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2023.06.01 13:40 AndrxJP001 AMD 4700s Desktop Kit machine not booting live Disc

I have a AMD 4700s Desktop kit machine with a RX 500 graphics card, the machine does not boot the linux mint Live disc at all, I have tried to use the nomomde, and the radeon nomode comaands and still does the same, is there anything I can do, to boot the live disc and install linux mint?
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2023.06.01 13:39 Pyrenees_ What 3.7 or 4.0 lineup should I make with France ? (See my comment)

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2023.06.01 13:24 _try_again_later_ PC Upgrade - Ryzen 5 2600 and GTX 1660 Ti

Currently looking to upgrade my desktop PC, but trying to figure out how far should I go, and what to prioritize.
The goal is to have a 1440p gaming PC that can hold on for a few years. I also want AMD graphics, and plan to keep my motherboard for now.
I don't have a really have a fixed budget at this point, just trying to figure out the best relation between cost and results. The two things I'm currently considering are replacing the CPU and/or GPU for one of the following (EU prices)
CPU: - Ryzen 5 5600/5600X (~150€) - Ryzen 7 5800x3d (~300€)
CPU: - RX 6700 - 6750 XT (350-420€) - RX 6800 XT (560 €) - RX 6950 XT (~640 - 700€)
Motherboard is a Gigabyte B450 DS3H, RAM 2x8GB 3000 Mhz, and 650W PSU (PSU could be upgraded if necessary).
I would prefer to spend less if possible, but the 6950 XT may be a decent deal for the long term. Could also wait for the new 7000 series AMD graphics, but who the date and prices?
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2023.06.01 13:24 Responsible-Hippo162 Help With Stuttery Games in VM

On my proxmox server (R7 5700X, 48GB RAM, Proxmox 7.4, Kernel: 6.2.11-2-pve) I have a vm running Arch Linux for gaming with a RX 6700 XT passed through to it. In most games I see performance within margin of error of running bare metal, but some games, most notably Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 5 experience insane stuttering, despite reporting frame rates very close to what I get running them on a bare metal linux machine.
I've tried:
None of these fixes have solved the problem, does anybody know how I could fix this?
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2023.06.01 13:17 Far_Security_7179 Hi, what you guys think about my build

Feel kind of overpowered and pricey, probably selling my Laptop will help tank some cost but I just wanna make sure I took the right decision, also my main monitor I got it in discount so that was very good.
I went for the nzxt because of the display but need to buy some controllers for like 100$ for the nzxt because they don't have a larger version like corsair for 50$.
I was thinking downgrading from 1440p to 1080p because I don’t feel I have good vision in a big screen I went from 17 inch to 27 inch and I feel is just cannot look around while gaming because I like to play competitive a lot and I like to have everything on my sight so I think I’m gonna change to 1080p 24 inch but I feel is to overpower for my current pc Idk if I should downgrade my pc or keep everything the same and just change monitor and fans to not waste my money.
Also I what you think what should save my money or you think this build is really solid, I like to play Mobas, FPS and kinda heavy games like tarkov, arma 3 and Dayz sometimes probably thinking in going into more heavy games sometimes.

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2023.06.01 13:15 antnbr Looking for a Gaming/Workstation laptop

Hi folks, my job is making me moving between 2 countries, and I need a portable but powerful machine to perform everything I already do but with one tool. As for information I already own a desktop PC (R7 3700x/2070supe32Gb of RAM) and a laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 7590/i5 9400h/gtx1650/16Gb of RAM), but now I realise I don't want to move my desktop pc back and forth and I really fancy a decent gaming/workstation that makes use of external monitors in both places I live in France & Scotland. The goal is to game (AAA games but currently mostly Elden Ring) and work (mostly Adobe and 3D modelling).
Since it's so incredibly hard to compare and understand the current selling proposition I'm asking here so thanks in advance !

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2023.06.01 13:15 AutoModerator June Hardware Thread.

Here is a monthly thread about hardware.

You came here or were sent here because you're wondering/intending to buy some new hardware.
If you're comfortable picking motherboards and power supplies? You want buildapcvideoediting
A sub $1k or $600 laptop? We probably can't help. Prices change frequently. Looking to get it under $1k? Used from 1 or 2 years ago is a better idea.

