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How To Calibrate The Battery On Android Phones

2023.06.01 12:50 Androidtechniques How To Calibrate The Battery On Android Phones

How To Calibrate The Battery On Android Phones

One of the things that may happen to your smartphone after a while of use is a decrease in the device’s accuracy in showing the battery’s actual capacity. Sometimes there is a problem with old products: even though the battery is not at zero percent, the smartphone turns off.
This happens when the battery is out of calibration and needs to reset. Next, we want to explain what battery calibration is. (What is the caliber of the phone?)
  • Samsung smartphones have a feature called Quick Reset. This feature allows you to calibrate the battery of your Samsung device easily. To calibrate your Samsung phone, do the following:
  • Use your smartphone until the battery charge reaches 5%.
  • From the call application, enter the code *#0228# and select the option to make a call if the code is not activated automatically.
  • A pop-up menu will appear. From the displayed menu, select the Quick Start option.
  • Now, wait for the device to turn off and turn it on again. Check whether the battery charge percentage is lower than the previous number.
  • Connect the smartphone to the charger and wait until it is 100% charged.
  • Turn off the device and turn it on again. Also, disconnect the charger from the device.
  • Go back to step 2 and do this two more times.
  • By now, you should have done Quick Start three times, and the battery charge should be 100%. Dial the code *#9900# from the call application.
  • From the menu that will pop up for you, select the batterystats.bin reset option.
  • Exit the menu and restart the smartphone.
There is also an Android battery calibration app, and you can use the Android battery calibration app to do this. You can also access the battery test code on smartphones of different Android brands. In the following, we have put a list for you that you can quickly access to test the health of the phone battery from various brands.
The method we will explain below can be done on all Android smartphones. Of course, in the rest of the article, we will explain what should be done to calibrate the products of other brands.
  • First, you need to drain the battery capacity. To do this, use the smartphone until the device turns off.
  • Turn on the device again and wait for it to turn off again.
  • Now, connect the smartphone to the charger and wait until the device is fully charged.
  • After the device is fully charged, disconnect the charger from the smartphone.
  • Turn on your smartphone. Check the battery charge level. If it does not reach 100%, connect the charger to the smartphone again, so it is fully charged. Now, wait until the charge reaches 100%.
  • Disconnect the charger and restart your device. Connect your smartphone to the charger again if the charge percentage is not 100%. Continue this process until the device shows 100% charge after restarting.
  • Use the phone until the charge reaches zero percent, and the device turns off.
  • Connect the device to the charger and fully charge it. Your smartphone will be calibrated by doing the mentioned method.
If there is a problem with the battery, sometimes the best way is to take the smartphone to experts and have the battery replaced. Of course, if you use a smartphone with a replaceable battery, you only need a new battery to fix the problem by just replacing the battery.
Of course, most smartphones that can be found in the market today use an integrated body, which does not allow the battery to be separated from the body. On the other hand, you should remember that sometimes calibrating the battery may not work, and your device may still have problems.
If you have recently installed a new app update for your smartphone and after that, your device’s battery has a problem, the problems may be due to app problems. In such a situation, it is better to wait until the release of a new update by the manufacturer to solve the problem.
Now that we know what phone calibration is, battery calibration should be done when you have doubts about the device’s performance in displaying the remaining charge percentage. If you don’t see any problem in the performance of the device in displaying the correct capacity of the battery, there is no need to calibrate it. The following are the correct times to calibrate the battery:
Even though your smartphone reports that there is a significant percentage of battery charge, it suddenly turns off.
Even though you use the smartphone for a long time, the percentage does not decrease or increase.
A lot of time has passed since your smartphone’s battery life, and you are suspicious about its performance.
Before we say the phone’s calibration, we must mention something. The smartphone should be able to monitor the battery and inform the user when the battery is fully charged or when its charge level is close to zero and needs to be recharged. However, the mentioned feature in the smartphone has a problem, the device cannot display the exact amount of charge in the battery.
Such an event may occur due to app problems or the increase in battery life, and its performance may be affected. In any case, there is a solution that increases the accuracy of displaying the battery capacity. Of course, you should remember that doing this will not improve battery performance. Such work helps the device to show the available battery capacity more accurately.
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2023.06.01 12:19 iirisconsulting Artificial Intelligence in Security

Artificial Intelligence in Security
In the late 1970s, academics and industry has worked on the subject of AI and with the advent of numerous connected networks and big data, Neural Networks and Deep Learning have emerged as key application areas of AI based. Last 24 months have been interesting for the Security Industry with new age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Machine Vision making mainstream appearances; products getting smarter & sophisticated; and the overall adoption roadmap of these technologies seems much wide spread now than ever.
The growing number of companies innovating in AI applications for physical security is a clear indication that these are more than a passing phase.
These technologies have been identified as ‘Exponential Technologies’ as technology for which performance relative to cost and size is doubling every year.
The concept of Artificial intelligence is not new at all. It has been at the core of our smartphones since the last five years in the form of Siri, Alexa and Assistant (for Apple Amazon and Google environments respectively). For that matter, let’s go back a decade: ‘Text to Speech’ is a classic example of consumer genesis of AI.
This ‘Natural Language Processing’ will go beyond just speaking into the phone and resulting in typed text, rather these smartphones and other similar devices will even understand what has been entered. With smart elements such as smart tagging, key word identifying and geographical tagging: these systems will correlate the inputs and provide a better topic identification. A sentence such as ‘someone forced entered through main door’ will not be read just the way it sounds according to the English language, but these machines will apply the technology to decipher the outcome / output result by identifying it to be an ‘act of intrusion’.

Artificial Intelligence in Security
A major deep learning breakthrough occurred in 2015, which radically reduced the machine vision error rate. During a machine-vision competition, a large visual database designed for use in visual object recognition software research - succeeded for the first time in surpassing the five percent average human error rate, when analyzing a database of images. Such a rapid enhancement was caused not only by progress in advanced algorithms, but also by the development of new and much faster hardware systems based on graphics processing unit (GPU) cores, instead of traditional central processing units (CPUs). These new marriage of hardware and software architectures allowed for faster learning phases.
Understanding these Technologies
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the body of science, algorithms, and machines that are able to perform some version of learning and independent problem solving, based on advanced software and hardware components. Data is core to AI; large datasets are the foundation for recent performance improvements across market applications. Within the AI subject field there are other sub-fields such as machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning.
Machine Learning involves collecting large amounts of data related to a problem, training a computer using this data and employing this model to process new data. Deep learning, which is a branch of Machine learning, is a way to emulate the functions of the human brain using software algorithms.
With deep learning, you can show a computer many different images and it will “learn” to distinguish the differences. This is the “training” phase. After the neural network learns about the data, it can then use “inference” to interpret new data based on what it has learned. For example, if it has seen enough cars before, the system will know when a new image is a car.
For this to happen, the system “learns” by looking through large volumes of data that need faster processing time to achieve artificial intelligence (AI). This is where Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) comes in, and is making artificial intelligence accessible to the security industry. By improving surveillance efficiency and accuracy with AI during the course of time - the technology is already being added to existing cameras to more efficiently search for objects or persons of interest. In surveillance applications, AI could eliminate the need for humans to do hard laborious work such as look at hours of video footage.
A system relying on neural networks differs from conventional pattern-recognition systems, in that it will continuously learn from experience, and base its ability to discern and recognize its surroundings like human beings do: by learning from real sounds, images, and other sensory input.
Enabler of Competitive Advantage
In the recent past, the usage of machine learning – primarily in the applications for image processing and natural language processing, machine translation has exploded in the industry and allied sectors. Most of these capabilities are based on open-source libraries, and can be deployed easily and rather cost effectively in the cloud or distributed cloud – the entry barriers are on an all-time low and is on the rampant decline further. This will always give way for product and services innovations and the benefits will be beyond standard automation based tasks.
The proliferation of these technologies have especially resonated with the c-level business leaders who have embraced these in order to differentiate themselves from competitors.
As per a recent study conducted – 45% of businesses have deployed these technologies in the financial sector that are core to their business and about 10% are still experimenting – thus taking the overall count to more than 50% of the total businesses who are leveraging these technologies at some level.
Let’s take financial and human capital organisations for example – the adoption of AI and ML lies in the motivation to saving money – where in these technologies cut costs and increase productivity by a factor of billions of dollars. However, the main focus of these technologies over a period of time is well timed and informed decision making. About 60% organisations use it to drive decision making – and data is at the core of all of this. Any innovation that makes better use of data, and enables data scientists to combine disparate sources of data in a meaningful visualisation that could have the potential to gain competitive advantage. The areas where these are used are: Risk Management, Performance Analysis & Reporting, Ideation and Automation.
The key adoption drivers are to these are: Extract better (read ‘meaningful’) information, increase the pace of productivity, reduce overall operating costs and extract more value from data available (or data mined).
AI and the Security Industry
AI, ML and Deep learning technologies offer a much higher level of accuracy and reliability to recognise an object or behaviour, and accurately classify significantly higher than the traditional / conventional rules-based algorithms.
New age algorithms make deep learning solutions to view a scene as intuitively as a human being. The ability of deep learning algorithms to view a scene intuitively, as a human viewer would, means that detection accuracy increases dramatically. Neural networks allow a computer to apply a series of algorithms to a given situation learning to identify increasingly more sophisticated features such as shapes, colors, tones, textures - unlike rules-based solutions which are limited to the limited inputs. Also, as compute power continues to increase, the neural networks will leverage for improved accuracy.
Deep learning has demonstrated its capacity to increase the effectiveness of a computer to reliably classify objects and behavior. Security software companies are now marketing analytics that can leverage deep learning to turn vast amounts of video footage into usable information in a fraction of the time it would have taken in the past. In the video surveillance analytics market, some algorithm developers are using AI in the form of deep learning to maximize their output efficiency. Most of these software companies are training the algorithm mostly in the cloud, using solutions such as Amazon Web Services or Azure as heavy computing power is expensive so it is leased. This has bolstered the growth of the security could market by a factor of 35% yearly.
Programming and coding methods have also been optimised for rapid deployment. In the past, the speed and quality of the analytic was directly impacted by the team’s size. Now, analytics can be developed for niche applications quickly and with far lesser resource requirement boosting up competition amongst niche players. Furthermore, most of the large companies are focused on one-size fits all, leaving opportunity in niche applications.
Video processing software also allows users to interact with the surveillance footage using a search engine like interface with natural language search terms such (such as ‘man in a red shirt’, or ‘blue car’). This makes searching video like a breeze and much easier to use and search, there by significant reducing time and human effort to pull footage from hundreds of thousands of cameras. In addition to this, the ability to detect multiple objects and classify them allows for much greater insight – for example, this extends the ability to recognizing a cars color, type, make, model, and analysing which direction and speed it is moving at - making it possible to provide trending analysis, draw patterns and conclusions based on historical data.
This coupled with the concept of Command & Control Centres, the industry is moving in the direction of ‘Usable and Actionable’ Result oriented framework for security information management and security operations.
Face Recognition Applications and Biometrics:
Most facial recognition analytics on the market today feature some kind of deep learning. Not only does it increase the accuracy of facial recognition sensors, it also enables faces to be identified in larger and more crowded scenes. In the wake of recent terrorist attacks in crowded locations, this capability could change the whole approach to security monitoring, allowing law enforcement to track suspects with greater speed and efficiency.
However, deep learning analytics are doing more than just improving accuracy rates. They are also enabling the system to make assumptions and provide business intelligence on a detected face. Age and sex recognition algorithms, which are particularly popular within retail applications, allow end-users to profile potential customers and target marketing material appropriately. Furthermore, some vendors claim to be able to recognize a person’s emotions through analytic algorithms. There remains some debate as to the accuracy of these solutions currently.
One area where facial recognition has the potential to disrupt, is in the access control market. Facial recognition solutions have been used for a number of years at passport control in airports. However, as the price of the technology and cameras reduces, it is expected that facial recognition will be used to prevent access to restricted areas.
Risk Based Access Control:
In nearly all access control systems, the authentication process is a singular event; a credential is presented and access is granted or denied. However, by leveraging the advanced capabilities of neural networks this process can be made more intelligent.
At a basic level, risk based access control can be summarized as follows: in many sports stadiums public office space is combined with the actual sports stadium. Access to the office locations needs to be open when workers are accessing it during the week. However, when the sports event is on this access should be restricted and only provided to key personnel with the correct access control credentials.
In the example given the authentication process is dynamic, depending on circumstances. This allows the system to shift gears and provide a higher level of building security when certain events happen. By introducing the intelligence of AI to a risk-based access control authentication decision, the process can be made more complicated. Instead of defining risk levels by looking at the events currently on in the building, the system could pull data from other security or building management systems or social media alerts to make decisions based on this data. The main barrier to developing this level of complexity using traditional rules-based analytics is that there are simply too many variables to account for. The use of neural networks means developers do not need to write rules for the system to follow, they simply need to provide the algorithm with objectives and training data. Over time, the system will be able to decide how all of the inputs should relate to the current risk level.
Real Time Crime Analysis
Predictive analysis tools have come a long way since the first products and solutions. Police agencies can now make use of a wide range of data inputs and advanced data mining techniques to predict where criminal activity is likely to occur. This approach is called the predictive crime center and it is becoming an important part of modern policing.
Data from video surveillance, traffic management cameras, audio analytics, gunshot detection, weather systems, and other public safety systems are analyzed in parallel to identify patterns and potential threat events. Over the past few years, social media has also become a viable tool in public safety. In many cases, incidents are first reported on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Analyzing the data “hose” is challenging but can support quicker emergency response times when applied successfully.
The future predictive command center will be reliant on powerful analytics software to extract intelligence from the unstructured data sources routed into command centers. The solution must be open to ensure that enough data is fed into the big data solution. Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in navigating this data, recognizing patterns and making intelligent decisions independently of the human operators.
Related, a more localized solution to predictive alerts could be implemented in the suburban environment. AI could be used to identify criminal behavior such as burglary and theft. Deep learning video surveillance cameras could support the process, alerting to triggers such as loitering, repeatedly walking past the same spot and wearing clothing that makes it hard to identify an individual. Artificial intelligence in this case could also make better use of the crime data available – in terms of frequency, time, approach, and direction, to more accurately predict future criminal events.
Managing Large Data Volumes (Big Data), Privacy and Cyber Security
AI supports more detailed statistical analysis of the operations of security departments. However, one of the challenges for “big data” is in having enough data to make reliable statistical conclusions. As we have already highlighted, the short-term data analysis opportunities will likely be in situations where large data sets are created such as in safe city projects. Smaller companies may not be able to make accurate decisions based on a more limited data set. Ultimately, AI is required to identify that thing that does not belong in the data: this requires enough data to recognize anomalies, not just new content.
Another challenge is in normalizing the data. Social media represents an important new source, but in order to alert to abnormal behavior there needs to be an assessment of what is normal behavior. Consequently, normalizing the data set is critical to assess what is the typical amount of conversation around a specific topic.
The physical security market could also learn from other industries in applying AI to customer service. Natural language processing is improving and chat bots are increasingly used by consumer facing companies to provide an artificial intelligence interface for their users. This type of technology could be deployed to support physical security and employee security applications in the future.
As discussed, the performance of an artificial intelligence algorithm is linked to the quality and size of the available dataset. In an increasingly connected world, new physical security sensors are being deployed all the time, driving different data types into the AI solution. While this is great for the evolution of deep learning algorithms, it does present a threat in terms of cybersecurity. Historically, the biggest challenge for cybersecurity in the physical security market has been the lack of awareness throughout the route-to-market. End-users often underestimated the force of cyber threats and integrators and equipment suppliers were not focused on building cyber protection into their solutions.
More recently, equipment vendors in the video surveillance and access control markets have shown more commitment towards cyber security. Responses have included product hardening guides, encryption certification, the auditing of firmware code and partnerships with dedicated cyber security solution providers.
However, many of the connected device start-ups entering the physical security market don’t have the resources to focus on cyber security and will remain a threat to the overall solution. As the large IT companies improve their cyber defenses, it is likely that attacks on IoT vendors will increase in regularity and intensity. Ultimately, these companies will provide an easier target to hackers looking to maximize their impact.
AI is also relevant in terms of cyber security technology. For example, the defense market is already using deep learning applications to analyze cyber data to better protect critical national infrastructure. Many industry observers think that hackers will use this technology to escalate their attacks in the future too, increasing the cyber threat further. There are also some concerns related to how AI solutions interpret inputs and whether this could be manipulated by cyber criminals to cause confusion and damage in the future.
Related to the cyber threat, data privacy and risk will also be important considerations as AI solutions become more pervasive. Data encryption of video surveillance images is not common at the moment; mostly it is used in healthcare or critical infrastructure. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU could define video as unique personal data which may change the encryption requirements for video feeds.
GDPR could also impact what data is stored and how it is shared, impacting the analytics market. In particular, face recognition and person classification analytics will be considered personal data and have constraints on what can be done with the information. In response, Belgium announced that it will be banning the use of facial recognition for private use. The legislation does allow access control law enforcement applications but is an example of how data privacy could impact the physical security AI market.
Future is NOW for Artificial Intelligence
AI will be disruptive to many industries – not just the physical security market. Moreover, the impact of AI will not be just on industries and finance, but our entire society, especially in the areas of privacy and data security, labor, and ethics. The need for data security and privacy is more essential today than ever, given the availability of such powerful technologies.
The physical security market is primed to benefit from AI for two reasons:
• AI, in the form of deep learning algorithms, has the potential to revolutionize the video surveillance analytics market providing face recognition, object recognition and behavior recognition at a reliability level that will really matter to end-users.
• The physical security industry generates data. Video surveillance images, access control data, audio analytics, social media, police records management systems and other IoT sensors all generate data that can be correlated and analyzed by artificial intelligence systems to build a safer society. Intelligently managing this data is huge challenge. AI can help solve this problem.
The challenge for physical security vendors, end-users, and integrators will be how to make the most of the AI opportunity. This will involve investment, education and judgement to best apply this transformative technology to the individual challenges faced by each participant.
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2023.06.01 12:12 StarInvestment_1 Wondering how to get a 10% return on investment in Australia?

