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2023.06.01 15:30 P1zzachu Medusa piercing & bruxism (teeth grinding) question

So few days ago I made an appointment for a medusa piercing~ I’m hyped and everything but I completely forgot that my bruxism might affect the piercing.
I grind my teeth in sleep and the medusa bar will be longer when I get the piercing and I’m afraid of it being caught up in my teeth while I sleep & grind them and I’m scared it will mess up the healing process.
Anyone got any experience with this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🫶🏻
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2023.06.01 15:26 ThoughtObjective3335 Male partner of abusive female -- female input required please

I found this thread (https://www.reddit.com/AskWomen/comments/7p9jg9/domestic_abuse_situations_are_often_characterized/) through an online search on the problems platonic relationships pose for romantic ones, and while there's much to agree with here viz. abusive men, I've found no parallel here (nor anywhere else) for the abusive relationship that I find myself in (to my thinking at least). As this is an 'AskWomen' section of Reddit I would like to do just that -- because I am a man.
I met my partner ~ 11 yrs ago when I came to France for work -- she was, it seems, still involved with her ex (the father of her children) when we met, but I didn't know at first as they didn't live together. She also has this odious little character she keeps around who is a very old friend and effectively a second father to her kids. She has these other men in her life but I find that she makes the time for that other by taking that time from ours. She says that I'm being abusive, jealous, and controlling in this set-up and I contend the opposite; certainly my "odious" phrasing above might seem to lend credence to her POV, but let me outline some details of why I said this as I would very much like a female perspective here. The trouble started as soon as this character got wind of her new relationship with me -- swearing at her young kids, refusing to leave his room whenever I was in the house, engaging in grand-gestures (taking a taxi back to the airport and flying back to the UK, only to be beseeched back by telephone by my girlfriend's kids in floods ot tears two-days later), etc. This emotional blackmail had its desired effect -- her children stopped speaking to me and started hating me (blanking me whenever he was here, stealing from me, telling me they "wish I was dead", etc.), and my gf (understandably, I suppose) unconsciously sided with her children and it formed a wedge between us. When I stated my unhappiness about this situation and her effective sanctioning of his behaviour -- she said that told him that he couldn't come here anymore if this persisted, and he had agreed to stop -- that he loved her and her kids and only reacted the way he did because of what he thought he would lose, and she told me and that the responsibility to "build bridges" was mine. I hardly need describe what I thought about this, the damage already done, my only crime to start a relationship with someone new.
If that was all there was to it I could easily have looked past it (I'm never been the jealous type), but I found his presence to be wearing as he was here for the best part of six-months of every year (he's a retired pensioner): every breakfast, every lunch, every dinner, every day (pre-Brexit -- and thank heavens for Brexit in this one respect!) and I began to notice that my gf was increasingly only available to me in his company. She spent her summers going on holidays with him/her kids, telling me that I had her for the rest of the year (the cold, dark, part of the year where she is miserable, seasonal-affective disorder personified). I also began to see how she seemed intent on revalidating him by diminishing me in his presence or putting on a show for his benefit (shouting at me, being critical of me, being short with me in conversation, or just ignoring me altogether) and I started to withdraw from this. She told me I was being jealous, and that he was a part of her life that I would have to accept. I told her she was abusive and passive-agressive, which didn't help!
Neither is he the only problem, and I describe the following as symptomatic of a part of my gf's behaviour -- that she is too fond of the attention of other men. Perhaps you may conclude otherwise. You see, there's her ex- too (the father of her children) and he's also "part of her life" too. Does anyone other than me regard it is inappropriate and unacceptable that her ex- comes down for lunch every weekend? How about three days a week (to see his kids)? How about every single 5ucking week for the past 11 years?! She always sits facing him and I am left to one side. They only talk to each other and if I don't speak to her the entire meal for me passes in silence . When I initially questioned this continual attendance she said he only came to see his kids and so I put up with it until they left home -- which they did years ago and still he comes, every week (last time I raised this she tried to be jocular by highlighting his handyman abilities), but she never Ever allows him to see me close to her (or us kiss) and always keeps her distance from me in company when he is here -- another 'partner' validated at the expense of her actual partner. She takes him out to dinner alone on his birthday, whenever his family have any sort of event I am always excluded (although the platonic character is always taken), and I can't remember the number ot times that I've walked into our kitchen to find she and her ex- swiftly moving apart from a tete-a-tete (that she would never have with me if he were in the house). When I question any of this I get the same spiel, the asserted jealousy, or that I aggressive and unreasonable. My gf has just spent the past two weeks in the company of her