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2015.12.30 22:26 CaptainHair59 /r/CaptainHair59 Go one, go all, Captain Hairs 1-58!

Hopefully the other CaptainHair\s will leave me alone here...

2013.02.10 09:10 Indifference11 Salute! Salute!

Little Mix are a British girl group formed in 2011 season of The X Factor. They were the first group to win the competition and are signed with record labels RCA and Columbia Records. The current members are Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. The original fourth member, Jesy Nelson, left the group in December 2020. Stream, watch and purchase their latest singles 'Love (Sweet Love)' and 'No', along with their greatest hits album Between Us!

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A subreddit full of heroes - a place for fans of the Around The NFL Podcast to talk about our favorite podcasters, writers, guests and lunatics.

2023.06.01 14:40 Thunder_Bear_6 Regionals

There is a regionals near me coming up soon. Is it worth going to as a new player? I know I will not do well but wondering if it’s overall a good experience and something I should go to.
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2023.06.01 14:40 kgoshima How to deal with a negative tarot reading?

Hello everyone. ✨
Well, I bring a question as I'm quite distressed. I have been consulting tarologists since 2021 and the readings have always resonated and come true and in the near future.
Currently, I'm having a question that has been troubling me for a while and has been making me very depressed. I resorted to tarot with a person I trusted, and the reading was a bit negative and this started to torment me and to seek out new tarologists for new readings which was a big mistake on my part.
In total there were 3 consultations within a month and I'm terrified. I know what I did was not the right thing to do, but I'm desperate. My energy is horrible and I can't and don't know how to improve it.
I'm experiencing a horrible feeling of helplessness, I don't know what to do to change it.
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2023.06.01 14:40 Boopy-Schmeeze If I don't meet someone by the time I lose my hair, life is going to suck forever.

I'm only 25 and I'm balding. I'm doing everything I can for it (keeps), but it might be too late because all it does is help you keep your hair. About 1/3 of people taking it get some regrowth, but only 20% of hair grows back, max. I'm already not very confident in my appearance, and pretty girls rarely like me as it is, but if I'm still single by the time I have to shave it all off that'll be it. I'll never have the confidence to talk to pretty girls, and no pretty girl is gonna want some ugly bald dude when their personality doesn't make up for it. Life is shit.
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2023.06.01 14:38 Alternative_Yak8489 Sports in Mukherjee nagar delhi?

Neet dropper, 10th boards and neet have caused me to majorly miss out on sports and exercise.
Any clubs or complexes in Delhi for sports for teens?
Also prefered if it's near Mukherjee nagar
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2023.06.01 14:38 arsteady12 ID help please looks American to me.

ID help please looks American to me.
Seeing them near my bathroom and kitchen sink. 3-4 times a week. Have cleaned the whole apartment and laid out traps and DE in all possible areas. Unit below me is gross and I feel will always have travellers coming up to mine from there, can't really force them to clean up their place cuz they are LL.
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2023.06.01 14:38 JohnSara-153 AC Service near me

The key to staying comfortable in the UAE summers is to have excellent cooling systems.
Malfunctioning AC units are a common occurrence, and the negative impact of a faulty AC can significantly disrupt one's day.
In light of the frequent AC troubles in the UAE, there is a significant need for a trustworthy AC Service near me.
A reliable service provider for electrical repairs should place great importance on arriving promptly.
Given the immediacy of electrical and plumbing work, it's only natural to feel a sense of impatience.
With the highly dependable electrical service I've provided a link to, electrical work becomes a breeze.
If you require this specific service in the UAE, it's worth considering giving this one a test.
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2023.06.01 14:37 Ritika_agg19 The beach is calling, and I must go

The beach is calling, and I must go
These beaches along the city's coast provide enjoyable activities to take advantage of the holidays and spend relaxing days lazing in the sun. You must read this post if you are a first-time visitor to New Orleans beaches to learn about all the wonderful beaches there.
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2023.06.01 14:37 LoneDarkHuntress Having problems

So I(32f) take anxiety medication usually just in the fall and winter because I'm allergic to Cinnamon which is in damn near ever air fresher during that time of year and I have a hard time going places ( I'd stay home during that time and never leave if I was rich), but usually get off it during spring and summer. I also have a bit of social anxiety from crowds but usually do ok during my off times.
Here's the issue, had a older employee(I'm management) ask me out a week ago and I went into panic mode and kept repeating "I don't date coworkers." I honestly don't remember saying anything else to him and I've never had this happen before. I reported it to my super and steps have been taken.
I was stupid when I was younger at a different job and dated a coworker that turned sour to the point I almost had to get a restraining order to get him to leave me alone. I also had a former coworker at a separate job sexual harass and stalk me (he was fired for a separate sexual harassment incident before mine)until I sent the messages to his wife then he stopped. I don't talk about my romantic life at work, in fact the only thing I talk about is tv shows/movies, hunting and fishing.
Problem is everytime I work shifts he works now I'm literally pouring sweat, can't step pacing and/or tapping, and I'm hypervigilant. I'm taking my medication but it barely seems to be helping and I've started having sleep issues and headaches. The guy never gave me uncomfortable feelings before, but now I can't turn them off. I don't know if I'm over reacting or what.
Question is should I ask my doctor to increase my medication or try to wait it out and see if I responding better?
Sorry for the long post.
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2023.06.01 14:36 hazeleyez32 Getting my hair done makes me feel good!!! (36F)