Wondering how to get a 10% return on investment in Australia?

To All Potential Investors

Our investment model gives an investor the opportunity to invest in our waterfront property development project @ Lake Narracan Resort in Gippsland , Victoria. The model allows any potential investor to earn a monthly fixed passive income stream and also receive a captial growth at the end of the investment term.

How does property development investment work?

The fundamental logic of a property development investment is to buy an existing house , renovate and present it better and then sell it at a higher price and make a profit. Here are all the essentials you need to renovate and rebuild.
This strategy of flipping older houses, sprouce it up and then resell is very common in Australia. If you are in this model of flipping houses and making a profit , here are 5 common mistakes you need to avoid.
Another common variant that property developers use is to buy several adjoining houses, demolish them and build something new from scratch. The property developer in this case could build a single luxury home or multiple townhouses depending what they think works for them.

Why would a property developer need an investment?

The simplest way to understand this is to familiarize yourself about the tasks involved in property development.

Here is a list of tasks and who is involved in completely them

property developer — the person or company who oversees everything
Town planner – This person or company creates the overall site layout
Architects – create the designs for each home or land
Solicitors – helps with legal all contracts to buy and sell land or houses
Surveyor – makes sure that the building designs meet building codes
Builder – undertakes all the construction work
Realtors – sell the completed properties
It’s the property developer’s job to manage all of the parties involved to make sure that they’re all working together, to design, obtain approval for build, and sell properties.

Property Development Investment Strategy From Star Investment

When you invest with us, you gain exposure to real estate assets through a highly profitable investment strategy that outperforms other investment methods in the market today. Our property development investment strategy focuses on location and growth potential, and our research and development team is highly skilled. Their expertise and knowledge in the property market is second to none.

Our safe investment methods allows investors to earn fixed monthly passive income

We all know that the Australian property market has experienced significant growth in the last 10 years, and property prices have skyrocketed. Despite the negative news about rising interest rates , chinese property buyers are well and truly back into the Australian real estate market and it does not look like the prices going to drop like forecasted by the various news agencies. However, property development has also been a prosperous investment model in recent years, as long as the location and growth projections are accurate. Developing a mega-project that involves a lot of workforce is typically beyond the means of individual investors. That’s where we come in. Our investment structure allows multiple investors to fund the development sector of our projects. In turn, we provide property development opportunities to investors who wouldn’t be able to pursue them on their own.

Our role in a waterfront development project in Lake Narracan , Gippsland Victoria

Star Investment is directly involved in a waterfront land development project in Lake Narracan, Gippsland, Victoria. The project has already sold out 70% of the first 6 stages, with over $23 million in sales and a $125 million Gross Development Value (GDV). The growth has been quite significant in the last 2 years, and we have also raised $5.7 million in investments during that time.

Best investment offer from Star Investment with guaranteed fixed returns paid monthly

Our fixed monthly returns outperform even the 10% offer from other competitors in the market today. Our 12% ROI, coupled with the 10% capital growth that you will receive at the end of your 5-year term, is simply unmatched.

Here is our passive income calculator for your investments

Based on an initial investment of $100,000 and an annual return of 12% p.a., your return on investment will be $70,000 in profits including a 10% capital growth. Please look at our options page to figure what type of investment best suits you.
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1. The Significance Of A Solid Lock Framework:

A business locksmith can assist you with finding the right sort of lock situation that will turn out best for your structure. There are a wide range of styles and types, each with their own benefits and impediments. A business locksmith can suggest at least one sorts that will enough get your business property. Furthermore, business locksmiths can likewise assist you with redesigning your ongoing lock framework if important. Assuming security is absolutely vital to you, there are numerous choices that will make it hard for gatecrashers to break in or look over your business property.

2. Protect Your Business With A Caution Framework and Security Entryway:

Business locksmiths can assist you with tracking down the right alert situation for your business also. There are a wide range of sorts of business cautions, and a business locksmith can suggest at least one choices relying upon what sort of safety you really want. Furthermore, business locksmiths can likewise assist you with introducing your new ad alert framework if essential. Security entryways are another extraordinary choice that business locksmiths can suggest for guarding your representatives hands in the vicinity. These entryway frameworks will hold unapproved individuals back from going into the structure and safeguard your workers in the event of a crisis. A business locksmith can suggest the best kind for your business property and introduce them depending on the situation.

3. Locksmiths Assist Entrepreneurs With carrying out Access Control Frameworks:

Somebody working for you probably won't merit a key to your business. Access control frameworks permit organization proprietors to direct who approaches the working environment or construction. A few organizations just get a key at whatever point they are prepared to share their trust with a representative, like another chief. Keys can by and by be copied without your assent. We suggest that each organization approaches control frameworks set up to control which representatives approach keys. We can fabricate such a framework so that keys can't be replicated without approval.

4. Reestablish Access After Endeavored Break-In:

Assuming that cheats assault your essential entryway, you'll be worried about the wellbeing of your assets and stock. Your organization's functioning archives are delicate and important. Assuming somebody endeavored to acquire passage, the reasonable thing to do is to change your locks. An expert business locksmith can help you in reevaluating access strategies, particularly on the off chance that you utilize keen access arrangements.

5. You Can't Remember the Protected Mix:

A protected with a mix can give a gigantic measure of insurance for your resources. All things considered, you never need to stress over somebody finding the key and taking the fundamental things you have put away there. Sadly, one disadvantage of blend locks is that occasionally individuals fail to remember the mix. In the event that you haven't involved the protected in some time or need to shuffle lots of passwords and blends in your mind, you might fail to remember what the protected code is. In the event that you have it recorded in a mystery place, this makes a difference. There might try and be a confidential key that the protected producer gives that can sidestep the blend on the off chance that you forget the password. If all else fails, a locksmith can help. The locksmith will confirm that the safe is yours and use methods to open the safe.

6. The Blend is Correct, Yet the Instrument is Old:

There are times when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the numbers you are placing in are right. Maybe you caused the mix to mirror a significant birthdate or another huge number to you. Consequently, you realize without a doubt that you are utilizing the right number. The issue isn't the blend when you realize that the number you're contributing is right. All things being equal, the instrument has fizzled. For instance, you might have a protected with a battery inside. The battery might be excessively low to permit the mix to work and open the safe. Likewise, in the event that you have a keypad protected, the cushion faceplate might have flopped in some way. Consequently, the right numbers aren't enrolling in light of the fact that there is an off-base thing in the actual system, not the numbers you are entering.

7. Wiring Harm:

Your home or business might have an electronic safe. These safes might have wiring that conveys messages from bolts to the locking component. Assuming that the safe is old, the wiring might have become harmed and isn't conveying messages to the locking instrument. A locksmith will help by fixing the wiring and getting your electronic safe working appropriately once more.

8. Forestalling Issues with Your Safe:

Similarly as with most family and business things, keeping up with them routinely can forestall issues. This is likewise the situation with private safes and business safes. Specialists suggest that you get support on your safe at regular intervals, essentially assuming you access your protected day to day. For those that aren't opened often, you might have the option to get support at regular intervals. A locksmith will assist you with keeping up with your protected by greasing up parts and guaranteeing that the component works accurately. On the off chance that batteries are low, they will urge you to supplant them before they cause an issue with locks. Moreover, assuming that they notice issues creating with the wiring, they will urge you to fix it before it deteriorates.

9. Access Control Administrations:

An actual access control framework is the best venture to control individuals' admittance to your business' assets. Locksmiths introduce different access control frameworks, like biometrics, key coxcombs, electronic keypads, and ringer frameworks. An entrance control framework lets your business go keyless and decreases your dependence on actual keys. While actual keys have served organizations for quite a long time, workers and different gatherings can copy or share them and make your structure helpless against thievery. Conversely, you can without much of a stretch disavow the entrance of keycards and coxcombs or change PINs and passwords in the event of a security break through an entrance control framework. On the off chance that workers get in and out of the organizations at various hours, an entrance control framework allows them to get to the approved regions whenever the timing is ideal.

10. CCTV Framework Establishment:

The advantages of CCTV frameworks for business properties are bounty and incorporate forestalling burglary and giving a visual record of all business exercises. Likewise, surveillance cameras exhibit to clients that you care about their security, and policing a more straightforward time exploring extortion and theft. A locksmith will assist you with planning, introduce, and deal with a hearty CCTV framework. A locksmith offers different administrations that improve your structure's security. Reach us at Robbie's Critical and Lock today for cutting edge answers for your business security needs.
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2023.06.01 09:10 EccentricSage81 service fees in sydney australia how do they work?

So I dont go out of the house much due to poor health and when I do go somewhere its very interesting when a small newsagency store has a fridge behind the counter and I ask for a drink because i cant physically get it and they wanna charge a $3 service fee for a $2 bottle of water? or something like that and the service fee is not shown on the electronic digital screen the register had in the price she types that in separately after. I was wondering what service she provided me with and how it works. Also to order online some stores are exclusive to certain delivery places like is the only one with eljannahs lebanese chicken stores in my area. In store i Can see a menu choice about $50 for a meal option that gets you a mixed deal fried and regular chicken then go to order it online on ubereats and its $70 something maybe and has delivery plus a service fee on top and the service fees are making a very creative problem worse.
Its like somehow it has to cost MORE to have it delivered than for me to catch a taxi there and back. Its super mysterious that I as a disability pensioner wish to save on money and maybe physically CANT go and get my food and dont own a car I use photoID and dont bother with a drivers licence. So they're considerately saying its all not in stock online or in store only or pickup only and then charging lots to have it delivered. If i phone a taxi company and avoid the menu on the online ordering and have them drive the food over, would that be cheaper or the same and would there be a service fee on top of the taxi service fee i wonder. After all hiring a taxi is hiring a service so an additional service fee on top of a taxi service fee. Where do all these services come from and why arent beautiful women waiting inside the taxi to give me some extra extra special services for what im paying with every single transaction in this stupid land of sydney? Obviously Australia has some question marks after the word and gets everything completely arse backwards pretend make believe.
A good example are "shares and dividends" where you invest a bit of money in some business for a share in it and each year it pays you more than an employee working there earns and more than the business owner maybe received that year as they may have been bouncing back and forth on operational costs in the black or the red and the amount they pay yearly only seems to be expected to increase for shareholders. The thing about shares is in the recession in places like the USA money was tight and taxes were confusing as every 5 minutes driving you crossed a state border and had a different tax rates and system that maybe wasnt shown on price tags and receipts. Now is it illegal to not show taxes on receipts? -YES yes it is. There is no such thing as a hidden tax ever thats called THEFT. Since the taxes dont change everyweek and are a fixed rate is it a crime to just pencil them in randomly like uhh today its this much? YES yes it is too. And some stores in the recession would have criminals fight people over how much their tax is and argue over them paying it when everywhere had no money in the recession so employers who could not afford to employ people begged for charity from strangers and not wanting to collect every receipt and try and get them resolved and corrected and adjusted to the real tax rates by the tax offices and show every meal theyve ever paid for at tax time- they had the clever idea of "oh the taxes and stuff those are being paid for by the guy behind me" So its actually tax fraud forcing people to dodge paying their taxes at the same time as being an we cant afford to pay our employees.
But because some states businesses had lots of employees in high rise buildings that dont offer direct services that could get anybody tips and wages and incomes were based around expecting minimum wages to be higher than whats shown based on the charity of random bypassers companies in specific states promised people if working hard would do things the chinese way and get a share in the business they are employed by which meant that the employer would annually cover the amount expected to be earned in tips for minimum wage factory workers and other things where tipping was required by LAW yet their job would not get them any tips. every countrys laws state its against the law to invest in overseas businesses unless your business NEEDS that to function or its a business you are bringing to your country or its a very important or required business that you hope to see in your country. You dont just pour every dollar you have overseas because it looks like countries with higher populations businesses make more money or you expect to be given shares and dividends and returns on investment quicker thats not how investing works as then your country has $0 inside of it and you have no visible way to see if the money you gave them made any sort of difference or the business is actually doing well or not and whether you will get a return at all. Lots of investors were found to be pocketing investors money and pretending they invested it and people had to wipe it off as a loss.
When obama and chinese president forgot his name were both investing in each others countries businesses which had their hanger ons and followers then invest in chinese or USA businesses too causing a lei feng to appear all over the wall street stockmarket and china to own majority shares in most of everything. Many of those companies are in states where shares and dividends are a thing because of the taxes and laws in those particular states which may happen to be where a bunch of big high rise buildings that cant allow the public inside for security concerns like a factory that makes the newest highest spec phones wouldnt want every child on earth coming unsupervised without a scheduled tour or whatever and half their inventory walking off with sticky fingered children. The reason some businesses would be in a situation where dividends are possible is those are for the entire nation as its a government run and required essential service for the lowest minimum cost price possible with the highest quality possible like telecommunications water and electricity or other such things. If you live in a country you cant afford water food or electricity and cant call anyone to get anything fixed who could ever possibly live there? you cant. So the government does this governing thing and limits and regulates costs and runs and offers required services. For example if you keep all your money under the mattress your house will be robbed and your mattress flipped so the government is required by law to have banking services available and you as a citizen are required to HAVE a bank account and keep your money in the banking system of that country which is then called "the peoples money or the national treasury" amounts over something like $10,000 or expensive items require to be kept in safety deposit boxes at the bank else you could be out of luck and maybe get fined after being robbed for attracting crime you cant even insure your home or items unless you meet minimum security requirements and many car or other expensive items like jewellery if theyre more than a years income probably need security guards or monitored camera feeds or something. And the banks cant touch any of that stuff your money or your valueables and dont make a single dollar off your dollars in there its the all of countries money. If they rob the treasury its quite the treason -you dont want to publicly die a traitors death. Since telecomms and power and things are done at close to cost price they can often have profits expected which then get given back to the people not to overseas investors not to people who are not employed by the company in the state where laws make those situations the law. Its rarely a situation where you gain employee status for a small share in a business.
Now back to the newsagency and everything else i buy lately it seems and what have you- could i have jumped the counter and gotten myself a drink? did she pour it into a glass? no she handed me a bottle imagine if she gave me a can what sort of service fee would i be charged then? when do the service fees end and the services begin i wonder?
if theres such random nonsensical services we might as well all pay with random items and haggle with chickens and goats and other non legal not money things with zero equity no land oil buildings food resources and fuels such as crypto currency which is video game currency without the video games. But some games did seem to add it as a ingame thing. But yeah unless the government makes crypto currency into a promissary note based on their nations wealth and says "this guy is good for this much" then its not money and if someone hands me a bottle of water from a fridge and doesnt let me open the fridge and get it myself and doesnt pour it or put ice in there is it actually a service? If my food gets delivered by uber eats, did uber eats pay the service fee already in the menu listing?
its uhh very confusing. My sister thinks uber eats charges 30% to the store and that they are passing that cost onto us. So some stores menus may be similar or same as in store and others very not then theres delivery and service fees extra. But isnt the delivery fee a service and thats two service fees for the same service? I also suspected that the service fee was in the cost of the product and the GOODS and SERVICES TAX was you know the governments charge for making the service available and to provide more services. In fact i believe when income tax was like 2/3 of your money, they bought in the GST so people never had to pay income tax ever again as you couldnt NOT pay taxes ever again as everything you buy has GST. Now theres even internet tax why the heck are there additional service fees on top of the price of someone serving you up a product and the GST. i think some one super stuffed up as the GST brings in so many ridiculously more tax dollars that we werent ever supposed to pay income tax anymore but it feels like more than ever. Where does it all go? i mean our trains are still often some sort old things BEFORE a tangara that rattles along. Its a trillion% not going to education.
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2023.06.01 09:05 Bracks3 Mid-season player review

