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What’s y’all personal top 10 A bit of context for mine I’m 21 from New York spent half my life in Atlanta where I’m at now

2023.05.28 15:01 JeremyWadeCousin What’s y’all personal top 10 A bit of context for mine I’m 21 from New York spent half my life in Atlanta where I’m at now

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2023.05.27 03:52 alangue 💀

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2023.03.18 14:45 RayMasacre Now, I'm not a genius, but I'm pretty sure that's not Charlie.

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2023.03.09 05:46 ForwardStop6925 someone have yeat afterlyfe album gif?? in apple music

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2023.02.28 20:30 okbool11 Yeat’s Afterlyfe streams are going up

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2022.12.09 10:20 RASKKO So dirty, Was like a kid on Christmas to see yeat

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2022.11.12 13:36 xtctheprod Amiri Vol. 1 [Drum Kit] (Yeat x Kankan x Playboi Carti) *FREE*

Amiri Vol. 1 [Drum Kit] (Yeat x Kankan x Playboi Carti) *FREE*
This kit was inspired by YEAT, KANKAN & PLAYBOI CARTI.
Includes: - 36 [808s] - 1 [Vocal Recording Template] - 3 [Bells] - 26 [Claps] - 8 [Crashes & Cymbals] - 22 [FX] - 19 [Hi Hats] - 9 [Kicks] - 18 [MIDIs] - 14 [Percs] - 11 [Presets] - 14 [Snares]
Available on my website for free!
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2022.10.04 10:04 Unknown_User_USC Bro got destroyed 💀

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2022.04.01 17:34 eviltwiz yeat geek pack gif

does anybody got that gif yeat posted on his ig story
it's the cover art from the geek pack album but animated
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2020.12.07 17:39 Normal-Fee-6945 My way with jesus: 4 testimonies part [2/2]

After I finally got accepted and saw that Jesus is chnaging my life I still felt something wrong with my faith. I didnt knew what it is. But I wasn't even sure if I'm saved. I felt that I'm lukewarm. And that I'm way to anxious than I should be. I was very careful in my life. And tried to avoid stupid things. But this lead me to my anxiety. Yeats passed and I got better with some stuff. But i felt alone. Really alone. I had nobody to talk about my faith. Besides my dad. I did go to church still. But someday. Again God had a plan for me. I trusted God. Someday after church a women came to me. She saw me a long time ago. And she asked me if I didn't want to come to teens in church. I had nobody I knew[because of my anxiety] , but I said I would think about it. A month passed. And somehow I knew I have to go. It will be good. But my anxiety kicked in. Again. This was the moment were I first time went over my borders. I did go. Sadly, of course on this day nobody was there because it were Easter holidays. But it doesn't let me off. I went next time. Also closed. And on the third time I came to this place. And it was awesome. I finally found the place where I belong to. And I started to beat my anxiety. I took Jesus more into my life. With months I started to test some new things but my anxiety didn't wanted to go away fully. I still felt lost even though I had church now with me.
When I went from teens to youth[16] the women [which told me some months ago to come, and was the teens leader] said that she didn't ever have seen someone like me. They expected me to be a normal young boy which doesn't care about faith. And were really surprised how much I know about Bible and faith. And I was happy to have a place where I feel comfortable. But there was one other thing besides my anxiety, which was very dangerous and sneaky. Let's go back to 11 years. I searched for interesting stuff, because I love science. I saw a biology book from my mom. And there I found something. I read. You will feel an overwhelming happiness. I thought. What the... Is this? I read something of doing with ur thing..... And so on. I didn't had any Lust but I wanted to know what it is. So I tried. And tried. Well and someday It Happened. And I didn't knew where it would let me. It doesn't affect my life at any point. Because I still had no sexual desire until 14. I just did it out of fun sometimes. But someday I got 14 and out of nowhere something happened. Thankfully i at least knew that porn is sin. But the sin tried to sneak around. I had such a clean brain that I was hardly disgusted if I saw naked people. And so I only got turned on by women in clothes. After some months I realised I got addicted. And I knew I have to get out. The clothes got more less and less. I was 15. And I saw if I don't stop I someday would go for hardcore. At this point I still couldn't believe because it disgusted me. But it went more far. Then I watched animated gif. And then porn gifs. I never came to the point to watch real porn because I couldn't do it. But it's sad and hard to thing how the sin grew his roots in my life. I was 16. And a whole year passed without something to happen. I got 17. I couldn't do anything. But I felt. God has a plan with me and will do some great things I can't even imagine. And I will get out of it. And I fought. But nothing changed. Last year at Christmas I decided to get baptized in church. I really don't know why not before. Guess out of anxiety. I went through it. Corona came. And now God's last big plan came into my life. I had to see what my biggest mistake was.
I tried in March/april to get away from addiction. I said: just do it! And I also told myself. If I fail then I will die in sin and without Jesus.
After 3 weeks I failed[well in mind on day 4 or smth] I was at bottom rock. And this was the moment I realized. I don't need to fight the sin. I need to love Jesus and follow him out of love. I'm maybe a great person in comparison to some others, but in the eyes of God I'm the same sinner. And I have not the power to do it alone. I understood that love is the key point of christ. That I don't have to fear anybody, because christ is with me. And that I should go and tell his love to others. I got baptized end of. May. I still sinned. But end of June smth happened. I got a power Ive never felt before. The holy spirit took ankther part of my heart. I was flying. I had so much love, peace and knew that this time is different. I knew day one that I'm free of porn and masturbating. I had God's love in my heart and finally saw what it is to have the freedom of a true Christian. I was free. And knew for 100% that I'm saved. Anxiety gone. Addiction gone. It's amazing. I've never thought that God would plan everything this perfectly for me. Without my struggle with porn addiction I maybe only would understand in 5 years what I understand now. He enlightened me the path and I trusted him. And I never regret it. You can trust anything to the lord. It will be in holy hands and he will use it for yours best.
God always will be there for you.
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2020.04.25 19:12 odonian_dream On changing the gamedev pipeline and how it might help you too. A primer of essential tools and must have hardware (with pics).

