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2023.06.01 13:44 krubwohac1 Lost cat!

Lost cat!
Our cat, Stevie, ran out of the house this evening and we haven't been able to locate her since. We spent over 7 hours looking for her and we last saw her hiding in the bushes by our apartment before she sprinted away from us.
Stevie is a small, black cat with a clipped left ear, is less than a year old, and recently entered observation for F.I.P. She means the world to my girlfriend and me, and we're desperate to find her.
Although she's normally a cuddle bug, she's been extremely skittish and scared during this process and won't come near us, even when we try to bait her with food. We're in the Mcdowell Mountain Neighborhood area.
If you see her, or manage to get a hold of her, please contact me at 7203987809.
Thank you for your help!
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2023.06.01 13:43 CluckThePilot It seems i can't make items drop on the ground with brass funnels.

I am building a contraption and I wanted to drop items on the ground near a fan but brass funnels for me only drop items on coveyor belts
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2023.06.01 13:43 no4200 I can’t wear clothes or go near my dad or eat from the kitchen or go into my bedroom.

Last night, I found potato waffles in the oven that had been there for about 27 hours. The thing is, I’ve been so stressed recently that I haven’t been able to remember anything so I forgot to turn the oven. They were raw and had been defrosting in there.
My dad took them out of the oven so I feel like he’s contaminated. I feel like everything in the kitchen is contaminated so I can’t eat or drink anything. My clothes were sitting on the table in the dining room (there’s no door between the two, they’re in the same room) so I feel like they’re infected. They’re the only clothes I’ve been able to wear, because I feel like my bedroom is infected for a different reason.
I have therapy later, but I’m underage and can’t drive so my dad would need to take me but I can’t be near him. Not to mention that I don’t have clothes to wear.
I don’t know what to do, I genuinely am unable to live anymore.
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2023.06.01 13:43 Mickoakz But here we were in Toronto.

This was a really special experience and Im so glad I went! They handed out lyric books so you could follow along. No screens, just a big empty stage, the same stage Taylor and The Foo’s played on nearly 8 years ago on the broken leg tour. In many ways, this felt like a funeral.
The seagulls in between songs added a tranquil, comforting element to it. This is a damn heavy listen. that last song wrecked me.
A brand Foo day is upon us.
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2023.06.01 13:42 naraburns Quality Contributions Report for May 2023

This is the Quality Contributions Roundup. It showcases interesting and well-written comments and posts from the period covered. If you want to get an idea of what this community is about or how we want you to participate, look no further (except the rules maybe--those might be important too).
As a reminder, you can nominate Quality Contributions by hitting the report button and selecting the "Actually A Quality Contribution!" option. Additionally, links to all of the roundups can be found in the wiki of /theThread which can be found here. For a list of other great community content, see here.
These are mostly chronologically ordered. Here we go:

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2023.06.01 13:42 laserhair-removal laser hair removal near me

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2023.06.01 13:42 Munkie91087 Finally done with Methotrexate

Yesterday was my yearly colonoscopy and the news was excellent. I remain in endoscopic remission and the best part is after nearly 5 years, I am officially being taken off Methotrexate. From now on my only medication is an Entyvio infusion every 8 weeks.
Methotrexate was by far the harshest medicine I’ve ever been on and I absolutely won’t miss it. I appreciate how much it helped me but feeling so overjoyed right now.
This disease at times can feel like a never ending onslaught but there can be light at the end of the tunnel.
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2023.06.01 13:42 jayisanerd Dear Ex you need to stop with the stalking. For your own wellness.