So, we're going into a bye weekend after a pretty tumultuous 11 rounds, so it feels like a good time to take a breath and do a mini review of the players. I'm only going to rate the players who have played at AFL level this season as I haven't watched enough VFL this season. Let me know what you agree/disagree with and your own thoughts.

Chad Warner (8.5/10)
He's been one of our better performers in the majority of our wins, but is still searching for that next level of consistency to become a Brownlow medal contender as he went missing in a few losses this year. Hard to believe he's only played 50 games with the amount of heavy lifting the Swans need him to do each week now.
Hayden McLean (6.5/10)
Hasn't quite made the next step yet, but in the absence of other tall forward options and the decline of Buddy, he has been a contributor each week. Would like to see him clunk a few more marks in F50 to make him a more dangerous player and ease the pressure on others. A better goalkicker accuracy-wise than most in 2023.
Dylan Stephens (3/10)
Unfortunately Dyl's season so far may best be described as a disaster. He's been dropped twice based on performance in a side struggling with injury. When he's played at AFL level he's consistently below par in basically every statistic other than gut-running. It's a worrying sign considering the draft pick Stephens cost - that 2019 draft is quickly becoming a damaging one to the Swans list (Ch.Warner is the only positive right now). Stephens dominates at VFL level, and if he can find a way to produce even 80% of that in the seniors he would be a great asset.
Ryan Clarke (5/10)
Performed some great clamp jobs last season to resurrect his career, but hasn't enjoyed the same success in 2023 since returning from injury. Clarke is a bit of a butcher with the ball and isn't the man you want making the last pass into the F50, so he really needs to step up his tagging if he wants to hold a spot in the side, or Horse needs to use him in a different position.
Isaac Heeney (7.5/10)
There's been a lot of criticism of Heeney that I think is a bit unwarranted, but it comes with the territory as a recent AA and one of the highest paid Swans. Isaac can certainly never be accused of a lack of effort and his contested work has been brilliant all season. He is one of the best tacklers in the comp to go with his marking, the real knocker on his game simply comes down to execution in front of goals and finding a way to get his hands on the ball when the Swans are struggling, but some of that comes down the coaches as well.
Logan McDonald (8/10)
Big improver early this season and was getting better every week before his injury. 2 goals a game is great for a developing key forward. Really looking forward to seeing this guy play over the next decade, just hope it's all in red and white and he stays healthy.
Harry Cunningham (6/10)
A hard one to rate. He's played every game but was invisible in many of them whilst playing further up the ground and struggling to have an impact. I've liked his game a lot better in the shutdown defensive roles that have contributed to the R10 and R11 wins. Still not sure he's best 22 in a premiership winning side, but we don't exactly have a lot of defensive experience/depth without him.
James Rowbottom (4/10)
I'll start by saying that I'm a huge fan of this kid. But it's not been a great year for Rowy. He continues to do some things well (tackling, defensive pressure), but can't get his hands on the ball enough for an inside mid and has been a turnover merchant as of late. He had 13 tackles vs. Port in probably his best game, but 9 clangers against Carlton on the weekend, which is top 5 all time for the Swans and several led directly to goals. It could also be argued that a lot of his tackles simply come from getting to every contest second. He needs time in the twos, but with Mills injured, Parker unavailable and injuries/form issues with other replacements, I can't see Horse giving him a spell.
Will Hayward (7/10)
Struggled to make a regular impact and goalkicking has been a bit off, but Will has been an important link man from defence to attack, and with a more coherent defence he'd probably get more of the ball on the rebound which is where he excels. His last two games have probably been his best, so his season is at least trending in the right direction.
Aaron Francis (7.5/10)
Wasn't too sure about the acquisition of this guy, and was even less sure when he played up forward initially, but since he has played down back he's done more than could really be expected of him. He had a good game against Freo and has been solid without being remarkable in the last two weeks. Was also good against GWS with 13 one-percenters which shows he has the potential to do more than just be an interceptor.
Tom Papley (6.5/10)
Honestly a little disappointed with Paps so far. A very good player when on-song, but he's had some poor performances and looked very shaky in front of goals. Had the best performance of any Swan this year against Richmond (6 goals, 25 disposals), but had a negative impact in some of the losses with a lack of awareness and some poor skill execution. Paps is a gun, so I'm sure he'll figure out how to get back to his best and there have been signs recently that he's back on track.
Oliver Florent (5.5/10)
Getting a bit of the ball, but has been exposed defensively repeatedly this season. He's also had some poor moments with ball in hand kicking into the centre of the ground for turnovers, and needs to remove the hospital handball from his game. He's basically stagnated into being a very average middle-of-the-road AFL level footballer, rarely in the best or worst on lists for a round. This might be his ceiling, but the one thing he can continue to do is try to improve his defensive positioning which is poor.
Callum Mills (6/10)
Had a OK start to the season, but a bit down on his elite 2022 form, then got deployed to try and fix our defensive issues with disastrous results. Not his fault obviously and it showed how much he is needed in the midfield. Was good against Collingwood, but then got injured which has again exposed our midfield contested ball issues even further.
Sam Wicks (7/10)
One game since return from injury and it was very good. Just what the Swans needed. Will await a larger sample size as he had a poor 2022, but if he can maintain this he's a lock for best 22.
Braeden Campbell (6/10)
I want to see more from Braeden. He's been moved around a lot this season as the coaching staff try to best figure out the best way to utilise him. Obviously an elite kick, and seemed to be doing some good things in the back half and kicking some beautiful long range goals. I'd like to see him take over Florent's HFB position as I think he can complement the run of Blakey/Fox with some good kicking skills that Florent lacks, and is a better defender. He's been basically invisible for the last 5 rounds.
Will Gould (2/10)
Oh dear this one isn't pretty. The best thing I can say is that he finally made it to AFL level. Unfortunately he got exposed to some good forwards and hasn't looked up to it. Was OK against Freo at times but still got outclassed in that game by some young forwards who should be at an earlier stage of development, which is not a good sign. Not sure where to next for Will, if the swans fix up their injuries worries he'll be a long way off adding to his games tally.
Peter Ladhams (7/10)
Braindead at times, but a solid contributor when he's played. Injuries to himself and Hickey haven't been ideal because he looks like he could best contribute as a Ruck/Forward if they ever get to play together. Lost his ruck battles most weeks, but gets clearances and helps the midfield.
Errol Gulden (10/10)
Couldn't ask for any more from this guy. Been the Swans best in 2023 so far despite taking on more and more of the load.
Nick Blakey (9.5/10)
Everyone was raving about his game against Carlton, but I think he's actually been very good all season so it wasn't at all surprising. It's even more impressive when you consider that he's had to play as a key back at times, a third tall in other games and a rebounding defender when we have the luxury, often all within minutes of each other. For me, the second best Swan in 2023 so far.
Lance Franklin (2/10)
He's played one year too many. With the amount of holes currently in his game the Swans need him to be super accurate in front of goals (like the back half of 2022), but unfortunately his goalkicking has been poor also.
Dane Rampe (6/10)
Looked to be in good touch before his injury. Swans are missing his experience and leadership more than we perhaps thought we would. Needs to play 10 games in the back half of the year for the Swans to have any hope at a late finals charge.
Luke Parker (8.5/10)
Dependable as always. That suspension is really disappointing as without Mills, Parker is perhaps our most important player to drive our stoppage work. Has a purple patch round 5-8 where he had a claim to being the Swans best each week and has been a contributor every other week.
Justin McInerney (4.5/10)
Perhaps a harsh rating, but I think he's regressed massively from late 2021/early 2022. Pretty good against Carlton and Collingwood, but honestly those are the only 2 games from 11 that have been up to the standard the Swans need from him. Needs to improving his kicking and spacing as he seems to get caught in a position where teammates can't use him frequently. Hopefully the Carlton game gives him the confidence to bounce back in the back half of the season.
Angus Sheldrick (5/10)
Played out of position in his 2 appearances and hasn't really been given a chance to shine yet in the seniors. My rating could change very quickly if he gets the chance as he clearly has ability given his VFL form.
Tom McCartin (7/10)
Injury has curtailed what could have been a big season for Tom. His absences have really hurt the Swans.
Tom Hickey (6/10)
Tough to get form back after an injury in your 30s, but he's clearly a better tap ruckman than Ladhams. Carlton game was better than his first game back, so trending upwards.
Marc Sheather (4/10)
I liked what I saw from Sheather, but it's early days for him, and with the current injury he may not get another chance in 2023.
Matt Roberts (3/10)
Certainly has potential, but like Sheather, injury has slowed down the early progress in his career.
Joel Amartey (7/10)
He's worked out how to get more of the ball and is a very useful Forward/Ruck option now. His injury came just as he seemed set to explode. Hoping that he returns in 2023 and can build on that start.
Corey Warner (4/10)
Didn't get to do a lot in his first few senior appearances. Plenty of upside, but needs time in the twos to develop his game.
Paddy McCartin (NA/10)
I'm not going to give a rating on Paddy. Just really hoping he's OK, football is secondary to getting himself healthy.
Robbie Fox (8/10)
I love this guy. Does a lot of good things, and while he does make the occasional clanger, he is surprisingly effective as a rebounding defender on top of being one of the best 1-on-1 defenders at the club.
Lewis Melican (6/10)
I thought that the Pelican's career at the Swans was over. Not his biggest fan, but he came in and did a job in his first game for 2023. Like Wicks I'll need to see a greater body of work to be convinced by him, but he was an immediate upgrade on Gould (which may be more of an indictment on Gould sadly).
Jake Lloyd (7/10)
Continues to do his job week in, week out. He'll always have the same holes in his game, but as long as he continues to do the things he's in the team for well, he has a spot on the HBF locked in to quarterback the side.
Lachlan McAndrew (6/10)
Didn't expect to see him in 2023, but did as well as you could really expect. Still got a lot of development to do to become a starter, but there are some good signs and hopefully he learns a lot from this early taste.
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2023.06.01 08:25 Unfair_Recover_9183 Sometimes I don't understand. And I do.

I long to have someone to be able to comunicate with these things that happen to me every day.
And I'm always dissapointed that nobody understands. And then I remember that's how I've made it to be.
I hate to post it here. I hate the need some have in these communities that they understand. But I have to, because today has been so incredibly charged, that I have to let it out.

Today, amidst some emotional turmoil about dealing with a bureacratic situation and thus having to be pretending that I feel like another number, with hints of kafka's process, and though I've had complete success in directing the way in which the issue will be played out, having achieved a solution that wasn't the quickest but was the best by choosing what's next in each encounter with an agent of this bureaucracy, today I took a pause to manifest something so unlikely and specific and random that honestly made me shake a little bit in disbelief, to the point I felt I was being naughty.

What I mean is though I was aware at specific times I was directing what the person was going to say, what my assumption had led to that, and I had consciously decided another person was gonna give me an answer I wanted multiple times, which let me to the situation being solved in the outcome that I wanted, but at same time I was experiencing a dislike of having to be doing all that, playing like I actually believed these persons had my fate int their hands because I know that in my country bureaucrats want to feel like they're in control otherwise they make matters difficult. Thouhg I was aware I was calling the shots,having manifested the problem from an idea of the past and directing its solution in 3 days of conscious manifestations, instant manifestations. Today I manifested, in a instanct, as I was in this place not so good, as my emotions and my mental content conscious and semi conscious was not the best, from a conviction that I don't know how to put into words, I manifested something so unlikely and so specific and with so little of an effort, and something I wanted in that moment because I just simply wanted it.

