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The Mentors are an American heavy metal band, noted for its deliberately sexist shock rock lyrics. Formed in 1976 in Seattle, Washington, The Mentors continue to release albums and tour to this day.

2023.06.01 14:33 North_Juice_2453 WSOP Gladiator Tournament

How do I read this schedule? If I am going to be in Las Vegas on June 8th, does this mean I can be in Flight B of the tournament, or would I have had to have started on Wednesday?
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2023.06.01 14:14 Htown_Flyer Stats on Frontier's flight network, GWP strategies

I found this article a few days ago and have been pondering different ways the information might influence my future GoWild trip destinations or itineraries.
Inside Frontier: The Airline's Top Airports And Routes
What are your observations?
Example 1: My two home city airports have a combined total of about 130 flights per month, increasing to 150+ on June 18 when 3x per week flights to two new destinations are added. That's about half of the #10 busiest Frontier city. I'm now even more envious of GWP holders who are based in one the Frontier hub cities.
Example 2: The list of frontier routes that exceed 3x per day is attractive from the perspective of those city pairs having the least intinerary disruption / stranding risk in the event of a flight cancellation or severe delay. (Also, for elite members, those routes are attractive for either a same-day flight change or standby flight options in the event of either Frontier IRROPS or a personal schedule change.)
Some excerpts from the article follow.
Although the data is over a year old. I still think the information is generally accurate. According to this list, , Frontier's fleet has grown from 115 to 128 planes in that time, +11%. That probably isn't enough to move these lists around much. Seasonal flight changes might have some influence, too, e.g. the MCO-SJU and DEN-PHX routes seen below might drop from 3X to 2x per day in the summer.
Leading airports list (flights per month)
  1. Orlando: approximately 1,660 departures by Frontier in February 2022
  2. Denver: 1,360
  3. Las Vegas: 1,174
  4. Philadelphia: 608
  5. Tampa: 447
  6. Atlanta: 437
  7. Miami: 432
  8. Fort Myers: 380
  9. Phoenix: 346
  10. Cleveland: 319
Columbus to Cancun...operates twice-weekly, one departure less than the median frequency of the [Frontier's] whole network.
...some 26 routes are served twice-daily or more, with those above two a day shown below:
  1. Orlando to Philadelphia
  2. Denver to Las Vegas
  3. Cleveland to Orlando
  4. Denver to Washington National
  5. Orlando to San Juan
  6. Denver to Phoenix
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The Last Stand Server take the vanilla feel of dayz and improves it. Creating a more realistic feel to the dayz experience Choose to build a base and settle in an attept to dominante or survive or make your way through the custom teirs and locations to explorer as a nomad
SERVER IP - : 3502
SEARCH - The last stand #1 in DZSA to find the server
Base building plus - create customisable bases to your spoecifc requirements and use Codelocks to keep them secure
Balanced MMG clothing - Including 120 slot backpacks/ mk3 /mk5 armour (only in specific locations so you have to work for it )
Custom locations - Custom Militaries and towns make the chernarus map feel familiar but also brand new.
A balanced economy - Meaning a small and satisfying grind for those base building supplies and your favorite weapons. Making that loot a little more precious
Adjusted Raiding - Find specific tools to raid bases with, including Raid hatchets, Raid crowbars and also C4 at heli crash sites
Faster Movement - Being able to get around a huge map a little bit easier, but still the need to make sure you have an ample amount of supplies to survive
Autorun - becuase who doesnt like autorun?
Much stuff pack - store your belonging in crates, lockers, wardrobes, safes. Lockers can be raided with Hacksaws
Active admin support to make sure those hackers stay away and suprise base inpsections to make sure dupers stay away.
Active discord community with Suggestions tab - Think the server can improve? put your suggestion to a vote and see if others agree
DNA KEY CARDs and BUNKER TICKET - For that extra high teir loot custom bunkers and vault locations have been added to lengethen that end game experience
Adjusted Disease system and loot Tier System - a slightly adjusted and more realistic approach to your Dayz expereince
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2023.06.01 13:31 Down-not-out Did the surgeon general mention

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2023.06.01 13:22 sltlgroupde Unveiling Diamond Masterpieces: SLTL's Game-Changing Innovations at JCK Las Vegas

Hello Vegas!
Prepare to be dazzled as SLTL unveils its Diamond Masterpieces, ushering in a new era of Diamond Processing Applications. Diamond Pros are flying all the way to JCK, Las Vegas, to ignite discussions and collaborations on transforming CVD or Natural Diamonds from rough to polish.
But that's not all! Our SLTLDiamond Experts are launching four cutting-edge machine models, poised to redefine diamond processing applications with unprecedented speed and cost reduction. Be the first to witness the convergence of precision, creativity, and brilliance.
Get ready to be spellbound by solutions that will revolutionize the gemstone industry! Save the date and embrace a new age of flawless gemstone craftsmanship.
✔Booth No: 55043
✔ Address: Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Las Vegas, NV USA
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2023.06.01 13:19 LV_Ragdoll any ideas?

any ideas?
these are in my teenager room only. he does have a few house plants (its his new thing) thought they were mites initially, they were sooo tiny. then we literally would find them bigger and bigger. now about the size of rice. don't fly, saw a couple of them sort of hop? we live in Las Vegas. they sorta look like some kind of beetles to me? the plants appear to be bug free though? confused 🤔
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2023.06.01 13:08 thedld What is your take on drum muffling for recording?

