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2018.06.27 01:56 faith-x80c Car Accident Lawyers

Welcome to /CarAccidentLawyers! This subreddit was created for US drivers to discuss their options in regards to car accident lawyers available to them in the unfortunate event of an accident. Feel free to share your experiences but please do not advertise your business here. Thanks!

2019.04.18 01:53 Live_Ore_Die clutchdrivers

This subreddit is for videos/gifs of drivers who have come through in a clutch, avoided an accident with finesse, or otherwise exhibited exceptionally skilled driving in extreme, unpredictable, or unplanned circumstances. It is not for videos of drivers intentionally showing off, or driving carelessly and then making a lucky save. Gif links are highly recommended, and appreciated.

2023.06.01 13:32 Lenora_85 TEMU Free Gifts - Fino a 2 prodotti gratis

Scegli fino a due prodotti in regalo e ricevili senza costi di spedizione.
Scarica l'app e inserisci nella barra di ricerca il codice: 422748111
Valido per nuovi utenti (in numero illimitato) e per un massimo di 5 utenti già iscritti. Il gioco scade dopo 24 ore, ma è possibile ricominciarlo quotidianamente.
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2023.06.01 13:32 hybrnate Why I don't plan on returning to Singapore (Taken from a friend)

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2023.06.01 13:31 adrian_guo Where do old people choose to die, at home or in a hospital? Can I get hospice care at home?

I don't want to die in a hospital, can I die at home with my family members with me, and still get hospice medical care?
My aunt just died, in China, aged 83. She spent her last moments in an ICU of a hospital. She was not in an accident or something, it's just the family members think they have to give her the best medical care, because they do not want to feel bad later for "not making enough effort". In China, people either die at home with no medical care, or they die in hospitals without family members at their side. Hospice is still a new thing there.
This cannot be all the choices, right? At the end, the relatives, e.g. my mom, couldn't visit my aunt, they had to sneak in, because it's an ICU, no one can go. Also I doubt if my aunt was comfortable with the "care" an ICU can provide. That's why I wonder, since now I'm in Australia, what are my choices when it's my turn?
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2023.06.01 13:31 lawrenceburg This really works!

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2023.06.01 13:31 sheamichael04 Dating websites are not only the most stupid and pointless things ever, but also extremely dangerous.

Exactly what the title says. There are not only the most stupid fucking things ever, but they can also be extremely dangerous as well. You know, as in, someone finds some hot guy or hot girl that they like and are into, they arrange to meet, that person who was behind the hot guy or hot girl profile account is actually a sick fucking sexual predator. So the victim gets raped or sexually assaulted and brutally murdered, because, obviously, murdering the person is the safest option so they can't tell anyone, though honestly I don't think it will matter anyway since all that does it help them get away with it for much longer. They are eventually gonna get caught anyway. This is exactly what happened to Carly Ryan in 2007. It's a very popular but tragic story that cops like to educate primary school students and high school students on about how people aren't really who they say who they are. Don't go to dating sites. Stay the fuck away from dating websites people. They are not only a useless sack of shitholes, but can also potentially put your life in danger.
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2023.06.01 13:31 I-LoveMyHusband Do you watermark your photos?

I love sharing my family photos! And I love seeing other peoples photos, it helps bring more life to the people I'm researching. But it puts a bad taste in my mouth to have my photos downloaded and reuploaded (decreasing the quality) without any citation as to where they came from.
I don't want it to sound like I think I "own" my family members, but there have been numerous times where I can tell that a photo has been reposted a bunch by how low quality it is, then when I want to find the original, the poster can't remember where they found it.
I would like people to be able to contact me if they have any questions. So I uploaded a few photos with a "watermark", it wasn't on the actual picture, I extended the top and bottom of the photo to add white space, and on the top I added "uploaded by (my name)", and on the bottom I added who was in the photo. Someone reposted it, I'm assuming it was an older, non tech-savvy person, because it was a picture taken off of their computer screen, but they completely cropped my name off of the top. Maybe it was a complete accident, but still, now that photo is out there with no details on where it came from.
I guess I'm asking for ideas? I don't want it to look tacky by having my name on the actual photo, but I don't see any other option (besides just not sharing them).
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2023.06.01 13:30 Torchwick64 Sono io Playstation è in una posizione PESSIMA ultimamente?