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2023.06.01 14:36 HandsomeDevil3 I HAD MY FIRST KISS (kinda) HHGvKoUGFfGHJj

Yesterday me and my partner went on a date after school at the park near my house and we were sitting on a bench. We started kissing each other’s faces like normal, but then we got closer and closer to each other’s lips…he tried to french kiss me but neither of us knew what we were doing LOL. It was kinda awkward but also oddly cute?? We did some other kind of kiss instead (idk what it’s called), and oh my god!!! I’m blushing just thinking about it! It was a little uncomfortable because a fly was boogying on my leg the entire time and one of their facial hairs got in my mouth, but it was also incredible. I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have had my first kiss with the best partner I could ever ask for! Later we walked back to my house and we kissed again! I can’t believe it aaaaaa!!!!
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2023.06.01 14:35 songofavaria The Story of Emmaline -- Chapter 6: COMBAT

We're working on a new MUD called Song of Avaria, using Evennia as a base code. Hopefully, the game will be opening for a public alpha six months from now: January 2024. This is the sixth in a series of showcases to display the features of our game. In order to properly exhibit the purpose of Song of Avaria, which doesn't quite fit into the existing molds, we're going to demonstrate gameplay by focusing on the story of a character: Emmaline.
Chapter 2: ARRIVAL
Chapter 3: STORY
Cool News! A professional web developer who focuses on accessibility took a very thorough look over our site and game, and gave us a great deal of feedback that was incredibly helpful in making the game more accessible to vision-impaired players. Color themes are configurable now; the default one shown here is called "high-contrast". If anyone prefers the old "muted" one, they can switch to it in the settings. We've also added more text-based indicators of things like general wellness and roundtime in the game prompt, or asterisks as delineators for different sections of text, and more quick individual checks on metrics such as encumbrance, armor value, stats, skills, et cetera. Turning Evennia's native screenreader option on (during account creation, or through settings) will now ensure that a visually-impaired person gets a more tailored and comfortable experience. We're looking forward to learning more about accessibility from players in the future, and always hoping to improve the experience for any player.
Chapter 6: COMBAT
In our last chapter, Emmaline was inducted into the Poets' Guild, which allowed her to take up a job as a Poet at Harmony Hall. Because of that, she's able to easily make her rent and even bought an oud to improve her stringed instrument skills. Here, she's sitting in the garden of the Poets' Guild and playing her oud. Instruments can be played with a variety of commands, from POUND to STRUM, and each type of instrument will tend to make their own set of noises if played well (or other noises if played badly).
Some instruments (large bells, for example) can make quite loud sounds that will resonate over a number of rooms, much like a shout does. This oud is comparatively quiet. And while an instrument may have its mechanical play command, this is mostly intended for flavor and explorative play rather than as a real roleplay tool -- because it's always much more fun to emote the full expression of your character's music! Of course, one should strive to stay within realistic parameters in terms of describing their playing in relation to their mechanical skill level.
At the bench in the garden, Emmaline plays her oud using the STRUM, PLAY, and TWANG commands. She then simply emotes playing a more complicated melody.
As we play the oud, we can see that Emmaline is relatively skilled at stringed instruments, as the sounds she is making are nice rather than jarring or discordant.
Djafira, the other newly inducted Poet whom we got to know over the last two posts, arrives and comes over to sit on the bench next to where Emmaline is playing. Because Emmaline does not trust the other woman, Djafira incurs roundtime by coming closer to the bench, which is Emmaline's own current vicinity. Roundtime is the convention we use to refer to the fact that some actions take time to complete, and thus you cannot execute another similarly time-consuming action until finished with the first. Djafira might be able to move close to Emmaline, but she cannot perform another action until her roundtime ends. This gives us the chance to move away quickly if we felt that Emmaline did not want to allow Djafira near her. But for now, we'll stay cautiously nearby and see what Djafira wants.
Djafira comes along. Her tells are shown in a brighter red, and she certainly seems to be acting off. She gifts Emmaline a pair of nice sandals by way of apology...
When someone gives you something, unless you trust them to a high degree, you will always have the chance to either ACCEPT or REFUSE the gift. Items can also be TOSSed, and if not caught in this instance (or dodged), they will just bonk off you and fall on the ground.
Since Djafira is trying to apologize for her past enmity, Emmaline accepts the gift. She is still a little suspicious though, because she can see Djafira's tells, and the other woman doesn't truly seem very apologetic. Djafira also asks Emmaline for a favor: she's feeling a bit under the weather, and needs Emmaline to go to a tavern called the Breaking Wave and recite a poem there. She passes over a piece of paper on which the poem is written.
Emmaline agrees to do this favor, puts on her new fancy shoes, and takes the paper.
As a side note: Many of the interactions you see from this point on are with automated NPCs that are operating off the logic in their own behavioral code. We have gone to some lengths to make these behaviors seem relatively organic, but only to the extent that this allows a player to suspend their disbelief in regards to the fact that NPCs are different from PCs. Our NPCs do not possess any real artificial intelligence -- not even to the degree of ChatGPT. They have certain behaviors, tendencies, phrases they might respond to, routines and home turf and activities they may habitually undertake, but they are still just traditional game NPCs. We are still at work adding in more behavior types for NPCs and refining their actions to be more sensible and characteristic.
Back in the story: By the time Emmaline is able to get around to the favor Djafira asked of her, it's late in the evening after sunset. Djafira provided some loose directions to the White City (which would be: "through the pillar-flanked gate north of the Plaza of the People"), but Emmaline soon finds that this particular neighborhood is a confusing maze of a place. Even the overheard ASCII map is intentionally not much help in some of the individual neighborhoods of Omrazir. It is purposefully not too easy to stumble off the main roads in the city, to keep new players from accidentally stepping into an area that may be dangerous.