I've been trying to record drums in my project studio for the past three-ish years. It has been an interesting learning process, and I have gradually managed to fix most of the problems that plagued me at the beginning. I am now able to produce satisfying recordings. But I cheat.
What I wanted to discuss with you today is this: I have found muffling to be an absolutely essential, unavoidable component of recording the drums properly. Specifically on the reso heads, to eliminate tom-hum. I know that many of you, most of whom are more experienced drummers than I, are vehemently against it. I am confident enough now to go ahead and do it anyway, but I'm still very curious how - and to be honest, if - you get away without it in the studio.
I'd love to hear your ideas and discussion input on this. To keep the discussion focused, here are some specifics on what I'm trying to do:
Ultimately, my question is this: those of you who don't want to use 2-ply reso heads and are strongly against gaffa tape on the resos, how on earth do you get your toms quiet enough to record? Naturally, this question is pointless if you are a very loud drummer, or a live-only drummer.
Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.01 13:03 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 1st

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 1st
Disclaimer: Some of these events have unknown June dates. They are identified with a '*'
1970 - The Jackson 5 are on the cover of Soul Magazine.
1974 - Michael is on the cover of Popswop magazine
1974 - Jackson 5 are on the cover of Right On! magazine
1977\* - The Jackson go back to Sigma Sound Studios in Philidalphia to record their new album, Goin' Places, with Gamble & Huff
1978\* - The Jacksons record the Destiny album in Los Angeles after recording song demos at their Hayvenhurst home studio
1979 - The Jackson perform at Milwaukee County Stadium (closed- 2000) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on their Destiny tour
1979 - (June 1 -3) Michael, Quincy Jones & Bruce Swedien complete the recording & mixing of the Off The Wall album Westlake Studios in Los Angeles.
1979\* - The Jacksons start recording the Triumph Album.
1982\* - Michael would come across a studio demo produced by John Barnes and request a meeting.
In an interview with The MJCast podcast, John recalled their first meeting:
“Michael said I heard you can make your own sounds and play them. How many sounds can you make? And, I responded, ‘How much time do you have?’”
The meeting lasted a few hours and was the beginning of a friendship and musical partnership with Barnes being hired as a core member of Michael Jackson’s team. Their partnership would continue until Michael's passing in 2009
1983\* - Michael is on the cover of Creem magazine.
1984\* - Michael meets with other supporters of Camp Good Times, a non-profit organization founded by parents of children with cancer, in Malibu such as OJ Simpson, Dustin Hoffman, David Soul, Neil Diamond & Richard Chamberlain.
The first Camp Goodtimes event would be held in Vashon Island at Camp Sealth in August of 1984. Ninety-three children, cancer patients and siblings attended and twenty-five American Cancer Society volunteers, who staffed the camp along with the summer staff at Camp Sealth.
1985\* - Michael starts rehearsing for an upcoming 3D science fiction musical short film named Captain EO to be shown exclusively at Disneyland and Disney World. Francis Ford Coppola will direct and George Lucas will produce the film
1986\*- Michael & Corey Feldman go to Disneyland . Michael is seen for the 1st time wearing a surgical mask in public
In Moonwalk, he says he was initially given a mask by a dentist to keep germs out after having his wisdom teeth pulled
1987\* - Michael shoots the “The Way You Make Me Feel” short film at Skid Row, Los Angeles. It was directed by Joe Pytka and choreographed by Vincent Paterson & Michael. It featured Tatiana Thumbtzen & Latoya Jackson
1988\- Michael is on the cover of *Ebony magazine.
1988\* - Michael Jackson : The Legend Continues is released on home video.
1988 - Michael sets another record as the first artist ever to have three albums with US sales of more than six million copies each as Bad & Off The Wall were both certified 6x platinum by the RIAA
1989\- Michael goes back to Westlake studio with Matt Forger and Bill Bottrell. He meets Brad Buxer who will work with him until 2008. Together they work on new songs for a compilation named *DECADE 1979-1989
Quincy Jones is not part of this project. "Black Or White" and "Heal The World" are among the first songs worked on.
1991 - David Ruffin, a member of The Temptations, dies of a drug overdose.
It was found that Ruffin was peniniless and Jackson contacted Swanson Funeral Home in Detroit to make arrangements to cover a large portion of the June 10th funeral costs. He also sends a heart-shaped arrangement of carnations to the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit with the note, "With Love, from Michael Jackson".
Jackson was a big admirer of The Temptations. He would not attend the funeral ceremony to not divert attention from it (it was however reported that he did attend but in disguise)
1991\* - The Sun publishes leaked pictures from a photo session of Michael by Herb Ritts. It had been rumored that multiple photographers were battling in out to shoot Michael's new video & album cover. Steve Meisel, Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts had been in the running to give Michael a new "sexier" look
1991\* - Michael enlists the help of producers L.A Reid & Babyface for his new album, which deeply upsets Jermaine who is also working with them.
Jermaine is quoted in the tabloids as saying:
"I could have been Michael. It's all a matter of timing, a matter of luck"
1991\* - Michael is on the cover of British magazine The Wire
1992\*- Michael rehearses for his new tour & shoot the video for “Who Is It”
1993 - Michael is on the cover of LIFE magazine with an exclusive cover story of Neverland.
1994\* - This summer Heal The World Foundation, in partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District, "I Have A Dream Foundation", "Best Buddies", "Overcoming Obstacles" & "California One To One", provide 2000 children with tickets to see Janet Jackson, the L.A. Laker Jam and The Beach Boys in concert
1995\* - Michael is on the June/July cover of VIBE magazine with exclusive pictures taken at Neverland with Quincy Jones & his daughter Kidada
1995 - (5/30-6/2) Michael shoots the “Childhood” short film directed by Nicholas Brandt in Los Angeles .
1995\* - Issue #2 of History Magazine reveals that Travis Thomas, a 5-year old boy who suffers from cystic fibrosis, wished to meet Michael.
“One evening, we were watching TV and Travis hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. He was on TV”, the boy's mother recalls, “and we came across the American Music Awards and Michael Jackson… Travis sat up and wanted to eat… He said, ‘I love Michael Jackson, Mama!”
His wish comes true in June through Jackson and the Make A Wish Foundation.Travis and his family, along with 20 other seriously ill children, spent a weekend at Neverland Ranch and were allowed to roam around the compound’s private amusement park.
Travis’ mother:
“The love this man has on his face when he is with these special children is unbelievable. He is one of the kindest and most gentle men I have ever met"
1999 - Michael cancels his participation in the Pavarotti & Friends Charity Concert in Modena, scheduled for tonight.
Jonathan Morrish of Sony Music issues a statement informing the media, that Michael will not be performing due to the illness of his son, Prince:
"Prince suffered a seizure early Saturday due to a high temperature. This is the third seizure over the last year"
He added that the concert meant so much to Michael but,"he is an artist like the others, but also a parent" and that he waited until the last moment to cancel because he was still hopeful about making it. Michael is reportedly constantly at Prince's bedside
2000* - Concert promoter,Marcel Avram, sues Michael for breach of contract for the Millenium Concerts and asks for $21 million
2001\* - Michael hires Marc Schaffel and they create a new company,Neverland Valley Entertainment, with a common bank account.
2004\* - Randy Jackson fires Bob Jones, vice president of MJJ Productions since 1987, after discovering that he is writing a tell all book on Michael. He also stops paying Marc Schaffel.
2005 - Trial Day 64
Michael goes to court with Katherine, Joe & Randy
Judge Melville gives the Jury the rules of Jury Deliberations
Michael Jackson sat quietly in court as the 12 jurors were given their instructions ahead of closing arguments from both sides.
"You've heard all of the evidence and you will hear the arguments of attorneys," Judge Rodney Melville told the jury. He told them to make their decision without "pity for or prejudice toward" the defendant.
The eight women & four men who will decide his fate will hear closing arguments today and could begin their deliberations as early as Friday (it is currently Wednesday). Jurors are expected to hammer out their decision behind closed doors for about six hours a day until they reach their verdict or announce a deadlock.
The charges against Jackson consist of four counts of molestation, four counts of giving the boy alcohol in order to abuse him, one count of conspiracy and one of attempted molestation.
Jurors were told they could consider the four alcohol counts as lesser charges of "furnishing alcohol to a minor." This would be considered a misdemeanor and means that the jury would not have to relate the alcohol to any intended molestation.
Judge Melville told jurors not to consider the four videos played in the trial for the truth of any remarks made in them, except for certain statements that prosecutors claim are admissions from Jackson. These statements will be outlined in a document to be provided by prosecutors.
The Judge also instructed the jury on how to consider the past allegations against Jackson. He said that if they determine he does have such a history, "you may but are not required to infer that the defendant had a predisposition" to commit the crimes alleged in this case.
But he added “that is not sufficient in itself to prove he committed the crimes charged
He also told them not to infer anything from the fact Jackson himself had decided not to testify.
Thomas Mesereau will deliver closing arguments for the defense while Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen is expected to deliver the prosecution’s closing statements.
Court Transcript
2005\* - Michael allows visits from fans inside his home while awaiting the verdict. They're impressed by his generosity given the circumstances.