Allora, parliamoci chiaro: dal punto di vista prettamente Playstation, l'ultimo showcase è stato un disastro. Escludendo Spider Man 2 era un evento Sony... senza Sony. Non hanno dato alcun incentivo forte per motivare l'acquisto di una PS5 nel futuro prossimo, e ora ho la sensazione che la console inizierà ad arrancare come vendite, per mancanza di una vera e propria killer application che motivi molte persone all'acquisto.
La più recente, God of War Ragnarok ha fatto il suo lavoro da questo punto di vista per un po' ma il suo effetto adesso è finito e non spingerà più di tanto le vendite della console, stessa storia per Spider Man 2, credo che la maggior parte di quelli che compreranno il gioco abbiano già la console, per cui dubito spingerà le vendite più di tanto. Neanche dal punto di vista di multipiattaforma riesco a pensare a qualcosa che motivi in tanti all'acquisto nel prossimo periodo. E non parliamo di tutti quegli inutili Game as a Service mostrati, di certo non tireranno le vendite, e secondo me flopperanno velocemente, o il catalogo di PSVR2 che giustifica l'acquisto della periferica ancora meno della console. Tutti questi fattori mi fanno pensare che le vendite generali della console andranno verso un lento declino nel prossimo periodo, e non c'e nulla che possa evitarlo (specie se poi la console è venduta a prezzo maggiorato fuori dagli Stati Uniti).
Per come la vedo io, arrivati a questo punto c'è solo un gioco che in futuro spingerà abbondantemente le vendite della console quando uscirà: GTA VI. Quando uscirà quello, a meno che Rockstar non faccia casini, le vendite della console esploderanno sicuramente. Ma fino ad allora, non vedo nulla che possa far aumentare le vendite della console per molto tempo, e quindi credo che PS5 inizierà ad arrancare molto presto.
Almeno così è come la vedo io. Voi che ne pensate? L'assenza di killer application grosse farà rallentare le vendite della console? O continuerà a vendere parecchio in ogni caso?
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2023.06.01 13:30 Charlie25188 My very first ford focus.

My very first ford focus.
Decided to treat myself to a new car. I’ve always had high mileage cara in the last 3 years. So I manage to get grab myself a low mileage car for the first time in my life lol.
I went from Insignia 2014 to Focus 2020.
The insignia done me well over the last two years. The only thing I’m not liking is paying road tax in the focus. I was free on the insignia. Still have the old girl. Not ready to give her away yet. Might keep her in lock up 😂
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2023.06.01 13:30 Duelight Lilith's ilk is out strong.

Saw a flipped caravan (the car) today. Saw a pulled her car 3 minutes later as the forces of good do there job. Now I'm in traffic as I pass more stopped vans. Bright side is that we get to play tonight. Let the floodgates open
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2023.06.01 13:29 narcwatchkiwi Some words of support for those who (at this moment) can't leave