On changing the gamedev pipeline and how it might help you too. A primer of essential tools and must have hardware (with pics).
So far I made the bulk of my games with Phaser.js + Photoshop. Simple stuff, good enough graphics for html5 games. But as I'm considering (and working) on larger projects I feel the need for better, more advanced tools.

Oh boy, those curves. Those beautiful animation curves.
Are you in a similar position where you're unhappy with your current pipeline? Here are the changes I'm making (and I hope you'll draw some precious insights for yourself):

1)Game engine.

The most important piece of the puzzle. Bashing code in .js and having the game refresh in the browser is cool. Using console.log to debug (and visualize your game) is not.
The biggest two options for 2d games are hands down Godot and Unity. While at first I was tempted to go with the classic Unity I said to myself that I'll give Godot a quick run at least. And Godot has surprised me so pleasantly that I've decided to use IT instead of Unity.
It feels lighter, more elegant, more concise and even MORE POWERFUL. Yes, nodes and animate everything. Not to mention the easy and fast to use GDScript.
C# is a beautiful language but I feel that it makes development somewhat cumbersome with all that OOP syntax. Probably good for LARGE projects but small-medium games can do just fine without it.

Godot game engine.

2)Terrain tools.

Terrains are almost in every 2d/3d game. In my opinion terrains are a very important piece of the game environment.
Photoshop is good at many things but creating amazing 2d terrain isn't one of those things. Sure, you can paint it by hand. Sure, you can generate a black&white noise/cloud and use that as your heightmap. Decent alternatives BUT there are better tools out there.
For simple terrain generation, I've considered L3DT, World Creator and Gaea. Ended up using Gaea because you can generate good results fast AND it's incredibly powerful and versatile.
For terrain rendering Vue and Terragen where the only serious contenders. I've choose Vue because like Gaea you can get good results fast. Terragen seems to have a steep learning curve and after all I DON'T have all the time in the world to learn everything.

Experimenting with Gaea color nodes.

Vue render after couple of days of using it.

3) Fractals

What? Fractals?
Yes. I think fractals are underused in gamedev. Me, I can see fractals heavily as textures and why not, height maps.
I've sampled lots of fractal software (including the veteran Apophys which I've used in the past) and I've decided on 2 pieces of beautiful software: JWildfire and Mandelbulb 3d.
JWildfire has a SH*TLOAD of tweaking options and produces good looking results right from the start.

Fractal generated with 3 clicks and in 15 seconds.

4) 2d Animation

Ah, animation! My favouritest thing - although I'm not as good at it as I'd like.
This, this was a hard choice. Lots of good contenders: Adobe Animate, Moho, Spine, Asesprite, Toon Boom.
Moho especially was high on my list since I've used it before and recommended it to everyone.
But if I'm honest I kinda struggled with Moho. Drawing vectors is clunky. Importing complex vectors from Illustrator doesn't work. It is packed with a lot of great animation tools but the workflow doesn't feel as smooth as one would like.
So I've decided to go with Creature 2d. I still have to learn it but from what I can see it's a very interesting choice. It has even more tools than Moho and the workflow seems intuitive enough.
BONUS - (very important bonus) - it integrates with Godot (at least from what I read in the docs).
Here's some cool animations other people made with it.

creature 2d

5) 2d Particles

This is a more specialized type of tool but I like to have options when it comes to particles.
I've tried Magic Particles, Timeline Fx and Particle Illusion. They are all very powerful but Timeline Fx is the easiest to start with.