When someone gives you something, unless you trust them to a high degree, you will always have the chance to either ACCEPT or REFUSE the gift. Items can also be TOSSed, and if not caught in this instance (or dodged), they will just bonk off you and fall on the ground.
Since Djafira is trying to apologize for her past enmity, Emmaline accepts the gift. She is still a little suspicious though, because she can see Djafira's tells, and the other woman doesn't truly seem very apologetic. Djafira also asks Emmaline for a favor: she's feeling a bit under the weather, and needs Emmaline to go to a tavern called the Breaking Wave and recite a poem there. She passes over a piece of paper on which the poem is written.
Emmaline agrees to do this favor, puts on her new fancy shoes, and takes the paper.
As a side note: Many of the interactions you see from this point on are with automated NPCs that are operating off the logic in their own behavioral code. We have gone to some lengths to make these behaviors seem relatively organic, but only to the extent that this allows a player to suspend their disbelief in regards to the fact that NPCs are different from PCs. Our NPCs do not possess any real artificial intelligence -- not even to the degree of ChatGPT. They have certain behaviors, tendencies, phrases they might respond to, routines and home turf and activities they may habitually undertake, but they are still just traditional game NPCs. We are still at work adding in more behavior types for NPCs and refining their actions to be more sensible and characteristic.
Back in the story: By the time Emmaline is able to get around to the favor Djafira asked of her, it's late in the evening after sunset. Djafira provided some loose directions to the White City (which would be: "through the pillar-flanked gate north of the Plaza of the People"), but Emmaline soon finds that this particular neighborhood is a confusing maze of a place. Even the overheard ASCII map is intentionally not much help in some of the individual neighborhoods of Omrazir. It is purposefully not too easy to stumble off the main roads in the city, to keep new players from accidentally stepping into an area that may be dangerous.
The overhead map does not show the exit into the White City, but once you go past, you can see the map of the White City neighborhood. (Note: I took this snip on an admin account, because I added this retroactively after the main events of the chapter! That is why you see room numbers. Please ignore.)
Finding a fallen stele, Emmaline stands on top of it for a better view of the area. She tries to get her bearings, but it's still difficult to tell exactly where she is. This part of the city legitimately seems decrepit and broken down...
Maybe it's not such a good idea to wear expensive clothes here? Just as Emmaline is having that thought, a random event occurs. Random events are coded events that happen in rooms when PCs are present. Most of the time, it would be something simple and harmless like an atmospheric room echo, but sometimes -- if the situation is right, and the PC seems otherwise unoccupied -- the random event will be more serious.
Emmaline goes to stand on the stele and look around thoughtfully. A \"somewhat lofty tough\" appears, looking furtively at her and subtly touching his knife...
This time, it's very serious. Emmaline is in the White City, a desperately poor and virtually lawless district of Omrazir. Part of the difficulty in navigation here is attributable to the fact that this area is not meant for the inexperienced and unfamiliar. A small gang of thugs is approaching Emmaline, attracted by her expensive fripperies and apparent vulnerability. Combat is initiated -- they are clearly attempting to mug her. This mugging is an automated random event generated by the interplay of conditions.
Somewhat confused, Emmaline takes her time awkwardly shufflng and then backs away as the thugs begin to close in. She does not depart quickly enough, and a physical altercation begins.
Distance from others in a fight can affect a variety of things, such as the accuracy and damage of certain attacks, or whether some aggressive abilities can be used at all. There are five ranges of distances from another PC. The first is immediate vicinity, which would be in direct contact with them. Then comes general vicinity, which would mean at the same "place" in the room as them. Next there's location, which would mean being in the same room as them, but not necessarily at the same place. Lastly, there is near line-of-sight (one room away) and distant line-of-sight (two rooms away).
Because these ranges can be quite important strategically, there are many ways to change the distance between yourself and an opponent. You can RETREAT or CHARGE in a direction, you can PUSH people or PULL them, you can TACKLE them, GRAPPLE, or DRAG them. You can move your own self from one place to another, or simply DISTANCE an opponent by moving away.
In the beginning, Emmaline attempts to avoid an altercation by quickly edging away from the incoming locals. However, it doesn't quite help -- they've set determined eyes on her nicer things, and she doesn't belong in this neighborhood.
When combat starts, there is a "Writing Break" that allows the PCs involved to type an emote and/or consider what their character would do in that situation. While immersive method acting is of course our favorite style of roleplay, the out-of-character panic that can often accompany in-character physical conflict can sometimes impact roleplay in a negative fashion. In order to avoid that, combat in Avaria is peppered with "Writing Breaks" every time that anything notable happens: such as the initiation of a fight, a strong blow being dealt, first blood, an attempt to flee, any involved combatant falling to the ground, and so on. Note also how the prompt has changed to display more information.
Holding her oud, Emmaline has the sudden idea to attempt to dissuade the muggers through music. Last chapter we explained the concept of "Grounding", where most people who are still "grounded" in accepted reality know about and accept some types of magic, and might be wary of witches and sorcery, but dismiss a great many other kinds of magic as a fabrication or just something totally unlikely to happen to them. Emmaline hasn't completely lost her grounding yet, as we can see when we check the MAGIC command -- so the idea to play music would still be a rather goofy one in her mind.
Using the REMEMBER command, we roleplay Emmaline having the idea to sing a calming tune. Sometimes in time-sensitive situations a player will not have the time to express the character's inner dialogue, but that is why we have writing breaks in combat, so that such expressions feel calmer and more doable. Checking the MAGIC command shows that Emmaline still doesn't quite believe in her own magical potential.
Regardless, this is what she tries to do -- she's desperate enough to try anything. Using her sonomancy ability to project a calming tone, Emmaline begins to sing and play her oud.