2007 - A glittery jacket once worn onstage by Michael, his MTV Music Award for "We Are The World", as well as gold discs for his album Off the Wall and the Jackson 5 single "I Want You Back", all sell at an auction in the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas, Nevada. The total raised from the sale of Michael related artifacts at the auction is reported as $1-$2million
2007\* - Michael, Grace and the kids leave their Las Vegas house and fly to Middleburg, Virginia. They check into the Goodstone Inn, a 640-acre estate of open pastures, for a summer vacation. They are welcomed by Raymone Bain.
2007\* - Michael “Brother Michael” Amir Williams is hired as Michael’s new assistant.
2008\* - Michael and producer Neff-U start working on songs at 'Thriller Villa', his 2710 Palomino Lane home, in Las Vegas. They work on a new version of “A Place With No Name”.
2008\* - Late in the month, Michael's duet with Akon, "Hold My Hand" is leaked online. Michael is devastated
Longtime recording engineer, Michael Prince, who was working with Jackson at the time “Hold My Hand” leaked, recalls:
“He was truly upset when the song he did with Akon leaked. He would just get this sad look on his face like, how could this happen? Because 20 years ago this would not have happened. And somehow everybody in the world has a copy of it. And that really upset him because he liked that song a lot.”
Akon gave a detailed account of the events surrounding the leak during an appearance on Tavis Smiley’s PBS television show in January 2009:
“Me and Mike did this incredible record called Hold My Hand and the record is amazing. Phenomenal. And the concept was that this would be Mike’s first release off of his new album, and then I would stripe it on my album – on my following release. That way we could have the outlets open for everyone to be able to receive the record. You know, Mike came up with this brilliant marketing launch for the record. You know, he’s the best at launching a record.”
Akon continues:
“He’d have the whole world paying attention in two minutes… And before we could get to that point, the record got leaked over the internet. And we got over 15 million downloads on the song for free. So we couldn’t [release it]. You can’t at that point. Everybody already has the record. But in a way, you gotta look at it like… that’s just a gift to the fans.”
2008\* - (Late June) Michael hires Dr Thome Thome as his new manager and president of MJJ Productions. As a result of a financial reorganiation of the Neverland Valley Ranch, all of Michael’s personal belongings have to be removed from the property. Dr Tohme contacts Darren Julien of Julien’s Auction House
2009 - The This Is It team leaves Center Staging for a bigger place : The Forum in Inglewood, California.
2009 - (June 1-11) At Culver Studios in Culver City, Michael shoots “The Dome” Project which consists of seven works:
  • “Smooth Criminal” (Jackson inserted into classic 2D black-and-white film noir chase sequence)
  • “Thriller” (3-D movie starting in a haunted house with a ghostly image of Vincent Price, then moving into a graveyard where the dead awaken)
  • “Earth Song” (3D short film featuring little girl who wanders through rain forest, takes a nap and dreams of the splendor of nature, and awakens to find the natural world has been devastated)
  • “They Don’t Care About Us” (a/k/a Drill, 2D film in which a sea of soldiers march in unison; 10 male dancers replicated hundreds of times)
  • “MJ Air” (3-D movie in which a 707 jet pulls into the frame; hole was to open in screen for Michael Jackson to enter; jet flies away)
  • “The Final Message” (3-D movie of a little girl from rain forest embracing the earth)
  • “The Way You Make Me Feel” (2D theatrical background featuring male dancers fashioned as historical construction workers.
2009 - Michael goes to Dr Klein’s in Berverly Hills with Blanket.
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2023.06.01 12:33 RustXGaming June 2023 Forced Wipe Changes