6)General 3d application

Lots of good applications, lots. Sadly time is limited so I chose the obvious candidate: Cinema4d.
Easy to learn, powerful enough for almost anything you can throw at it in terms of gamedev.
I do intend to learn Houdini, Blender and Maya in the future as they all have some unique strengths. 3ds Max is not on my list because frankly I just didn't felt at ease in it.

7) 3d Sculpting application

Drums.....Zbrush. You knew that already, didn't you? Zbrush is the daddy of all 3d sculpting software out there.
Mudbox is decent enough. 3d Paint seems powerful. But Zbrush is just...Zbrush. So that's that.


8) 3d Texturing application

Painting in Zbrush can be painful.
That's why I decided to stick with Mudbox which allows for easy breazy painting. It's easy, very easy to get started with. And if Zbrush is too much for you Mudbox has decent 3d sculpting capabilities.
I've heard good things about Mari but no time for it now.

9) Video Editing.

Believe or not there's a need for video editing in gamedev.
Trailers for once. Cinematics second. And why not even in-game backgrounds (Godot has Video Player node, yay). And Photoshop even lets you apply filters on videos. OHHH, I'm tingling thinking on what I can create with this much power. :P
While I love Adobe and the kickass products they make, Premiere fell as a choice in favour of DaVinci Resolve.
Main reasons?
I'm a hipster at my core so I go against the grain by default (that's why I started using the Dvorak layout but it was a very wise decision ergonomically speaking). :)
But seriously, Resolve is fking awesome. The interface seems more intuitive to me. It's powerful. It has all the tools you need for video editing in ONE PLACE whereas with Adobe you'd need external tools (After effects, Audition, etc).
It's just a very well rounded and performant piece of video editing software. Again, I'm not an expert but I can produce decent results fast with Resolve.

DaVinci resolve

10) Video Compositing.

"REALLY? Video compositing....for games???"
Normally I'd agree. But there's a certain technique which allows for heavy customization (thus power) with animations exported from Vue which aren't possible in Vue.
Basically when you export your animation (with beautiful terrains and trees swaying in the wind) you can FURTHER make them look even better with a compositing software by using various masks.
You can check out this video to see what I'm talking about.
Two big video compositing solutions are Fusion and Nuke. Fusion is integrated with Resolve so that's a plus. Properly importing exr's doesn't WORK (or at least I couldn't make it work) so that's a HUGE minus.
That's why I decided to stick with Nuke. It seems like a beautifully powerful beast and I can't wait to get my hands dirty with it. Ahh, the passion of game development and graphics creation.

11) Audio editing.

Nowadays having great audio in games is not an option, is basically a requirement.
There are a lot of costly (and powerful) DAW's out there but Reaper stole my heart. It's so pleasant to use. Feel intuitive. Powerful AF. I was up and running with Reaper in 30 minutes as a complete music NOOB. Not editing the audio for the next Gangnam Style mind you. But doing decent enough mixing and cutting.
And you can try it for free for an unlimited time if your budget is tight.
No, I didn't forget about Audacity. Although it's simpler it's also easier to get started with. Great for quick fixes, quick recording, etc.

Reaper DAW.

12) 3d Renderers.

As a noob in 3d (although I am a 3d noob , even a 4d noob if I think about it and consider time) I did't thought at first much about renderers. You just fire up the render screen and go with the native solution, right?
Well, it seems the world of 3d renderers isn't as simple as you'd like. There are lots of options and usually these options are more powerful than the "stock" renderers that come with most 3d software.
Me, I've decided to stick with Corona. I haven't spent much time with it yet but from early experiments, it seems easy enough to set up and get going. Bonus - it works from Cinema 4d.

13) 3d Material Editors

Haven't decided yet on this one. Knald, Substance Painter and Shader Map all seem powerful. I'll probably go with Substance Painter since it's the most popular choice out there.
(I'll probably also use Filter Forge in paralel as it has a beautiful library of procedurally generated textures).

Default Filter Forge Alien texture.

14) Plant Creation Software

I love, I just love beautiful environments in games. And trees and plants play a BIG ROLE in achieving a great looking environment.
While you could create your trees and plants in general 3d software there's specialized software to help you.
On the left corner you have Speed Tree. I don't much about it but it seems geared towardds procedurally generated plants/trees.
On the right corner you have Plant Factory. I'm currently learning it and it seems geared towards hand drawn plants/trees.
AND THE WINNER IS......Plant Factory. I love the artistic freedom AND the UI is very similar to Vue so I can learn it so much faster.
Speed Tree, I'm sorry for your black eye but maybe you'll have another chance in the future.

15) Game writing and story.

I have one word for you - SCRIVENER. Forget about Word.
Scrivener is one of the best tools for writing. PERIOD. I use it to keep notes about a game's structure, plot, etc.
(If you're on linux you can get it for free).