Exactly what is .. is not exactly important, what to me is important is how I did it. I saw, I got the idea, and I put it there. I brought it to where I wanted. But even the coceptual communication I'm saying is not it, that I was to describe to you the translation of the mental process that I used and that I remember exactly, is not it either. I could tell you exactly and if you read me you would try to do that as a method and it wouldn't work for you. It's the place. Not even that translates it, as I'm typing I feel it right here with me.

I do these type of things every day, what surprised me today is simply the fact taht I could do it in that precise moment, with that accuracy, as if my intention didn't need anymore translations, as if now I have a unfallible direct and clear connection. In that moment that I was living something that felt like huge cognitive disonance, along with anxiety and disgust and having to be doing something I did not want to do and didn't think it was fair to have to deal with. And to pretend I'm not calling the shots. And being aware I put myself there after some prolonged time of deep, problematic introspection, dwelling of issues of the past so as to try to understand, when I know and I preach this is not great.

It's incredibly amazing. And I know, that when I calm down, when these super charged emotions that led me to communicate this fade, I will see it all clearly, which translates to me to a superempowered feeling, the remembrance that it doesn't even matter! Because what happened today, to me doesn't mean it will dictate what happens tomorrow.

Later today, I manefested the key part of the solutiion, and such process I had to calm down to dictate that it will be good. It was almost like a coin toss, the fight between my assumptions. And twice it indicated it would go south, and I slowed everything down and did a revision, "no, you didn't just think that, that means nothing and you know how you can make it take the other direction". Yes, I slowed down and dictated a command to myself and then shut my mind for 10 seconds and there, it worked.

When the matter was solved, I let myself go, and expressed a feeling of anger at something tangential. I was aware that was not what I wanted to do, it was the old habit, the things I do to relate to people, so that people think I am like them and not some strange robot. I've done it all my life.

And later, I went to hang out with someone I haven't fixed because I don't want to be mean. See, some people get inside of you for different reasons. Or say, some reflections of you remain there because you feel fixing it would be wrong. Like feeling you're being a bad boy. And, knowing this, this person tells me two things I didn't want to hear, and didn't want to hear but was sort of creating myself. See, it's not the person, it's the energy you have created around that reference of a person, or a thing, or a situation. If the material reality throws at you something, because randomness or because you have come to assume it's ppossible, it's just the rules of life, it's a low energy vibration. But since it's a person, and you don't wish anything bad to anyone really, you let the problem you created with your assumptions continue to exist because you think dealing with it would be manipulating free will. I created the problem to begin with, by letting a person push his beliefs, take control of a situation. I've dealt with this person various times, in individual instances, I've modified the person to change something, or change a situation about him, to be what I want. Yet I let this person do it again, because he's gonna also fall under the umbrella of the things that I control, because I cannot lie to myself anymore, I have to allign with the truth, once you show it to yourself, in order to come back to it, you have to be what you know is truth: I control everything, even people.

I feel so alone sometimes. I long to be able to communicate all the magic that I experience in a daily basis, but people simply don't believe it, they think I'm crazy or they think I'm lying. Or they get jealous, I'm fucking tired of jealous people beucase you have to be guarding from them all the time. I have to keep shut.

But there are days like today I just have to get it out of my system. (And I'll regret it in a couple of hours, all these typing means I was in a state that didn't feel as empowered as I've known to be the truth, because what's to be gotten from this? Is there anybody that understands out there? If I see everyday that I control everything, who am I talking to? I'm talking to myself and there's no need to communicate this trhough this).

I don't understand, and I do. I do understand, it's just, so rich, so full of content, so emotional at times. Sometimes I'm so afraid of this power. Like I was doing a bad thing. I know how it is though, it's by bypasing that paradox where the power relies, and when the fear of it goes away. It's like a calling to stop being human. And like a cry to remain human from another part of me.

This has been happening for a long time now, and only when I let things get close to being not my preferred situation is that I use all the power with conviction and make things happen exactly how I want them. My life is so easy now, I have a deep calm and conviction even amidst the strongest of emotions and everything goes my way, I just don't know why I do it like this, when I know the best way and experienced this for around a year non stop.

I live multiple amazing little miracles every day, so many that I forget because I can't be surprised anymore. And yet I'm still here, in what it feels like playing a video game I enjoy in my one way, and that at times bores me because the meaning has been stripped from it and now I don't remember why I'm playing anymore.

Thank you for listening. Now we can go back to "I can't manifest my SP".
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2023.06.01 07:42 red-boost-powder Red Boost Reviews - Working, Ingredients, Benefits, Pros And Cons

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Complete those exercises that work more than one muscle group first, and then work on the ones that require the use of an isolated muscle. Doing this will allow you to complete the exercises that use the most energy first, while you are still feeling fresh and energetic. You will complete a more effective workout and put focus on working your entire body, rather than just one muscle group.
Make sure that you keep on increasing the number of weights that you lift. In order to build big, strong muscles, you need to constantly extend your current muscles to their limit. If your muscles are not intensively worked out, they will not grow. You could also increase the number of repetitions that you do to increase the intensity of your workout.
Try to find a friend to workout with. By having someone there, you will have someone who can push your limits a bit when you need it. This is especially nice if your workout buddy is at the same level that you are. Having a friend to workout with is also helps since certain weightlifting exercises do require a spotter.
Glutamine can be taken as a supplement to make sure that you are getting enough daily to develop strong, healthy muscles. This nutrient enhances muscle growth overall and helps the muscles to recover after a rigorous workout. You will see much better results if you incorporate 10-40 grams per day.
Final Verdict:
Many body builders know the importance of eating meat to get protein in their diet. Many of them overlook the fact that their body does need a regular serving of vegetables as well as the meat. These foods will provide your body with the much needed fiber that is needed to bulk up.
Using what you've learned here will be key in creating a muscle building strategy which works for you. You'll be able to reach goals more quickly by avoiding common mistakes, and build your mass beyond your peers as you'll know the techniques which work best. All it will take is determination!
Read This Also:

Reference Links:

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2023.06.01 07:16 eVeiL_ Guest violates terms of rental, leaves bad review and Airbnb won't remove it.

I had a guest reservation for 8 people over Memorial Day weekend (Thursday-Monday). The guest arrives the first night with 5 adults and 1 child, everything seems fine. Then on the second night at around 11pm the remainder of her party arrives 3 additional cars and 8 more guests for a total of 14 guests. I immediately notify her that this is beyond her reservation and I cannot host the extra guests because of local ordinances. She responds saying she understands, asks me if they can stay the night since it was already late and they will sort it out the next day. I was nice enough to agree to let them stay the night which exposes me to fines by the government if they are caught. The third night comes and her entire party of 14 is still at the property and no one has left. I notify her again and she says it's memorial day weekend and last minute affordable accommodations are really hard to find they are still working on it. I immediately check Airbnb and found a house that hosts up to 10 people for the last two nights Sunday and Monday for less than $700 and is around 10 minutes away from my property. So now I know she is lying about everything she has told me. I contact Airbnb about the guest violating the terms of the rental agreement and they cancel her reservation, this is around 12am on Sunday. I ask her to vacate the premises within 45 minutes, guest claims that Airbnb informed her that she can stay until 1pm to checkout which is another lie, Airbnb policy is you must check out immediately if your reservation is canceled. I also asked the support to send me proof that they informed her otherwise. She refused to leave the property until 1pm on Sunday. I really wanted to call the police and have her trespassed to teach her a lesson that she can't do this. But I did not want to disturb my neighbors now at approximately 2am. I say nothing until she leaves the property.
When I arrive at my property I find food crumbs all over the place; greasy hand prints on the walls and sofa; unknown pink stains on my carpet, bathroom vanity, nightstands, light switches; something was spilled all over the floor and it was in disgusting condition, they moved my furniture around to accommodate their unauthorized guest. They used the comforter as a sleeping bag, put the used comforter back into the closet. Put dirty silverware back into the drawer, so I had to reclean the entire drawer. They spilled liquids near the garbage and dirtied an unused bag, then put the dirty bag into the pile of clean garbage bags. They threw garbage directly into the bins when an abundance of garbage bags was provided.
I typically don't count inventory for guests, I replenish the supplies I give based on the party size and duration. To my surprise when I went to do laundry I only had 3 detergent pods left, prior to this guest I had about 20-30 pods left. She treated my house as a laundromat for her entire family and they brought all their dirty laundry to do at my house. I did not have enough detergent to clean the mess they left and all the linen that they used.
I leave double towels and linen around because it is a mountain house and I want my guest to have everything they'll need if something happens. I leave a light blanket and a thick blanket because not everyone in a group likes the same temperature. I leave an abundance (an entire roll) of garbage and recycling bags because I don't want them to not be able to throw out garbage. Many cleaners and host would advise against this because of cases such as this. But I am also a traveler and there is nothing more frustrating than not having something you need to get comfortable. Such as an extra towel if you got dirty being out all day, running out of garbage bags because your group cooks a lot. I try to be a good host and I don't even ask for any cleaning on checkout, all I ask is they tidily bag all the garbage and place it in the garage.
I receive a 1 star review, surprise. She states that I was mean (I don't feel like I was and I was actually very gracious not calling the police) I kicked her out (technically not true? she left on her own accord at 1pm, that is not what I requested), she states that I was kicking them out with 3 sleeping children (camera only saw 1).
I contact Airbnb that this guest violated the terms of the rental agreement and to have her ratings and review removed. It goes through the review process and they say no. So I appeal and dispute her review based on misinformation and lies. I receive a response from an agent stating that although I may feel like her review is false, individual experiences are subjective. So 3 children vs 1 is just a matter of perspective? Her statements are full of lies and they refuse to remove it.
In many jurisdictions such as mine we require permits and license from the local government. We are bound by occupancy limits, safety regulations, etc. We pay extra fees just to get our licenses and be able to rent out our vacation home. Airbnb's actions are protecting these horrible guest that can cause irreparable harm to the hosts. Hosts are at the most risks, entrusting a valuable asset to the guests with no certified method of compensation for unauthorized actions. My county fines are $1000/day of infringement of an ordinance, my HOA has fines of $500. The fines I could receive from this guest actions is at least $2500 which far exceeds whatever compensation I'm receiving for the reservation. There is no recourse for the hosts and our profile gets dinged even when I'm doing everything right and by the book. All the "lower" agents that receive my support requests compliment me for doing everything right and that all the proof is in the messages I have with the guest. Once they submit the information to the "higher" agent that has to approve the request, the higher agents just keep saying that no policy has been violated.
So it's ok for a guest to lie about everything and give the host a poor review as long as they don't violate any of AirBnb's review policy.
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2023.06.01 06:49 _cth_ Day R: The game to hack.

Day R: The game to hack.
Hey hey people!
I played this game like about 5 years ago, and now returning to it. Gosh it sucks now! It became p2w garbage, essentially. Too many microtransactions and pretty much shameless milking of the player audience. Even Diablo immoral seems to be able to provide more free content than Day R these days, lol. And that's telling.
Still, I can understand that you do want that sexy content.

1$ for repairs, ye, ye, guilty as charged.
Note that this developer is located in russia. And their taxes go directly to financing the invasion in Ukraine russia stated. Knowing this, I just can't make myself pay even for the premium account. And I would. I totally would otherwise. Even though I can hack it easily, which is what this post is gonna be about.
I pay only when I want to help and thank the devs for a good product and I generally hack the rest. As such, I typically never play triple A online games due to their advanced hacking protection. Day R does have some hacking protection, not much tho. It's enough to ban kids who don't really know when to stop or what they're doing.
Ok, now to hacking. There are four types of players:
  • Android rooted
  • Android not rooted
  • iOS jailbroken
  • iOS virgin


Disclaimer: we love iOS folks. We love to joke at their expense, but these are not evil jokes, so don't get all defensive and upset. We're cool. We know the ui is cool. It's ok :)
If you use a virgin iOS phone... I'm not sure I can help you. Check if the iphone version of the game associates online saves with the google account. Which I doubt. They're likely associated with the apple account and well, you deserve it. You paid for an overpriced phone, now you're bound to paying for other worthless stuff like caps, data disks and whatnot. It's fine. It's called natural selection. Ok, ok, sorry. I'm kidding. Nasty, eh? :) But really, in order to cheat, you'll likely have to either jailbreak or get an android. Or just use blue stacks and play the game there, but you'll have to start over most likely. I don't think the save is tranasferrable between iOS and Android.
If you have local root whether on Android or iOS, you're good. You probably know what Game Guardian is already and you probably googled ready recipes and scripts for the game. Why are you reading this? Just go there, read this thread instead:


Now, for the folks who are on non-rooted android. And the ios folks who wanna start over on android (From my perspective, starting over is totally worth it befooreee... Let's saaaay... Before you get Sipuha sniper rifle, which is basically the beginning of the end-game) With cheats, you will get there very fast. Probably in a few real days. But you also will have fun along the way. Like throwing unlimited grenades, always 100% search probability and getting free repairs of your equipment, heh.
From here, you have a few options. Android users can just download a mod apk with unlimited caps and enjoy the game. What? You really didn't know you could do that? Well, yes, Android (unlike iOS) allows you to install apks from other sources, including apks randomly shared on the web. An apk doesn't have to be installed from google play store. In fact, Android (again, unlike iOS) graciously allows you the freedom to choose a different app store or even use multiple at the same time. Hey! iOS folks! Feel cheated yet? Understand why you can't hack much? Cuz iOS is not for smarties ;) Heh, ok ok, sorry, just kidding again. iOS folks, we love you.
Malware? Is it safe to download apks from the web? Yes. It's quite difficult for an apk to do something on your phone without root access. It will have to start asking for all kinds of permissions and you'd have to be dum-dum to not notice that, so nobody bothers to add malware to ahks. For hackers, it's just not worth it. It's much easier and much more profitable for them to target Windows. Similarly, they don't bother targeting Linux or Mac.
Adware? Yes, sometimes a site can feed you adware. All it does is it shows you unwelcomed ads. Still, you need to be a dum-dum not to notice that the app name of the app you're installing has nothing to do with Day R. And they don't bother repacking their adware to give it different names. Too much work. Still, even if you install adware, they all do the same thing: try to give it a very inconspicuous name (like a bunch of spaces) and an inconspicuous icon (like a trnasparent square), but it's still easy to see and delete both in the app list and on the screen. Well, it is easy now that you know what to look for in case you start seeing unwelcomed ads. :) heh. It doesn't happen often though. In my practice of downloading apks from web and other apk stores for like ten years, I probably ever got a piece of adware three times total.
Fair warning: externally downloaded Day R apks are good only for offline play and it's mostly only letting you hack caps. You won't get the event currency hacks at all. And you will want it. I'm concentrating here on hacking the online version of the game. Though they limited online to such an extent that it's not much different to offline really. Still, it poses a challenge and we love those.