- Abandoned bases now have different times until your base is put up as a raidable base. 5 days for default rank, 10 days for vip rank, and 30 days for veteran rank
- Updated Anti-Cheat Plugins
- Added the Hammer and Rock to the instant craft list
- Increased playtime requirements of VIP rank to 40 hours
- Increased playtime requirements of Veteran rank to 60 hours
- Raid time will now be 24 full hours prior to wipe
- Increased cost to respec in the skill tree from 20/skill point to 50/skill point for the default rank.
- Increased cost to respec in the skill tree from 15/skill point to 40/skill point for the default rank.
- Increased cost to respec in the skill tree from 10/skill point to 30/skill point for the default rank.
- Removed reset cost multipler on Skill Tree points when respec'ing
- Plyaer with the highest xp at wipe will get 5 bonus skill points when wipe happens
- Skill points will not carry over between wipes
- All players now start out with 2 skill points by default
- When a player is offline they get 750 "rested" xp per hour, up from 500. This rested XP gives you 125% xp gain until the rested xp is run out.
- Rested XP now resets at wipe
- All players now get 75 RP when someone votes! Including the person who voted!
- Voting rewards have been updated to include a new voting website!
- Every 5 votes a player will get 1 supply signal
- Decreased daylight time from 55 minutes to 45
- Increased night time from 5 minutes to 15
* Use the instant daytime command in /shop if you want to skip the night
- Added wood to items that can be sold in /shop
- Added stones to items that can be sold in /shop
- Added scrap to items that can be sold in /shop
- Added cloth to items that can be sold in /shop
- Added ladder in /shop under "Items"
- Added Super Serum to /shop under "Food"
- Increased price of the Auto Turret to 1500 RP
- Increased price of Spas 12, M39, LR-300, L96, AK-47 Ice, & AK-47 to 850 RP
- Added Storage Adapter, Electric Furnace, Industrial Combiner, Industrial Conveyor, Industrial Crafter, & Industrial Splitter to /shop
- All cases have been upgraded! Use /cases to open up the cases menu!
- Removed player challenges, and replaced with player ranks. Use /rank or /ranks to see your spot in the leaderboard!
- New Auto Bans have been enabled for toxic chat. This is only in extreme cases, but still don't push your luck. This server is to be an inclusive friendly environment for all. Toxicity is strictly prohibited.
- Due to the fact that the 10/12 servers and the weekly servers wipe when they do, compared to the Monthly server, I have adjusted the RP gain for all servers. The 10/12 and weekly servers will gain RP at a 250% increase compared to the monthly servers. The prices of the shop and raidable bases will remain unchanged.
- All RP will reset every wipe due to the above changes in RP gain increases.
- Fixed a bug where RP wasn't given to the player when killing certain NPC's
- Killing the patrol heli now gives you 750 RP
- Killing Bradley gives you 500 RP
- Fixed a bug where skinning an NPC wouldn't give appropriate RP values
- Gathering sulfur nodes is now increased to 3 RP up from 2.5 RP
- Fixed a bug where opening an box in the Christmas Dungeon wouldn't give appropriate RP values
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2023.06.01 12:27 FishCold2580 The entire spirit airlines IT system is down… All Spirit Air flights grounded.