Dear Ex, for the sake of your own health, stop stalking me. My Reddit account is for my therapy and wellness. It has nothing to do with you. I am not out to get you. It never was, never will, and I really, really don't care what you think of me.
If my therapist was available, I wouldn't be even posting anything here. But unfortunately I haven't found her replacement in the new city so sharing my pain here is the closest thing I have to therapy for the trauma I endured. I am not mentioning any details about you, its completely anonymous. I know you don't believe that I got hurt, but that is your opinion. My truth is that I only wanted to give you love, care, and affection. But you discarded it because of your lack of trust and whatever else is going on in your brain.
To understand that I cared for you, you need trust, and you had none for me. That was the biggest offense you did, started a relationship with me without trusting me. When I explicitly told you that I won't do a relationship without trust, but ... you lied.
However, I don't blame you, not anymore. I only suggest you to get therapy to take care of this apathy, vendetta, and obsession. I know I let things escalate. I am sorry about that. But it only happened because I grew tired of you throwing accusations at me and starting arguments instead of talking to me as an equal. I set that boundary right after the chores argument, but you never cared about it. You never considered me an equal.
You never tried to understand where I was coming from. No, you just imagined what my thinking was in your head and rolled attack on me. I had no voice or space in that relationship. You were delusional.
I shouldn't have tried to mend things with you after breakup. That was my bad as well. I am sorry about that. It was beneath me to do that given how you treat me. Still, when you said you found someone else. I was content that you don't have a broken heart no more. I never reached out to you after that and I'd never will.
But the way you have been chasing what I have to say about my experience for last 6 months shows otherwise then you being content. Please don't repeat the same mistake you did with me. Stop obsessing over your exes and learn to love what you have and preserve it.
And yes you did make a lot of mistakes with me. I would like to list them all so perhaps you can reflect how humiliating your behavior was towards me and learn from it.
Racism. Most of the time you addressed me to others or even to me as your "Indian boyfriend" and not just boyfriend. For instance, in the market the other day when we exited a shop you remarked that "I can't believe I also fell for an Indian." It was degrading. As if my personality is nothing more than my nationality.
Moreover, countless times you showed prejudice towards people with geekier interests as well. It's not just me, our friends were horrified when I told them about your remark in the market incident as well.
Lack of Respect For starters, the sort of language you used for me on the internet in that "icky" comment is enough to prove this point. Others told me that sort of thing is unforgivable but I was too much in love with you to call things off. I would like to bring up another important instance.
We were in very early stages of having feelings for each other when we were talking while preparing to call the night. I playfully flopped into the bed (you know very well I am childish enough to do that) and landing on the mattress made me grunt. And that one grunt was enough for you to not only jump to the conclusion that I was touching myself while talking to you but also blatantly accuse me of it. We were discussing how our day was at that moment. Why... Like what the fuck was your reason behind such fucking bullshit accusation? Is that what you think of all men that just talking to a woman is enough of a stimulus for us? Or is that also a mentality you exclusively have for me because of my nationality?
But you always thought of me as some lowlife from the beginning. At that moment I couldn't believe my ears what the hell I was hearing. I should have disconnected the call after letting you know how disgusting you are to think of me like that. And yet I decided to be gentle given your trust issues. I decided to give you a chance. There is another similar incident which I am not even going to mention. I know your religious views make you think that discussing daily physical issues is forbidden, but us normal people share such information easily like adults.
But that chance came back to bite me again then you accused me once more of asking for too much sex when I texted "I miss being in your arms". Again, your mind was incapable of thinking that I was talking about cuddling you. We were already 6 months in a LDR and had spent two weeks together. If as a boyfriend I can't reminisce how much I enjoyed your embraces without making you suspicious. What the hell is my reputation in your mind?
And then all the back peddling. "Yes I think you want too much sex," "No this is about you not listening to what my boundaries are." Though I was not wrong, to keep you happy I apologized both ways and agreed to whatever you asked and yet it wasn't ever enough. You just kept jumping from one branch to another to keep the argument going. To keep making me feeling guilty.
Also I am sorry to say but the act itself with you was not pleasant to say the least. But you don't understand that it wasn't the act that mattered to me but the closeness with my love of that time was what I enjoyed and wanted more.
Guilt Tripping And then you blamed me for guilt tripping for I was sad all the time. Well, ask yourself how I was pushed to that depressive state. I was feeling guilty 24/7 for not being able to keep you happy. For being the reason of your discomfort and not being able to fix it because you didn't want it fixed.
I asked to break up by sending you the letter to end things and then you soften up only to prevent the breakup. But soon after you began making faces all the time you spent with me.
We eventually broke up and I was distraught, I had ended what was the happiest time of my life a few months ago and I was never going to get it back. I was in mourning and then all of a sudden, very next day of breakup you wanted to talk like nothing happened. I was not ready to work on friendship so soon but you gave me the ultimatum.
And when I tried... you once more abandoned me driving me insane again into questioning what did I do wrong this time.
Manipulation If we would disagree on something you would immediately throw a hissy fit and begrudgingly tell me to do the thing my way only. No matter how much of a your side heavy compromise I would be suggesting. It was entirely your way or no way.
Not to mention, using your exes to make me behave in a certain way all the time. It was like you don't want me, you want this person who would be totally contrasting to your exes. It was exhausting to be in that box all the time. I was always competing against this imaginary clipboard you had in your forearm and it drove my anxiety to the limit but I never said a word because I cared too much for you.
I know the higher probability is that after reading this you are more certain you did nothing wrong because that's where your narcissism comes. That is why you weren't satisfied with me being happy about your potential promotion. I still hope you got that. But compare it to any time I tried telling you something good happening in my career and your response was a pursed lip "good for you, dear" like a snob.
Again, I don't care anymore. People who value me know that I am nothing like what you think of me and I also know that nothing I would do could change your perception of me. Narcissism is the wool around your eyes that prevents you from seeing value in others.
Even the rat who tried to stab my back is more reasonable than you for he came back apologizing. But I am done with people who always take my affection and care and turn it into some sort of evil scheme in their head to make me the antagonist when I want nothing but happiness for them.
So think whatever you want of me. Just stop trying to reach out to me by commenting , following or whatever and please do not open my wounds. I just want to forget you were ever there. Please let me be. You brought nothing but pain and anguish in that relationship. There is nothing positive for me in a person filled with distrust and unprovoked vengeance like you.
Please for once, let go. Please for once, choose happiness over misery. Walk away and enjoy your new relationship. I wish you nothing but happiness with him.
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2023.06.01 13:42 Any-Competition3407 That Pick Two Points Triangle Feeling