platonic other-half when I hardly saw her at all despite us living in the same house, taking more time off work to garden with him in that time than she's taken off on my account in the last six-years, and the day after he goes she make herself unavailable again and when I go to find her to ask if she didn't think that it would be politic to spend half-an-hour of that evening with me given how little I've seen of her for the past fortnight I am presented with excuses and we have a blazing row. I have never, in 40+ years of dating, encountered a situation like this, a gf whose raison d'etre seems to be bending over backwards for every other man (and whom I am apparently supposed to take on trust she is not bending over for forwards as well); am I being unreasonable and controlling in finding such behaviour unacceptable and an abuse of her relationship with me? We've stopped having sex weekend-mornings (and now almost altogether) as it gets in the way of the cooking necessary for entertaining her ex, and in this sexual context she even told me the previous time that her platonic partner was here (he just left again after another two-week stay) that we couldn't have some planned daytime bedroom-fun because "...what would he think if we just went up to our bedroom during the day"! My reaction to this statement was as verbally explosive as one might imagine.
And that's just her platonic partner and her ex-partner. Now let me describe the situation with her boss. My gf has an outfit that she looks very fetching in and I have expressed no amount of admiration for her in it (indeed, the booties were purchased on my recommendation), so much so that we regularly used to engage in a particular sexual act with her wearing it. I soon noticed, however, that whenever she wore that outfit to work she would always come home with a description of how her lecherous boss had come back to the office that day and blah, blah, blah... I held my tongue to be certain about what I thought I was seeing but after 10 or 20 times of this I was forced into the obvious connection -- she was seeking to appeal to him physically. Nothing so wrong there I suppose, this is still a baldy-patriarchal world and a gal has to get along if she wants to get ahead professionally, but in the context of her other behaviours viz. other men I was less minded to be sanguine here. The last (two) straw(s) came recently when she was going away on a business trip with said fat-boss -- smiling as Messenger messages from him pinged while we were still in the bed in the morning, sitting grinning at her phone on the train while I stood there like a lemon on the platform waiting for her train to depart, and a long email to me at midnight describing the wonderful meal he took her for and the film at the cinema they went to, completely forgetting to ask me about the results of my cancer-remission test that day. Then when my birthday came around a couple of weeks later and she asked me what she should wear and suggested the outfit that I liked she was crass enough to tell me that was her boss' favourite outfit too, apparently unaware that I was already aware of what he liked her to wear and what she liked to wear for his benefit. Again I reacted negatively to this statement and, extraordinarily, she told me that he sexually assaulted her years ago -- it was all that I could do not to say that I was not surprised that a lecherous boss would do so as she seemed to be giving him all the signals he would expect of someone receptive to an approach. Ladies, who goes out to dinner alone with a man who sexually assaulted them previously (and that this was apparently reported on)? Who goes to a dark cinema alone with that man? Who continues to dress to appeal to that man post-assault (and then tells her partner what that man likes her to wear?!)?
I find all of this behaviour sickening frankly, and when I raise any of it with her I'm told that I'm being jealous, controlling, etc., and she even gaslights me now by saying that I imagine all of it. I always know when some bloke is coming around our house as she always dolls herself up for every tradesman's visit (apparently you only get the best price with a man if you "make yourself look attractive first"), but is happy to look like she slept in a hedge when it's just me and her. I don't mind the latter in the least and never need her made-up or dressed-up -- I find her attractive as-is, I just ask why she is only ever interested in making that effort for other men (cue tight-jeans and two different lipstick shades in as many hours). There's hundreds of other things too: she never fails to put me aside to answer the phone or the door -- even during sex -- in case it's an emergency (her mother "might have fallen down the stairs"), she regularly takes a call from family at lunchtime and talks the entire way through our meal (doing it once at a restaurant on my birthday -- although she did complain to me about her mother interrupting when she was at the retaurant with her ex- for his birthday), whenever in company she is voluble in her answers to statements from others but if I speak to her she'll either ignore me, offer a grunt, or a one-word Y/N answer (but if I speak to anyone else she'll quickly interject to negate or disagree with what I've said), she absolutely never lets me finish a sentence and immediately cuts me off, when we sit alone at a table (home, bar, restaurant) she looks to one-side or over my shoulder and if I ask her to attend she tells me she's "looking at her roses" or goes into her "...I can't just sit here looking into your eyes for hours-on-end" tirade. Last year when she was studiously staring over the top of my head in the restaurant I asked her if there was something wrong with my hair (she is invariably critical of my appearance) and she told me that she was looking at the waiter -- I asked if she could perhaps focus on the person taking her