Flying out of Pittsburgh to Las Vegas. Was just told that the entire spirit airlines “system” is down. Not showing a delay or giving any timing updates… I wish they were just going to be playing some ‘system of a down,’ but that’s not the case. Yuck.
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2023.06.01 12:19 deeptechsharing Beatport Top 100 Tech House June 2023 320kbps / FLAC

Genre: Tech House Release Date: 2023-06-01
DOWNLOAD in 320kbps / FLAC:
Tracklist: 1. ESSEL – Sweat (Extended Mix) (5:04) 2. Vintage Culture – Rock The Casbah (Extended Mix) (4:04) 3. Aluna, Chris Lake – Beggin’ (Extended Mix) (5:28) 4. Biscits – Don’t Stop (Original Mix) (5:04) 5. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Extended) (5:30) 6. Westend, Noizu, No/Me – Push To Start (feat. No/Me) (Original Mix) (5:31) 7. Joshwa – Magalenha (Extended Mix) (6:30) 8. Kevin McKay – Get Busy (Extended Mix) (5:12) 9. Ben Sterling, Superchumbo – All Over My Body (Original Mix) (6:36) 10. Matroda – Throw Your Hands (Original Mix) (4:34) 11. Audio Bullys, Michael Bibi, KinAhau – Different Side (Original Mix) (5:32) 12. CID, Sage Armstrong – The Function (Extended Mix) (5:32) 13. Westend – Maracuya (Extended Mix) (5:37) 14. Mau P – Gimme That Bounce (Original Mix) (5:21) 15. Vintage Culture, Meca, Bhaskar, The Vic – Tina (Extended) (5:34) 16. Junior Jack, Juliet Sikora, Flo Mrzdk – Thrill Me (Extended Mix) (6:02) 17. VLTRA (IT), Loco Dice, Francis De Simone – Flowcito (Original Mix) (6:30) 18. Bootie Brown, Tame Impala, Gorillaz – New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) (Dom Dolla Remix Extended) (6:03) 19. Manda Moor – Picante (Original Mix) (5:44) 20. Camille Doe – Alright (Extended Mix) (6:33) 21. TECH IT DEEP – Maria Maria (Extended Mix) (6:09) 22. Kevin McKay, Pupa Nas T, Denise Belfon – Work (Extended Mix) (5:48) 23. Matroda, Dino DZ – Saturday Love (Original Mix) (4:06) 24. Truth x Lies – Dos Gardenias (Original Mix) (4:56) 25. Bruno Furlan – Bongoloco (Extended) (4:48) 26. Dimitri Vegas, Steve Aoki, Chapter & Verse – Friends (Extended Mix) (4:20) 27. El Chuape, Hugel, Ryan Arnold – Pa Lante (Extended Mix) (4:21) 28. R3WIRE, NuKey – Transition (Extended Mix) (5:05) 29. FISHER (OZ) – Yeah The Girls (feat. MERYLL) (Extended Mix) (6:21) 30. James Haskell – Check It Out (Extended Mix) (6:10) 31. Jack Orley – BUM! (Extended Mix) (4:45) 32. Chris Lake, Aatig – In The Yuma (feat. Aatig) (Extended Mix) (6:06) 33. White Sheep, Curol – Vamos a Bailar Original Mix (5:56) 34. Craze, Black V Neck – Ride That Thang (Original Mix) (5:15) 35. Joshwa – Bass Go Boom (Extended) (6:28) 36. Kim English, Schak – Moving All Around (Jumpin’) (John Summit Remix) (5:33) 37. Jose De Mara – To My Beat (Extended Mix) (5:33) 38. VLTRA (IT), Loco Dice, Francis De Simone – Flowcito (Loco Dice Remix) (6:04) 39. Matt Sassari, Soshy – Back To This (feat. SoShy) (Extended Mix) (5:09) 40. Damelo – Afters (Extended Mix) (5:28) 41. AKA AKA, Artenvielfalt – Let Me Show You (Extended Mix) (4:33) 42. HUGEL, Merk & Kremont, Lirico En La Casa – Marianela (Que Pasa) (Extended Mix) (4:07) 43. Nolek – Con Todo (Extended Mix) (4:44) 44. Julio Navas, Gustavo Bravetti, David Amo, Tony Romera – Raw (Tony Romera Extended Mix) (5:00) 45. Jerome Robins, Sinner & James – You’re Not Alone (Sinner & James Remix) (6:09) 46. Dom Dolla, Clementine Douglas – Miracle Maker (Extended Mix) (6:04) 47. TOBEHONEST – Conga (Original Mix) (6:48) 48. Prophecy, Crusy – Pills (Extended Mix) (6:05) 49. Siege – Rhymes (Extended Mix) (6:08) 50. Italobros – Shopper (Original Mix) (6:17) 51. Shiba San, AYAREZ – Twist It (Extended Mix) (4:50) 52. Green Velvet, Chris Lake – Deceiver (VIP) (Extended Mix) (6:28) 53. Mosby, Ric Waves, Freenzy Music, Jhonny Weezy – Takoflow feat. Mosby feat. Ric Waves feat. Jhonny Weezy (Original Mix) (5:42) 54. Mau P – Drugs From Amsterdam (Original Mix) (5:23) 55. Hugel, Westend, Cumbiafrica – Aguila feat. Cumbiafrica (Original Mix) (5:03) 56. Noizu – Lost (Extended Mix) (5:03) 57. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Nic Fanciulli Extended Remix) (6:46) 58. BLOND:ISH, Nfasis, Hugel – Tra Tra (Extended Mix) (5:21) 59. Lil Wayne, SIDEPIECE – A Milli (SIDEPIECE Extended Mix) (3:30) 60. Majestic, Sara Sukkha – Dance All Night (feat. Sara Sukkha) (Extended Mix) (4:41) 61. Simon Fava, Sergio Mendes, Yvvan Back – Magalenha (feat. Sergio Mendes) (Extended Mix) (4:51) 62. Devotionz, – Tattoo (Extended Mix) (6:11) 63. Raffa FL – Ritmo (HUGEL Extended Edit) (5:34) 64. Twenty Six – Stan (Extended Mix) (5:01) 65. Cassi – Request (Extended) (6:43) 66. Andruss, Lowderz – Dum Dum (Extended Mix) (5:29) 67. Paul Johnson, Airwolf Paradise – Only Man (feat. Paul Johnson) (Original Mix) (5:31) 68. John Summit – La Danza (Extended Mix) (5:39) 69. Marshall Jefferson, Solardo – Move Your Body (Extended Mix) (6:13) 70. Wax Motif – Telugu Tech (Extended Mix) (4:48) 71. FISHER (OZ) – Losing It (Extended) (6:40) 72. Mihalis Safras, Yvan Genkins – Las Solteras (Extended Mix) (5:15) 73. Wax Motif, Riordan – La Samba (Original Mix) (4:27) 74. Andruss, Fatboi – Agáchalo (Original Mix) (5:26) 75. Danny Leblack, Saul Antolin – El Desorden (Extended Mix) (6:43) 76. Beltran (BR) – Smack Yo’ (Original Mix) (5:06) 77. The Martinez Brothers, Tokischa – Kilo (Beltran Remix) (7:04) 78. Rsquared – Kind of Lady (Original Mix) (6:06) 79. Chico Rose, Dot N Life – Trankilo (Extended Mix) (4:45) 80. Seb Zito – Lights Down (Extended Mix) (5:40) 81. CVMPANILE, Draxx (ITA) – WTF (Extended Mix) (5:00) 82. Sam Curran – Twilight On The Terrace (Original Mix) (6:07) 83. DJ Snake, Wade, Nooran Sisters – Guddi Riddim (Extended Mix) (4:18) 84. The Martinez Brothers, Rema, Gordo – Rizzla (Mochakk Remix) (5:21) 85. Ollie BC – Red Mercedes (Original Mix) (5:30) 86. BLOND:ISH, Amadou & Mariam, Francis Mercier – Sete (Original Mix) (6:35) 87. ESSEL – Lennon (Extended Mix) (5:17) 88. illusionize, NightFunk, EVEL!N – Body Shake (Original Mix) (5:48) 89. Mason Collective – A Little Affection (Extended Mix) (5:50) 90. Plastic Robots – Tell Me Something (Original Mix) (5:30) 91. Biscits – House All The Time (Extended Mix) (5:16) 92. Matt Sassari – Give It To Me (Full Vocal Mix – Extended) (5:39) 93. Martin Ikin, The Melody Men – Feel The Same (Extended Mix) (5:31) 94. Joshwa – Supersonic (Extended) (6:35) 95. Roxe – Smack (Extended Mix) (5:15) 96. Tom Santa – Rainfall (Praise You) (Extended Mix) (4:46) 97. MANT – No Turning Back (Original Mix) (6:02) 98. Manda Moor – Picante (Sirus Hood Remix) (5:55) 99. Ferreck Dawn, The Melody Men – Vibe With It (feat. The Melody Men) (Extended Mix) (5:29) 100. Shermanology, FISHER (OZ) – It’s A Killa (Extended Mix) (5:05)
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2023.06.01 12:11 ken117mc Debateable question, what expansion has the best soundtrack?