Emmaline starts to focus on using a calming tone. She still hasn't said anything with this tone, and she rationalizes it in her mind (using the THINK command) as just thinking maybe the thugs would prefer to hear music than mug someone.
In addition to using a calming tone for her song, Emmaline also makes sure to adopt a defensive stance. It's possible to change a character's stance in and out of a fight, and each stance has its own strengths. Using a defensive stance enables someone to do a better job of dodging and blocking.
We also check our TENDENCY here: most games, especially DIKU-based RPIs, have fights that progress in a more automatic fashion. If you prefer that style of gameplay, you can set your character's tendency to be one of a few choices: fight, flight, or freeze. The "measured" tendency seen here is the default: if you have not input a specific command and it is your turn to move, you will just wait. If you had selected, for example, "fight" as a tendency, you would automatically perform a fighting move based off coded tactics similar to the NPCs.
Taking a defensive stance with the STANCE command causes the next three attacks to miss. Unfortunately, Emmaline's song doesn't seem to be as effective as her stance is.
The muggers don't seem to be affected much by Emmaline's song. This is because her very low sonomancy skill, her voice stat, and her will dice roll didn't outweigh their (likely entirely grounded) magic resistance. Dice rolls happen behind the scenes relatively often, and while there is a configuration setting that can be toggled to show combat dice rolls, it is turned off for the sake of immersion in Emmaline's case. These rolls incorporate stats (such as Voice, Resonance, Will, etc) and skills (such as Vocals, Sonomancy, Gnosis, etc). Other factors moderate the dice rolls, like stances, a character's general state of health, range, positions, and so on. At least, thanks to Emmaline's stance, she is able to avoid a lot of damage from the muggers' reckless attacks.
It might be a good idea to flee, but it can be difficult to get away when your opponent is right next to you -- if they're aggressive, then they will have a very good chance of blocking your escape route. Looking at the COMBAT display will give you a good overall view of your general combat metrics, including who else is in your vicinity. These different metrics can all affect the outcome of a fight in various ways.
Checking COMBAT shows us Emmaline's combat situation: she is mostly doing alright, for now. Two people are attacking her, she is upright, near the exit to go back to the square. She does have a nick on her right hip, but it's not bad enough to really affect her state.
The prompt can also be configured to display many of these metrics. Shown here is the default combat prompt. When the fight was initiated, our regular prompt shifted to the combat version that shows stars and dashes as a small action bar. For visually impaired players this is not very helpful, so if someone has turned on the screenreader, the default prompt will give a health percentage readout and only show important alerts.
Anyway, Emmaline really wants to escape! So, she tries to push one of her opponents away. Actions performed during combat take roundtime. If you want to plan your next move, you can queue up a second move if you're already in combat.
Emmaline has a chance to make another move -- if your combat roundtime completes and you don't have another move queued up, you'll see this message. She tries to shove away one of the toughs, and he rushes straight back at her in a tackle.
SHOVE is one of the many commands useful for strategically changing positions in a fight. Emmaline manages to push the mugger away from her place in the room. She's standing as far from the stele as possible, hoping to go back out to the square -- but the mugger uses TACKLE to close the distance again very quickly! Bad timing.
Now, three muggers came out of the alleys surrounding Emmaline. So far, the third has just been watching, but now he breaks into the fight as well. A new person joining the fight will trigger a writing break, to allow players time to emote. Sometimes these writing breaks may feel like they last too long, while other times they may be too short for you to write the kind of emote you want.
We use WAIT to extend the writing break so that we can finish writing our emote, and then CONTINUE when we're done. Emmaline tries to sing some more, and again it's not effective, and then her calming attunement fades. She isn't strong enough this tme to shove away one of the goons. A stab connects with a solid whack against her kaftan.
You can input WAIT to extend the writing break (once per break per person), or CONTINUE to end the break and go on with the fight (if everyone has opted to continue). We wanted to write an emote during this break, considering that Emmaline has a nick on her hip from the knife of one of the muggers, and we didn't have enough time to act this out. Since all these opponents are NPCs, they will automatically follow the cues of the PCs in the fight and either try to wait or continue depending on the PC's input.
Although we have plenty of time to write what we'd like, it doesn't appear that the fight is going very well for Emmaline. She's not strong enough to shove away a goon, her calming tone has faded without any success, and one of the toughs tried to stab her right in the heart! Thankfully, her well-made kaftan helped to turn the blow into something less catastrophic. Raiment items can get in the way of attacks to covered body parts, and divert some of the damage to themselves. Different equipment types can divert more damage or stand up to damage better, depending on their material.
Maybe there's something else we can do...
Checking COMBAT MOVES provides a readout of the moves that Emmaline can execute at this time. Roundtimes for combat moves are relatively long compared to some games, so that players can use human strategical thinking to plan their next move and understand the flow of combat easily.
We can look to see what moves might be available to us in a fight, depending on the weapon we're wielding and the abilities we have, by checking COMBAT MOVES. It doesn't seem like Emmaline can do much right now beyond punching or kicking. But what if she wants to whack people with her oud? She can do that much at least. Any wielded object can be used to WHACK someone... but the reason that "whack" doesn't show up in her list of available combat moves is because she isn't actually wielding the oud, she is currently only holding it. Shifting her grip will take a moment - costing her a turn in combat, and causing a short delay before her next move (though we can still freely input the command, and have it executed when our combat roundtime completes).
Emmaline wields her oud. This allows her to whack with it (using the WHACK command), and also use it to parry (automatically, using a dice roll behind the scenes based on her stance and parry skill level).