Hi All,
I just wanted to send some words of support to those in this group who are not currently able to leave. I very much understand that experience.
While now I am independent adult now, I did have to spend the hardest years of my life when I was trapped with them, I worked part time, on the minimum wage, studied, and I was socially isolated (not allowed to see friends), prevented from driving, picked on, smeared, bullied by my family etc.
My confidence was so low I would start to stammer at one of the worst points.
I really struggled, a lot. It was tough, but I did start to find ways to escape and cope, both psychologically and physically, I joined groups, I took up hobbies, I eventually saved up and got driving lessons, much later a car etc. . My social life and confidence started to grow.
I hung about in the library to avoid being at home (which was free of course and helped with my studies).
Anyway, I just wanted to send you all some words of encouragement 😊🙏
There's also this great post with tips on how to cope when you can't currently leave from Jay Reid (psychotherapist and ex scapegoat):
Please, hang in there, try to count those blessings (e.g. free libraries etc. I know it sounds small / weird, but it helps). Build that independence, find positive social connection wherever you can (I often wasn't allowed to see friends, but I would ring my beloved grandma every Saturday night (while other people I'm pretty sure, were partying!!!).
I also think it's just wonderful that this group exists. Thanks all!!! 😊👍
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2023.06.01 13:28 Aware-Height-6513 Citroen C5X, VW Tiguan or Audi A4 Avant ?

Hi there. I am new here. I am thinking of getting a new car (well, it will be a used one) and get something with more space than my current Golf 7, with good tech, and more comfortable on long journeys. Can be petrol, diesel or hybrid.
I was originally gonna go for a Audi A4 Avant (from 2020, facelifted) or a VW Tiguan, but now I am wondering if the C5X could be a good option. I like the idea of a crossover between a salon, an estate and a SUV and it seems that it offers better bang for your bucks in terms of equipment. I would go for the higher trims for any of these cars.
If there are any owners of any of these cars on the forum, could you tell me what you think ?
I heard the C5X was very confortable, almost too much, lacking dynamism. Is it true ?
Any thoughts will be welcome. Thanks for reading me.
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2023.06.01 13:28 borkmaster0 Train Car in Need of Cleaning at 125 St

Northbound 6 trains are delayed while we remove a train car in need of cleaning from service at 125 St.
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2023.06.01 13:28 Alternative-Mud-7875 My childhood friend and (now ex) roommate punched me in the face and left me on the brink of homelessness

I knew she was coming out of a shitty situation (DV though I’m starting to doubt whether she was a victim here), I needed someone to move in and she was gainfully employed. My family know her, I am in a vulnerable position myself due to my disability. She was making at least 3x my pension, I figured no worries.
Straight off the bat she asked my dad for her first month of rent which he paid. She asked me to buy her some furniture on credit and I agreed since she was apparently escaping DV, and had no money. She paid me back in instalments and all seemed well.
Twice she had no money for rent but didn’t tell me, she asked my dad for money and he paid her without telling me. Then I was frantic because she was so bad with money she told me on rent day that she had $0 and wanted me to manage her finances. I had to go to my dad to pay her rent as my landlord was threatening.
The next week we had a utility bill and she wouldn’t pay her half as we agreed. I became frantic because she hadn’t paid that weeks rent either. When she came home she lost it at me screaming and threatening me saying it was all my fault etc etc (I recorded a lot of this, I suspect she was on drugs)
Then she shrieked that she was leaving and I said ok I can’t stop you. She started packing her things into her car which took about an hour. She was stomping slamming and screaming while I stayed quietly in my room. I was tucked up in bed with my cat and having a quiet unrelated phone call with my friend.
Out of nowhere, she stormed right into my room, ripped my headphones off me and smashed them on the floor, and punched me in the face before jumping in her car and speeding off.
I was terrified and triggered from past PTSD related shit and my friend who I had been talking to was really worried as he heard it all go down from my headphones and wanted to make sure I was ok.
Days later I’m still really shaken and after all of this I’m probably going to be homeless because of the rent situation. I have my half and the absolute last of my savings (I’m on disability). I have very few relatives and nobody is on my side or able to help me.
I’m worried that the punch could have done some damage as I am missing some of my skull and started to have mild neurological symptoms after this attack, though maybe it’s psychological as I’ve been severely shaken ever since. I have barely eaten for a week and can’t seem to do anything.
I’m fairly sure I’m going to be homeless. I don’t know how to navigate this again with my current condition. I’m not as young as I was and no I cannot work hence the disability payments.
Also one of my cats was stolen and the other is with me and nothing makes me want to finish myself off more than the idea of being without my cat.
Fuck all of this. Just fuck it. I’m normally so resourceful but for once I am out of ideas. I’m so done.
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2023.06.01 13:28 CowProfessional6803 Local Cabs near me