Whats the best soundtrack in the game? Whats the beat raid soundtrack? What zone. What singular piece of music. I’d love to know what people think.
Me personally I think Forsaken has the best soundtrack as well as the best raid soondtrack and the best singular piece. In my ears it’s hard to beat Last Wish’s soundtrack. Forsaken in general is an amazing soundtrack with the Gambit theme prepping everyone with leitmotifs of all the enemy races and past bosses culminating in a kind of intro score to Shell of what was that then leads to the Queens Walk version that sends it all home in a nice bow. As well as the absolute bop that is the watchtower (Vault theme) as it hits phase 3 and hits with the full orchestra. Ugh i can talk for hours about the soundtrack. Lullaby is a good somg and im sure alot of people will say thats the best song but imo as good as it is it cant hold a candle to any of the forsaken songs i me tioned
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2023.06.01 11:58 Bighentaifapper [PS5] [XB1] [PC] Booty Bustas is looking for members

we are a small group of players who are looking to stop using lfg and start playing with clan members we do not care if you are new or experienced. new players will be shown how to complete raid mechanics i.e. reading in vault in addition we can help our new players gear up to complete destinys toughest activities
∘ What we offer
∘ Weekly raids / raid challenges
∘ help for new players in activities
∘ Triumphs / titles
∘ Grandmaster nightfalls
∘ Consistent raid groups
What we want from you
∘ Have discord be willing to partake in activities throughout the week in our discord
∘ have a sense of humour we are looking for our raids to be a fun way of requiring loot not a strict tryhard environment of course there may be times where we do want to tryhard
∘ being active we want people to play with us instead of lfg we believe it should be a last resort so join the vcs and talk to people
∘ honesty so many times has a new player claimed they know a mechanic when they dont if you do not know what to do tell us
We hope to see some more members soon
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2023.06.01 11:51 travmuka I swear las vegas is the only city i keep getting this message. This road construction sucks. Passenger cancel i get penalized but still paid for the cancel ride so i guess i was on track to get paid tho

I swear las vegas is the only city i keep getting this message. This road construction sucks. Passenger cancel i get penalized but still paid for the cancel ride so i guess i was on track to get paid tho submitted by travmuka to lyftdrivers [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 11:39 Clearqualityauto Choose the Best Shop for Auto Glass Installation in Las Vegas

Choose the Best Shop for Auto Glass Installation in Las Vegas
Every car needs auto glass because it gives drivers a clear view of the road ahead and shields passengers from the elements. The specialist working for the auto glass company should inspect the windscreen or any glass on your car to determine whether it can be repaired or if it has to be replaced before installing auto glass. Visit our website and schedule an appointment with us for better services.
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2023.06.01 11:38 hotchiclashes01 Las Vegas Lash Salon Near me

Looking for the best Las Vegas lash salon near you? Look no further than Hot Chic Lashes! My expert technician, Christine Marie specializes in a variety of lash services, including classic, hybrid, and volume lashes. She uses the highest quality products and techniques to ensure your lashes look and feel their best. Book your appointment today and see why we are the top choice for lash lovers in Las Vegas!
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2023.06.01 11:28 ecofriendly-air Furnace repair Las Vegas

Are you having trouble with your furnace in Las Vegas? Visit our official website We specialize in furnace repair and have years of experience in the Las Vegas area. Our technicians are highly trained and certified, so you can trust that your furnace will be fixed quickly and correctly. Contact us today for fast, reliable service!

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2023.06.01 11:10 lucastimmons Wednesday trivia nights?

Hi everyone,
I'm taking my dad to Las Vegas to watch the CONCACAF Nations League finals on the 15th and 18th. We get into town on the 14th and usually when we see one and other we go do some pub trivia.
Is there anywhere near the strip that does trivia on Wednesday evenings? I've found some old articles online but they all seem to be pre-covid.
I saw the Wall at AREA15 ( does trivia. Has anyone been there? Is it a good time? He is a bit older so I'm not sure the whole AREA15 thing would be his vibe.
Thank you!
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2023.06.01 11:02 AutoModerator Welcome to the Church of God in Las Vegas WMSCOG

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2023.06.01 10:31 bringthelight2 Wow Heroic Aberrus is easy

I’ll take it!
Still, I think one of the last bosses I just Leeroyed and got the kill on was XT-002 in 2009.
I formed a pug today, honestly was just hoping to get first 3 down…but the bosses just kept dying.
We one shot cheesed Zaqali Assault
Leeroyed Magmarax FTW
Almost one-shot Nethalarion (took 3 pulls)
And this was pure pug, I didn’t know anyone and I wasn’t even enforcing Discord or being that hardcore on parses. Turned away a couple folks that parsed gray, but greens and blues and I’d take yah.
Zskarn I thought would break the pug but I’d done a couple pulls in the afternoon, once I figured out that I could get the raid out of fire if I was anticipating and moving early on traps and Tactical Devastation we got it.
I've gotten AotC in Shadowlands using the same methods, but it wasn't like this:
—I don’t think I even Attempted Heroic Sludgefist for 6 weeks and I had gotten a half dozen pieces of top level Great Vault gear. I checked parses and if it was 40% or less it was a decline. The idea of running an extra healer was out of the question due to the tuning.
—Fatescribe Roh’Kalo…loved pugging that fight, really had to think outside the raid guides, probably took me 2-3 weeks and 50+ wipes until I got it. Probably one of the hardest fights to pug in the last 5 years, the multiple rings really favored guild teamwork.
—Sylvanas…Maybe after thirty pulls we got to limp in to Phase 3 for the first time.
—Sepulcher of the First Ones…don’t even get me started…I think I wiped more on Heroic Guardian and Heroic Desaugne than I did in all of Aberrus. All told it took me three months and 5,000 nerfs to Anduin before I could get AotC.
So it’s definitely a shock, but gonna let me play Diablo 4 more!
And I think I like the most though...Aberrus is easy enough where I'm not gonna have to get Keymaster to clear it, which is really really great because I don't even wanna do 5-mans, much less keymaster.
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2023.06.01 10:29 Final_Anywhere_5312 Legal Advise