to lunch rather than the person serving it and she told me not to "be so rude". It feels very much like she's making clear to all concerned (and even those whose business our relationship is not) how little consequence I am relative to them, emulating the blanking behaviour that that little POS enforced on her kids by sticking his nose in our relationship. When I wanted to do something about the latter early on she would have none of it and he is now happy as Larry as he is validated in his position of being appended to our relationship -- the personal side of which she has effectively given away. She'll make endless excuses for not engaging verbally, tactilely, or physically in bed, swearing at me if I speak to her before she's ready to rouse, excusing herself once she is awake by saying that she can't stay if I try to cuddle her, putting her hand over her genitals if I put my hands on her body. Yet when I cease bothering and just go downstairs when I wake she lies there for hours saying she was waiting for me to come back. I have to ask her for sex ("it's too cold", "it's too bright", "I'm too tired", "I'm not a morning person", "I've got weeding to do"), I have to ask her for her company of an evening ("I can spare you ten minutes", "I haven't got long", "can't you wait?", "I've got to get this email finished", "I've got to go to my son's restaurant", etc.), taking time from our time together to get all of her chores done so that she can then spend hours, days, and weeks in the company of her other gentleman-friends tp give them her full attention, unencumbered. Then, when they've gone, she's unavailable to me again because she has to catch up with all the things she couldn't do while entertaining them or attending to her family's many needs. If I question any of this it's because I don't understand and am not close with my family (I did my time with them already), or don't have children, or don't have friends of the closeness that she does (not true -- I just don't impose those friendships on my relationships and recognise all of the dividing lines therein). If I try and spend time with her she's refractory and regards it as a chore and is largely mute, yet when I walk away she gets all offended, moist-eyed, and passive. I worked out out that I spend ~ 98% of every week in our relationship alone. There's a chicken-and-egg element to this sorry tale, as she says that she would be more invested in our relationship if there was more affection and if I loved her like her platonic partner does and I tell her that she is confusing effect with cause and that I never fell in love with her because of having to compete with a panoply of other blokes for access to my own girlfriend.
Am I jealous, needy, cntstruck, lovelorn, or needlessly dramatic? I don't think so -- I have long regarded infidelity in the physical sense as an odd, modern construct: if my gf saw a breathtakingly attractive man who propositioned her for a quickie that she took him up on it would not be the end of the world. We should no more want to experience just one person's body in life than one person's cooking (= never going to any restaurants), but personal fidelity is another matter. Even if I saw the most amazingly attractive female who I knew wanted me whilst I was in the company of my partner (this actually happened to me on two occasions long ago with a gf's sister and a gf's 'best-friend'), I would never, ever marginalise that partner or make her question her standing in that situation as that would be absolutely beyond the pale. Yet my gf purposely marginalises me in company all the time. It's cheap, nasty, and ultimately why I know that she and I have no future together. Her need to sideline her partner for the attention of other men is what brought us together so I shouldn't be surprised that is what took us apart. Many men (whose input I really don't want -- please) would regard her as a slattern, but I do not. But having never encountered such aberrant behaviour before I don't really know what to think.
If you've read this far then you must think that I'm a colossal, desperate 5ucking idiot who can't see the obvious in all of this. But I'm not, and I'm perfectly aware of what it all means -- this is a dead relationship with someone I should perhaps never have started one with (but one that I choose to stay within because of other entities that we both share and that neither is willing to be parted from). Neither am I simply venting as I am resigned to the hopelessness of the situation (I know all about facing reality from my experience with cancer, which disease my gf also kindly once advised me also was not her fault). No, what I want is to try to understand what this behaviour means and to have an external female view of whether I am to blame for any of it. And that's what I would like from you dear ladies (please don't read a patronising tone in that phrase), and input from as many of you as possible so that whatever conclusion I draw is as robust as possible. If I get enough useful responses I may even show this thread to her, not because I can't articulate any of this myself (which I have, ad nauseum), but because I would like her to see what other women / someone other than me thinks of the behaviour that I describe. I don't believe that I'm at fault but am perfectly ready to hear any reasonable argument that I am because it might give me closure and show that perhaps I had a hand in creating my own misery. It might even make me feel a little better about who I am. When I met this woman (she was 51, I 48) I was on the rebound from a long-term relationship with a much-younger partner, and I thought that I had found heaven on Earth. The years that followed showed that I had instead found the opposite. I have never been so unhappy.
Please help me to understand.
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2023.06.01 15:23 dzwells18 Why Kublai Khan dropped