General hardware recommendations

Desktops over laptops.
  1. i7 chip is where our suggestions start.. Know the generation of the chip. 12xxx is this year's chipset - and a good place to start. More or less, each lower first number means older chips. How to decode chip info.
  2. A video card with 2+GB of VRam. 4 is even better.
  3. An SSD is suggested - and will likely be needed for caching.
  4. Stay away from ultralights/tablets.
No, we're not debating intel vs. AMD, etc. This thread is for helping people - not the debate about this month's hot CPU. The top-of-the-line AMDs are better than Intel, certainly for the $$$. Midline AMD processors struggle with h264.
A "great laptop" for "basic only" use doesn't really exist; you'll need to transcode the footage (making a much larger copy) if you want to work on oldeunderpowered hardware.
We think the nVidia Studio System chooser is a quick way to get into the ballpark.

If you're here because your system isn't responding well/stuttering?

Action cam, Mobile phone, and screen recordings can be difficult to edit, due to h264/5 material (especially 1080p60 or 4k) and Variable Frame rate. Footage types like 1080p60, 4k (any frame rate) are going to stress your system. When your system struggles, the way that the professional industry has handled this for decades is to use Proxies. Wiki on Why h264/5 is hard to edit.
How to make your older hardware work? Use proxies Proxies are a copy of your media in a lower resolution and possibly a "friendlier" codec. It is important to know if your software has this capability. A proxy workflow more than any other feature, is what makes editing high frame rate, 4k oand h264/5 footage possible. Wiki on Proxy editing.
If your source was a screen recording or mobile phone, it's likely that it has a variable frame rate. In other words, it changes the amount of frames per second, frequently, which editorial system don't like. Wiki on Variable Frame Rate

Is this particular laptop/hardware for me?

If you ask about specific hardware, don't just link to it.
Tell us the following key pieces:

Some key elements

  1. GPUS generally don't help codec decode/encode.
  2. Variable frame rate material (screen recordings/mobile phone video) will usually need to be conformed (recompressed) to a constant frame rate. Variable Frame Rate.
  3. 1080p60 or 4k h264/HEVC? Proxy workflows are likely your savior. Why h264/5 is hard to play.
  4. Look at how old your CPU is. This is critical. Intel Quicksync is how you'll play h264/5.
See our wiki with other common answers.

Are you ready to buy? Here are the key specs to know:

Codec/compressoin of your footage? Don't know? Media info is the way to go, but if you don't know the codec, it's likely H264 or HEVC (h265).
Know the Software you're going to use
Compare your hardware to the system specs below. CPU, GPU, RAM.
Again, if you're coming into this thread exists to help people get working systems, not champion intel, AMD or other brands.

Apple Specific

If you're thinking Apple -

This the key article you want
The TL;DR? Here's the key info for people who are thinking of themselves as media professionals:
Pick Mobile or Desktop. Then it's about what meets your budget. Prices are indicated based on Apple's site in the US as of Feb 6, 2023. The details (such as cores or RAM) is so you can match the pricing.


What's most important is % of sRGB (rec 709) coverage. LED < IPS < OLEDs. Sync means less than size/resolution. Generally 32" @ UHD is about arm's length away.
And the color coverage has more to do with Can I see all the colors, not Is it color accurate. Accurate requires a probe (for video) alongside a way to load that into the monitor (not the OS.)

If you've read all of that, start your post/reply: "I read the above and have a more nuanced question:

And copy (fill out) the following information as needed:
My system
My media
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2023.06.01 13:11 Throw-away-the-keys AITA for not waking up my roommate and making him lose the tickets?