If I married my husband in Las Vegas but both are Canadian and now have our license from the State of Nevada… are we legally married in Canada?
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2023.06.01 10:28 Kittym0nkey Wall Streets Next Big Play(WSJ)

Wall Streets Next Big Play(WSJ)
Wall Street’s Next Big Play Is Garbage
Landfill firms are investing in trash-gas production and recycling technology
By Ryan Dezember and Will Feuer May 28, 2023 at 9:00 am ET
The green push by the U.S. and state governments is turning trash into treasure and boosting the firms that handle America’s garbage.
Shares of the biggest players in the U.S. trash business, Waste Management and Republic Services RSG -0.26%, have traded at record highs since President Biden signed the climate, tax and healthcare bill in August. A recent decline notwithstanding, the stocks are popular picks on Wall Street to ride the sustainability boom higher.
“They’re sitting in this extraordinary position,” said Michael Hoffman, an analyst at investment bank Stifel. “Garbage will be on the forefront.”
Efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and to reuse materials are making it more profitable to mine landfills for energy and sift through refuse for the hot commodities of the green economy, such as detergent bottles and cardboard boxes.
WM and Republic are building plants to isolate methane from the fumes emitted by rotting garbage and pipe it into the natural-gas grid to be burned in power plants, furnaces and kitchens. They are also equipping recycling facilities with the latest in automation to better sort and process materials for the consumer-goods companies that are under pressure to keep their packaging out of landfills and the ocean.
Advertisement - Scroll to Continue
Landfill owners are forecasting hundreds of millions of dollars in additional profit from rising demand for recycled materials and tax incentives for making energy from emissions that would otherwise seep into the atmosphere.
“We’re blessed to be sitting right in the middle of a megatrend,” Republic Chief Executive Jon Vander Ark said. “We used to think about getting 5% top-line growth a year; now we’re in double-digit top-line growth mode.”
Republic, which has 206 active landfills, has a joint venture with a unit of BP to install gasworks at 43 of its dumps. The Phoenix firm has 65 landfill-gas plants. Some feed utility pipelines. Others generate electricity on site.
Republic is also spending about $275 million to build four polymer-processing facilities that will sort the plastic it collects curbside and turn it into flakes for new bottles and jugs.
Advertisement - Scroll to Continue
Vander Ark said consumer-product companies face minimum post-consumer-content mandates in California, Washington and other states, as well as their own sustainability goals. Republic’s first plastics plant is scheduled to open later this year in Las Vegas. Customers lined up.
“There’s fighting among customers about who gets what,” Vander Ark said.
Analysts say one risk is that adding exposure to volatile markets for commodities and renewable-fuel credits might spook investors interested in the steady and predictable profits involved in dumping garbage into landfills. Executives say the sustainability businesses are supplementary and moneymakers even when commodity prices are low, like now.
Where are you seeing investment opportunities in sustainability? Join the conversation below.
“Yes, there’s a year-over-year impact, but recycling is still profitable,” said Tara Hemmer, WM’s chief sustainability officer. “It still is one of our highest return-on-capital investments.”
WM, which operates more than 250 landfills, is in the second year of a four-year plan to spend $1.2 billion adding 20 trash-gas plants as well as $1 billion expanding and automating its recycling business.
The Houston company expects new and upgraded facilities to increase its recovery of reusable materials 25% by 2025. Having machines do the dirty work also cuts labor costs, executives say.
Advertisement - Scroll to Continue
WM expects enhancements to its recycling facilities to increase its recovery of reusable materials. Photo: Waste Management A lot of hard-to-fill jobs will be replaced by optical sorters, which use infrared cameras to spot valuable materials in the jumble and blow the desirable bits into separate bins with pinpoint puffs of air, Hemmer said.
“In the past we might have had mixed-paper bales that had cardboard embedded in them,” she said. “Now we’re able to pull more of that cardboard out, it goes in the cardboard bale, and the price point on cardboard is much higher than mixed paper.”
WM says the blended commodity value from its automated material recovery facilities is about 15% higher per ton. Not only do the machines amass more of the valuable stuff, the company says the material emerges cleaner and can fetch more than messy bales.
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The recycling investments will add $240 million to its bottom line over the next four years, WM says. It has higher expectations for its gas business.
WM says it will boost landfill-gas output eightfold and generate more than $500 million in additional earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization through 2026.
That profit forecast assumes two prices associated with every million British thermal units of gas. WM is counting on the actual fuel selling for $2.50, which is lately about the price of gas from geologic wells. Another $23.50 is anticipated from renewable-fuel credits, which is in line with recent trading, according to energy-information firm Platts.
The outlook doesn’t count the $250 million or more of tax credits WM expects for building new gas plants.
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Last year’s climate bill sweetened the economics of trash gas. A federal proposal to offer additional credits for biogas projects that produce power for electric vehicles could make the incentives even stronger.
Waste-company executives and analysts say that many are worth building anyway and that the incentives make it economical to install gasworks at smaller, less-gassy landfills.
“Landfill gas is essentially the only scalable biofuel that doesn’t have a food-for-fuel trade-off,” said Goldman Sachs analyst Jerry Revich. “These projects don’t need any subsidies, but they will take the free money.”
Write to Ryan Dezember at [email protected] and Will Feuer at [email protected]
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