16) Coding IDE

I used to love Sublime Text. Many of you still probably use it to this day. But I kept hearing good things about VsCode OVER AND OVER. At the time my rig was almost as ancient as the Antikythera so VsCode didn't run smooth. But once I got some decent equipment I gave VsCode a try. Haven't looked back since. It just works, and it works well.


16) Extra 2d/3d tools.

There are lots of little useful utilities that'll just make your life MUCH EASIER.
Here's some that I used (or intend on using and learning):
a) SqCheck - great utility for checking your 2d animations. I almost always end up deleting the last one or two frames to make the animation snappier (but it would be hard to decide that in the animation software).
b) PixPlant - for creating tileable textures AND extracting 3d maps such as normals, bumps, etc from photos.
c) Topaz Gigapixel. This amazing software allows you to resize your photos with minimal loss of detail. Let's say you have a 512x512 pixel texture of an unicorn's skin. That's the only unicorn skin photo in existence BUT it's not big enough for your 3d objects. With Gigapixel you can resize it up to 4096x4096 (and more) and it'll still look good enough (as compared to Photoshop resize).
d) Colour Constructor. That's a new kid on the block BUT it's a smart kid. I only experimented a little with it and it seems promising. Basically it allows you to create a believable/realistic color scheme based on your ambiance and main light.
e) Color Schemer - hands down the best piece of software on Windows for scheming. Color scheming. My favourite feature is that you can open a photo and it will automatically extract a color palette for you (which you can furtherly customize).
f) Texture Packer. The texture packing solution you didn't know you needed. It'll pack those atlases so tight that not even a pixel will be wasted.

Color Schemer on windows.


Let's be honest, hardware can help IMMENSELY with game development. While you can make games (simple 2d) on a 10-15 year old pc, having a decent rig will make the process so much easier.
a) Decent Cpu. Ryzen is the name of the game. Cheap BUT Powerful enough for 10 times your game development needs. Currently I'm sporting a Ryzen 2600x and it covers all my computing needs wonderfully well.

b)Decent GPU. For a VERY long time I used to have an ancient GeForce 8400 GPU which made gamedev HARDER and my life miserable. While I didn't want to spent lots of $$$ on a fancy GPU I still decided to get at least a good entry level one. GTX 1050 Ti was (and still is) one of the best deals you can get in terms of GPU power. Sure, I'd love an RTX 2080 or even an RTX 2060. But this will do the job just fine and it won't deplete YOUR funds.
c) Graphic tablet. If you do even the smallest amount of graphic work you NEED a graphic tablet. Even if you can't draw for sh*t (not yeat at least I can't but It's high on the list of NEXT SKILLS to learn) it's still a very important piece of the puzzle.
Post processing in Photoshop, vector art in Illustrator and 3d sculpting are HARD to do well with a mouse. After lots of research I ended up buying XP-PEN Decor Pro Small (there's a bigger medium version too). According to some people it even beats a much more expensive Wacom. I don't know about that but so far it performs BEAUTIFULLY and it's well worth the $150 I spent buying it.

XP Pen Deco Pro
d) Midi Controller. I admit that I haven't actuall purchased one but I'm looking very hard towards M-Audio Keystation 49 III. It's cheap ($100), it has lots of keys (for it price range), it has a sustain port and it just makes sense.
While I'm not a big music man I play a little guitar and I can probably throw some quick game transitions in a DAW. Sure, I could just scrounge the internet for free SFX - there's plenty of places. But making your own SFX is just so much more rewarding and makes the game more personal.
I'm not even talking about advanced stuff - just simple sounds to play when a menu pops up or an event happens. Anyone can create these type of sounds with a midi controller and a decent DAW (and don't forget about a good sound pack such as Garritan Personal Orchestra or Garritan World Sounds).
e) Microphone to record SFX and for other purposes (such as vlog, game trailer, etc). I bought couple months ago a Superlux 205U and can only say good things about it. It's also very affordable.
f) A vertical mouse. If you don't have one aready, buy one now. Your hand isn't made of steel and RSI is a real danger if you're using a mouse ALL DAY, 6 days a week. At first I wanted to purchase an Assus MX but it is really pricey (~ $110). Luckily I found a Trust GXT 144 (~ $25) and the pain in my wrist IS GONE. YEAH!!! If I'll get my hands on a Kinesis I'll consider myself a very lucky basterd indeed.

g) An ergonomic chair. Sadly I can't afford a good one yet but I'm highly considering either an Ergohuman or an Embody. If you can afford one, buy now. Your back will thank you 10 years from now. (make sure to try it first).


