Our ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of the public and our deputies. Regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit, we want to reassure our residents that we will continue to provide high quality and professional law enforcement service.”
Mullinax survived numerous gunshot wounds, including three to his head. After shooting him, the department charged Mullinax with allegedly pointing a gun at them.
Plaintiff Mullinax, who somehow miraculously survived the horrific shooting, has maintained his innocence of the criminal charges brought by Sheriff’s deputies. Plaintiff Mullinax denies pointing, brandishing, or presenting a firearm in any threating manner at Sheriff’s deputies, and Plaintiff Beason, who was present and standing directly beside the vehicle in plain view of Plaintiff Mullinax, maintains Plaintiff Mullinax did not point, brandish, or present a firearm in any threating manner at Sheriff’s deputies.


The U.S. Justice Department filed a court statement accusing Louisiana officers of violating the civil rights of an autistic boy when deputies pinned him to the ground until he died.
Eric Parsa (referred to as E.P. in court documents), a “severely autistic” 16-year-old, was at a Louisiana laser tag event with his parents on January 19, 2020. As the family was leaving the venue, Parsa “began to experience a sudden sensory outburst” in the parking lot.
E.P. began to slap himself in the head, a behavior which is a common physical trait for many persons on the Severe Autistic Spectrum Disorder and is a readily observable manifestation of the person’s disability and anxiety.
Along with other repetitive motions, this repetitive head slapping is sometimes referred to as type of “stimming” and can be an attempt by the person with autism to calm themselves when confronted with frustration, anxiety and/or inability to communicate. It can also be used by the individual as a self-calming or self-soothing technique to try to avert or mitigate the severity of an outburst or as self-injurious behavior. It is a visible sign that the person may be experiencing or is about to experience an outburst.
During this outburst, Parsa began physically struggling with his dad. The manager of the laser tag venue called the police to report there was “a man with his autistic child…in a confrontation” in the parking lot.
Parsa then slapped the first officer to arrive on scene; he was taken to the ground and handcuffed. Deputies kept Parsa in a prone position on the ground, shackled, using their own body weight as a restraint.
The physical restraint of E.P. in JPSO custody began with a 6’3”, very large, over 300-pound deputy taking E.P. to the ground, striking him and then sitting on E.P.’s back, holding him face down, for approximately seven minutes. Eventually there were a total of seven JPSO deputies involved, sitting on, handcuffing, shackling, holding down, or standing by E.P. as he was restrained and held face down on his stomach against the hard surface of the parking lot. The final application of excessive force against E.P. involved a deputy using his forearm to place a choke/neck hold around E.P.’s head, shoulder and neck, as he lay in a prone position, with a deputy on his back, and other deputies holding down his arms and legs, while he was handcuffed and in leg shackles.
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputies sat on Parsa for more than nine minutes, only releasing him after “his body had gone limp and he had urinated on himself.”
9 minutes and 6 seconds. This is how long this extremely dangerous, lifethreatening and forceful prone restraint, involving the use of the deputies’ body weight and holds, mechanical restraints, choke/neck hold, following a period of physical exertion, was applied to an unarmed, obese 16-year-old severely autistic child in the midst of a sensory outburst or meltdown.
During that 9 minutes and 6 seconds, there were several clear and distinct opportunities, when E.P. was secured, was calm, was not actively resisting, when the JPSO deputies failed to de-escalate, failed to appropriately reduce the use of force against E.P., and failed to intervene to prevent the use of excessive force by other deputies.
Once E.P. was handcuffed, they did not roll him onto his side. They did not sit him up or stand him up. They did not secure him in a vehicle. They did not continuously monitor him. Instead, they continued to hold him face down, on his belly, while applying unreasonable and excessive force, resulting in his death. It wasn’t until his body had gone limp and he had urinated on himself that the deputies rolled him into “recovery position.” By then it was too late
Parsa was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. His parents filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s office, arguing that the deputies violated Parsa’s First, Fourth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Last week, the DOJ filed a statement of interest agreeing with Parsa’s parents:
Here, the record is replete with facts showing that several Defendants knew about E.P.'s disability before or on arrival to the scene and that others learned of his disability during the encounter…Plaintiffs have also put forth evidence that the deputies, who knew they were responding to a call for assistance with a child experiencing a behavioral health crisis, used force inappropriately to respond to a child’s known disability-related behavior…
Critically, nothing in the briefing suggests that E.P. had a weapon, that officers ever reasonably suspected he had a weapon, or that there was a threat to human life… because abundant facts show that Defendants were on notice of E.P.’s disability, a reasonable jury could conclude that Defendants should have reasonably modified their procedures in restraining E.P.