Blue Stacks

Huh? What's that carry weight? Heh :) And the needs caps? Who needs those? A micromanagement fan? Lol.
YES! Don't listen to people who claim stuff not working on BS. I hacked enough games by now to know that BS is a great emulator. I'm not a big fan of their team's social skills, but they seem like a bunch of strong coders and BS 5 seems to be getting better and better.
Good. We're getting to the actual stuff. For non-rooted android users who don't wanna root (or can't, like me) Get blue stacks 5. Not 10! Not X! Five! Or probably 6 if it's out by the time you're reading, heh. 10 is garbage, essentially.
Root it. Google how to root Blue Stacks. It's easy. You'll just have to change one line in it's .cfg file or something like that. And before you ask, yes, you will be able to hack other games too with this thing. Well, at least the ones that have no resources to hire a large team of devs dedicated to hack protection.
Now you need to understand that the devs tend to fix exploits. It's important to pay attention to which version of the game you have. EVERY version of the game has and will have certain bugs. The devs only fix the most obvious exploits and often those fixes are kinda hasty. Devs often not only fix exploits, but leave honeypots instead, so it will look like the exploit worked, but you get instabanned. Unpleasant, eh? Yeeah, so pay attention to the versions.
SO! At the moment I'm writing this, I'm playing v761 on my Blue Stacks, but v765 on my non rooted phone. They both use the same account, so the save file syncs in the cloud. Basically, I need v761 because I'm still using some older bugs for caps and data disks dupes. Also, to be honest, playing on BS is more comfortable to me than playing on the phone. I use the phone as a backup save game, essentially. At least until I'm done with the event questline. Which is boring AF and shamelessly designed to milk money. It's impossible to finish this quest without money or hacks. That's why they prolongued it for the whole June. What a shameless money grab. Hell.
How to install an older version of the game? Well, obviously google's play store is not gracious enough to allow you, so you either get apk from web and install it, or if it's hard to find, try using APK Pure. I use APK Pure for other games and it does wonders in terms of version control. At some point, I would have five different instances of Blue Stacks having different versions of the same game just for me to use different bugs, lol.
Be careful though. When you save the game in a new game version, and then try to access that save with older version of the game, the game is likely to not like it. It will ask you to update and won't let you in. So you wanna be careful about what version of the game you start in. Another great thing about BS is that it doesn't auto-update your apps. Making it super comfy for cheating, lulz.

Game Guardian

One of the best scripts ATM. And there's a new version in development to suit v765+
In case you didn't notice, the idea behind GG is basically the same as Cheat Engine. Offline games often don't have any protection, so you can change the numbers in the most trivial way. The online microtransaction-aimed games attempt to protect the numbers cuz they want you to pay rather than hack. Makes sense, eh?
In our case, Day R protects its numbers. They use functions that encode and decode numbers, not allowing them to be stored in undecoded way in the memory. So variables you'd be finding in the memory would be encoded. The trick here is to find numbers that the devs forgot to encode/decode. There are many tricks, but this one is common. You are extremely unlikely to be good at finding those since it takes time and practice to do so, which you don't have if you're reading this. So you will just go google to see how people do it. You watch a few videos and then try it out. And likely you won't get anything good. Well, keep trying.
And get banned. Because videos are old and developers are quick to patch the bugs in videos. So keep googling and you will find cheating communities with people writing scripts for you to use in your GG or writing algorithms of what to do and how. Watch how recent certain hacks are. You do wanna use fresh hacks or at least hacks that have fresh reviews.
A good example that I still can use in v761, but that was patched from v765 is an older bug where you could just look for the restock price for settlements and change it to negative values, which would typically give you caps rather than taking them from you, heh :) Another good example of a hack that works in v761 but doesn't in v765 is a hack that allows you to buy the Progress Containers for free by modifying their cost. The cost used to be unprotected in v761, but it's now protected in v765.
Low-budget online games like Day R implement vast majority of their cheater prevention techniques on the front-end, so in the app itself, which makes it easier for us to manipulate. Implementing it on the server side requires a lot more knowledge and time to do. Tripple A games would implement majority of their cheater defense on the server side, which will make them way harder to hack. I don't go there since hacking AAA online games is hard enough to have to be profitable and I'm not in a business of profiting from selling game items.


I don't want to give you actual hacks since they will become obsolete with time and pretty quickly. But with these tools and methods you will be able to find sufficient amount of hacks to make your game much much much more fun and you will develop your technical skills a little bit too, maybe even feel the romantic side of hacking, heh. Oh! Crap! You will also save TONS and TONS of time that you would have otherwise dumped into grinding. That's my biggest motivator to hack. Sure, I can spend days trying, but I don't spend months grinding. And paying doesn't really save you from the mindless grind. Not in this game, lol.
Best thing about hacking Day R? That you don't finance a terrorist state and you don't pay money for all the garbage money milking techniques the devs have been employing lately.
I know it's a long read with a bunch of ranting. And I'm sorry for that. But I do hope this helps folks on their journey to giving a middle finger to microtransactions and p2w. On their journey to becoming a nerd too, hehehe. Ok, now I have to insert some random screenshots to keep your attention through the article, so now you know why the screenshots are barely related, if at all, to the topics :) I took them from my game though, so they're all good.
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2023.06.01 05:23 Optimal_Earth_9859 I need feedback on the magic system for my game. (kinda elemental based I think)

This magic is based on the idea that there is an energy that is part of all the elements and physical entities in the universe.
To classify it, humans (with the help of other species) created the aspects. Each object is represented by a characteristic combination of aspects, which each represents a different type of energy.
Each aspect is identified with a name, an icon and a characteristic color.
FLAMMA (Fire, Heat, Plasma)VENTUS (Wind, Air, Gases)FLUCTUS (Water, Liquids)THUNDUR (Electricity, Waves)TERHIA (Terrain, Stone, Dirt, Solids)(You could also add NOX(Darkness, Evil) and LUX(Light, Photons, Divinity) but I dont think they fit in the system)These "Primordial aspects" are combined in chains to form a bunch of other different aspects.
This energy is normally called Essetia, but its divided into 3 types with different names:
It is commonly said that the soul is infinite, since it is kept stable by having a minimum automatic use in the brain and other parts of the body. But, when used too much it is necessary to "let it rest" and wait until it recharges.
In-game, the soul is represented as a black outline, which all players can see. By performing actions that use your soul, your soul is colored with the color of your affinity until the action ends.
Throughout history, humans and other races have been learning to use this energy to perform magic, generating matter just by thinking about it and making use of arcane machinery that uses environmental energy for every aspect of their daily lives. But what they did not know is that the use and destruction of this energy generates a negative energy called FLUX;Flux is the general term for a chaotic overflow of our magical energy, often produced as a by-product of risky experiments or negligence in working with ambient energy.This type of negative energy, if not cleaned quickly, will break the "chaos in control" that the universe manages and consequently will generate unimaginable great catastrophes (dimensional cracks, living beings without any logic, instant deaths, areas incapable of using magic, etc). The flux normally manifests itself in the form of matter, either in a liquid or gaseous state (this is known as TAINT) and is what generates the "corruption" or "rupture of order".
The only way to stop the "Corruption" is to convert the Taint back into Energy (Flux), then purify it and release it into the environment. For this, many means can be used and normally the flux purifies itself after a long time (so it is not very necessary to purify it), in addition some living beings such as certain plants evolved to slowly eat the taint and convert it back into negative environmental energy (Flux). But all these processes are very slow and attempts to try to speed this purification up only further destroy the "order". Therefore, the people of the past when ruining areas with flux and taint corruption simply moved to other areas further away waiting for everything to fix itself.
Small data to highlight + Ambient energy and flux are stationary energy, which is why they are "closed" in areas as if they were chunks and never move from there. Also, each one of the chunks has different amounts of energy. + In case it was not clear, this energy can be materialized into phisical things and this depends on the aspects. + The aspects of the soulshine are called "Soul Affinities". + This energy explains gravity in a unique way; The amount of essence that the matter contains represents its weight on the universal plane (This does not apply to souls since the soul is a source of energy that does not interact directly with
Enchantments This is a game mechanic that allows you to empower armor, tools, weapons, and a wide variety of items with one or more effects, called blessings or curses depending on their use. Enchantments can enhance item's existing abilities or give them new abilities. There are two types of enchantments:
Spell-Crafting When you get a magic spell (I don't know how I'm going to do the methods of getting it yet) It's a vague idea that serves as a basis for an attack but not really as such. To make a full attack you would have to improve it and there are 2 ways to do it:
These 2 things can be combined continuously, which means you could mix multiple "ideas" and multiple items in a single base spell. Examples:
Ice Imbuing (Imbue your weapon in ice doing more damage)
• You hit the ground with the weapon dealing damage but also breaking the infusion. • At the end of the infusion you throw several ice crystals that leave bleeding. • While imbued, the weapon hits significantly faster. • "Aer Orb", Allows you to jump into the air at the start of the spell.
Wind Orb (Allows you to make a wind orb that does damage)
• You cast the orb following the flow of the wind, allowing you to increase the casting speed. • You use more SoulShine to make the orb tougher, allowing it to bounce off things it hits. • You break the orb before throwing it, turning it into a small tornado. • "Ventus Mana Crystal", allows you to stack SoulShine on the spell to improve the duration.
This encourages exploration, adds more unique attacks and variety. It also leaves the possibility of doing really complex crazy things. But since spells arent a physical thing, I really don't know how I'm going to implement it in the game. There are also indecisive people so idrk what to do with spell crafting
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2023.06.01 04:01 wq1119 On Jesus' best Schizophrenic Angel's 60th birthday, I am proud to announce The Wesley Willis Archive Project, the internet's digital preservation archive of all of Wesley's live gigs, interviews, films, photos, artwork, and more, made by his fans carrying & preserving his legacy, we love you Wesley!

Salutations to all Wesleyans all around the world, from London to Chicago!
Today, 31 May 2023, is Jesus' Special Schizophrenic Angel's 60th birthday! and as such, after a lot of confused thinking, I have decided that now is the best time to announce this passion project whose objective is to preserve Wesley's legacy for future generations.
As someone who (unfortunately lol) grew up on the "old" internet (sort of, I'm not that old, nor am I claiming to be an oldschool internet geek/expert, I'm probably the youngest user on this entire subreddit), and is very sad at the current state of both the internet and the outside world, having lost so many forums, videos, friends, memories, stories, and games that I grew up on, I have for the past 10 years been very into digital preservation, lost media, and internet archival.
In 2020, when quarantine begun, I used my spare time to delve deeper into the man, the myth, and the legend of Wesley Lawrence Willis, for most that I have sporadically heard of Wesley at least since the early-mid 2010s or so, it was not until around 2018-2019 that I found out about the incredible hellride that is the world of Wesley Willis, reading more about him in detail through a niche underground music forum that has now been shut down, whose thread on Wesley included a poster who claimed to have chatted with him on the Chicago subway and got an autographed artwork by him!
Since Wesley is a very niche outsider musician & artist that has been deceased for almost 20 years now, and most of what we know about him and his music and art comes from what his own listeners recorded, interacted, wrote, and posted on the internet (i.e. things that are prone to being deleted, abandoned, and lost as the internet goes to shit), therefore, I have decided to start a digital preservation project aimed at cataloging and archiving Wesley's beautiful life, because no one has done an organized and comprehensive archive about Wesley yet.
I had been planning this at least since 2020, but due to a variety of family, money, and health-related issues in my life that keep ongoing, I might work on this project sporadically.
I have prepared these pages for this project so far:

Note: These are all EXTREMELY work in progress, and will change a lot, and I plan to organize them in chronological order, this is just an empty parking lot as of now.

This for his live videos

This for interviews (upcoming)

This for photographs

This for his artworks

This for fan-videos and fanart

This list can, and will keep growing and be organized as time goes on! read below more about this project in the FAQ YOU below that I have prepared because these questions will be inevitably asked, and I will delve into more detail about this project below:



Either way, in I did not expected that I would be so much fascinated by a schizophrenic musician who died 20 years ago and made bizarre songs about bizarre topics, but when you look past the myth of Wesley, and see who he was as a person, I am myself a religious guy, and I have no other conclusion other than God himself created and sent Wesley to this forgotten world to preach his message of salvation in Jesus Christ, love, and rock n roll!
I am so glad that I found out about Wesley and that there are still people who know about him more than I ever will, since I am Brazilian, and Wesley died when I was still a child, in fact, for years I have been working on a series that features a character directly inspired by Wesley, just like how Wonder Woman already did it 10 years ago., but this time this character is a main protagonist, instead of a minor joke character.
I just refuse to let Wesley's legacy die, I want to explore more as to how he would have lived in the present world with what has been going on since then, how he would be doing, if he would lose weight, if his mental health would get better, what songs he would continue to make, the new friends and people he would find along his way, in my hard times, whenever I listen to a Wesley song or watch a video of him, I feel hope, as Wesley was able to turn even the darkest parts of life into laughs!
Wesley Willis and Rock n Roll forever!, thank you for everything brother, we wish to meet you again one day Wes!
Rock over London!
Rock on Chicago!
Wheaties: Breakfast of Champions!
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2023.06.01 03:44 AlfredoThayerMahan Beyond the Lightspeed Horizon: Carrier Doctrine in a Galaxy Far Far Away