When embarking on travels to novel locations, one should focus on unwinding rather than letting it become a source of undue stress.
There is a constant apprehension of falling victim to fraudulent cab drivers when choosing the wrong one in an unfamiliar location.
In the event that you need Local Cabs near me, I am offering a link to a reputable service through a link.
When it comes to cabs, the first thing to investigate is whether their rates are competitive, as this becomes significant in a new location where you may not have a basis for comparison.
Taking the time to investigate the rates and gather information beforehand will prove to be immensely beneficial, as knowledge holds great power in this situation.
The service I have linked above, Waterloo Cars, is a well-established and reputable transportation option that has earned trust and reliability over time.
If you're a first-time visitor to the UK and feeling uneasy about navigating the world of cabs, simply give Waterloo Cars a call for peace of mind.
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2023.06.01 13:28 zardetailingchd Ceramic Coating in Panchkula ZAR Detailing

Ceramic Coating in Panchkula ZAR Detailing

Ceramic Coating in Panchkula ZAR Detailing
Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent or permanent of coating that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect against external paint damage. It helps to keep the paintwork looking new for longer, and it also protects against scratches, chips, and other damaging particles. If you are looking for the same, Zar deatiling is the answer to best Ceramic Coating in Panchkula. Ceramic coating is the best way to keep your car looking as good as new for many years to come. For the best quality as well as affordable ceramic coating in Panchkula, Zar Detailing is one stop solution.
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2023.06.01 13:28 fluorescentstoplight (S5) Did I miss something? Why does Mike have all of the blame for the car accident?

In the scene of the accident, Susan was driving. I’m not sure why Mike is the target or why Mike is the face of the article… Any ideas? If anything, I would think Susan would be blamed.
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2023.06.01 13:28 Terrible-Court-7773 Arts, Culture, Festivals, Parties and Markets - June 2023 Round-Up