Throwaway because I would be overly identifiable if I used my usual profile, therefore making all parties involved overly identifiable.
A bit of context: this happened a few weeks ago. I (24m) was going to a 10-days festival/event as a press member and proposed Tim (26m, obviously not his real name) to get an accomodation together to split costs, as that location is always very expensive. Tim was onboard with it, I found an airbnb apartment at a very good price - I made sure he also was okay with my choice before booking. I feel like I tried to be as helpful as I could: I managed the booking and the check-in (meaning I lost day one's panels in the process, which attended), I took the sofa instead of the bed, when he once asked me, I went and got a sandwich for him while he was waiting in line. There was a slight issue with him not finding the airbnb but I did not think much of it.
The matter: the event has a weird ticket booking system that requires you to book your seats 4 days prior at 7am. There's a huge demand for seats so tickets run out in one minute. I woke up at 6-ish because Tim mentioned I was snoring, so I chose not to go back asleep to let him sleep. I went to the kitchen, and at 6:56-ish I heard him moving in the bed after the alarm went off a few times, I assumed he was awake, did the whole ticket thing as usual. In the previous days Tim would hardly answer me if I tried to converse with him at that hour, so I didn't try to check on him after I finished the booking at 7:01-ish, when I got back to my bed he was asleep, I assumed he went back asleep right after. He woke up at 7:19 running, he went showering but after a min he asked me if I managed to get my tickets, amd that's when I realised he hadn't woken up. He essentially blamed me for not waking him up and thus preventing him from getting the tickets for that day, saying that I wasn't being altruistic. I apologised, offered some extra tickets I had but he didn't want them.
There have been some incidents in the next days related to keeping the keys (we had different schedules), I can't get into details for lack of space but I believe he blamed me in those instances as a follow-up to this matter.
I honestly don't feel line I am the AH, pretty sure I'm getting blamed on issues I am not entirely responsible for, but I know that if roles were inverted I would also be pissed, so I leave the judgement to you. Probably will require additional info I'd be happy to provide. AITA?
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2023.06.01 13:09 EmphasisRelative5903 "exceeding" gpu limits

So I recently bought a laptop for study purposes and since I won't be able to take my desktop pc with me, I was wondering if I could play siege on it.
Now this laptop is a CPU powerhouse (by my standards, Ryzen 7 5825U), but it has an integrated graphics card. When launching the game a pop-up told me the laptop was too weak and even after fiddling around with the settings, the graphics requirement was about double of what I have (see in attached image, sorry screenshot didn't work).
I decided to try it anyways and loaded into the shooting range. Interestingly enough I was getting a stable 60fps even on resolutions like 1980x1200. Fans spin fast and the laptop starts heating up as you'd expect, but that can be solved with a cooler.
My question is, will it cause problems if I play like this or should I not? (I'm not exactly good with tech so sorry if it's a stupid question)
Tl,dr: exceding gpu limits, yay or nay?
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2023.06.01 13:06 BillyBong94 PC case and CPU fans not functioning

Hello guys and gals,
Firstly, thank you to anyone and everyone that helped me with my build! It is looking good! Though regretfully, I am having some issues with my desktop case fans and I was wondering if anyone had any advice?
The issue:
The case fans turn on, but remain on a very low RPM (only the CPU cooler is recording the RMP in the bios). I have 6 case fans and 2 CPU fans (fanned up).
What I have tried so far:
All fans are on PWC (they weren't before, and they didn't spin at all).
I have reinstalled some drivers.
I have tried to download 3rd party software's (i.e., MSI after burner).
I do have 2 fans plugged into each port on the motherboard (a total of 8 into 4 ports). I thought this could be the issues, so changed this and plugged only 1 fan into one of the ports, but had no control over this fan.

I imagine I am missing something obvious, or perhaps I missed a driver? I would very much appreciate any advice!
Thank you in advance

My build for reference:

[PCPartPicker Part List](

**CPU** [Intel Core i5-13600K 3.5 GHz 14-Core Processor]( Purchased For £304.96
**CPU Cooler** [Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 White ARGB 66.17 CFM CPU Cooler]( Purchased For £40.90
**Motherboard** [MSI MAG B760 TOMAHAWK WIFI ATX LGA1700 Motherboard]( Purchased For £199.99
**Memory** [G.Skill Ripjaws S5 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL30 Memory]( Purchased For £104.08
**Storage** [Kingston KC3000 1.024 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive]( Purchased For £73.49
**Storage** [Kingston KC3000 2.048 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive]( Purchased For £127.97
**Video Card** [XFX Speedster MERC 319 CORE Radeon RX 6800 XT 16 GB Video Card]( Purchased For £510.99
**Case** [Corsair 4000D Airflow ATX Mid Tower Case]( Purchased For £93.09
**Power Supply** [Fractal Design Ion Gold 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply]( Purchased For £99.95
**Case Fan** [Thermalright TL-C12C-S 66.17 CFM 120 mm Fans 3-Pack]( Purchased For £14.59
**Case Fan** [Thermalright TL-C12C-S 66.17 CFM 120 mm Fans 3-Pack]( Purchased For £14.59
**Monitor** [Gigabyte G34WQC A 34.0" 3440 x 1440 144 Hz Curved Monitor]( Purchased For £379.00
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **£1963.60**
Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-06-01 11:57 BST+0100
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2023.06.01 13:03 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 1st