An 11-year-old Mississippi boy was shot in the chest by a police officer after he called 911 for help for a domestic disturbance.
The family of a Georgia woman who died after she fell out of a moving police car is suing the department.
Three former Mississippi police officers were indicted last week for repeatedly using stun guns on a 41-year-old man, causing his death.
An independent autopsy released by family last week ruled that a schizophrenic man “eaten alive” by bed bugs in an Atlanta jail cell was homicide by neglect.
The FBI is investigating the fatal shooting of a tribal member in Arizona by U.S. Border Patrol after the man called agents for assistance.
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2023.06.01 13:06 nathanasauruss Periods still terrible after surgery

Hi! I am 18F and I had my lap surgery with an endo specialist around the end of September of 2023. Obviously, my first period after surgery was horrendous as expected. My OBGYN put me on the Nexplanon implant to hopefully help my periods for the time being and keep the endo from coming back faster (Don’t remember when I got it inserted, but longer than a month after surgery). My periods were ok for a while, lighter than I have ever had before and not nearly as much pain, but still very nauseous. Now recently my past few periods, at least for a couple months now, have been terrible, especially the one I am currently going through. Excruciating pain, very heavy bleeding (I have bled through the nightly big pads a couple of times), and serious nausea, terrible bloating, hot flashes, light headed. I have contacted OBGYN and they have told me this was normal and that I will have to wait a couple of months for my body to settle. Is this true? Has anyone had the same experience? I am very tired of having to go through this absolute hell, especially the period I am going through as we speak feels as though I am recovering from lap all over again. I have an appointment coming up finally and I am praying something can be done to help me. Would love to hear other people’s experiences after lap and their periods after lap to see if this is abnormal or not. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 13:05 H1n14life The war between the Valtari Empire and Humanity part 2