Between May 4th and May 8th 1942, the first naval battle that occurred beyond the visual horizon took place. While the Battle of The Coral Sea was somewhat indecisive, with both the Japanese and Americans seeing significant losses although the Japanese largely ceded the body of water thereafter, the kind of engagement it typified bears remembrance, one where neither side directly sighted each-other with surface vessels. You cannot hit what you cannot see, a lesson the Japanese learned all too well a month later near a small sandy dot called “Midway”.
Eighty years hence and the lesson remains the same. It doesn’t matter how impressive or unstoppable your weapon is, if you do not know what you are shooting at, it is useless. Where in the past scout planes would make visual contact with the enemy, tools like RORSATs, NOSS, SOSUS*, Over The Horizon and Synthetic Aperture Radars, and more have become the staple for detecting, classifying, and tracking contacts.
The mistake common among most people and even military enthusiasts is to assume the greatest weapon a carrier has in its defense is its fighters. Consider the Survivability Onion (not pictured). While this statement can be somewhat true, from a certain point of view, the carrier’s ability to detect the threat via their AWACS**, and the ability to attack beyond the visual horizon is its greatest defense. Both of these steps allow the Carrier to remain hidden. In most cases it is fairly easy to track a Battleship that has come to shell you. Even if it is doing so beyond the horizon, counter-battery radar can give you a good picture of its location just based on the trajectory of its shells, potentially good enough to fire a spread of anti-ship missiles at it. By using deceptive return paths, a carrier can make such tracking more difficult, not to mention more dangerous with a CAP***.
To remain hidden is what keeps ships alive. Spaceborne ISR**** platforms have stripped this fog of war back somewhat, but the basic concept of the horizon is critical to understanding how to utilize carriers in Star Wars.
*Radar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite, Naval Ocean Surveillance System, a series of passive electronic intelligence satellites, and Sound Ocean Surveillance System, a series of hydrophones for detecting ships and submarines.
**Airborne early Warning and Control System
*** Combat Air Patrol
****Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Putting the “A” in “CVA”
There are a number of real-life carrier doctrines to consider as each approached usage slightly differently. NATO nations, led by the United States, viewed the carrier as largely an offensive tool. Of the three major NATO carrier nations, the U.S., the U.K., and France, the U.K. would eventually lose it’s offensive capability with the retirement of the last of the Audacious and Centaur Class carriers and their Phantom and Buccaneer aircraft while France would maintain the offensive role of their carriers though to a more limited capacity due to simply having fewer of them. That being said, outside of the U.S. for much of the Cold War and early 21st century, carriers were largely used as a method of ASW and point-defense interception. For the Soviets this was their Kiev Class with Yak-38 and Yak-141 interceptors and rotary wing ASW and AWACs aircraft, meant to protect their SSBN Bastions from hounding P-3 Orions and NATO SSNs. Even the later Kuznetsov, if it ever actually works, is a defensive tool with the aircraft largely lacking in the capability to attack targets. For the Brits the effect of their transition was demonstrated in the Falklands where Harriers constituted much of their fleet air defense but lacked the range, speed, and loiter time to perform fully in the “Outer Air Battle” or to perform much in the way of strike or air support.
This difference is best illustrated by the designation American Fleet Carriers possessed for a time, CVA*, the “Attack” Carrier. CVA is not a physical change in an aircraft carrier, CVs were changed to CVAs and back again depending on era, rather it denotes its usage. This originated in early nuclear weapon doctrine where carriers were viewed as forward airfields to launch nuclear strikes into the Soviet Union. Later this evolved to attacking the SSBN Bastion in the Barents Sea along with targets on the Kola Peninsula with a similar arrangement with the Sea of Okhotsk and Kamchatka Peninsula in the Pacific.
To further understand this, it is important to look at the kinds of aircraft used by the U.S. Carriers and Supercarriers, most importantly their attack aircraft. The first of the long-range attack trend was the AJ Savage, meant as the first dedicated carrier nuclear delivery platform, with a range longer than the B-25. This trend continued with other dedicated nuclear delivery platforms such as the A-3 Skywarrior and A-5 Vigilante, with notable exception in the small A-4 Skyhawk but a trend which culminated in the A-6 Intruder and later Tomcat Quickstrike proposal.
So why bother? Why should such long-range strike platforms be developed even if they are going to attack relatively coastal installations? Well the answer is simple. Range is the carrier’s best armor but it comes at a cost. The longer the range the less ordinance an aircraft can carry, needing external fuel tanks. Maybe they need buddy tankers which reduces your strike force. Either way you are doing less damage and hitting fewer point targets. By using larger aircraft you can compensate for this, not needing to sacrifice pylons for fuel stores. At the same time by being far away you are harder to detect and engage. Both by shore installations and by reconnaissance aircraft. If they can only search X number of square kilometers per hour, by increasing that area you reduce the likelihood of being found by simple probability. With that kind of safety a carrier can be used in a high-intensity offensive capacity without undue risk to it. Sure, you could load up a Harrier with drop tanks and daisy chain buddy tankers to achieve the same range as an A-6 but the A-6 could probably do it without needing to sacrifice much in terms of payload, of which it carries far more and without or with only limited tankers support, freeing up more aircraft to carry out tasks. One is a gimmick, the other is an offensive tool.
*CVA is not a U.S. exclusive term, indeed the ill-fated British CVA-01 program bore the same designator.
Hyperspace: The Great Equalizer
In Star Wars, starfighters have two clear categories. Those with hyperdrives and those without. A starfighter with a hyperdrive is much like a long-range aircraft such as an F-14 or A-6, even if the crew requirements and footprint are nothing alike. An A-Wing has more in common with a Tomcat in this respect than a Tie-Bomber does, even if the Tie-Bomber was loaded up with anti-starfighter missiles. Those without hyperdrives are your Harriers or Yak-38 equivalents, limited in range and largely relegated to point defense.
Hyperspace creates a horizon behind which a carrier can hide. Simply a jump or two away and off the major hyperspace lanes, and they are beyond sensors and effectively untouchable unless the enemy has thousands of probes to search every nook and cranny you may have hidden. At the same time, if the carrier has hyperspace capable starfighters they have the ability to hit any given target within a fairly massive bubble with impunity and with a relatively low transit time. Conversely, if you were to use spacecraft without hyperdrives to attack a target you would leave the carrier detectable and thus vulnerable to attack by the enemy, losing the greatest advantage of a carrier: its stealth.
Consequently this is why hybrid Carrier-Battleship approaches in real life and in Sci-Fi generally fall short. To act as a Battleship, the Carrier gives up its stealth. There is a minor exception where the fighters are used to augment the air-defense of the "Battle-Carrier" rather than as offensive tools but this is the exception that makes the rule. Ironically, this exception makes the TIE fighter a good design for the Imperial Class to carry as the Star Destroyer doesn’t lose much by getting within detection range of a target while having smaller and cheaper starfighters to augment its air-defense.
To properly utilize a dedicated carrier with Hyperspace technology, not only should they be at the back of the formation, but the carriers should be completely disconnected from the ongoing conventional battle, operating in an entirely different region of space.
The Air Defense Problem
In real life the air defense of a battlegroup can largely be divided into three sections.
First is the outer air battle. This task is carried out by the Defensive Counter-Air Combat Air Patrol (DCA-CAP) ranged out along the threat axis to destroy the enemy force before they either detect the Battlegroup or get within their weapons employment zone. This task is supplemented by extremely long-range Surface to Air Missiles such as SM-6, with several Cold War programs going so far as to propose a Surface-to-Air Boost-Glide Vehicle (LORAINE) to hit scouting aircraft at over 500 nautical miles away. Additionally use of SAM traps, ships that are not emitting and have targeting cued off of other platforms such as fighters and AWACs, further supplements the use of fighters in this theater of operations. Obviously these SAM platforms are at risk but the most valuable unit of a battlegroup is the carrier so the potential sacrifice of one is seen as a worthwhile trade if it can break an incoming raid.
Moving on we have the inner air battle, or area air-defense, which is within detection range by the enemy force and typically within their weapon employment zones. This is handled by the fighters that are assigned to point-defense and by the medium range SAM systems such as RIM-66 and earlier versions of RIM-67*, SM-2MR and SM-2ER respectively. Oftentimes this is typically engaging weapons such as incoming anti-ship missiles.
Finally is the point-defense arena where weapons such as CIWS and ESSM take play and is exclusively, with a few exceptions, dedicated to engaging incoming weapons and largely centered around the self-protection of the ship in question.
The ranges for these engagement envelopes are highly dependent, variable based on range of enemy detection, range of your own sensors, range of weapons, and other factors.
Star Wars complicates the matters somewhat with how Hyperspace interferes with the situation. For this we must first divide the situation into two independent bubbles of space. First is the space around the enemy installation, ship, carrier, etc, and second is the space around your own battlegroup.
In general, the entirety of your own bubble of space is the “inner-air battle”. In this area your point-defense fighters can engage the enemy along with most of your defensive systems depending on how you interpret the range of weapons in Star Wars. At the same time the enemy can detect you and there’s a good chance you are within their own weapons employment zone if you can hit them.
So where is the “outer-air battle” in this scenario? Well that’s complicated. Typically the thinking is that you intercept the enemy force as they try to make their way to you. The problem is, in Star Wars this is impossible to do in hyperspace without specific tools. This tool is an Interdictor vessel. Such a vessel, if placed along the threat axis, would prematurely pull the enemy force out of hyperspace, allowing you to engage with your own hyperspace capable fighters while not putting your own force at risk. Of course the Interdictor is at risk, much like the AAW ship in a SAM trap but that is a calculated risk that must be made to force an engagement that isn’t ideal for the enemy.
There is an obvious issue with this usage. You don’t know where the enemy force is going to come from if they are willing to probe around for alternative hyperspace routings. This makes your chances of actually intercepting them exceedingly low as they aren’t really operating on limited fuel unless you’re engaging forces halfway across the Galaxy and even then it would be easy to take other hyperspace routes to avoid your interdictor screen. So, with general standoff defensive measures void, logically the best defense in case of a Raid Warning is to simply go to hyperspace and make a couple jumps to a pre-planned secondary or tertiary location thus voiding any targeting information provided by the enemy ISR. In this respect detection of a carrier group would be hard but pinning them and attacking them if an Interdictor isn’t immediately available is basically impossible.
As a result the traditional Outer-Air Battle, in the vast expanses of space between the enemy airbase and your own carrier, doesn’t really have the opportunity to take place. However, there is one place you know the enemy force will be, around their own carriers/airbase. This is the equivalent of a U.S. carrier force sending F-14s to blast Backfires over the Kola Peninsula. Not impossible but generally ill-advised as now the enemy can use all their fighters, long-range and point-defense while you only have access to your long-range fighters.
At this point, if you are getting that close to the enemy you might as well engage their carriers to more efficiently destroy their strike generation capability. This turns the Defensive Counter-Air (Counter-space? IDK, I’m going to stick with the Earthling lingo) mission into an Offensive Counter-Air mission where you compensate for your lower numbers by hitting them on the ground or in the ship. This divides yourself into two kinds of engagements. First is protecting your own fleet before they get to hyperspace and second is to attack and destroy the enemy fleet before they go to hyperspace.
This gets to the problem of invading or for that matter, defending a planet. If you park your carrier in a planet’s orbit you are reducing the volume you could be into a tiny pinprick, you’ve basically done half the enemy’s targeting for them. Even worse, depending on how close you are, you may not be able to go to hyperspace immediately, meaning that disengagement could be impossible at the worst time. You may as well have a land base as at least that would be more survivable in the kinetic sense and be easier to work on than a ship.
*Later versions of the RIM-67 and the RIM-156 (also designated SM-2ER though this was launched from the Mk-41 VLS instead of the older twin-arm launchers that the RIM-67 used), would employ active radar and terminal IR seekers. This allowed engagement beyond the horizon against low-flying targets based on cuing by AWACs, potentially into the range where it would fall into the Outer Air Battle.
Hyperspace creates a unique set of circumstances that make offensive action against fixed positions/fleets very easy while making mobile and evasive battlegroups very difficult to engage. This sort of doctrine is best seen in the Rebel Alliance and their employment of hyperspace capable fighters, striking with relative impunity at Imperial targets without risking their major fleet assets. There is no reason this cannot scale up to major Galactic powers as it provides a disproportionate offensive and defensive capability for the practitioners of the doctrine.
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2023.06.01 02:21 YogiBerraJr Public offering and additional PIF funding.

Time for another round of funding (and some FUD).
Lucid plans to raise $3 Billion from PIF + public (at 60:40 ratio), will maintain PIF's ownership of 60.5%
Lucid to sell 265,693,703 additional shares to PIF for $1.8 Billion. That is at $6.77 per share
Lucid will issue 173,544,948 shares shares to the public, expecting to raise $1.2 Billion (at an average price of $6.91)
(The last time around Lucid had to sell to the public first and arrive at the average price PIF would pay. This time they have already fixed the price at $6.77)
This should shore up their finances for a long time on their way to profitability.
We will hear many trying to make it sound like terrible news. To me it is neutral. The stock gets diluted, but the balance sheet gets strengthened. It was bound to happen and was already reflected at these price levels. Now we don't have to worry about bankruptcy for a long time. And PIF is one again proving their commitment.
Eventually Lucid does need to contain costs and ramp up production and deliveries. That was the case yesterday. And that is the case today. They just got the runway extended much farther.

Official Statement from Lucid:
Lucid Group, Inc. Announces Public Offering of Common Stock and Corresponding Investment by
an Affiliate of PIF for Aggregate Expected Gross Proceeds of Approximately $3.0 Billion
May 31, 2023
NEWARK, Calif., May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Lucid Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: LCID; "Lucid") announced today the commencement of a public offering of 173,544,948 shares of its common stock. The underwriter may offer the shares of common stock from time to time for sale in one or more transactions to purchasers directly, through agents or through brokers in brokerage transactions on Nasdaq, in the over-the-counter market, through negotiated transactions or in a combination of such methods, or otherwise at a fixed price or prices, which may be changed, at market prices prevailing at the time of sale, at prices related to prevailing market prices or at negotiated prices.
BofA Securities, Inc. is acting as book-running manager for the public offering.
In addition, Lucid's majority stockholder and affiliate of the Public Investment Fund ("PIF"), Ayar Third Investment Company ("Ayar"), has agreed to purchase from Lucid 265,693,703 shares of Lucid common stock in a private placement for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $1.8 billion.
The private placement is expected to close on June 26, 2023 and is subject to completion of the public offering and customary closing conditions. As a result of these purchases, Ayar expects to maintain its approximate 60.5% ownership of Lucid's outstanding common stock.
Lucid intends to use the net proceeds from the public offering, as well as from the private placement by its majority stockholder for general corporate purposes, which may include, among other things, capital expenditures and working capital.

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2023.06.01 02:04 david_n_m_bond ReportMagic 3.8

New Features

PowerPoint enhancements



Help Improvements

Bug Fixes

Fixed Macros

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2023.06.01 01:53 Loria187 Tally Hall Jukebox Musical Concept

So, like. Ok. I don't think this is ever going to actually become A Thing™, obviously. But that hasn't stopped me before, and it isn't going to now.
I've listened to a little Tally Hall for a while, but recently I've gotten more into them by way of Miracle Musical. Every now and then, when I get really into an artist or band, I'll start creating stories to connect their songs together (especially if some of those connections and stories are already in the music), and sometimes that takes the form of drafting out a jukebox musical. Which is what I'm gonna share in this post.
The working title is Marvin's Marvelous Miracle Musical. Definitely wouldn't be the actual title, but it does kinda accurately reflect the structure of the musical: Act I is an assortment of songs from MMMM and Good & Evil, while Act II is the entirety of Hawaii: Pt II in album order. Also, it's a funny name.
In this post, I'll give y'all what I've got so far: The cast list, a list of songs in each act (with who's singing what in parentheses), and a short bit of plot summary next to each song (which will also cover some of the in-between-songs material). As things currently stand, each song is sung in its entirety with no lines changed (though there are a few where small word changes would also work, and like it would be kinda helpful to have an English version of 宇宙ステーションのレベル7 lol). There are ideas for symbolic arcs and staging/acting choices and interpretations of specific lyrics that I won't be going into here but are, like, in my brain because reasons, so feel more than free to ask questions ^^
Heads up: This is going to be a long post.