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 1st
Disclaimer: Some of these events have unknown June dates. They are identified with a '*'
1970 - The Jackson 5 are on the cover of Soul Magazine.
1974 - Michael is on the cover of Popswop magazine
1974 - Jackson 5 are on the cover of Right On! magazine
1977\* - The Jackson go back to Sigma Sound Studios in Philidalphia to record their new album, Goin' Places, with Gamble & Huff
1978\* - The Jacksons record the Destiny album in Los Angeles after recording song demos at their Hayvenhurst home studio
1979 - The Jackson perform at Milwaukee County Stadium (closed- 2000) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on their Destiny tour
1979 - (June 1 -3) Michael, Quincy Jones & Bruce Swedien complete the recording & mixing of the Off The Wall album Westlake Studios in Los Angeles.
1979\* - The Jacksons start recording the Triumph Album.
1982\* - Michael would come across a studio demo produced by John Barnes and request a meeting.
In an interview with The MJCast podcast, John recalled their first meeting:
“Michael said I heard you can make your own sounds and play them. How many sounds can you make? And, I responded, ‘How much time do you have?’”
The meeting lasted a few hours and was the beginning of a friendship and musical partnership with Barnes being hired as a core member of Michael Jackson’s team. Their partnership would continue until Michael's passing in 2009
1983\* - Michael is on the cover of Creem magazine.
1984\* - Michael meets with other supporters of Camp Good Times, a non-profit organization founded by parents of children with cancer, in Malibu such as OJ Simpson, Dustin Hoffman, David Soul, Neil Diamond & Richard Chamberlain.
The first Camp Goodtimes event would be held in Vashon Island at Camp Sealth in August of 1984. Ninety-three children, cancer patients and siblings attended and twenty-five American Cancer Society volunteers, who staffed the camp along with the summer staff at Camp Sealth.
1985\* - Michael starts rehearsing for an upcoming 3D science fiction musical short film named Captain EO to be shown exclusively at Disneyland and Disney World. Francis Ford Coppola will direct and George Lucas will produce the film
1986\*- Michael & Corey Feldman go to Disneyland . Michael is seen for the 1st time wearing a surgical mask in public
In Moonwalk, he says he was initially given a mask by a dentist to keep germs out after having his wisdom teeth pulled
1987\* - Michael shoots the “The Way You Make Me Feel” short film at Skid Row, Los Angeles. It was directed by Joe Pytka and choreographed by Vincent Paterson & Michael. It featured Tatiana Thumbtzen & Latoya Jackson
1988\- Michael is on the cover of *Ebony magazine.
1988\* - Michael Jackson : The Legend Continues is released on home video.
1988 - Michael sets another record as the first artist ever to have three albums with US sales of more than six million copies each as Bad & Off The Wall were both certified 6x platinum by the RIAA
1989\- Michael goes back to Westlake studio with Matt Forger and Bill Bottrell. He meets Brad Buxer who will work with him until 2008. Together they work on new songs for a compilation named *DECADE 1979-1989
Quincy Jones is not part of this project. "Black Or White" and "Heal The World" are among the first songs worked on.
1991 - David Ruffin, a member of The Temptations, dies of a drug overdose.
It was found that Ruffin was peniniless and Jackson contacted Swanson Funeral Home in Detroit to make arrangements to cover a large portion of the June 10th funeral costs. He also sends a heart-shaped arrangement of carnations to the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit with the note, "With Love, from Michael Jackson".
Jackson was a big admirer of The Temptations. He would not attend the funeral ceremony to not divert attention from it (it was however reported that he did attend but in disguise)
1991\* - The Sun publishes leaked pictures from a photo session of Michael by Herb Ritts. It had been rumored that multiple photographers were battling in out to shoot Michael's new video & album cover. Steve Meisel, Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts had been in the running to give Michael a new "sexier" look
1991\* - Michael enlists the help of producers L.A Reid & Babyface for his new album, which deeply upsets Jermaine who is also working with them.
Jermaine is quoted in the tabloids as saying:
"I could have been Michael. It's all a matter of timing, a matter of luck"
1991\* - Michael is on the cover of British magazine The Wire
1992\*- Michael rehearses for his new tour & shoot the video for “Who Is It”
1993 - Michael is on the cover of LIFE magazine with an exclusive cover story of Neverland.
1994\* - This summer Heal The World Foundation, in partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District, "I Have A Dream Foundation", "Best Buddies", "Overcoming Obstacles" & "California One To One", provide 2000 children with tickets to see Janet Jackson, the L.A. Laker Jam and The Beach Boys in concert
1995\* - Michael is on the June/July cover of VIBE magazine with exclusive pictures taken at Neverland with Quincy Jones & his daughter Kidada
1995 - (5/30-6/2) Michael shoots the “Childhood” short film directed by Nicholas Brandt in Los Angeles .
1995\* - Issue #2 of History Magazine reveals that Travis Thomas, a 5-year old boy who suffers from cystic fibrosis, wished to meet Michael.
“One evening, we were watching TV and Travis hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. He was on TV”, the boy's mother recalls, “and we came across the American Music Awards and Michael Jackson… Travis sat up and wanted to eat… He said, ‘I love Michael Jackson, Mama!”
His wish comes true in June through Jackson and the Make A Wish Foundation.Travis and his family, along with 20 other seriously ill children, spent a weekend at Neverland Ranch and were allowed to roam around the compound’s private amusement park.
Travis’ mother:
“The love this man has on his face when he is with these special children is unbelievable. He is one of the kindest and most gentle men I have ever met"
1999 - Michael cancels his participation in the Pavarotti & Friends Charity Concert in Modena, scheduled for tonight.
Jonathan Morrish of Sony Music issues a statement informing the media, that Michael will not be performing due to the illness of his son, Prince:
"Prince suffered a seizure early Saturday due to a high temperature. This is the third seizure over the last year"
He added that the concert meant so much to Michael but,"he is an artist like the others, but also a parent" and that he waited until the last moment to cancel because he was still hopeful about making it. Michael is reportedly constantly at Prince's bedside
2000* - Concert promoter,Marcel Avram, sues Michael for breach of contract for the Millenium Concerts and asks for $21 million
2001\* - Michael hires Marc Schaffel and they create a new company,Neverland Valley Entertainment, with a common bank account.
2004\* - Randy Jackson fires Bob Jones, vice president of MJJ Productions since 1987, after discovering that he is writing a tell all book on Michael. He also stops paying Marc Schaffel.
2005 - Trial Day 64
Michael goes to court with Katherine, Joe & Randy
Judge Melville gives the Jury the rules of Jury Deliberations
Michael Jackson sat quietly in court as the 12 jurors were given their instructions ahead of closing arguments from both sides.
"You've heard all of the evidence and you will hear the arguments of attorneys," Judge Rodney Melville told the jury. He told them to make their decision without "pity for or prejudice toward" the defendant.
The eight women & four men who will decide his fate will hear closing arguments today and could begin their deliberations as early as Friday (it is currently Wednesday). Jurors are expected to hammer out their decision behind closed doors for about six hours a day until they reach their verdict or announce a deadlock.
The charges against Jackson consist of four counts of molestation, four counts of giving the boy alcohol in order to abuse him, one count of conspiracy and one of attempted molestation.
Jurors were told they could consider the four alcohol counts as lesser charges of "furnishing alcohol to a minor." This would be considered a misdemeanor and means that the jury would not have to relate the alcohol to any intended molestation.
Judge Melville told jurors not to consider the four videos played in the trial for the truth of any remarks made in them, except for certain statements that prosecutors claim are admissions from Jackson. These statements will be outlined in a document to be provided by prosecutors.
The Judge also instructed the jury on how to consider the past allegations against Jackson. He said that if they determine he does have such a history, "you may but are not required to infer that the defendant had a predisposition" to commit the crimes alleged in this case.
But he added “that is not sufficient in itself to prove he committed the crimes charged
He also told them not to infer anything from the fact Jackson himself had decided not to testify.
Thomas Mesereau will deliver closing arguments for the defense while Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen is expected to deliver the prosecution’s closing statements.
Court Transcript
2005\* - Michael allows visits from fans inside his home while awaiting the verdict. They're impressed by his generosity given the circumstances.