Birmingham Fair's June 2023 Arts & Culture Round-Up!
A regular non-exhaustive snapshot of creative events we've found going on in Birmingham this month...
Soho House and Blakesley Hall Reopen with Blood & Fire: Our Journey Through Vanley Burke’s History Exhibition
FOKA WOLF: WHY ARE WE STUCK IN HOSPITAL? (The Exchange) until 17th
We Don't Settle: Poetry Jam Live! (Symphony Hall)
Digbeth First Friday (multiple venues)
Open Studios & The Growing Project Sale (Grand Union)
Sonic Signals and God-Pocket (Eastside Projects)
Nela Milic Wedding Bellas (Centrala)
Free Jazz Fridays: Daisy Houlder (Symphony Hall)
UK Games Expo (NEC) until 4th
Community Fun Day (Burbury Park, Newtown)
Midlands Air Festival (Ragley Hall) until 4th
Burger Fest (The Bond, Digbeth)
Fighting Spirit Film Festival (The Mockingbird)
Community Open Day (Lifford Reservoir)
Walkspace 23: Opening Night Party (Artefact, Stirchley)
Birmingham Art Zone: Art Festival (Gunmakers Arms)
MAC Arts Market (Midlands Arts Centre)
Highbury Hall Craft Fair
Still Walking: Relics of New Street
Dancing Out (Compton Verney, Warwick)
B-Side Hip-Hop Festival (multiple events) until 14th
Birmingham Design Festival (The Rep) until 9th
Fatt Butcher: Tw*ts (Old Joint Stock Theatre) until 10th
Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changes The World Special Screening (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival) (Birmingham Hippodrome)
Free Jazz Fridays: Maddy Coombs Trio (Symphony Hall)
Wolverhampton Pride
Balsall Heath Second Saturday (multiple events)
Zine-Making Workshop with Rachael House (Grand Union)
Birmingham’s Craft & Flea (Custard Factory)
Windrush Tapestry Project (Old Print Works)
BAR4BAR Cypher (Suki10C)
Supersonic Kids Gig: ICHI (Symphony Hall)
Growing Up Green Festival (Highbury Orchard)
Breakin', poppin', lockin' and Hip-Hop Battles: Prelims & Qualifiers (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival) (Arcadian Car Park)
All Styles & Waacking Battles: Prelims & Qualifiers (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival)
Frequency Summer Festival (Luna Springs)
50 Years of Hip-Hop Block Party (Thorp Street)
FLUXCON: 50 Years of Hip-Hop (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival) (Birmingham Hippodrome)
Lark in the Park (Manor Farm Park, Northfield)
Tin Tent Festival (Rock N Roll Brewhouse)
Dance Championship Finals (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival) (Bullring)
Kings Heath Artisan Market (York Road)
Force of Nature Exhibition (Birmingham Botanical Gardens)
Collage Club Social (The Steam Room, Harborne)
Windrush Caribbean Film Festival: Young Soul Rebels + Shantaye’s World (Midland Arts Centre)
Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul House Party (The Mill)
Free Jazz Fridays: Cherise & University of Birmingham Jazz Orchestra (Symphony Hall)
Moseley Food Fest (The Village, Moseley)
Stirchley Community Market (Stirchley Baths)
Celebrating Sanctuary: Refugee Week Family Festival (Midlands Arts Centre)
Amok: Experimental Performance and Music (Artefact, Stirchley)
Pop Lovers Summer Outdoor Festival (Luna Springs)
Paperdolls Summer Market (Custard Factory) until 18th
Sinfonia of Birmingham in Barnt Green
Still Walking: 666 Places in Birmingham That You Shouldn’t Miss (Black Sabbath Bridge)
VERVE Open Door: Poetry Event for all (The Hive Cafe & Bakery)
Ex Cathedra’s Summer Music By Candlelight (St Paul’s Church) (until 21st)
First Songs in the Orchard... with B'Opera (Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens)
Hannah Sawtell: Useful Tools (Centrala)
Bournville Village Festival
Earth Markets (Martineau Gardens)
Congolese Independence Day Celebration 2023 (Midlands Arts Centre)
‘Parade – The Giant Wheel’ by Autin Dance Theatre (Walsall Arboretum)
Harborne Carnival
Vegan Market and Garden Party (Castle Bromwich Historic Gardens)
The Flapper Summer Market
Birmingham Settlement Neighbourhood Futures Festival 2023 (Edgbaston Reservoir) until 1st July
Birmingham Indian Film Festival 2023: New Brit-Asian Shorts (Midlands Arts Centre)
Friday Lates: Your City, Your Story (Wolverhampton Art Gallery)
Free Jazz Friday: Birmingham Jazz Orchestra (Symphony Hall)
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2023.06.01 13:28 ps144-1 Finally getting aviary done for my beloved flock--any ideas on transporting these guys with as low stress as possible?

I havent been at pigeon for what seems like forever! Been building a large aviary for my pet flock of beautiful palomas and the good news is its finally getting close to done. STarting to think about how to transport them to their new home at our new property. I have dozens, lets just say that. A mix of some I rescued a year ago from psychotic neighbors and their offspring, I call them gen 1 & 2, respectively.
Gen 1 went thru a traumatic transition period then and is settled in now, so I know they can adjust but still want it to be as easy on them as it can be. A few pairs tho are still a little nervous, tho they trust us. Gen 2 has never seen anything but here and is pretty spunky group, sweet and fun and I think they will adjust easiest.
Distance is 1 hour car ride, traveling by suv.
Any ideas on good ways to keep them calm? Planning on keeping pairs with chicks in their boxes together. Pretty sure all have feggs only right now. Anyone do this before for an entire flock and any tips that worked great? I may not reply right away bc this project is so much work and I just want to be done so eating sleeping breathing it but please, iff you have any good ideas, successful stories on loft/aviary relocating, share them please
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2023.06.01 13:28 baltimore-aureole OMG . . . the average worker needs 2 lifetimes to earn as much as a CEO?