When using an attack in a fight, such as PUNCH, KICK, or WHACK (or other attacks using weapons or abilities, like the SLASH and STAB used by the muggers) you can specify a particular body part of your opponent to aim for. You can also substitute the generic attack emote with a custom-written emote of your own.
Here, Emmaline tries to WHACK the TOUGH IN THE HEAD, while substituting a more flavorful emote for the generic one. She lands a decent blow! Unfortunately, she's surrounded. One minstrel using a musical instrument as a weapon can't honestly defend against three seasoned street bandits.
Having suffered a couple of unlucky hits, Emmaline drops to her knees. Even her kaftan has been ruined by the damage it has taken. Trauma is the metric that governs how injured a character has become. It can cause a character to collapse, like Emmaline has here. The "traumatized" alert will show up in the prompt after Emmaline is struck that hard, signifying that she's in very bad physical shape.
Emmaline is tiring against three opponents, and ends up falling with a heavily bleeding wound.
Sadly, Emmaline is not a strong enough fighter, and certainly not advanced enough in bardic magic, to put a stop to this altercation. She tries to get back up in order to flee, but immediately gets knocked down again. Being on the ground, she then tries to crawl away. But crawling takes a bit of time, and time is something she doesn't have enough of. The next strike not only knocks her out, but... she's dying.
Emmaline tries to get up and is knocked down again. She tries to crawl away but the next stab of a knife knocks her out... and, in the eyes of onlookers, kills her. It's not all that common for a blow to both knock someone out and kill them at the same time, but it's possible.
Bleeding as she is and in a hostile and unfamiliar environment, the most likely scenario is that Emmaline is going to die. A player with a character in this condition can still get a (dimmer) sense of what is happening in the room, and is free to write emotes or dreams... but an unconscious character still takes some time to be able to wake up. Some don't wake up at all.
The muggers take Emmaline's fancy clothes and any valuable possessions, leaving her penniless in her raggedy shift. We just got that oud! How disappointing. It's natural to feel a little bit of emotional crossover in immersive roleplaying situations like this, but it's also important for players to be capable of retaining perspective. We want to be clear about where we fall on the consent spectrum so that potential players can understand whether they might enjoy the game or they might not. Some loss is inevitable when there are in-character consequences for conflict and decisions. The game is mostly non-consent in terms of these kinds of consequences, but this also means there can be a lot of engaging story outcomes as a result. We don't want these to truly function as punishments to the player rather than to the character, though they might sometimes feel like setbacks. But it's helpful to keep in mind that every setback can be an opportunity for an inspiring narrative.
A dim sense of the world beyond her lack of consciousness shows the muggers backing off after taking Emmaline's valuables. If anyone spoke, we wouldn't be able to see what they were saying. But, we're able to send emotes in this state.
No matter the conflict, character death -- which is generally, though not always, the ending to a character's story -- must usually be consented to in order to happen. When a character "dies", if there is any chance at all that they might miraculously survive, the player will get the choice to either CLING to life or DIE, by entering those commands.
In this scenario, it might be realistic for Emmaline to die. But that would be an unsatisfying end to her story, and that's not what we want. The choice is in our hands, and we CLING to life.
The muggers have all departed. It's a hot night. Emmaline clings to life, using the CLING command.
Choosing to die moves characters on to the next world (to become a ghost, and go to the Otherland). Clinging to life allows the dying to continue living, but they will likely be handicapped in one way or another. It may be possible to eventually cure a handicap through stories involving magic or the supernatural, or the long-term efforts of an outstandingly skilled healer. But these consequences are generally impactful and lasting enough that should a character engage in risky behavior, repeatedly having near-death experiences and clinging to life, their story will involve the realistic outcome of their becoming a person who has somehow survived but is broken in many ways. Ultimately, this helps address the potential issue of long-term players becoming nearly invincible in the setting -- while simultaneously providing an opportunity for players who prefer to roleplay character stories comparable in length to a real lifetime, where a player may never see their characters actually die.
For those who do wish to roleplay through the meaningful death of a character, there are still a few different paths they can follow. The character can continue existing as a ghost, or as a distant memory in the Otherland, or they can pass on into the inaccessible final mystery of the afterlife. Reaching these stages of the afterlife can be accomplished by using the MOVE ON command, progressively bringing a spirit through each of these phases of existence until at the very end the character is deleted from the game database. Should one never wish their character to complete the process of moving on, however, they can continue to exist indefinitely in Avaria's Purgatory: the various realms of the Otherland, which can potentially be accessed, with great effort and skill, through the dreams of the living.
The purgatory states can soften the blow of losing a beloved character, and even provide some additional plot twists for both that character and their surviving friends and enemies. The end of a character's story may be a real tearjerker, but hopefully in a good way, not as a traumatic and wrenching blow to the gut. We don't want to brutalize the emotions of any player -- the intention is that playing a game should be an enjoyable experience, with closure in the ending and a feeling of contentment for a story well-played.
But what this ultimately means for Emmaline is that she cannot escape her altercation with the White City thugs scot-free. She is still in a very perilous situation. As we mentioned above, sometimes the injuries that have the ability to cause death can also create severe permanent handicaps in those who choose to live, which might manifest as stat debuffs, loss of limbs, persistent illnesses, and other such tangible physical consequences. Despite clinging to life, Emmaline is unable to return to consciousness immediately. She may very well simply bleed out again.
If we quit the game, she won't die while we're disconnected... but it's still a cliffhanger! Stay tuned for Chapter 7, where we'll showcase healing and further intrigue.
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2023.06.01 14:34 cheesejrrr Resigned effective on a bank holiday