2007 - A glittery jacket once worn onstage by Michael, his MTV Music Award for "We Are The World", as well as gold discs for his album Off the Wall and the Jackson 5 single "I Want You Back", all sell at an auction in the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas, Nevada. The total raised from the sale of Michael related artifacts at the auction is reported as $1-$2million
2007\* - Michael, Grace and the kids leave their Las Vegas house and fly to Middleburg, Virginia. They check into the Goodstone Inn, a 640-acre estate of open pastures, for a summer vacation. They are welcomed by Raymone Bain.
2007\* - Michael “Brother Michael” Amir Williams is hired as Michael’s new assistant.
2008\* - Michael and producer Neff-U start working on songs at 'Thriller Villa', his 2710 Palomino Lane home, in Las Vegas. They work on a new version of “A Place With No Name”.
2008\* - Late in the month, Michael's duet with Akon, "Hold My Hand" is leaked online. Michael is devastated
Longtime recording engineer, Michael Prince, who was working with Jackson at the time “Hold My Hand” leaked, recalls:
“He was truly upset when the song he did with Akon leaked. He would just get this sad look on his face like, how could this happen? Because 20 years ago this would not have happened. And somehow everybody in the world has a copy of it. And that really upset him because he liked that song a lot.”
Akon gave a detailed account of the events surrounding the leak during an appearance on Tavis Smiley’s PBS television show in January 2009:
“Me and Mike did this incredible record called Hold My Hand and the record is amazing. Phenomenal. And the concept was that this would be Mike’s first release off of his new album, and then I would stripe it on my album – on my following release. That way we could have the outlets open for everyone to be able to receive the record. You know, Mike came up with this brilliant marketing launch for the record. You know, he’s the best at launching a record.”
Akon continues:
“He’d have the whole world paying attention in two minutes… And before we could get to that point, the record got leaked over the internet. And we got over 15 million downloads on the song for free. So we couldn’t [release it]. You can’t at that point. Everybody already has the record. But in a way, you gotta look at it like… that’s just a gift to the fans.”
2008\* - (Late June) Michael hires Dr Thome Thome as his new manager and president of MJJ Productions. As a result of a financial reorganiation of the Neverland Valley Ranch, all of Michael’s personal belongings have to be removed from the property. Dr Tohme contacts Darren Julien of Julien’s Auction House
2009 - The This Is It team leaves Center Staging for a bigger place : The Forum in Inglewood, California.
2009 - (June 1-11) At Culver Studios in Culver City, Michael shoots “The Dome” Project which consists of seven works:
  • “Smooth Criminal” (Jackson inserted into classic 2D black-and-white film noir chase sequence)
  • “Thriller” (3-D movie starting in a haunted house with a ghostly image of Vincent Price, then moving into a graveyard where the dead awaken)
  • “Earth Song” (3D short film featuring little girl who wanders through rain forest, takes a nap and dreams of the splendor of nature, and awakens to find the natural world has been devastated)
  • “They Don’t Care About Us” (a/k/a Drill, 2D film in which a sea of soldiers march in unison; 10 male dancers replicated hundreds of times)
  • “MJ Air” (3-D movie in which a 707 jet pulls into the frame; hole was to open in screen for Michael Jackson to enter; jet flies away)
  • “The Final Message” (3-D movie of a little girl from rain forest embracing the earth)
  • “The Way You Make Me Feel” (2D theatrical background featuring male dancers fashioned as historical construction workers.
2009 - Michael goes to Dr Klein’s in Berverly Hills with Blanket.
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2023.06.01 12:54 Revaldo_Cool [Hyprland] Finally, i have (not) completed my hyprland customization! :D