Baby is 5mo: first time, exclusive breastfeeding, stay at home mom without a village. Husband works full time, cooks evening meals, and helps parent when he’s home. I do the night shift because boobs, but also so my husband can be as rested as possible for work. I just feel like I’m coasting and “choosing two” of the three things I need at any given moment. One point is permanently baby care, so something else always gets left undone. Usually some form of self care, like sleep or brushing teeth…sometimes even relief pumping. The house is a disaster. I ran out of cow milk for breakfast cereal earlier this week and haven’t been able to make it to the store…and honestly thought about pouring the soda I was drinking anyway on the cereal just so I didn’t have to eat it dry. This afternoon I put her in a bouncer to take a shower and she started fussing the second the shower door was closed/point of no return and didn’t stop until I was able to rush out of there and hold her - despite me playing baby music, never being more than 2 feet away/in eyesight, and chatting with her while I was getting ready. I hung out with her after that because I felt bad about letting her cry while I completed the shower, and ended up eating lunch about 1.5hrs after I needed it. We’re doing mostly contact naps because otherwise the naps last 20min or less…but it means I can’t catch up on other things. I know getting out even just for a quick walk would probably help, but I feel like I don’t have the mental energy to prep/time it right most days. When I walk I also have to choose whether or not to bring my moderately reactive large dog, and if I don’t have the spoons to attend to both him and baby I tend to scrap the walk. I feel bad leaving him behind since he’s constantly on the back burneanother triangle point that gets left “undone”. I don’t like taking the baby shopping and my husband doesn’t understand. I feel like more than half the time we go shopping ends in a baby breakdown and that just isn’t my husband’s experience. I only go with the baby if there’s no other option/cupboards are bare since it means I can hit up one store max before a critical baby need has to be met. I feel like I’m in baby care Groundhog Day. I adore her and being her mom is fulfilling…and I am not on top of anything else in my life. I feel most comfortable caring for her from home and simultaneously feel stuck here. I do a good job of being a present parent for her; but have emotional fallout when I’m relieved of baby care. I genuinely enjoy her and also don’t have time to think about all this when she’s awake. The guilt and anxiety from all the things I haven’t managed to accomplish seeps in immediately once she’s asleep or in husband’s care.
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2023.06.01 13:41 Sharp-Money4377 so-called online friends tryna getting involve and ruin my personal matters