Act I:

Hidden in the Sand (Marvin, Ensemble): Marvin and Violet meet on the beach, having not seen each other since they broke up years ago. Both, now married to other people, briefly catch up on each other’s lives and watch their kids meet each other for the first time.
Turn the Lights Off (Juno, Simon, Ensemble): Simon and Juno grow up together and become fast friends. They’re misunderstood and often bullied by other kids, but find an escape in the form of imagination games, pretending to be wizards and ghost-hunters and the like. They each create an imaginary friend, and imagine their new companions defending them against the meaner classmates.
The Whole World and You (Ryan, Sally, Ensemble): Simon and Juno are in late middle school, and with how close they are as friends, many other students assume they’re dating. Their other friends give them the idea that maybe they really do like like each other, and they ultimately decide to give things a shot.
Out in the Twilight (Juno, Simon): Now about to graduate high school, Simon and Juno have been going strong; still, much of their relationship seems like more of the same adventures and escapades they went on as kids, just without the make-believe. They’re as of yet unjaded, and greatly looking forward to being more independent and making their own calls in life.
Ruler of Everything (Erlking, Siren, Simon, Juno, Ensemble): Simon and Juno are now married adults, and the faults in their relationship become clearer the more they try to hide who they truly are and fit the mold that’s expected of them, both in their interpersonal life and in the world at large. The Siren and Erlking, their old imaginary friends, resurface and watch from afar as the two live their lives, calling out the couple’s facades to no avail.
Just Apathy (Simon, Juno): Simon and Juno confront the problems in their relationship—in part, both realizing/owning that they aren’t straight, and have been trying to force a romantic attraction that isn’t there—and while ultimately they seem willing to commit to one another platonically, they don’t feel their relationship can continue the way it’s been going.
A Lady (Erlking, Siren, Ensemble): The Siren and the Erlking formulate a plan while Simon and Juno are sleep, out of fear that if the couple is no longer with each other, they’ll forget their old friends entirely, thus causing them to fade from existence. As the two are dreaming, their not-yet-fully-forgotten imaginary friends try to inspire them back into their old ways.
Misery Fell (Juno, Simon, Siren, Erlking, Ensemble): Having had strange dreams the night before, Simon and Juno grow disenchanted with the life they’ve been trying to lead, and find a sudden burst of motivation to seek out a better way of being (this being the Siren and Erlking’s doing). They run through the town, at first starry-eyed and eventually near-manic, and at the end of the song, an unspeakable idea seems to have struck them both.
Taken for a Ride (Marvin, Simon, Juno, Violet, Ensemble): Marvin is burnt out from mayoral duties but soldiering on with a more resentful and power-hungry attitude. Over the course of the song, he steadily breaks with reality, and it’s revealed that Simon and Juno are ostensibly behind this, with the two performing a ritual that mirrors the magic they played out as kids, only more potent. While their goal was only to bring more wonder and weirdness to the town, the damage is much more acute. Marvin is found alive but unwaking the next day, and when Violet tries to figure out what happened to him, she too gets too close to the gap between reality and dream and falls unconscious in much the same way, this time before Simon and Juno's eyes.
Fate of the Stars (Simon, Juno, Ensemble): As the sun sets, Simon and Juno attempt to figure out what’s happening, it dawning on them that they’ve done something seriously wrong. Reality slowly appears to turn into a stranger and stranger funhouse mirror reflection of itself, with the ensemble of their friends singing ominous warnings to them as if possessed, until the two suddenly find themselves decidedly “not in Kansas anymore.” They eventually make it solid ground, but are unable to wake up from whatever dream they’re in.
& (Erlking, Siren): The Siren and the Erlking, now appearing as adults, confront Simon and Juno to make their motives clear. Since the two were bound to leave each other one way or another, the imaginary friends sought out another means of securing their existence: pulling their creators into their reality so they could have them for themselves, with Marvin and Violet as mere unintended collateral. As twilight fades and night begins, the two pairs (Simon and the Siren, and Juno and the Erlking) find themselves torn from each other. While both imaginary friends seem eager to spend eternity in this dream with their humans, Simon and Juno push them away, eventually causing them to temporarily disappear with a promise that they'll eventually be back for more—if the couple doesn't seek them out or bring them back themselves.


Act II:

Introduction to the Snow (Simon): Considerable time has passed within the dreamscape between acts. Both Simon and Juno are trying to find ways to reunite with each other for longer than a single twilight, and to escape the dream. Turning to the sort of magic that brought him here, Simon gains a prophetic glimpse into the way his story will ultimately end: in a snowy place, without Juno, and with him joining the Siren, who promises that he will "live forever tonight."
Isle Unto Thyself (Juno, Simon, Ensemble): Juno, with the methods she's been working at over time, is briefly able to hear Simon, from which she gains the impression that he’s decided to leave her and stay with the Siren (when in fact, he’s only seeking out the Siren in order to eventually escape with Juno). Juno sings about her feelings of heartbreak, while Simon prepares to call forth the Siren within the confines of a summoning circle, for negotiations.
Black Rainbows (Siren, Ensemble): Simon successfully summons the Siren, who explains how she plans to make things right, by reworking the dream and allowing it to continue indefinitely in a state of created perfection. Juno will finally live a happy life in a world that accepts her, and with a partner who can “fully love her”, and Simon will do the same; the implication that the two will have to be apart for things to be perfect is strong, though unspoken directly. The Siren regales Simon with a wild display of rainbow lights as she speaks, in an attempt to impress and distract him.
White Ball (Simon, Siren): While Simon is distracted, the Siren escapes the summoning circle, and steadily works a spell over Simon to make him fall in (some form or another of) love with her, ultimately so he’ll forget his quest for Juno and go along unquestioningly with her own plans instead. The two dance together as the magic slowly grows stronger and stronger.
Murders (Juno, Erlking): Having caught another brief glimpse of Simon, Juno becomes enraged and begrudgingly seeks out the Erlking’s assistance. They meet at the Fountain of Infinite Mirror, and the Erlking pushes Juno to murder Simon within the dream, dipping a dagger into the fountain’s psychically poisonous waters to give to her as a weapon. Dawn arrives, and Simon and Juno are able to see and hear each other at last. Juno goes in for the “kill,” only to find that as Simon desperately explains what he was trying to do for the both of them, she is momentarily unable to control her actions and stabs Simon in the head, before the Erlking withdraws the magic he’s been working over her.
Space Station Level 7 (Violet, Simon, Ensemble): Violet emerges from the recesses of the dreamscape as the song begins, searching for something or someone she recognizes, and telling herself that she’ll be alright in the end. She finds Simon, still alive in some sense, but clearly deeply confused and in anguish. She stays by his side and sings to him in his distress, reassuring them both that they’ll make it back home—that as many painful memories as life there holds for both of them, those are ultimately what make the good moments truly valuable. As the sky grows darker and the dreamscape grows more chaotic, Violet runs and attempts to take Simon with her, but he stays behind.
The Mind Electric (Erlking, Simon, Juno, Ensemble): Juno attempts to find her way through the fracturing dreamscape, while the Erlking tells her his plans for what to do with the dream. The longer they stay, the closer the dream gets to total undone chaos, but he promises to make something new, something better (than the current state of things and than the Siren's proposed ending), from the wreckage of the old—so long as Juno doesn’t leave or forget about him. It's strongly implied that the attempted murder of Simon was a ploy to make Juno more likely to go along with this plan. Juno remains skeptical. As the song switches direction, she finds Simon in a nightmare of his own mind’s unwilling creation, and sticks it out with him while both the Siren and Erlking attempt to regain control over their former friends, and ultimately over the eventual state of the entire dream. Simon and Juno fight back, shaking off the magic cast over them only to gain a much clearer picture of the danger they’re truly in—that if the dream does go to ruin, they'll go with it.
Labyrinth (Siren, Juno, Simon): Simon and Juno find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of their imaginary friends’ joint creation, their last desperate bid to get what—and who—they want. It seems as though there are only two ways out: towards the Siren’s ending, or towards the Erlking’s. The couple try to make their way through, facing various fears within the labyrinth along the way, while repeatedly dodging the fear that one of those two paths is ultimately inevitable if they want the pandemonium to end. They eventually reason that, even if it's only pushing the end down the line, there is a third way out for now: the twilight is soon to be over, and the two will be pulled away from this place. Over the end of the song, the two manage to find some amount of peace within the labyrinth as they await their escape, mixed with the grief of leaving each other again and the fear of what will come next.
Time Machine (Marvin, Juno): Day breaks, separating Simon and Juno. The dream continues to destabilize further and further. Juno finds Marvin, who’s been desperately scrambling to go back in time to before his sense of reality broke—and, as Juno finds, to before he and Violet left each other, so he can get a second chance at their relationship. Juno stops him (if Marvin and Violet never break up, then Juno and Simon both cease to exist), but realizes she can make use of the strange contraption he’s pulled together. She considers the places she could go—far back in time to live a life she didn’t get the chance to live... maybe even far forward, to when everything sorted out as per the Erlking’s plans, if it really must come to that. Before making her leave, though, she stops at the next twilight to say her goodbyes to Simon.
Stranded Lullaby (Simon, Juno): Juno finds Simon in the middle of the ocean, reluctantly drifting towards the Siren's shores out of the same sense of defeat she felt in the time machine. In that moment, she finds herself unwilling to leave him behind. While afloat in the nearly-broken dream, the two sing to one another about reuniting, about the ways they failed each other in the past, and about their inability to control where they’re headed anymore. In the last moments before it seems their fate is to be decided, they resolve to do as right by each other as they can: to try to better understand each other without needing to fix anything.
Dream Sweet in Sea Major (Simon, Juno, Siren, Erlking, Ensemble): Simon and Juno wash up on the shore of the snowy place that Simon had foreseen; the Siren waits for him, and the end she planned seems near. Simon, however, chooses Juno instead, with the two abandoning either plan presented to them and electing to find their own way through the chaos together. Initially unsure of what to do, the two become lucid to what happened to them while asleep back in Act I, and how they might be able to pull the same tricks as their imaginary friends did then. They find their real-world sleeping selves through the cracks in reality, wake them up (along with Marvin and Violet), and gently guide their real selves away from their old habits and external pressures and towards the things they wish they'd done sooner, before easing off the reins and watching themselves live the lives they actually wanted to. Real-life Simon and Juno ultimately start relationships with Ryan and Sally respectively, while remaining faster friends with each other than ever before. The Siren and Erlking accept that they are going to die, and try to make their last night together as romantic as they can as the world vibrantly falls apart. At the end of the song, the parts of Simon and Juno that remain in the dream—perhaps the selves they used to be, or that they tried so hard to pretend to be—realize they’re going to die as well, as the true Simon and Juno live on.

After the Show:

The Bidding (All): The cast members and portions of the ensemble come on stage one by one for bows, with the ensemble (led by Sally and Ryan) singing the choruses and post-chorus and the main cast singing sections of the verses and bridge in this order: Violet, Marvin, Erlking, Siren, Juno, Simon.
(Welcome to Tally Hall or Good Day (All): Optionally, the cast and crew all sing this on stage after bows.)
"Score" Playlist
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2023.06.01 01:48 WhenwasyourlastBM If you do anything today, I think you should read this