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2023.06.01 12:51 BenWaffleIron msi radeon rx 580 cooling fans spin at startup and respond to afterburner manual fan speed, but otherwise never spin (even under load) and temperature always reads 0

is this some kind of driver bug or is the temperature sensor busted? if it is busted, could i configure the fans to respond to power draw instead of temperature?
edit: here's the form:
Computer Type: tower
GPU: msi radeon rx 580 4gb
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600G
Motherboard: Gigabyte B550M DS3H AC (AM4)
BIOS Version: B550M DS3H AC F15
PSU: EVGA(?) 600W
Case: montech
Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 10 PRO
GPU Drivers: amd adrenaline 31.0.14057.2005
Background Applications: CHROME (i just reset windows)
Description of Original Problem: it's in the title: no matter where i look, GPU temp just says 0, which it obviously isn't. also, the GPU cooling fans spin up during startup and when i set a fan speed manually in MSI afterburner, but outside of that they will never spin. i found this out when i was using furmark, and the screen blanked, probably when the card overheated and it shut itself off. i touched the exposed heat pipe on the card and got burned, it was REALLY hot. im guessing the temp sensor isnt working, which just gets treated as "0 celsius", so the fans never spin up.
Troubleshooting: ive tried updating everything i can think of: BIOS, windows, GPU drivers, motherboard drivers. am i missing something? also, as mentioned already, the fans clearly still work, and i can set the speed manually through afterburner if i have to, they just cant respond automatically to the card's temperature
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2023.06.01 12:51 phoronix_bot AMD RX 7600, Intel X86-S & Other Exciting Linux/Open-Source News From May

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2023.06.01 12:46 c_rodge_ Bought 3 new fans, one of them won't spin but RGB works fine

Three new MSI RGB case fans. My motherboard only has two fan headers, so both of them are daisy chained. The first one has my two original fans attached to it. The 3 pack of MSI fans came with another splitter, so they're daisy chained off the second fan header.
My Mobo also only has two RGB headers, so two of the new fans are attached to them.
The issue I'm having is that one of the fans just doesn't spin, even trying it on different ports. The RGB on it works though.
Anyway, in trying to get the third fan to work, I tried MSI Dragon Center which wouldn't even recognize any of my fans or components. Tried MSI Center too, same problem. Even tried a third party program, Fan Control, which only recognized one fan, and wouldn't even recognize CPU or GPU fans.
So I went into the BIOS to see if it would recognize any of them. For SYS_FAN-2 (the original fans), it shows me their speed and curves just fine. Same with CPU-FAN. For SYS_FAN-1 it's showing 0RPM, despite two of the three fans spinning. Any tips or suggestions? It's absolutely doing my head in. Thanks in advance.
Components: AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6 core Gigabyte B550M DS3H AC Fans: MAG MAX F12A-3 Gaming Fan. 4 pin PWM. ARGB color.
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2023.06.01 12:45 misterschmoo What upgrade to my current system would give me something noticably better than what I have, without breaking the bank.