I handed in my notice and asked for my current job to end on a bank holiday as my new role starts on the Tuesday.
Current employer has acknowledged the notice officially but given me the Friday as the last day. Can they do that?
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2023.06.01 14:33 droolycat My anxiety is at an all-time high while driving. I don't know what to do.

I trust myself on the road. I'm safe and I'm alert. I don't text.
What I don't trust, is the other drivers. I experience SO many near-accidents on the road. Countless times, if I didn't react quick, I would have been hit. It seems like everyday during my commute I experience something. Just today, someone pulled out in front of me driving in the middle of 2 lanes!? I had to brake HARD. My car's accident alert system starting beeping.
I am terrified and experiencing major anxiety behind the wheel. I am dreading driving to work. Just thinking "I could die today on the way to work." Or "I could be seriously hurt by someone on the road." Its starting to really affect my life. I delay leaving for work in the morning because I feel frozen. Just thinking "today could be the day."
(I live in a pretty populated area, but zero public transport. Our traffic is known for being pretty bad, and having a lot of accidents.)
Does anyone have advice? I need to drive to work and back. I don't really have other options.
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2023.06.01 14:32 pachecogeorge Newbie Radio recommendation

Hello, I am thinking of getting a radio, I must clarify that I am a complete novice, I have basic notions of how a radio works because as a child my uncle explained and showed me his shortwave radio, I remember it was great to listen to stations from other parts of the world and it is something I would like to teach my son too.
I want to listen shortwave with my son but, honestly I have no idea what to buy. I live near an airport, so, I want to hear AIR Band too and show to my son planes arriving or departing from our airport and showing him the plane's information using Flightradar24.
I want to buy an entry level radio, I have found this radio:
Is there any other recommendation?
Best regards.
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2023.06.01 14:32 GavinReeduzz Birthday coming up

In 8 days I turn 16, in 8 days it's also the 2 year anniversary of when I was sexually exploited. In 8 days I'm finally done with 15, the age of which I tried to take my own life on Halloween night and again on November 1st. The year of my life which was wasted sobbing and hurting myself, smoking, drinking, getting high and wasting my potential so I could forget I had to feel for a few hours. I'm not happy that I'm making it to 16 in fact thinking about it makes me want to give up. Stop myself from another wasted year of sobbing and the fear of relapsing. Im scared. I'm scared ill give up but I'm also pretended that I won't. Death doesn't scare me nearly as much as living does. "Seasonal depression" doesn't really seem to be so seasonal it actually feels pretty life long now.
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2023.06.01 14:31 trustedgoldbuyerncr Why Many People Prefer To Sell Gold Near Me?