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2023.06.01 15:20 supergirl147 Relocating to France as an EU passport holder

I am thinking to relocate to France next year. Currently I am living in the Netherlands, but I also am an expat here. My home country is a part of EU.
I will learn a bit of French, but of course not to the fluent speaking level in this time.
I am young, in my 20s, I have worked in hospitality for 6 years starting from kitchen to bar manager, etc.
I would just like to hear your advices and stories. Is it as hard to rent an apartment as it is in the Netherlands? Is it possible to rent an apartment and then relocate? Before finding a job I mean. I would do it all out of my savings.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.01 15:16 Butidigress817 Food pantries & kitchens

Food pantries & kitchens
Found on the IFM Facebook page.
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2023.06.01 15:07 Thekingdeviljin Narc chicken

A few days ago, my father (Narcissist) decided to wake me up at 12 am, mind you I have been taking care of my grandmother, who has walking problems, but I had spent the previous day in the hospital with her, because he obligated her to cook, mind you shes 83, I cook for her take care of her basic needs, at the very least as much as the state lets me help her.
So after he wakes me up looking for the dog, the dog likes to sleep in my room for some reason, I think she feels more safe in my room, I dunno. I kindly tell him "please stop opening my door, that is tiring," he replies, "Then you should not have left the dog there." I tell him, "Hey, before you leave, please lock the dog in your room, that way, we prevent these types of situations." To which he says, "oh you sometimes turn on the light of the kitchen and it wakes me up." At that point I was like, "He is just looking for an excuse to look for trouble, & he is trying to validate every bad action he does."
At this point I was done, but I still decided to be decent, & I said, "People treat you well, & you still decide to be a bad person." He continued with the following statement, "Oh I just tolerate you." Meaning he can't stand me, yes I was the scapegoat of the family, except unlike most scapegoats I went rogue.
I proceeded to tell him, "you create problems, then go complaining to my brother that, one is problematic, then you proceed to cower like a chicken when people face you." To which he replied, "Oh I don't fear you." like looking to start a fight. At that point I was so done, fearing both for my life and for the life of my grandma's. I proceeded to grab my battle ready Katana from my room, & "I said bring it." He then proceeded to chicken out and said, "I am going to call the police, I am going to call the police."
All narcs are like this, they play the victim card, whenever they hurt those around, & then they defend themselves. The next day, me and grandma decided to go to the police, because we realized this needs to stop, he has previously committed domestic violence with my mom, & spent years abusing my grandmother, to the point she cannot handle much stress anymore.
They are just plain evil, they will never ever change.
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2023.06.01 15:05 triggeraround KN 03.06 - Daria closing.

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2023.06.01 15:00 Jj_a_Is_A_Scammer DAILY PSA: Most Scams Are Carried Out By Known Scammers - Protect yourself by using the SEARCH function!!

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2023.06.01 15:00 Jj_a_Is_A_Scammer DAILY PSA: Most Scams Are Carried Out By Known Scammers - Protect yourself by using the SEARCH function!!

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2023.06.01 14:58 Crispy_Squirrel Essential Eats Checklist 2023

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2023.06.01 14:49 Jobuden Clean & Jerk or OHP for Fighter

Greetings folks
I'm starting Fighter next week (testing max strength today) and I'm thankfull on any input on the question.
Cluster will be:
Based on my needs (Infantry Officer & martial arts guy) I'd say C&J is more usefull, but I'm a bit worried that it will ne too taxing for my hip area, since I'm also doing SQ (low Bar and deep) and DL.
Has anyone Experience with doing SG, DL and C&J in one Cluster?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 14:46 DivorcingDaddy615 Day 2

Starting With coffee & a protein bar that hopefully won’t come back up. Not as nauseous as day 1 but not great. Probably peel back a few pages of “This Naked Mind” this afternoon. Just sick & tired of wasting days after hours of drinking. Be well everybody!! I know it can be better if I want it to be. IWNDWYT
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2023.06.01 14:22 driftykitten One Month Left!!

I just met with my dermatologist yesterday & I had to post to give some inspiration for all the women with hormonal acne, ie. cystic acne - I had worked in skincare for YEARS and tried everything under the sun and was so hesitant to try accutane because I was afraid it would make me depressed. I started off with a low dose of 30mg for two months, then 40 mg for two months, and now ending with 60mg for my last two (May and this last month of June) and all of April and May I did not have a single break out.
For the first time in my adult LIFE, I went through my cycle without getting any cysts around my chin or my jawline. I cannot tell you how much this drug has improved my life and my confidence.
As far as side effects - yes, dryness. Everywhere. Chapped lips, a tiny bit of eczema on my hands which was worse over the winter months. I cannot recommend Dr. Dans lip balm enough, use it as eczema cream instead of the steroids - it’s better and more convenient to put on.
I don’t think I experienced depression, and that’s saying a lot considering I got laid off, had a dog pass from cancer, and stress from a kitchen renovation. But then I’m a very strong person with a strong support system around me including family and friends and therapy so take from that what you will.
When I first posted in this group asking if I should go and ask my dermatologist if I should ask for accutane, so many of you all said yes and that you only wish you had gone sooner, so I just wanted to pass along the good news and the message to anyone wondering the same thing I was. Do it, don’t waste any more time. ❤️
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2023.06.01 14:18 lakshay0106 Best Dog Friendly Restaurants In New York City ?