There a online friends while ago spying my personal matters through Facebook contacting worthless people who living near me and making himself a superior i don't know what's going on those mind literally stalking through every online friends of mine forgotten and giving advise like a shit even though those people not worthy a time seriously not capable to think at those level it's just frustrating enough to drain my energy
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2023.06.01 13:41 Actual-Obligation728 RDK appeal to abandon Russian Army near Shebekino.

We appeal to the servicemen of Putin's army, abandoned near Shebekino in an attempt to stop the advance of the volunteers of the Russian Volunteer Corps. We call on all soldiers and officers of Putin's army to save their lives and apply to the "I want to live" project for voluntary surrender. You are guaranteed maintenance under the supervision of representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, observance of the Geneva Conventions, three meals a day, medical care and the possibility of regular contact with the house. Today you are not the defenders of our Motherland. You are being used to protect the Putin regime. An authoritarian regime built on corruption and repression with one goal - the irremovable rule of Putin, who imagines himself the new tsar. Instead of developing our country, the Putin regime is squandering Russia's enormous potential on an aggressive war with its neighbors. It should not be. Don't die for Putin - live for your families, your future and the future of Russia. Contact the contacts below: 📱 Chatbot "I want to live" ☎️ Call +38 044 350 89 17 and 688 (from Ukrainian numbers) ⌨️ Telegram or WhatsApp +38 095 688 68 88 +38 093 688 68 88 +38 097 688 66 88
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2023.06.01 13:40 CowProfessional6803 Local Cabs near me

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2023.06.01 13:39 Effendoor New player tips and tricks for Golden Voyage