I'm in a bit of a quandary, the last time I upgraded my system it was pretty much the last upgrade I could do before the next upgrade will involve replacing CPU, Motherboard and RAM.
My current system is
AMD FX-8370 Eight Core 4.00 GHz
32.0 GB DDR3 RAM
AMD Radeon R9 Fury
ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer Motherboard
with a 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD - 500GB
I upgraded the motherboard so I could have the m.2 SSD
As far as I can tell my next upgrade will mean starting from scratch as far as most of these components are concerned.
I will say my not knowing what to do next is partly my fault in that I haven't kept up to date as to what hardware is what, the last video card that I knew what it was, would have been the GTX 1080, but I do comparisons to my current card with the 1080 and it doesn't seem better enough to stop using what I am already.
Now I'll preface this with I don't play the latest first person shooters and even when I do play first person shooters they seem fine on my current setup and I'm not entirely sure what my stupid brother the "Gamer" is on about when he insists what the minimal setup I would need to get is and what it will cost, he seems to think I need to spend about 2-3K and Homie don't play dat.
I guess what I'm asking is how do I compare what I already have to the new hardware available, I have no interest in getting something that is 15% or 20% better than what I have, if it's going to cost me a lot of money.
I'm building a second PC for when I visit my parent's place and was going to get a
Qiyida ED4 LGA2011 3 Motherboard
E5 2620V3
for around $215 NZD
and I have a video card floating around that will probably work fine with it.
But I don't even know how this compares to what I have, I realise it has less RAM and two less cores, but I know it's newer, is it faster or slower I'm just trying to compare apples to apples and having a hard time.
Is it just me or is now a confusing time to do an upgrade, everybody seems unhappy with the hardware manufacturers and without spending a lot of money nobody seems to be able to agree what is the video card to get even if they can agree on the rest of the hardware.
I don't have a game I can't play that I want to, but that won't last forever, Diablo 4 just came out and I imagine eventually Fallout 5 or something similar will come out that I want to play and will refuse to work with the hardware I have.
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2023.06.01 12:44 dee_050 Help me decide which of these two should I get.

What are you using the system for? Programming, Gaming, slight photo editing.
What's your budget? 20-25k Pesos
Does your budget include peripherals & monitor? Yes
If you're gaming, what is your monitor resolution / refresh rate? 1080p / 60hz
If you're doing professional work, what software do you need to use? VSCode, Photoshop
Hello everyone, can someone here help me decide which of these two should I get?
A little something about me, I'm studying full-stack development that will start this month. Need ko po ng set na gagamitin for studying and for personal (gaming). I have this set that I bought last 2019 pa "AMD A6-7400K Radeon R5, 6 Compute Cores 2C+4G 3.50 GHz" which is ok naman kasi nakakapag gta5 ako sa lowest setting and minsan nag lalag, fps drop etc., I bought borderlands 3 last year kaso hindi kinakaya ng pc ko, hindi sya nag oopen then TLOU this year.
I need help sa 2 options ko kung saan ang pwede ko kunin dito, bale nakita ko to sa facebook, both are complete set.
Option 1:
Sa 2 na option, saan po ang kukunin ko for programming, gaming and slight photo editing. Tho hindi naman gagamitin ng 24/7, and cguro mostly for programming lang and yung pwede din po pang dual screen.
About sa memory, balak ko po i-upgrade sa 2x8gb ram, same din sa monitor. Hangang jan lang kasi budget, sa susunod na po ako mag uupgrade lalo na sa GPU. Badly need help kasi wala po talaga ako idea lalo na malapit na mag pasukan.
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2023.06.01 12:34 MoistFW190 First PC

Is this a good first PC for heavy games like DCS etc
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2023.06.01 12:32 whoareyou2m3 Quality check lol

I'd like to know if I have a decent PC and if I'd be able to add/do more stuff with it (I'm new to, and not the brightest with this lol) CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x GPU: Radeon RX 580 8Gb MB: MPG B550 Gaming plus 32Gb's of RAM
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2023.06.01 12:32 svenproud my new build, question about memory 16GB 3600MHz vs. 32GB 3200MHz, only 13€ difference

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2023.06.01 12:29 POGI3001 Please help me fix my problem

Hello everyone could you please help me fix this problem
Error creating process
System:OS Name Microsoft Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer HUAWEI
System Model NBLK-WAX9X
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU C170
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx, 2100 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date HUAWEI 1.19, 1/6/2023
SMBIOS Version 3.11
Embedded Controller Version 1.19
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2023.06.01 12:29 TTVKUDOHLOL Two questions!

Would you buy refurbished products #1?
Zephyrus appeals to me for light weightness, but ive been focusing my shopping lately due to this legion im really close to buying.
Im gonna have to watch some reviews on the Zephyrus im pretty sure i already have, but i was really glued to the legion.
These are CANADIAN PRICES, so dont say its bad priced from my understanding the legion is very well priced, and this other laptop seems very well priced too but its refurbished.
Any opinions?
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