New York City offers several dog-friendly restaurants where you can enjoy a meal with your furry companion. Here are some popular options:
  1. Barking Dog Luncheonette: This casual eatery on the Upper East Side welcomes dogs and even provides a doggy menu.
  2. Shake Shack: This famous burger joint has dog-friendly outdoor seating areas where your pup can relax while you enjoy a delicious burger and shake.
  3. The Wilson: Located in Chelsea, this stylish restaurant has a dog-friendly outdoor patio and serves a variety of dishes from brunch to dinner.
  4. Fetch Bar & Grill: This unique spot in the Lower East Side is specifically designed for dogs and their owners, offering a full-service bar and a menu for both humans and dogs.
visit Us For More Information :- Dog Friendly Restaurants
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2023.06.01 14:17 Old_Echidna3720 Seth Rollins right now

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2023.06.01 14:14 SmallTilt Syntax Errors ABCD Pattern

This is the error I keep getting: Pine source is incorrect. line 34: Syntax error at input 'end of line without line continuation'.
Here is the code:
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TrendHeight = input(10, title="Trend Height", type=input.integer) SecondPoint = input(title="Second Point", type=input.string, defval="Both", options=["Higher", "Lower", "Both"]) PermissibleDeviation = input(5, title="Permissible Deviation", type=input.integer) InProgress = input(true, title="In Progress")
max_bars_back = 600
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2023.06.01 14:11 LisaHouseofTreasures Lot of 3 Anchor Hocking Milk Glass 9" Bud Vase Stars & Bars

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2023.06.01 14:03 craftdesignbuild Transform Your Home with Top-Rated Remodeling Contractors in Essex, CT

Transform Your Home with Top-Rated Remodeling Contractors in Essex, CT
Looking to expand and upgrade your home? Craft Design Build is providing Remodeling Contractors in Essex, Ct. Our skilled team is dedicated to completing your project on time, within budget, and to your utmost satisfaction. Our expert team is skilled in Whole Home renovations, creating the perfect Luxury Kitchens, and crafting beautiful Additions & New Spaces. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence means your home is in good hands. Trust Craft Design Build for a remodeling experience that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today! So why wait? Contact us today!
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2023.06.01 14:00 dreftzg [Daily News] Tissot With A New Hit: Could It The Best Summer Watch Of The Year?, New Certina DS Action Diver 43mm Is Pitch Black, Mido Introduces Multifort Powerwind Collection And The Edox SkyDiver 38 Is A New Skin Diver For The Smaller Wrist

It's Wednesday and you would be surprised how long it took me to realize that the majority of watches released yesterday were actually Swatch Group. That Tissot has me spending money.