As you can see it can get hairy fast behind the scenes when making a game. Lots of skills to learn, lots of software to get familiar with. Right now I'm barely at 30% knowledge for the above pipeline. I estimate that'll take me at least 1 more week to be decently familiar with most of the tools listed above.
I'll be honest - it can be a nasty grind sometimes to FORCE all this knowledge into your brain fast. But it is worth it. And if I can do it so can you. It's an investment that's going to pay itself a HUNDRED TIMES over if you're serious about gamedev as your career.
If you're curious about HOW I'm learning these programs fast, here are the steps:
  • a )I start by watching the most basic tutorials out there and follow them. Half a day at most spent on that.
  • b) Go through every menu and click every button even if I don't understand it completely. It helps me get familiar with the interface and get comfortable using that piece of software.
  • c) Follow more advanced tutorials.
  • d) Play with it on my own and try to create real world work.
  • e) Very quick read up on the documentation to see if I missed something important.
This way I can learn decently even complex software in no more than 3-4 days. It helps if you have experience with other similar software. Also some will take more time to learn than others (mainly Cinema 4d and Godot).
I'm not becoming an expert ASAP but I'm getting plenty of foundational knowledge. As long as I have a solid basis I can learn the intricacies in time while working on lots of real projects - AND SO CAN YOU!
Don't get me wrong - it is a chunky time investment. BUT for me it's worth it because I'm serious about gamedev AND I want to be able to express myself more fully.
This is NOT the BEST gamedev (graphics) pipeline in the world. But as far as I'm concerned one can get started relatively fast with it. And it can be supplement later. What's important is to get THINGS MOVING, get something out there, FAST.

Boromir. Fun fact - in Romania there's a flour brand called Boromir.

Don't leave me yet!

If you liked this post you can follow me on Twitter for more gamedev insights. You'll also be among the first to see how a game made with the above pipeline will look.

Wanna see more content like this?

You DON'T HAVE TOO, but you can buy me a cup of coffee on Patreon if you're not tight on funds (or a bowl of tasty food for my cat Bijou. We work together on most games. :)) ). This way I'll be able to get YOU more gamedev insights.

Bijou the cat. Photo made with a potato, srry.
Am I missing something? Are there any other awesome pieces of software for gamedev I forgot to mention?
Plz let me know in the comments below and forgive the typos above.
Holy crap, I didn't intend to write this big ass post. I thought it would take me no more than 30 minutes. 4 hours have passed.
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2020.04.05 12:01 varJoshik The Spiral

I am re-reading the books and just finished with Ciri's space-time hopping sequence. Therefore, I started wondering about the much-mentioned Spiral and that brought to mind W. B. Yeats' poem The Second Coming and the imagery of the Gyre, or even more specifically - Double Gyres. Which, I think, could serve as an excellent, simplified metaphor for what the Spiral - the structure of Sapkowski's cosmic universe - is like.
To put the visualisation into words: the wide end of one spiral curves into the thin end of the other spiral, thus creating an endless loop, since the same happens at the centre touching point as well. In other equally familiar terms for us: Ouroboros. "The maximum of one gyre contains the minimum of its opposite at its centre, so that, even as this minimum briefly touches zero, it is still inherent within the whole."
At one point during her travels, Ciri suspects the Hunt is catching up with her and inquires:
'We haven't managed to flee far enough away yet?'
She didn't understand what he (Ihuarraquax) telepathically told her in answer. There was no far or near? A spiral? What spiral?
My understanding of it would be that there is no far or near on the Spiral because travel does not happen linerally along the spiral's line, so to speak, but by cross-cutting across the spiral directly:
Imagine being inside the spiral of time. You don't see the spiral, you just move along time, one second per second. Think of this as 1D, a line. If we then "project" (change the number of dimensions) into a 2D space, you can see how close certain pairs of times are, and then move "transversal" from one loop to another. So a nice rigorous way of seeing this mystical stuff is that Ciri and the unicorns zoom out, see another dimension.
It fits with the explanation of Conjunction as "the worlds aligning" at the exact moment when the doors are open, during which creatures from other times and places can slip into its alternatives, too.
What do you think? Do you have other conceptualisations of the Spiral and what is meant by this "highway" between the worlds.
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2020.03.14 16:02 ThousandPaperCranes As requested, reviews of my entire Haus of Gloi stash + book pairings :)

As requested from my last post with book pairings, I'm back to review my entire stash of Haus of Gloi products.
I’ve been buying Haus of Gloi products for a long time now, and absolutely love their hair oil and butterbombs. The only product that I’ve tried that didn’t work for me was their lip balm, which I found really waxy/hard and not moisturising. Their scents are relatively simplistic and linear IMO, but often accurately described. I personally feel like the notes in each blend are all very distinct and you can usually smell them all if they’re in the note description.
As before, I’ve organized the scents in alphabetical order but this time I needed to use 3 categories: General Catalogue, Limited/Seasonal Editions, and Layering Accords.