Hi everyone, I'm your friendly neighborhood suicidal here. Well, I was, I had quite a lucky weekend and it led me to some insights that changed my life. All I want is for you to read this, maybe it will snowball for you like it did for me, and maybe in a week you’ll understand why I felt compelled to write this. You don't have to be open minded, as you read this post, you can even skip to the end if you’re inpatient with the speech, totally fair, I’m very long winded.
For background I've had CPTSD symptoms as long as I can remember. I have had suicidal thoughts daily, I've had attempts, I've done inpatient/outpatient programs, 5 different antidepressants, ADHD meds, DBT twice. I'm fully NC with my parents. And today I would deny it if you asked if I had a mental illness. Not because I'm in denial, not because I don't think I was living in literal fucking hell or because I think you aren't either. I probably could have and still could lose my job for my symptom related problems... I'm a RN but I'll be the first to tell you that I'm very skeptical of the way we treat mental illness in this world. I am not offering medical advice; I'm simply saying this because I've had experience as the patient and as the person handing you your Abilify in the hospital while you wait for inpatient beds in full blown crisis. Point is I fucking get it.
I'll cut to the chase; the short answer is that CPTSD symptoms mean you're closer to feeling better than the people who made you this way will ever feel. Your body and mind know how to make you better, but we've been conditioned to ignore them and listen to the "experts." All of us here will agree that we have unprocessed trauma that needs to come out. We tried everything to process it but all we do is get further and further from processing it. We cope and feel ashamed that we are doing everything right and it doesn’t help. Doesn’t fill the void. I'm going to list how I got here and what I realized to do this. The is a beta test as it were. My goal is to create a "protector" proof way to begin healing, the beginning of a healing avalanche. It's not meant as medical advice, a cure, anything other than a summary of my weekend and the insights I've had. I just want you to read. I've included optional links, there is no right way to read this. I just want you to read what speaks to you and do what speaks to you. If that's going into the comments and saying that this is the dumbest shit you've ever read, I more than welcome that because you’re already a step ahead. You’re giving yourself permission to feel/say what you want to do. If I can just push one person in the right direction then I'm happy and if you hate this entire guide and think I'm the dumbest person ever, that's still a step in the right direction. As you read, I'm hoping it'll make sense.
The boring and short answer that helped me:
IFS, a book, music, and missing my meds. But that’s not helpful to anyone, and to isolate each of those items and say it was any one thing or that this is the cure would be a total lie. First of all, don’t just drop your meds. Second of all, IFS is expensive and hard to find a therapist and many sites warn against independent use in severe trauma. I think these items happened to be a catalyst for me, but they won’t necessarily be for you.
The Longer Story:
About 2 weeks ago I missed a dose of medication and heard a beautiful song on H3 Podcast. A small part of me was just so excited to feel. And it occurred to me that this woman couldn't have made such good music if she didn't feel. What was wrong with feeling? I began to ponder that. Still fully numbed to the world. You see, I spent the last 3 years in an avoidant Effexor haze/THC haze. I had been pondering my CPTSD for so long and I realized I could ponder it forever and ever, but I can't think myself whole. I have to feel it. But then I buried that part. How silly? I knew that part was there, and I knew I was burying it. Why was I doing that? But I started missing my meds more and more. I was opening up to the idea of feeling. I was flooded with suicidal thoughts, and I broke down and called Kaiser despite knowing how much kaiser has triggered me in the past. I needed something bigger and better than CBT/Coping/DBT/Pills. I would not allow them to stop me from feeling. I went off my meds (don't do that without consulting or reflecting first. I just knew it was a personal need and I was ready). And a snowball effect happened. Not because I am magic or stopped my meds. But because the cognitive part of me that knew I needed to feel to get better was trustworthy. A mess of signs in the world were occurring, and as a devoutly non-spiritual person it was clear. It had to be because I actually DO KNOW what's best, and I was choosing to see these things in the world because that part of me has always been there. Screaming for my attention but I wasn't listening. It turns out that I just needed to give myself permission to feel the bad things and that snowballed. But easier said than done. I can’t exactly pinpoint what did it for me, so below I’m going to list the items I used in tandem to warm myself up to healing. There are no right or wrong answers, but I think it would have been very very easy for anyone of these items to fail individually. It came down to a perfect storm for me, but one set off the other and they all worked as a collective. Importantly, there are many things I didn’t do.
What I didn’t do:
Stop “bad” habits: There is a reason I overeat, smoke ‘too much’ weed, oversleep, etc. An IFS model would say there are no bad parts. These things all are done with benevolent intentions. A part of you is putting out a fire. The second you set an intention to stop these habits, a part of you gets very uncomfortable. Honor these parts. You can die a carton-a-day smoker, but if you quit before that part is ready, I think it’s going to become much harder to feel whole. IFS is definitely a great model if you struggle with these things. I’ve now realized that traditional healthcare partially didn’t work because the parts of me are creative and stubborn. Alarm bells go off at the thought of being told they can’t do what they want.
Meditate/”self-care”/Mindfulness: Fuck those amiright? But seriously, after spending decades failing to feel anything positive from these things, I’ve learned it’s because people who don’t actually understand it do a terrible job of teaching this. It’s so isolating to hear that when it’s done nothing positive for you. I felt like such a failure. For me it turns out a part of me is terrified of emotions, sitting in “meditations” felt like torture, I would become so distracted and miserable. The idea of “watching thoughts go by and doing nothing” is less than ideal. It supports the misconception that there are bad or good thoughts or feelings. I’m a firm believer in looking at thoughts. Why am I thinking about hulk right now? What am I afraid will happen if I don’t think about hulk? Same goes for self-care. I think these things are methods we use to avoid feeling what being human feels like. Many of us will find we never felt what it’s like to be human. That’s okay, that part of you is in there.
Therapy: Every therapy session I’ve been to felt like I was just justifying my existence to someone else. If a therapist isn’t open to feeling, you will never get better. They probably don’t know even know they are afraid to feel also. The moment I said to myself “I am suicidal, I want to die. That’s okay. It means I need to fix something” instead of “Oh no I’m sick and I’ll never be happy and this feeling is wrong it means I’m bad.” Again, this all seems silly, its not something I can cognitively get into your head, it’s something you need to feel.
What I did do:
Feel: The simplest, biggest thing. Feeling is being human, for better or worse. I was lucky, I missed meds and found profoundly beautiful music that spoke to me. That may not be your life circumstance and it may not feel or be safe to feel yet. That’s okay. I had no agenda, I put on music I loved and got into my car and just listened to the music. As emotions came up, I just felt them. I KNOW THIS SOUNDS SMOOTHBRAINED! I’m very aware of that. But this is where the snowball happened for me the most. I think it’s important to find music that speaks to you, but my personal example was a little insane. I used to listen to a band called Beware of Darkness. In 2014 they had millions of fans and I hadn’t heard them probably since 2016 or so. When I decided it felt good to feel, even the most hurtful emotions, I knew this band meant a lot to me and the frontman had very profound lyrics and emotionally touching music. I put the band on and just drove, around the block, to the beach, to the carwash. I was feeling, the lyrics were saying everything I’ve been saying my whole life. I felt like if feeling all these things created this art, then feeling these things is fucking beautiful. And the lyrics are very dark, the writer admits to having been extremely depressed for most of his career. Anyway, this is when shit got weird. I had been listening to the music and feeling and reading on IFS, that all felt great. Things were falling into place. But guess what? I found out that this fucker released a book a couple months ago called “Thank God for Depression.” The odds? I don’t know, but the point is: many people will go their whole lives without feeling whole, but we have symptoms guiding us there, many people don’t. A part of you just wants to feel but you’ve been so conditioned not to that you don’t even know how. Deeper parts don’t know it’s okay.
Reading about IFS: I always read IFS was helpful, and I always knew of its existence. However, I never would have been able to really give IFS an authentic chance until I saw a glimmer of hope. I think IFS and music really fed each other into helping me. I also want to give credit to a redditor who posted his helpful website. Much of the information above came from that. The only reason I didn’t just post “why you should do IFS” is because if it were that simple I’d have been cured a long time ago. I strongly believe in IFS for many reasons, but the biggest was that it provided many of the “What I didn’t do” items. Giving up on the idea that I’m sick and need to do XYZ and then I’ll be all better was huge, learning simply that I’m not broken because being sober or skinny didn’t fix anything was also huge. Also, everyone swears their methodology is best and I don’t want to debate that. I think it’s more about the restrictions we subconsciously put on ourselves than anything else, and for me, the idea of jumping into a new therapy or reaching out was not helpful. I also have a tiny thing I don’t love about IFS. It’s easy to get caught up into doing it “right.” I found myself asking “am I blended,” “am I making stuff up,” or “am I even doing this right” too many times. I think if you’re open to hearing what your parts have to say and honoring that then you can get a lot accomplished.
New perspective: Essentially that’s this whole post. I stopped seeing my CPTSD as a bad thing that I have but a blessing telling me how to honor myself and my feelings. And it’s so stupid sounding, but once you get through to enough “parts” or open up enough, quell the doubts, etc, a switch will flip and you will be amazed. It also gave me a spiritual side I didn’t know could exist. I’ve had about the closest thing a person can have to an ayahuasca experience in my bedroom with my computer, spotify, and weed. Because it turned out that a part of me was just scared I would be “cringe” or “lame,” if I felt better. Part of me thought I would be sellout if I healed. Like I’d be less cool, it seems crazy now but it’s a very valid fear. But you know, the lead singer of the band from earlier? He’s happy now and his music has never been better.
And this is where we get spiritual and woo woo and many of you are welcome to skip. But before you do, just know I have always been such a skeptic I didn’t even believe in Santa as a 4-year-old and I never once believed in God. I always thought spiritualism = religion = the cause of so much suffering.
Ayahuasca: I haven’t done it. It’s come up many times in this post though. From a more clinical perspective, ayahuasca can help people access the parts in IFS. I have another post with great discussion in the comments, but I would guess using both Aya and IFS together would have like a 99.9% efficacy rate in CPTSD, however nobody is going to do that research in the states anytime soon. Aside from the whole War on Drugs part of things, I think it would be disrespectful to use this plant medicine without a Shaman who knows how to respect it. But there is a saying “Ayahuasca starts working the moment you answer her call.” And as you read the post, you can see she has been calling me very loudly. Whether or not you believe in that quote, you can’t deny the serious of fortunate events that led me here. 8 days ago someone discussed their experience with Aya on H3 Podcast and the host Ethan played this music that next day. I was tapering my meds and as I mentioned, it felt so good. And that lead to me listening to Beware of Darkness. Who's lead singer wrote "Thank God for Depression". That author in the book? First page he is talking about Aya, the day I put on his music for the first time in years was after hearing that other music on a podcast, the very same podcast where a woman tells the host that Aya has helped her, the very day I missed my meds and first opened up to the idea that feelings are good. It’s turtles all the way down. Maybe you believe it’s more spiritual, but even on a more skeptical level, I made those connections because I knew what would help me. IFS would say it’s “Self Energy,” a Shaman might say it’s the divine, a Buddhist might say it’s enlightenment. But ultimately that’s the goal, whatever you call it. It’s the thing that fills the hole you don’t know how to fill.
Anyway, every second since I've "flipped this switch," "found self," etc I have another "aha" moment. The world makes more sense, the stars align, and I feel grateful for CPTSD. It's easy to tell myself I'm having a manic episode, it's only been a couple days, its the effexor withdrawal. I see how that would be the obvious answer to everyone. It would make sense. But on the other-side. From the perspective I've gained now, I have the hope and confidence to know that's not true. Because I've literally never felt whole until now. And I'm holding onto that wholeness. There is a lot of parts work I have to do, I'm seeing a shaman in a couple weeks, and there's still the economy/state of the world. But I have something to hold onto and just wanted to share it with anyone who wants that too. I want feedback, DMs, etc. I'm a baby in the world of being happy, so I'm not going to pretend I have anything together. But I have the thing and the thing is what matters.
Resources/things I've referenced:
HOLY GRAIL: LEVI you are a beautiful person and this webite imo is the holy grail. Shoutout to u/IntegralGuideAuthor
Thank God for Depression: $10 on amazon, I haven’t even finished it but it’s been a huge source of insights. But it might just have worked because the author is so special to me.
H3 Podcast Clip discussing Aya
Music Ethan played next Day: Very relatable music. “Someone smiled at me today and I cried because I realized I don’t like myself.”- Elizabeth Homes, very new artist and talented foot soldier.
Beware of Darkness: Kingdom will Come: I forced myself to pick one song. If you need music ideas that’s my bread and butter. But this one song says more than this whole post could for me.
REDDIT! All of you were on my mind. All the posts here remind me how I’m not alone in this.
Ayahuasca: DM if you want to talk about this, I haven’t done ayahuasca yet and it would be a bad idea to act like I have. However, if after all this you feel it’s YOUR personal next step, I tell you the information I've found to point you towards a retreat.
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2023.06.01 01:30 92skd Employer sent in wrong ROE info

So I worked from January to December 2022. I took time off from September to November (it was pre decided) to give my exams. I came back to work in December and gor laid off
It took my employer 2 months to submit ROE. They emailed me a copy and I realized they had put last date as the September one and not December. When I pointed out, they said “Well it’s mailed now”. So I called Service Canada and got a number for employers and sent it to my office staff.
The lady on the phone said I can dispute this if they don’t change the dates I can dispute it and had also said previously that I can just give them details of my work history if there is no ROE and if there is any shortage, either Service Canada will owe me money or I will owe them.
My question is- 1. Can I just tell them to pay me without ROE as they had mentioned before. And then whatever time it takes the employer to fix and resend the ROE, atleast I’ll get paid some amount.
  1. I used to get paid through e -transfer and not direct deposit. It does show the firms name on the transaction though. Will this be enough for payment proof if I decide to dispute it ?
  2. Is an authorized bookkeepeaccountant allowed to call in and talk to them and submit the ROE? My boss will take weeks to do and her bookkeeper is an authorized agent and can get it done quicker.
I know my employer will eventually fix it but seeing how long it took, I can’t wait another 2 months.
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2023.06.01 01:03 No_Cardiologist4818 New to TRT

I’ve been on trt for 8 weeks. Currently pinning once a week at 150. My first blood work showed test levels at 299. Pinned 125 for 4 weeks. That brought my numbers to 614. Then moved to 150. Curious on some opinions on my blood work. I’m still new to this and doing research as I can. I get bloodwork again next week and then the plan was to move to 200. Looks like my FSH and LH numbers are low. I feel a lot better than I did 8 weeks ago. Changed what I eat and hitting the gym more. Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.
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2023.05.31 23:49 Lovingz Lost internet and access to router

I have the asus ax11000 router. I have a family member who tried to add a wifi extender on the network.
The router has a "manual" button on it and im assuming thats to toggle automatically connecting to devices vs manually connecting. When my family member pressed this button it disconnected all the devices on the network.
They then pressed the factory reset button on the modem for whatever reason hoping to go back to normal settings.
Now we are with out internet and the internet light is not lit up even though the router is connected to the modem and all the lights are working on the modem and the ISP has confirmed we have internet coming into the home.
Could there now be firmware issues with my router?
How can I resolve this issue? The only method of internet would be plugging my desktop directly into the modem and im not too savvy with networking/ IT do I need to do this to fix this router?
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2023.05.31 23:32 ItalianofromItaly Rewatching Gargoyles as an adult - Awakening Part Two

The episode on Gargwiki.
The episode on Ask Greg.
How long has it been: the flashback follows directly from the end of the previous episode; the Gargoyles' awakening happens a thousand years and three days later.
We begin with a replay of the "My Angel of the Night..." moment, followed by the reactions of Hudson and the Trio to the Massacre; they... are nothing to write home about: Hudson doesn't even get a proper reaction, we just see him pick up a bow and say "These bow-strings have been cut; there was betrayal here..." I understand that, for reasons of time, they couldn't have him go on a monologue about grief here, but they should have at least put in a couple of seconds of him emoting before putting him back into Warrior Mode. The Trio, for their part, mostly look vaguely confused rather than distraught.
Ah well: at least the scene of the survivors leaving the burning Castle to go save the humans and "have our revenge!" is properly kickass.
But then I have to complain again: we see the Captain, Hakon, Katharine and the Magus at the entrance of the Archmage's cave - and I'm sorry, but shouldn't the Captain be utterly ravaged by his guilt at this point, not to mention full of hatred for Hakon over the destruction of those he considered to be his kind? I can buy the Captain not leaving the Vikings even after the Massacre - sort of a "I'm too deep into it to leave now" kind of thing - but from the way the scene is written, you'd never guess that Cap has just commited an act that will haunt him for the next thousand years.
Anyway, the Gargoyles attack, and I feel the need to steal a joke:
HAKON: They followed us here! This is all your fault!
CAP: MY FAULT?! Which part? The part where you killed all of Goliath's people, or the part where I told you NOT TO?!
HAKON: Idiot!
The second fight with the Vikings is brief, but good - and features another "Yeah, I can see why you put this in the opening" moment: Bronx growling in the dark. We also see Hudson getting his sword - in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment: a bit weird, considering it'll be his weapon for the remainder of the series; according to Weisman's commentary, there was some sort of animation problem stopping them from making a bigger deal out of it.
The Magus curses the Gargoyles - who really should have, you know, TRIED TO DO SOMETHING once they heard him start speaking in latin; Keith David, meanwhile, really earns his pay with that "YOU are the betrayer?!", not to mention "I've been denied everything... EVEN MY REVENGE!!!". Hakon and Cap falling to their deaths is a clever move: while it happens, in part, because they obviously couldn't have the main character of a kids' show kill two people on-screen, it also fits quite well with the basic idea that this is the worst night of Goliath's life - it's the icing on the cake, so to speak.
Goliath learns what happened to the other survivors, and we see him putting them on the battlements of the Castle; at some point in-between these scenes Katharine and the Magus get a personality transplant, because, after this, they are two completely different characters: yes, you can argue that the events of the night changed them, but from this point on they show absolutely no trace of their previous nastiness whatsoever. Considering how fixed they were in their hatred of the Gargoyles before ("beasts in the dining hall" and "unnatural creatures", as you may remember), you'd think it would take them a bit more time to get to that point.
Goliath's "suicide" is a properly chilling scene - but it loses a few points for me on account of the fact that it's never been brought up again (not even in Shadows of the Past, the episode specifically designed to be about Goliath's trauma from the Massacre); Goliath never actually confronted the fact that he - for all intents and purposes - killed himself, thus also abdicating all his responsabilities towards the Eggs, and I think that undercuts the moment a bit.
We get to Xanatos' first appearance; this is what Weisman has to say about it: "I'm really curious to know how many people, seeing this for the first time knew that Xanatos was the bad guy. I thought it was a little too obvious myself."
A LITTLE too obvious? Dude, the only reason I don't call him the most obvious Secret Villain of all times is because I've watched the Star Wars prequels; I mean:
Still, the dismantling of Castle Wyvern is a good scene, and the Eyrie Building is still an awesome sight even thirty years later; the Gargs' awakening and their first encounter with the modern world are great too - aside from Hudson's yawn, that was completely unnecessary.
The Gargoyles' fight with the Commandos is pretty good too - and fairly unique to boot: it's just about the one and only time in the entire series where the Gargs are facing modern technology without having even the faintest f**king idea what's going on, which gives it a bit of a different feel; plus, we actually get to see Xanatos fight without his armor (which I love, of course, but it's nice to have some variety) - I think the only other time that happens is in City of Stone.
We end things with Goliath's very edge-lordy line "We will never trust humans again" - which is already edge-lordy to begin with, but becomes particularly so when you know for a fact that him and a certain detective will already be best friends by the end of the next episode - and Elisa ready to enter the scene; verdict: still pretty good.
RANKINGS (because why not):
  1. Awakening Part One
  2. Awakening Part Two
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2023.05.31 22:32 dream_chas Hmu for the cashapp direct deposit sauce Updated method 🆒💵 Link on my bio ⏫️⏫️⏫️

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