What's new

Tissot Releases The Best Summer Watch Of The Year, The Forged Carbon Sideral
The late 60s and 70s are arguably the golden age of watch design. It’s the time when watches stopped being elegant personal timekeeping devices and became tools. Or, at least, gave the illusion of being a tool watch so you could look like a badass on the beach. It gave us luxury sports watches like the Nautilus and Royal Oak, gorgeous chronographs from Heuer and dive watches from the likes of Blancpain and Rolex. It was also the the time of experimenting with materials and Tissot used their Sideral to do so. Since it’s supremely cool today to revive funky vintage watches, Tissot is now bringing back the Sideral, also experimenting with new materials, but this time with forged carbon.
The late 60s version of the Sideral was the first watch to ever use a monobloc fibreglass case. Two years later, the Sideral S was introduced, a sportier take on the concept with a now famous yellow rubber strap and different fastening system.
The new version retains a lot of the aspects of the original, but updating it for the age it’s made in. It retains the barrel shape of the case made of forged carbon fibre and stainless steel that measures 41mm in width and 46.5mm in length. You can get the watch in three colors, and while the black & yellow and black & grey models show the natural colours and pattern of the forged carbon fibre, the black & blue one comes with blue flakes embedded into the material. The unidirectional rotating bezel on top is fitted with a black insert and a graduated regatta scale in white. The screw-down crown ensures it is water-resistant to 300m.
The dial is predominantly black, with either a grey, blue or yellow minute track. This segmented track is accompanied by a green and red regatta countdown section between 12 and 2 o’clock. Tissot is a Swatch company, so it’s just natural that it gets the Powermatic 80 automatic movement. This is Swatch Group’s go-to automatic for several brands and is essentially a heavily modified ETA 2824 which has gotten decent reviews and has an 80 hour power reserve.
The watch comes on three perforated rubber straps in yellow, red or blue, inspired by the original yellow one. Additional coloured straps are said to be available too.
Each of the watches, available now, will retail for EUR 1,075. Looks like Tissot has another hit on their hands.
The New Certina DS Action Diver 43mm Is Pitch Black
Cartina has had a long stretch of being neglected by owners and undermined by the public. But boy, are they back. In the past couple of years they have regrouped and boy, are they on a bender. Vintage reissues, fantastic affordable divers… they even have a modular watch system which is… meh. However, the latest release form the Swiss watchmaker is not meh. In fact, it’s pretty bold. The new Certina DS Action Diver is super black.
It’s a big diver, there’s no denying it. 43mm wide, 51mm lug-to-lug and 13.1mm thick. It’s a stainless steel case with a matte black PVD coating, as well as a matte black ceramic insert within the coin-edge bezel. The blackness of the insert is broken up with a single bright white lume pip at 12. The NATO strap it comes on is also black and made out of recycled plastic. The one downside of the case is the fact that it has a 21mm lug width, so good luck finding a different strap.
The dial is just as black, with contrasting crisp white makers that glow like crazy. The triangles at the quarters and the arrowhead hour hand do help to lend an extra sense of aggression to the dial. There’s a date window at three o’clock. Certina, like Tissot, is owned by the Swatch group, so no surprises on what’s inside - it’s the Powermatic 80.
The Certina DS Action Diver in black is now available from all Certina authorised retailers. Price: CHF895
Mido Introduces Stylish Multifort Powerwind Collection
Here’s another brand from the Swatch Group that has been kicking ass in the past few years - Mido. It might be controversial, but the Mido Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer is one of my favorite watches of the past few years. Mido does vintage fantastically, just like they did last year when they introduced a limited edition, COSC-certified, revival of the 1954 Multifort Powerwind. Now, Mido is introducing three new variations of the Multifort Powerwind that will be part of the brand’s permanent collection.
The Multifort is Mido’s most important watch. Born in the 1930s, this automatic, anti-magnetic, water-and shock-resistant watch has become its bestseller. The concept was drastically updated in 1954 with an innovative automatic movement and renamed the Powerwind. Developed in collaboration with partner A. Schild SA, the automatic part of the movement reduced the components from the standard 16 to just seven, making it easier to build and service while enhancing durability and reliability.
The new models retain the same elegantly designed case with its thin, twisted lugs, box-shaped sapphire crystal and overall retro style as the limited edition released last year. Compared to the 1954 watch, it has grown quite a bit and is now 40mm wide and 12mm thick. What changes most regarding the design, compared to the limited edition of last year, are the dials.
The permanent collection is no longer a day-date model, but rather just a time and date watch, with reworked markers that are a combination of applied triangular indices and printed Arabic numerals. You can get it in three versions: steel with black dial, steel with blue dial, yellow gold PVD-coated steel with champagne dial.
Perhaps the biggest change happens on the inside - while the limited edition last year had a chronometer-certified ETA 2836-2 movement, the permanent collection gets, you guessed it, the Powermatic 80, here named the Caliber 80. The watch comes on a 3-link stainless steel bracelet with a folding clasp and quick-release spring bars.
You can get the watches now, priced at EUR 970 (black and blue) or EUR 1,160 (PVD gold).
Rado Adds Three Ceramic Watches to their Great Gardens of the World Series
Rado is a polarizing brand. Some love it, others almost detest it. But there’s no denying that Rado has done impressive things with the use of ceramic, be it their retro sports watches in the Captain Cook line, the super minimalist watches in the Designer line or the dressier models like the True Thinline. This is Rado’s slim ceramic watch intorduced in 2011 that is now getting three new models with textured dials inspired by endangered plant species in partnership with the Great Gardens o the World organisation.
This is not the first time that Rado is working with Great Gardens of the World, a network of gardens across 20 countries. They have made seven watches prior, making these Chapters 8 through 10. All three of the new watches have the same 40mm high-tech ceramic monobloc case that’s only 9mm thick, with ceramic bracelets that have a triple-folding titanium clasp. Inside the watch is the Rado 766 movement, based on the ETA 2892.
The major differences of the three come from the looks of the watches. Chapter 8 is housed in a black polished ceramic case, with the dial recreating the pleated leaves of the Hawaiian Luolu lelo palm tree. The hands and brand name are golden coloured. Chapter 9 is dedicated to the Chilean Araucaria, or monkey puzzle tree, and comes in a glossy, white high-tech ceramic case. The sharp, scale-like leaves of the tree are replicated on the dial with a composition of engraved triangles in opalescent mother-of-pearl. Chapter 10 is dedicated to the Dragon Blood Tree in a grey ceramic case and a two layer dial. The top layer is a skeletonised plate cut out in organic shapes to evoke the thick, entangled branches of the Dragon Blood Tree, revealing the lower layer in a pink gold colour.
The trilogy – Chapters 8, 9 and 10 of the Rado True Thinline Great Gardens of the World – is available in a collector’s box, limited to 99 units. Alternatively, each model can be purchased individually for EUR 2,900.
The New Edox SkyDiver 38 Date Automatic Is A Vintage Inspired Skin Diver For You If You Want A Smaller Watch
The Edox SkyDiver has an interesting story. The brand claims that a mysterious drawing was found in their archives which turned out to be “the sketch of a long-lost timepiece, the SkyDiver”. Along with the sketch, there was a scrawled note reading: 1973. Special production in strictly limited edition“ According to a retired Edox watchmaker, the SkyDiver was rumoured to be a secret project for a mysterious, wealthy Swiss colonel. The anonymous colonel wanted an exclusive timepiece for elite mountain paratroopers under his command. It had to combine the no-nonsense functionality of a dive watch with the style and aesthetics of a precision pilot’s watch.
So Edox took these sketches and remade it in modern times with a bronze version that followed. In 2021, the SkyDiver was entirely revamped with new looks and upgraded materials, yet a solid vintage touch, in a case of 42mm. To fix the biggest complaint they got, they are now releasing a new version - the 38mm SkyDiver.
It’s basically the same watch, but smaller. It’s a traditional skin-diver watch, with a straight case, unprotected oversized crown, rather slim case profile topped by a heavily domed crystal. The screw down crown gives you 300m of water resistance and the domed crystal brings the thickness to 13.7mm. You can have it with two dial colors - black or blue, with a matching ceramic insert on the bezel, and it has a glossy vintage finish with applied markers with orange highlights.
Inside is the Selita SW200-1 automatic movement with 4Hz frequency and 38h power reserve. Both colors come on a 3-link brushed and polished steel bracelet closed by a triple folding clasp.
The watch is available now and is priced at EUR 1,575 (excl. taxes).