General Catalogue

Depravity [Pure corruption: clove, nutmeg lurk amongst the sweetest offerings of coconut, on a bed of rich golden amber, laden with dustings of sandalwood and spilled wine]
Imp [Peculiar passion fruit mingling with sun cured apricots, perfectly pink grapefruit juice and innocent whispers of wet mimosa blooms]
Litchi Milk Tea [Tart litchi fruit and black tea met with a splash of coconut milk]
Mango Sticky Rice [Sweet mango, coconut infused rice, and toasted sesame]
Moon Dog [Cracked coconut, dry sandalwood essence, heated with nutmeg and clove]
Pink Marshmallow Milk [Magical pink berries and frothy cold milk]
Troika [A trinity of soft milks, almond, oat and coconut, lashed with sweet agave nectar and the ethereal scent of clean white]
Twice is Nice [Buttery sugar cookie, with shavings of creamy coconut and topped with toasted almond slivers]

Seasonal/Limited Edition

Apple Milk [Apple pulp, hot milk and cardamom] Autumn LE
Gimme Mah Coffee [true coffee essential oil and the barest hint of lemon oil ]
Milkmaid [Fresh milk, clean linens, pale musk and pink sweet pea blossom] Spring LE
Peppermint Cocoa [A hot cuppa cocoa infused with peppermint] Winter LE
Ploughman [Well worn leather, dirt n' dandelions, carrot, a pinch of tobacco and a light sheen of feral skin musk] Spring LE
Spiced Cocoa [Hot cuppa cocoa spiked with warming spices] Winter LE
Tonic #5 [Sweetgrass, aquatic notes, lavender, tea tree and rosemary] Spring LE

Layering accords

Sweet Cream [Fresh milk swirled with tonka]
Tea [A cup of strong black tea with a scoop of white sugar]
Vanilla bean [A balanced blend of 5 varieties of vanilla, resulting in a rich and true vanilla]
Overall I seem to have much more success with HoG’s general catalogue than their LE fragrances or layering accords. The GC scents seem to have more nuance compared to their LE scents which are around 2-3 main notes. The sillage of HoG’s fragrance also seems to be much lower than other houses, but that may just be me.
It took some time for me to compile all of these pairings, sorry for the wait since my last post! Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend ☺️
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2019.02.07 14:03 AliciaWrites [TT] Theme Thursday - First Kiss

“How far away the stars seem, and how far is our first kiss, and ah, how old my heart.”

― William Butler Yeats

Happy Thursday writing friends!

I adore this time of year. Stores are decorated in red and pink and glitter and the boxes of chocolate are shaped like hearts! Okay, maybe I’m a little more excited than some of you. But, this month is all about love and I’m feelin’ it.
So, that first kiss. Pretty great, right?! There is really nothing quite like that new relationship energy where everything is perfect and new and exciting and wonderful. That moment that you two share will be a memory you cherish. Well, until the relationship ends…
Or, maybe it wasn’t so great, but you stayed together anyway. Or maybe it wasn’t so great and you turned on your heel and ran the other way. Or maybe it was unexpected or you didn’t want it.
I guess there’s just a lot to a first kiss. Or even the first kiss. Can’t say I remember mine, but I am so looking forward to my next first kiss.
<3 Xoxo <3
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2017.10.08 17:24 963189_137 Sol-O-Mon; Ap[zu]-O-Lion; the Temple of the Slaughterer of Humanity; the Black Cube (666 Triangle People); My Current Confusion

I'm still trying to untangle most of forgive me for going back and forth on some of these 'issues' is INTENTIONALLY OBFUSCATED; BUT I WILL EVENTUALLY FIGURE IT OUT!!

The ongoing war against women; The 'churches' (Apollyon; man posing as a lover in place of the Feminine) torture and destruction of the Indo-European people