Every time Endless Voyage comes around, I inevitably see a few folks discussing their struggles with it. It is my favorite mode in the entire game, and I have successfully completed every round to date, including challenges, with minimal difficulty. So I thought that there might be those out there who could use a helpful guide for the general tips and tricks that, I feel, have made me successful to date.
-Do. Not. Use. Your. Resets.
This one is by far the most important. It doesn't matter if you don’t like who you have. The only time you should be using your resets is if you are stuck. Even if not using a reset causes you to violate every tip that follows, don’t use them until you absolutely HAVE to. You'd be shocked how far you can go on characters who are normally considered bad, or skills that run counter to everything else I’m about to say.
-Save your star upgrades
Especially your star syncs. Yes, Light of Genesis is busted, but few things feel worse than burning a sync on a character, and then getting nothing worth using for them. Once you have all 6 Heroes and some of their kits have started to fall into place, that’s when you should consider it, but you should never be doing this before you are at the floor 5 boss.
-Choose a black sheep
Once you have all 6 of your heroes, your goal should be to only build 5. If you decide you don't want to build up your last one however, and the game just keeps THROWING great loot at you, obviously adjust your strategy. But I’ve found that every time I finish a run, one of my characters is vastly under performing. Propping up that last character is a potential waste of resources so you should not aim to build all 6.
-Don’t skip Temples of Might or Stores. Ever.
Almost spit when I saw a comment from someone saying they had skipped a Temple of Might while lamenting they were struggling. This may go without saying for many of you, but in the off chance someone needed to hear it, now you have. Upgrade EVERYTHING as far as it will go. Generally in temples 1 and 2, I start with cost upgrades for everyone. Once you're entire team is at 6, I recommend moving on to equipment and tactics upgrades.
-When upgrading in the temple of might, prioritize offensive equipment/Tactics, but also make SURE your tank is maxed at all times in everything.
Your DPS can generally survive a few missing levels in armor, but you want to be getting as close to one shotting every non boss enemy you come across. Your tank obviously wants all their stats maxed at all times to ensure survivability since they're going to be taking all the hits and you wont have access to Tiaris.
-Skill diversity trumps damn near everything
At any point, from floor 1 all the way up to the end, if you're given the option for a skill crystal, that is the path you should take. Having a wide variety of skills is invaluable, and you never know when you'll trip over a crazy powerful skill that makes a lackluster character into an absolute unit.
-Below Floor 9 Skills > Equipment > Tactics
Equipment should be your first priority. It doesn't get you the meme numbers, but it absolutely guarantees a solid foundation to build off in higher floors. A fully equipped team with minimal Tactics is usually going to be Superior to the inverse, unless you are very lucky.
-Floor 9+, Skills > Tactics > Equipment
Unless you have some serious holes in your team, at floor 9, whenever you're given the choice, you should choose Tactics over equipment. At floor 9 and 10, the odds of getting hero talents to drop goes up a ton, and even when talents don’t drop, the static stat increases are way more valuable when your team has a full kit.
-Single Target > AoE
If you are given the choice between heroes, Tactics, or skills with a single target or AoE focus, you should only ever choose the AoE if you have an otherwise completely stacked team. I usually only intentionally pick up AoE stuff around floor 14, if that early. That said, there has now been 1 AoE focused boss mechanic. This guide is going up early so it's possible AoE has more value than I have let on. Doubtful though
-Adjust your Hero class to fit the equipment you have
There are lots of heroes with a generally less desirable upgrade path, Wehttam springs directly to mind, but again having a full build is way more important than the correct class. I’m sure it’s starting to sound redundant, but I’ve seen people mess this up pretty badly, keeping a character in their “optimal” class, bare ass naked, while equipment is showered upon their other class.
-Assassins… aren’t great
This one is probably the most to taste, so take it with a grain of salt. I love Assassins in general, but every time I’ve tried to use them against a floor boss, they’re turned into paste inside of 2 turns. They never have the defense or range they really need to go against the bosses. Especially as bosses tend to have more Def than MDef. You can get them to the point where they’re powerful, but I’ve found it’s a lot more effort than it’s worth.
-Mages are broken
Unlike Assassins, they almost always have either the range or the bulk (or goddamn both) to go toe to toe with the floor bosses. Even Sub-optimal choices will surprise you. Using obvious meta choices won’t surprise you, but it’ll be effective nonetheless.
-Always plan builds to fight the floor bosses.
A drunk sheep could complete all of the non boss fights on pure chance. Some of the Hero fights at the top of a floor are rough, but if you’re building to take down a big boss, they wont cause you any trouble. Meanwhile if you build a team of AoE punch monkeys, youre going to sail through the easy content but slam face first into the first floor boss you come against.
-Keep characters in their same basic role
This one generally goes without saying, but I’ve seen people trying to make healers into DPS just because they didn’t get any other mages. You can work with it, but it’s much more trouble than it’s worth if you have any other option. At the end of the day, a tank usually works best as a tank. That doesnt mean Virash isnt a madman if you put a tank skill on him, just that you will always have to do more work to compensate for these characters starting position.
-Have a balanced team
If you don’t have a Tank, Healer, MDPS and PhDPS, there’s a higher chance you're going to struggle. The game attempts to make sure you have this balance by itself (even if it does silly things like considering LoG a healer) and there’s a reason that your 2nd hero node is almost always tanks, and your third is almost always healers.
-Def/Mdef conversion stacks only with Water based Def conversion.
After the first run, most conversion stacking was removed from the game mode, but to date this one still works and I cannot recommend it enough. Getting a Jugler with Broken arrow, unbreakable guardian, and tidal surge is probably one of the most powerful combos you can get and it comes up super consistently.
-Act again skills/talents/tactics should always be a priority
Another one that goes without saying but I feel I should reinforce. Being able to attack multiple times per turn will save you so much grief. Keep choosing these skills until every DPS you have has at least a chance to act twice.
-Follow the path of least resistance
Making characters/skills/talents/equipment work in ways other than how they were intended is always fun, but it is rarely worth the investment when you’re going for your first clear. The sum total of a lot of the points I’ve made is to work with what you’re given, not around it.
-Above all else, be flexible
Use what the game throws your way. Upgrade obvious BIS combinations, but don't write off what would be less optimal. The nature of Endless Voyage is the ability to put things together that don't have the chance to be put together otherwise, and there are tons of powerful combinations you would never expect.
-Remember, while Luck is a factor in this game mode, skill is far more important.
Some of you may have pulled 6 healers and 19 Meteor tactics on a run before. It’s technically possible. However, most of us haven’t. Be smart about what your choosing, think about how new geaabilities can impact your team, and follow the guidelines ive laid out above and you should have no trouble clearing Endless Voyage
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2023.06.01 13:39 guhj12345 Help needed!