Speaker: "welcome back everyone glad to see you have returned today and glad to see new faces." "Now for those who are new here you will be able to download part 1 of the war between the Valtari and Humanity once we are done here." "Let us continue from where we left off."
As stated before first contact between the GU, The Valtari and The Human Republic happened on human territory. With the outcome of the Valtari engaging and destroying the human ship. Fortunately the vessel was able to alert the local forces in the Helios Nebula system. The GU with heavy casualty were forced to withdraw from the system while leaving The Republic on its own. The Nebula was home to a civilian world called Aldnoah with less than 10,000 ship at its disposal.
However, they did have the newest ships, space stations, orbital defense platforms and surface to space cannons.
Even out numbered 100 to 1 the Helios fleet wasn't going to go quietly into the dark. The plan? simple evacuate as many civilians as they can while they prepared for the Valtari assault. Helios command had received an incoming transmission from Republic command.
(Begin of transmission) "Helios command this is Republic headquarters we have received your distress signal and have dispatched the closest fleets to your location." "Estimated arrival of friendly forces in 3 days you must hold out for 3 days." (End of transmission)
Now to be told to hold out for 3 days would be insane even for our standards. And to be fair it wasn't that they weren't prepared for such a fight but they had a reason for such a request. This was their furthest colony they had and it was a very ambitious one at that. They weren't lacking in resources or space for expansion. The reason they made a colony so far out was simple to make first contact.
The humans even with their advancements they were still like children wanting to explore. They wanted to see what was out there and knowing that life existed out there they couldn't stop themselves. They made plans soon after and once it was settled a system was chosen. The system was chosen to be a civilian world as to show that they weren't a threat. Yet, that would backfire on that fateful day. With the civilians from Aldnoah rushing to evacuation centers and the fleet mobilizing to a defensive position the stage was set for a fight. And a fight they would have as no longer than 7 human hours after the transmission from command the Valtari had sent 20,000 ships.
For the past 25 years the Valtari had memorized the entirety of the GUs movement, deployments, tactics and their logistics so fighting them was not a worry. However, the humans not only being new to them but having strange designs for their ships had given pause to their advances. They didn't get to be in their position by being reckless and hot headed they needed information on this new enemy. That's why they delayed for 7 hours before sending in those 20,000 ships to Aldnoah.
Remember the Adjincord reported hundreds of thousands before being destroyed. Seeing only 20,000 warships the humans knew the enemy were probing for any weaknesses in their defenses. Unlike the GU who tried diplomacy in order to solve the problem humanity knew better. As soon as the Empires forces were in range of the defense grid they opened fire and as such they responded as well.
The 20,000 Valtari ships were mowed down like they were nothing. Now you are asking or thinking how if the entire GU arsenal could barely hold off the Valtari and this new species just wiped out 20,000 like nothing? Impossible right? Well you all would be mistaken and I don't fault you for it. Humanity their history revolves around them waging war near constant with one another and even in "peace" they still had conflicts. Those years before the Civil War The Republic had been developing many secret weapons to be used in such occasion and one was used that day. Warp cannons yes a stupid name but they had developed a weapon that after being fired the tungsten rounds would be warped from where they are to their destination.
However, from what little information the Republic had given us we can speculate that the rounds themselves don't warp. In fact we believe they wait a few moments after firing that they activate a warp drive either on their ships or stations. That didn't mean that the humans came out without a scratch. The remaining Valtari ships returned fire and as such before being destroyed had sent half the defense grid to their Graves.
They used this information to plan their next moves seeing as this new enemy is to be tested. Each Human grid comprised of 1,000 ships, several hundred defense platforms, and repair stations.
Aldnoah had a population of 50 billion lives and evacuating all of them would have been impossible with the available ships. By the end of the first day three defense grids were wiped out and only 60,000 Valtari forces destroyed. To the humans those numbers would have made a difference if it wasn't for the Valtari reinforcements. 250,000 Valtari ships arrived and began to encircle their enemies. They didn't want the Humans to make any escape attempts so they made sure to cut off all routes out of there.
Oddly one would wonder where were the GU while these events were unfolding. As stated earlier they retreated with heavy casualties and had jumped several systems to friendly space. That didn't mean they didn't know what was going on but on the contrary drones had been deployed to observe. What they observed was astounding they had just witnessed a force of 1,000 ships and several hundred defenses fought and destroyed a force 20x their size. Even if those defenses were wiped out in the end just doing that was unheard of up until that point in time.
The GU had began to amass its forces to conduct a surprise attack on the distracted Valtari forces. The GU believed that 100,000 ships would be sufficient in supporting this new species in defending its territory. However, as they received more information from the drone they realized they wouldn't be able to help in time.
The GU commander leading the task force witnessed 250,000 Valtari ships jump into the unknown system and began their blockade of it. With events going from bad to worse the commander requested an audience with GU high command for further instruction.
(Beginning of transmission from commander Zorvax to GU high command)
Zorvax: "GU Command this is commander Zorvax from task force spearhead we have disengaged with enemy forces and are awaiting reinforcements" "This is GU command I'm redirecting your incoming call to the counsel chamber they wish to speak to you."
(Momentary pause)
"Commander Zorvax this is counselor Jirax I'm reading your reports here and I'm having a hard time believing it mind explaining?"
Zorvax: "Sir the reports are correct we have engaged the enemy and have made first contact as well." "Sadly we detected the new ship destroyed and from what we're seeing their world here is being encircled as we speak." "Not only that counselor we have detected 250,000 more Valtari ships jumping into that system."
Jirax: "Commander how many ships do you have at your disposal at this moment?" Zorvax: "At this very moment sir we have taken heavy casualties and awaiting reinforcements." "We had planned on attacking the Valtari suppression fleet from their flank however, that has changed." "Those monsters now have 330,000 ships and we're to assume more are on their way."
Jirax: "And do you truly believe we should abandon these newcomers just because we're outnumbered?" "By all accounts this mishaps was an accident but that doesn't mean we are to abandon those fighting the Valtari alone." Zorvax knew the counselor was right but if he attempted to assist the new ones with their defenses now it would be a slaughter.
Zorvax: "counselor I'm sorry to say but while the Valtari are focused on the new ones we can regroup and formulate a counter offensive." For a moment both the commander and the counselor were just quiet. Jirax: "under normal circumstances you would be correct however, fortune smiles upon you today. A few cycles ago we had a fleet stationed two systems away from you for such an occasion." "That fleet comprises of 200,000 ships and will be on route to your position by the end of today." "They'll be put under your command and you're to assist in the defense of the new ones or in their evacuation."
Zorvax couldn't believe his luck even if they could defend them it wouldn't be enough but at the very least they had to do something. As he was finalizing the orders with the counselor his communications specialist interrupted them. Specialist: "Reporting Sir enemy forces have pushed further into the system and have begun the final stages of occupation."
Zorvax: "that's to be expected how many casualties from both sides?" Specialist: "Sir that's the thing from what I'm getting the Valtari have suffered heavy casualties and have held off their advances." Jirax: "how many did they lose specialist? If their forces are weakened enough we might have a chance in push them back." Specialist: "from 330,000 ships to 200,000 ships non of this should even be possible Sir." The specialist was in fact correct what species would be able to not only hold off the Valtari but make them pay for every ground they took. Jirax: "Commander Zorvax normally you’re to fully take responsibility for the situation you’ve brought upon the new ones.” “yet, it seems fortune truly smiles upon you as you have the opportunity to rectify it." "You’re to jump into the system with the additional ships and as soon as you engage the enemy make every attempt to contact the new ones and offer any assistance you can." "If they can hold out just one more day we can help them." "May the enlightened one see us through this."
Speaker: "well everyone once again that's it for today if you wish to download part 1 come to me after everyone has left. "If there's nothing else please have a pleasant evening."
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2023.06.01 13:05 learnkolkata The Role Of Math Tutors In Building Confidence And Success

The Role Of Math Tutors In Building Confidence And Success
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