The torture of innocent women for sport and pleasure
The instruments of torture specifically aimed at destroying the reproduction capacity of women in revenge for what the homosexual can not 'provide' to his 'lover'
Your ancestors, our flesh and blood; being 'brought to the 'light' of the churches 'loving god'
From a comment I made about being 'trapped in the Cube with a sociopath':
? I have never denied Jesus...I have been completely and utterly freaked out by what I understood, but I haven't denied is the 10 Kings or the X or the YHVH that worries me...I guess I don't understand; all the good that you mention is completely encompassed, without diminishing any of the evil at all, by the statement:
Isa 45:7
“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”
I feel like Alice running because there is a MONSTER, here in the cube with me, and sometimes it thrashes and tortures humanity/me and other times it is good to humanity/me...but I never know which way it will see me or what it wants to do is the ultimate 'bad boyfreind'...just because he buys me roses one day, doesn't mean I feel like kissing and making up with him the next...I am still too bruised up and beaten to consider kissing anyone.
And he can tell me it is 'my fault' because of the 'original sin' all he wants...but he never steps up to do anything about it it is similar to how I feel about the 'angels'...they sit and observe and they don't DO ANYTHING about the evil in our what 'good' are they? To me they are the direct equivalent of EVIL because they know good and do nothing to prevent EVIL...ergo...they are EVIL as hell...
In the end, they are just like some fat sweaty slob who likes to watch snuff porn on TV...he gets off because he doesn't have to do anything to prevent it and he likes watching it, loves watching while people get raped and then suffer and die...would you argue that he is 'moral' or 'righteous' too? I mean he is just watching too, not actually doing the murder know, for kicks...because he could do something as simple as 'turn off the porn' but he doesn't because honestly, he just doesn't care that much...and watching while people die is fun for him.
Tarot Card; the Lovers
This card clearly shows Apollyon (the CROSSDRESSER; HOMOSEXUAL; DESTROYER of HUMANITY) in a love triangle assuming a position of power over the female (keeper of WISDOM, morals and culture of the people). When the female is destroyed and replaced due to the man's lust after Apollyon, then the control and subjugation of a people is complete.
Laurel Leaves of the DestroyeConqueror More
Now this is obviously confusing as Hell for me; First off, Abzu, husband of TiaMa'at [Nachash], FreshWater; first slain in the war is OBVIOUSLY ALSO APOLLYON, the Angel of Abzu, when TiaMa'at is slain, half her body form the FIRE above (the Lights of heaven) and 1/2 her body is made into the dryland that covers Abzu. So the 'bible' is the record of Marduke vanquishing TiaMa'at and Her Offspring (Kingu/Qingu/K'ayin).
Note: Humanity is made from the murdered blood of Kingu mixed with clay and the spit of the triumphant gods who follow Marduk (who for un-fucking known reasons is also the 'god' or DemiUrge of the Bible)
Temple of Apollo, the Destroyer; floor plan; Temple of SOL-o-MON (the sun and the moon or Mon-o-theism {mon-o-sol/theist}) comparrison. It isn't that the temples/slaughterhouses have to 'be the same' it is about the PROPORTIONS involved in defining the slaughterhouse of Humanity.
Notice: The Black Cube interior of the 'Holy of Holies' in the slaughterhouse of the Temple of Destruction where the innocent, pure and Holy are slaughtered to 'cover' the crimes of the GUILTY.
Going back to the Tarot card:
Apollo, the she-male is on the left;
Hercules the man without a head (because it was struck by the destroyer and his is transduced by the she-male now) in the constellations is centered; the bruising of MURDER of the 'Head of mankind' or the Heir of Earth (which I can only assume is a tie back to the slaughter of Kingu/Qingu/K'ayin/Jesus, by Marduk to 'form mankind' out of the 1/2 body (dry land) of his own mother...
Artemis is on the right

Subversion and destruction of a people; Know your KEEPER; the Babylonian Whore of Destruction; Apollyon the Destroyer (the Adversary/Enemy of Women; those who uphold the Culture of the people)

A 'Modern look' at the SATOR SQUARE:
S A T O R (SoweCulture)
A R E P O (Unrest A REPO)
T E N E T (PossessoInheritoOccupy)
O P E R A (EntertainMent; transducer of the mind)
R O T A S (Wheel; Roth <---yes, as in Rothschild, but I bet you all think this is about 'MonEye' the god of MonoTheism)

So, look at the image of the Sator Square; just reading it flat out;

To possess the Earth in every direction, subvert or transduce the mind and sow unrest (destruction) in the people


To lead away the mind of the people from their household gods (those who protect their culture) and from the keepers and upholders of culture; Women...
transducer (n.)
1924, "device which converts energy from one form to another," from Latin transducere/traducere "lead across, transfer, carry over," from trans "across, beyond" (see trans-) + ducere "to lead," from PIE root *deuk- "to lead."


The customs and manners of a people. Morality used to be defined as the customs of your culture. So immorality would have been 'outside the customs of your culture'. Because morality/immorality would have been subjective and not universal (or completely dependant on your culture) 'iniquity' would have been habitually falling outside the customs and manners of your culture. So it becomes a question of degree, to behave outside the customs in perpetuity or a matter of a singular instance. I think of is as the difference between an error or mistake (immoral) and a bad habit (iniquity).
moral (adj.)
mid-14c., "pertaining to character or temperament" (good or bad), from Old French moral (14c.) and directly from Latin moralis "proper behavior of a person in society," literally "pertaining to manners," coined by Cicero ("De Fato," II.i) to translate Greek ethikos (see ethics) from Latin mos (genitive moris) "one's disposition," in plural, "mores, customs, manners, morals," a word of uncertain origin. Perhaps sharing a PIE root with English mood (n.1).
Meaning "morally good, conforming to moral rules," is first recorded late 14c. of stories, 1630s of persons. Original value-neutral sense preserved in moral support, moral victory (where the notion is "pertaining to character as opposed to physical action"). Related: Morally.