This thread has been awesome so hoping you guys can help again.
I was promoted to Sales Lead at my firm (Account Execs not SDR). I now manage a fairly sizeable team of 12 AEs.
I have no sales management training and I've kind of been thrown in at the deep end. I'm just a sales guy used to looking after me! I already know most of the team and have spent time softly getting to grips with the new role and trying to slowly angle myself as manager and no longer "peer".
Some junior ones have always come to me for advice, but the senior guys probably feel they don't need me.
What is everyone's thoughts on how I can start to position myself as a leader?
Tbh I'd love to hear from some fellow managers on what they do and how to make it works.
Thanks everyone!
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2023.06.01 13:39 bottlerunners01 24 Hours Beer Delivery Near Me

Craving a cold one at any time of the day? Look no further than a reliable 24 Hour Beer delivery near me! Enjoy the freedom of round-the-clock access to an extensive selection of refreshing beers, from popular classics to unique craft brews. Whether it's a spontaneous gathering or a quiet night in, we've got you covered. With our prompt and reliable delivery, you can satisfy your beer cravings anytime, day or night. So sit back, relax, and let us bring the perfect brew right to your doorstep.
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2023.06.01 13:38 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Course (latest)

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Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
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Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.01 13:37 and-bouv0397 Singing and asthma

all my life i wanted to be a rockstar . i have friends who play music and sing and i always grew up idolizing them . Some of them are also asthmatic to but their able to lead normal lives and have no issues singing . a few minutes i was practicing singing and i couldnt even finish a sentence with out coughing and now i feel chest pain and throat and lung irritation. no where near am i a professional but as a kid my asthma would not be triggered like this , i was more moderate- moderately severe but now i am severe and take biologics and i still feel quite limited . its kinda embarassing cause i want to have fun with my friends but when they have to worry about me and something happening im just a burden to them and a huge responsibility.
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2023.06.01 13:36 Sapphire1166 10 year old daughter excluding my best friend's son

My best friend and I both have nearly 10 year-old kids. We met when they were both newborns and she's been my ride or die for nearly a decade. Both our kids (Maria and Tim) are stubborn, smart, bossy, and sensitive. Over the last year or so my daughter has decided she doesn't like Tim anymore. That he's bossy, mean, and plays too rough. I agree that he sometimes has those qualities, but she's no prize at times either and has been awfully mean to him during most of their recent playdates (we often play with lots of other neighborhood kids at the same time do their interactions are buffered). Tim's mom is getting upset because my daughter has been excluding him a lot in things out not being kind to him when they play together. I've spoken to my daughter about it and she says she doesn't like Tim and she's growing up and wants to play with girls more because they're not so rough.
She's having her 10th birthday and decided she wanted a sleepover, only girls. I agreed that it made sense for a sleepover. This means she is also not inviting about 4 other boys that she sees and plays with regularly. When I told Tim's mom about this she was pretty upset. She thinks her son is being excluded because he is a boy, and that this is the yet again my daughter being exclusionary and me condoning it.
I didn't think she'd be so upset. I'm rethinking how I'm handling all of this, but I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I force interactions with them my daughter is ticked at me and they often end up fighting, but if I don't force interactions I'm condoning her excluding him. I don't want to lose my best friend over this. Help!!
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2023.06.01 13:36 Asia_Persuasia Help: My Hikiwari Edamame Nattō seems to have failed fermentation?