On hand - a selection of reviews

Hands on with the Q Timex Three Time Zone Chronograph
A review of the updated mint green Rolex Sky-Dweller

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

How time shaped the Type 20 chronograph, and the brands that keep the legend alive
Watches and military history have an unbreakable bond. You only need to think back to the very beginnings of the wristwatch as a tool. During the Anglo-Burma War and First Boer War, soldiers began to strap pocket watch cases with primitive soldered lugs to their wrists, which opened the door for a new market. Fast-forward some 70 years, and you’ll find yourself in a new world, free from the shackles of World War II. Despite it being a time of peace, the French government found itself in need of accurate, reliable timepieces, resulting in the Type 20 chronograph that took inspiration from the designs of German pilot’s chronographs of the 1930s and 1940s, and applied it to the set of regulations outlined by the French. Today, original Type 20 pieces remain highly sought-after, spawning many re-editions and homages, with one brand in particular making the most of the design.
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.06.01 13:59 lzy1ne PETS & THERMAL ADJUSTMENTS - PATCH NOTES - JUNE 01, 2023

Lost Light update maintenance begins on June 1, 2023, 02:00 (UTC), and is estimated to take 2 hours. During this period, you will not be able to connect to the game. Please wait until the maintenance is completed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
After the maintenance, please restart the game to experience the latest content. Compensation rewards will be sent via in-game mail after the maintenance.

🟢 Events
  1. June Joyride will be online for a limited time!
  2. *Event Period: June 1, 2023, 11:00 - Jun 14, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8) *Log in and complete the tasks to redeem rewards like Spray Can Case, Limited-edition Spray Cans, Advanced Equipment, and more!
  3. Top-up more and get more! Limited-time only!
  4. *Event Period: June 1, 2023, 11:00 - Jun 14, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8) *Top-up and get rewards! Meet Top-up Goals to get UR - Graffiti - Shattered Spay Cans, Advanced Equipment, and more!
🟢 Combat Adjustments
  1. *Modified the Temperature Bar's display. The temperature is now separated into 3 levels and they will affect your chance of being detected by the Tactical Glasses. Refer to the Enhancement Chip interface for details. *Your body temperature will now increase when you jump or vault over obstacles. *Added 3 new Enhancement Chips. Equip them to adjust your body temperature when moving (walking, jumping, etc.)
  1. *Added a new Chip, DANB - C. Once equipped, the enemy's Detector Armband will not blink when you are within their Blinking Alert Range.
  2. You can now filter Enhancement Chips by Attributes.
  3. Optimized the firing animation when ADS.
  4. The Stamina bar will now turn red when Firefly is unable to jump or vault over obstacles due to low Stamina.
🟢 General & Rules
  1. Dragging items in Functional Cases is now smoother.
  2. Added a new feature to Pets. Now you can order them to stay at a certain location during Operations.
  3. Updated the types of Spray Cans you can find in the Exclusion Zone. Main ways of obtaining Spray Cans: Operation Drops, Crafting on Workbench, Mission Rewards, etc.
🟢 Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed the issue where the characters you see in the distance may lag or clip.
  2. Fixed the incorrect shell ejection animation.

*Sourced from Lost Light's Official Discord Server
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2023.06.01 13:49 Winter-Ad-8396 My parents had an orgy while I was home & I think they’re neglectful, narcissists who should’ve never had children.