To tenet or possess the mind of the people.
dogma (n.) c. 1600 (in plural dogmata), from Latin dogma "philosophical tenet," from Greek dogma (genitive dogmatos) "opinion, tenet," literally "that which one thinks is true," from dokein "to seem good, think" (from PIE root *dek- "to take, accept"). Treated in 17c.-18c. as a Greek word in English.


culture (n.)
mid-15c., "the tilling of land," from Middle French culture and directly from Latin cultura "a cultivating, agriculture," figuratively "care, culture, an honoring," from past participle stem of colere "to tend, guard; to till, cultivate" (see colony). The figurative sense of "cultivation through education" is first attested c. 1500. Meaning "the intellectual side of civilization" is from 1805; that of "collective customs and achievements of a people" is from 1867.
For without culture or holiness, which are always the gift of a very few, a man may renounce wealth or any other external thing, but he cannot renounce hatred, envy, jealousy, revenge. Culture is the sanctity of the intellect. [William Butler Yeats]
Slang culture vulture is from 1947. Culture shock first recorded 1940. Ironic or contemptuous spelling kulchur is attested from 1940 (Pound), and compare kultur.

Wheel Shield (Rothschild)

rotary (adj.)
1731, from Medieval Latin rotarius "pertaining to wheels," from Latin rota "a wheel, a potter's wheel; wheel for torture," from PIE root *ret- "to run, to turn, to roll" (source also of Sanskrit rathah "car, chariot;" Avestan ratho; Lithuanian ratas "wheel," ritu "I roll;" Old High German rad, German Rad, Dutch rad, Old Frisian reth, Old Saxon rath, Old Irish roth, Welsh rhod "carriage wheel"). The international service club (founded by Paul P. Harris in Chicago in 1905) so called from the practice of clubs entertaining in rotation. Hence Rotarian (1911).


opera (n.)
"a drama sung" [Klein], 1640s, from Italian opera, literally "a work, labor, composition," from Latin opera "work, effort" (Latin plural regarded as feminine singular), secondary (abstract) noun from operari "to work," from opus (genitive operis) "a work" (from PIE root *op- "to work, produce in abundance"). Explained in "Elson's Music Dictionary" as, "a form of musical composition evolved shortly before 1600, by some enthusiastic Florentine amateurs who sought to bring back the Greek plays to the modern stage." No good opera plot can be sensible. ... People do not sing when they are feeling sensible. [W.H. Auden, 1961] As a branch of dramatic art, it is attested from 1759. First record of opera glass "small binoculars for use at the theater" is from 1738. Soap opera is first recorded 1939, as a disparaging reference to daytime radio dramas sponsored by soap manufacturers.

Know your target

A people can't be destroyed until you destroy their culture. This means you have to analyze their 'old gods' and subvert them. In the case of the conquering of the Indo-European people by the Babylonian Death Cult it was necessary to 'know our Teraphim (household gods or those who protect the bloodline)' and intermingle their morals and beliefs with Sumerian values.
When you are looking to target a people you must 'survey the land' in order to establish what needs to happen to destroy the people. So a survey of the people's morals, ethics and beliefs must take place that will inform you of the places that are weak within a culture in order to subvert and destroy them.
In the case of the Indo-European people and the ongoing war against us, it had to be established that we have feelings for the 'Underdog' or sympathy for the weak. A system is then engineered that takes advantage of our beliefs by fashioning the ENEMY as the UNDERDOG...

ALRIGHT enough for now...heading out the door to run errands

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2017.04.22 23:54 modernmann What are your late round picks....Mine: James Conner (RB, also #24)

Not only is #24, but I like fighters, and this kid has fought thru quite a bit thus far...
James Conner*, RB, Pittsburgh Height: 6-1. Weight: 233. Arm: 31.25. Hand: 9.88. 40 Time: 4.65. Projected Round (2017): 4-6. 4/8/17: In 2016, Conner ran for 1,092 yards with an average of 5.1 yards per carry carries with 16 touchdowns. He also caught 21 passes for 302 yards with four scores. Conner ran slowly at the combine, but that was expected for the power back.
It was a triumph for Conner to return to the field and find the end zone as much as he did in 2016; however, he doesn't look like quite the same player as he was before his knee injury and his victory over cancer. Sources said it may have been in Conner's best interest to play one more year of college football and get all the way back before going into the 2018 NFL Draft, but he decided to enter the 2017 NFL Draft.
9/3/16: What was supposed to be a big 2015 season for Conner never got off the ground as he tore his ACL. Then, he was diagnosed with cancer. Conner was declared cancer free in the spring and has been training hard to return to football this fall. Conner was a a bruising back in 2014, yeat showed surprising quickness for such a big runner. The sophomore averaged six yards per carry on the year for 1,765 yards with 26 touchdowns. He had five receptions for 70 yards as well. As a true freshman, Conner averaged 5.5 yards per carry for 799 yards with eight touchdowns. While Conner has to improve his receiving ability for the NFL, he looks like a bell-cow back capable of carrying a heavy work load if he returns to his previous form.
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