I have attempted to make something a little non-traditional or conventional in terms of nattō. I prefer hikiwari nattō because of the texture; I prefer edamame over mature soybeans because of the fibecarbs. I tried combining the two in an experimental fermentation. (Edamame nattō already exists, but they do not sell them anywhere near where I live, and I do not see anywhere selling it hikiwari-style.)
It is almost two full days later, and the fermentation seems unsuccessful. I boiled edamame pods, and de-beaned each one by hand. Then I chopped them up in a manual food processor (until it was the size of store-bought hikiwari). I used regular store-bought nattō as the inoculant.
I used a steralised glass container and a heating strip that goes around the container (used for Kombucha scoby jars), and left it on the countertop. This gave me the optimal temperature of ≈110°F. I did the two layers of ventilated plastic wrap, but I put the lid on the glass container. After the first 18 hours, I saw promising signs. I left it to continue because the strings were present but not strong, so I removed the lid but kept the plastic wrap so the yeast could get more oxygen. I also noticed too much condensation was building up on the plastic wraps, which I thought was because of the lid trapping the heat— It only went downhill from there.
There were more strings yesterday than today, and the smell is less like nattō (as it was yesterday) and more like burnt coffee (not like ammonia). The strings have disappeared completely, and the beans just seem to have way too much moisture. I tried one of the beans I used to inoculate my batch with, and it is disgustingly bitter. The actual edamame beans just taste bland.
Is there any way to salvage this batch? Any pointers or suggestions?
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2023.06.01 13:36 buffysummerrs My job cut everyone’s hours. They gave me a 3 hour shift at the earliest time.

So I work for Publix which is a Florida based grocery store. They cut EVERYONES hours. People who were getting full time are getting 17-20 hours a week. People who were getting 20-25 are now getting like 5 or 11 hours for example. I got 12 hours this week!
Today I got a shift from 7-10am. I was pissed. Mainly because it felt like a slap in the face. Up at 6am to be there at 7 to leave at 10? When I told my coworker a few days ago about it she went “I’d just call out. That’s ridiculous.”
So I did. It’s supposed to be a no fault policy. But they asked me why when I called to say I wasn’t going to be in. I said my parents were across the country (which is true) and my grandma had a flooding in her house last night and I had to be there this morning (this did actually happen a month ago while my parents were away for my dads job).
I feel guilty lying… can’t help it. But it’s ridiculous to give me a 3 hour shift in the morning like that. It’s not even worth the money. A 6+ hour shift? Sure! 3 hours so I can make 45 bucks? No. I can make more than that doing Instacart for 2 hours. This company sucks. They told us the 3 weeks of these low hours was a “computer glitch”. Found out another Publix (one of my old coworkers who transferred to) was also cutting hours too the same way and she got 15 hours from her usual 30. Not a glitch. They’re just cutting hours all together and lying.
Trash hours. Trash pay. Lying. This company is horrible.
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2023.06.01 13:36 Inevitable_Bread_229 'How do you buy bra's online ?'

'I'm 17f ... I have only purchased bras in offline stores with my mom and there too my mother is the one who negotiates and ask the dukan wale bhaiya for them ... now I have shifted to another city for my education and wanted some new ones. So, insteed of going to a local shop and to avoid interaction and awkward with strangers, I would prefer to buy them online. so please guide me with how you buy bra's online ? ... will the bra's bought online be safe for use not used prior ? ... will the bra's be comfortable and not damaging ? ... please recommend some bra's too wich you have used and found really good.'
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2023.06.01 13:35 Scarlets_Buns Do my boys keep and eye on my because they are scared?

Do my boys keep and eye on my because they are scared?
I have only had my buns since Saturday and we are very much still getting use to each other, more then than me.
When I am in the room on my bed I noticed they seem to prefer a spot to the side of the bed where I think they can see me best. Not sure if they want to keep an eye on my because they are scared or something else. Watching them on the camera when I am not in the room they do not seem to use the spot nearly as much.
At first they were chilling under the bed almost always but now they don't seem to do it when I am in the room much. Not sure if it's due to me making the bed frame creak to much or if they just got tried if me looking under to make sure they are safe.
They do approach to check if I have food most times when I enter the room now. But not always. They begrudgingly accepted a few pets yesterday for the first time.
They jump at my movements a lot. Trying to get better and moving slower and less forcefully but it's hard.
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