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2023.06.01 14:31 NegativeDuck8216 Community Flair Change

Everyone! Thank you for joining me today! I'm unsure why my request to become the official sales contact for Discount Dan's was labeled a "sock puppet" but I'd like to thank the Mods for at least officially acknowledging my status as your go to concierge representative for Discount Dan's!
This really is an exciting opportunity for you today.
Our ever popular "rent-a-nuke" program continues to be available. And YES, we do have every size imaginable! Hand grenades, tactical tomfoolery, bunker busters, city consumers, and planet pulverizers!
But wait! There's MORE!
We're not just in the nuclear arms and salvage business! NO SIR! Discount Dan's has... DIVERSIFIED! We're now introducing our very own line of arms and armaments under the KERNKRAFT 400 brand! PPCs, Lasers, autocannons, missiles - everything you could possibly want re-engineered to incorporate our favorite fissionable elements!
Want to know more? What are you a cop?
ACT NOW! Please use discount code "THISISNOTASCAM3149" for a discount on our rent-a-nuke program, and "ILCLANSUCKSDANROCKS52" for a 20% coupon on our KERNKRAFT 400 weapon systems!
Some conditions apply:>! Discount Dan Discount Dollars (Also known as "Discount Dan's Double D Program") makes no promises on availability, usability, or verification of products rented or purchased. Discount programs do not guarantee discounts. Prices subject to radical and immediate changes without notice. Discount Dan's assumes no responsibility for the irresponsible use of nuclear ordnance, including but not limited to the destruction of small and large moons, planets, JumpShips, Warships, cities, planets, individuals in various organizations, and so on. Discount Dan's makes no claims on yield, effectiveness, composition, state of repair, functionality, or capability of the rent-a-nuke nuclear device. Discount Dan's is not responsible for sickness, injury, accidental or intentional death, dismemberment, loss of life, maiming, or any other injury large or small during the shopping, purchase, shipping, installation or use of the KERNKRAFT 400 line of weapon and ammo systems. Additional fees for MOPP 4 handling gear are available. Ask your sales rep. KERNKRAFT 400 weapons are illegal in most jurisdictions due to the radioactive nature of the materials. Discount Dan's is not responsible for import licenses, bribes, or smuggling. Handle with care. Side effects include, but are not limited too, itching, sweating, vertigo, dizziness, tingling in extremities, loss of balance and/or coordination, slurred speech, unintentional swearing, temporary blindness, hating Urbanmechs, heart palpitations, hair loss, disorganization, short term and/or long term memory loss, blistering, necrosis, alcoholism, and/or death. Rent-a-Nuke and Discount Dan's are wholly owned subsidiaries of Mind Your Own Fucking Business, LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of How Dare You Ask What I do for a Living, Inc. Which is owned by a shell corporation incorporated so far from the Periphery you will think the Clans live next door. Reading any line of this text absolves Discount Dan's, their representatives, this message board, and the mods of any blame or legal action. !<
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2023.06.01 14:31 99evan99 A Nostalgic Flashback: How My Dad Nearly Killed Me Street Racing in his '70 Chevy Chevelle

Hey, fellow Redditors! Gather 'round, because I'm about to take you on a nostalgic trip back to the '80s. Picture this: it's 1984, and I'm a wide-eyed teenager, eager for adventure. This is the story of how my dad, in his iconic 1970 Chevy Chevelle with a light grey body and fierce black racing stripes, took me street racing and nearly sent us both to the great junkyard in the sky.
Back in those days, my dad's Chevelle was the epitome of cool. With its powerful V8 engine and sleek design, it was a beast on the streets. And one fateful summer evening, my dad decided it was time to share that thrill with me.
We lived for the weekends, when the city streets became a battleground for drivers seeking an adrenaline rush. As the sun began to set, casting a golden hue on everything in sight, my dad approached me with a glint in his eyes and a sly grin. He said, "Son, tonight's the night. You and me, we're going street racing."
My heart skipped a beat at the thought of racing through the city like the heroes in the movies. I hopped into the passenger seat, and the familiar smell of worn leather and a touch of gasoline enveloped me. The engine roared to life, a symphony of power that made my pulse quicken.
As we cruised through the neon-lit streets, the anticipation grew. We rolled up to a stoplight, and beside us was a souped-up Mustang, revving its engine, daring us to a showdown. My dad, never one to back down from a challenge, met the driver's gaze with a determined stare.
The light turned green, and all hell broke loose. The Chevelle's tires squealed as my dad unleashed its raw power, propelling us forward with a surge of adrenaline. The engine roared like a caged lion, and the city lights streaked past us in a blur. I couldn't help but feel an intoxicating mix of excitement and fear.
As we thundered down the streets, I caught glimpses of the world outside—a patchwork of cheering spectators and neon signs, all merging into a high-speed symphony. My dad skillfully maneuvered the Chevelle through the winding roads, showcasing his experience behind the wheel. The wind whipped through my hair, and the rhythmic rumble of the engine echoed in my ears.
But as we pushed the limits of speed, reality began to set in. The risks we were taking became all too clear. I glanced at my dad, his face reflecting a mix of exhilaration and concern. It was in that moment that I realized just how dangerous our adventure had become.
Then, the unthinkable happened. In a sudden twist of fate, a police siren wailed, piercing through the night like a banshee's cry. Panic seized us as red and blue lights flashed in the rearview mirror. The adrenaline that had once fueled our joyride now turned into a cold wave of fear.
My dad's instincts kicked in, and he skillfully navigated the Chevelle through a maze of narrow side streets, desperate to evade the pursuing law enforcement. We narrowly avoided collisions, the Chevelle's tires screeching in protest. My heart pounded in my chest as we raced against the clock.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we found ourselves hidden in an alley, the sounds of the chase fading away. We caught our breath, knowing that we had narrowly escaped a brush with the law—and potentially far worse consequences.
As we sat there, the
reality of our actions sank in. My dad turned to me, a mix of remorse and relief in his eyes. He said, "Son, I'm sorry. I let the thrill of the moment cloud my judgment. We could have lost everything."
That night marked a turning point for both of us. We realized the importance of responsibility and the fragility of life. Street racing, once an exhilarating fantasy, became a cautionary tale etched in our memories.
So there you have it, Reddit—a wild and perilous ride down memory lane. It's a story that serves as a reminder of our youthful follies and the lessons we learned along the way. Remember, it's one thing to crave excitement, but it's another to appreciate the value of safety and the consequences of our actions.
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2023.06.01 14:30 Newsmf1997 Breakup w ex