Sorry for the rather “clickbaity” title I’m desperate for advice right now.
Monday night my parents invited their friends over and had an orgy. They were not quiet about it and I had a panic attack because of them, I was so disgusted and angry. I purposely made loud noises, jumping up and down (we live in a 2 story house) more than 10 times. I know they could hear it because I’ve gotten complaints in the past about being up late & being heard by walking in my room. But it continued. I put on headphones and ignored it till they left. (Around 11pm this happened)
I got drunk that night because of how upset I was. I avoided them the whole morning after and was not checked on once, apologized to nothing.
Tuesday night I could hear it again moaning and my mom masturbating (12 am) when I was in the kitchen making food. I was NOT quiet and their room is right next to the kitchen so there is no way they did not know. I drank again that night.
Wednesday she was supposed to take me to the dentist but she did not she didn’t wake me up for talk to me at all.
And now I’ve avoided them for four days, again not checked on once, apologized to nothing. My mom will usually send a message asking “if I’m dead” if I don’t come out of my room. Or she’ll send a message saying she got me food but nothing nothing at all. I feel absolutely disgusting thinking about them and I do not want to confront them in fear it will lead to another panic attack or worse conflict.
Them doing this has made me realize just how little they care and think that if they do the bare minimum ex: proving me with necessities and not beating me that Im perfectly fine.
And it’s not just people it’s animals too we’ve had a dog that recently passed (2022) because her whole life they’ve never brushed her teeth, leading to rotting. Only fed dry dog food / human scraps. Never taken her to the vet the only time they did was for her to be put down, & did not brush her hair leading to matting and constantly just shaving it off. They claimed she was a “wild dog / a free dog” she was not. The night before she was going to be put down they went to a party I got drunk that night aswell. I was crying that whole night and I couldn’t even go to see her get put down I couldn’t cry that morning either all the tears were gone I still feel guilty for that.
We had two Guinea pigs (only one now) the sister passing while I was away forced to stay at their friends house because yes again they had a party. While yes she could’ve died from young age I have a grudge and believe it was their fault possibly scaring her into death (loud music).
And now our bearded dragon died last week and I was not told about it AT ALL. I knew he was slowly dying but they did not bother to show me him before they did whatever with him. (I don’t know if they put him down or just dug a grave and buried him.)
They did not take either of these pets to the doctor when they were sick or showing signs. (They took the dog only because she had a large lump on her stomach.)
When I asked to take my Guinea pig who is still alive I was told I was being dramatic and she’s fine. (This was around 2022 she was depressed her sister died and was not drinking water.)
I was taken out of school in 2021 I was in 8th grade I believe and I have not been put back in school since, they’ve promised to do it when I turned 16 but I am 16 currently (turned in February) and I have heard NOTHING about it.
They’ve promised to let me see a therapist (around 2021-2022) and have done NOTHING about it.
I ask for medication and my mom gives me “herbal remedies” which maybe that works for some people but I’d rather eat fucking chemicals.
I am very certain I have ptsd and my brain physically blocks out memories (from other trauma) but mostly from them & it makes me so mad because I know that I will forget this even happened in a couple weeks (if there isn’t any major conflict ig).
I also think I am emotionally numb / bipolar (idrk about bpd but yea) I will cry and not less than 5 minutes later will be perfectly fine and done crying. Off topic (LMFAO) I’m just really here to vent / ask for advice bc I don’t fucking know what to do atp.
They constantly promise things then never do it claiming they forgot.
They leave me home alone almost every week, partying, hanging out with friends etc since I was maybe 11.
And I’m realizing they did the same thing to my brother, they kicked him out for smoking and stealing at 17. (They’re are other factors that I won’t talk about right now.) But they did the same thing to him leaving him alone or with my grandma all the time as a teenager / child. (I am not particularly close with my brother he only recent came back into my life 2019/2020 is maybe when)
And I’ve now turned to my grandma too and there isn’t much she can do, I can stay at her place but I’d have to talk to my parents in order to do so.
Any major fight I’ve had with my parents it always leads to power control , taking my phone / my internet etc or yelling and breaking things claiming in disrespectful, ungrateful, & “live a better childhood then they did” I do not want to cause conflict because for once in my life my life is peaceful, I’ve made online friends and now it’s ruined. I’ve dealt with my mental health myself because they won’t do anything I’ve turned to spiritual ways because I am not religious.
(This is not everything that has happened to me obviously just current events.)
I think my parents are neglectful, narcissists who should’ve never had children.
I am not some angel. I know my hatred for them is speaking but I cannot help it I know I hold a grudge but I’ve been told to “forgive them” when they have never apologized for one of these things ever. I just need any advice literally ever and not just something like “talk to them” pls LMFAOO.
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2023.06.01 13:44 Grouchy_Lychee3585 Yonge bike lanes were made permanent but some keep up opposition.

Yonge bike lanes were made permanent but some keep up opposition. submitted by Grouchy_Lychee3585 to u/Grouchy_Lychee3585 [link] [comments]