I had a dream it was my ex’s birthday. In the dream we were still together. I slipped up and said I love you for the first time and then got nervous and took it back. He told me: I don’t love you and need to end it and I took it really poorly. Crying anger.
It’s strange though because we broke up nearly a year ago, I broke up with him, and he said I love you first. I moved on fine without a lot of lingering upset. Never really think about him now and I have literally never had a dream about him.
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2023.06.01 14:30 Snoo-77115 “I’m free of cancer” posts scare me

I think mine is considered terminal. I have been fighting nonstop for 3 years. I have a beautiful wife that I don’t want to leave behind. Her mother is fucking evil and if I die who will protect her!?!?! My brother is a fucking idiot and who will protect him!?!?!? He is exactly like those old ladies who give their SSN to a guy in Mumbai because he told them that their penis fell off and he needs money and info to send them a new one.
Every time I see these posts I get scared. Why won’t mine go away???? Why do I have this monster inside of me? Why is my body betraying me so? So much of my life has been wasted by my family and my MIL and when I finally got my chance at living a real life I was shot down out of the sky.
Seeing everyone write their fears down and how it gets lifted off their shoulders just reminds me that I still bear that cross.
I have handled chemo very well to this date. Nothing crazy happens to me, I get nauseas and tired like everyone else but most people just look at me and they think I didn’t get a good nights sleep, that’s it, you would never know.
This disease has taken my body from me, it’s taken my hair, its made me question my time wasted in the past, its taken my present away from me, it’s taken my future away. I live in constant pain and stress and anxiety. It’s like Rainy Day Man JT… I love JT. For God’s sake I fell asleep during the fucking Era’s tour. I LOVE T SWIFT HOW THE FUCK WAS I IN AND OUT THE ENTIRE TIME. You can play the first half second of most songs and I’ll tell yo what it is.
I’ve been in a 5 year apprentice ship for 3 years and I’ve only completed 1 year to date. I have a 4th major surgery and radiation(the absolute fucking worst thing ever holy hell it’s bad) coming up and it will just delay me even more. I hate my life, it’s been ruined, I need this monster out of me. I have two lives right now, the one that has been forced on me, and the one I was planning on having. I’m always stressed that my job is sick of me. They took care of me but the bottom line is the higher ups notice my attendance and I think its pissing off the wrong people. They wanted notes from my hospital and now it’s not doing me any favors that I used to go in once a week and now I go in once every 3, yet my attendance stays the same. Like who the fuck are they??????? That pisses me off so much fuck them. I’m so tired, I’m so fucking tired, god forbid I rest. think they’re trying to push me onto disability but I have a feeling they can’t just outright fire me.
It started off as me just clinging on to the fact I will be cured and I can continue like nothing happened. But my doctor says, unless she finds something new, they are likely only extending my life. I pray that whatever she gives me will kick this thing in the nuts and God can give it the strength I need to cast it out but I’m so worried. I love trends, I love statistics, I don’t love this.
I love aquariums, I have 4 tanks. My wife hates them lol. I fear one day I won’t be able to care for them. It’s been my goal to make sure they are relatively self sufficient. And they are, I don’t do water changes and I don’t really feed much at all if ever. All of my little piggies are thriving…. except me. Except my main convert tank, it needs a lot of maintenance, it’s annoying I might need to change it all up.
I just need this out, I need it out of me, I need to live.
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2023.06.01 14:29 haktan0313 The Flash Villans

I figured out something with my friend about the flash's villans description difference from the first a few episode to end. Lets take the savitar when we saw him first time we had been think like a god or unstapeble thing when he runing no one could see him even the flash also he through to speed force when he runing and he had a cult that's the reason why first episodes more exciting. when we reach last episodes he became a simple thing like other.Lets take zoom when we heard him first time he sounds like a something beyond us and when we saw him in episode six we tought like cisco ''he can't be a human'' he nearly kill the flash without any effort and same thing happening here to when we watched last episodes we saw just a simple man with scarry mask he is not beyond us or monster. In conculation this is a huge mistake for me. Do you agree guys
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2023.06.01 14:27 SupaStealth Haircut For My Hair Type

Haircut For My Hair Type
Hello, I was recently in another subreddit by the name of malegrooming asking about my looks and how I can make them better. A lot of users were telling me to get a haircut and one user specifically recommended me to this subreddit. Now I’m here and would like to ask about a haircut or examples/pictures of haircuts for my hair type that could make me better looking. I would like to maintain some length as I have been growing it out from a buzz cut for nearly 8 months. I have no hair routine as of now.
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