OMG . . . the average worker needs 2 lifetimes to earn as much as a CEO?
Photo Above – Screenshot from the upcoming film “Bezos Ark”, starring Russell Crowe Not Shown – Rising sea levels due to “climate change”
CEOs got smaller raises. It would still take a typical worker two lifetimes to make their annual pay AP News
I found this disturbing at first. The average worker needing 50 or 60 years of salary to earn as much a CEO. (See link above).
Which CEO is average, though? I draw a distinction between guys (and women) who invent something neat, then risk everything to bring it to market. Steve Jobs of Apple. Bill Gates of Microsoft. Maybe even Elon Musk, of Tesla – although much of his good fortune came from conning the Obama administration into doling out tax rebates for millionaires scooping up his first edition $100,000 Telsa hot rods. That's called “an inflection point”. Once you reach a critical mass of sales, you're home free.
I'm less certain about CEOs who don't invent stuff – who just hype it. Jeff Bezos didn't invent the idea of online shopping and home delivery. That was probably Sears Roebuck. Which went bankrupt because they couldn't figure out how to get it right. And kudos to Bezos for using other people's money to build thousands of warehouses, and serving us up a bunch of faux/imitation crapola from China. Is Jeff a genius? Compared to you and me, for sure! If I had the brains and guts to do that, I surely would have. I just hope I didn't go bankrupt and into oblivion if I got it wrong.
True confession – I've always hated Facebook. Not Mark Zuckerberg personally. Just the idea that a website - invented to keep you connected with friends and family- has become a monster. One of the biggest threats to personal privacy. It sells our “cookies” to the highest bidder. When I research a potential purchase – dog kibble, a car, or some obscure book –for weeks afterwards I will be inundated with alternative products, from obscure companies. Until my car and kibble cookies are eclipsed by my next search for canvas summer shoes. Do I need to remind everyone that Facebook is also a stew of "moderator approved" conspiracy theories and state sponsored trolls?
Google is the real cookie monster. Online search engines aren't the same kind of game changer as fire, the wheel, or atomic fission. But Google is getting its comeuppance. Hemmed in by a gazillion lawsuits for "scraping" intellectual property from other sites, and for manipulating their search results for a kickback. Just wait 'til Artificial Intelligence really gets rolling. Search engines will serve up amalgamated/composite results, instead of linking us to trusted sources. If you ask CHATGPT if the earth is round, it might hedge its bets and tell you there's a 2% chance the world is flat. That, of course, would be based on the millions of results it has seen. How else could AI already conclude that white supremacy, pedophilia, and genocide of Jews are mainstream ideas?
Back to giant CEO pay. I'd have less angst if there were also giant CEO taxes being paid. But no one really knows how much bozos like Bezos pay. Certainly they have enough left over to build 500 foot mega-yatchs. To buy mansions in 7 countries. To keep a small army of guys in Zurich watching over their numbered, tax evading bank accounts.
I should confess that i am NOT a tax accountant. All I know is that there's more than 2,000 pages of IRS regulations - just for me. That's the length if you're an individual filer with a normal W2 wage statement. If you're a billionaire, or a corporation, or a subchapter S partnership, or an entertainer with royalties, or an NBA superstar college dropout with deferred income going decades into the future . . . well, who know how many pages of loopholes are baked into YOUR regulations?
My point is this: the world – well, America at least - would be a lot fairer if we had a straight income tax. Exclude the first $25,000 or $50,000 in income. Then pay something easy to understand on the rest. 17% ? 25%? I've seen both numbers argued. Forget all the deceptive crap. Tank those tax deductions for yachts masquerading as second homes. Drop carry forward interest. Let capital sinking funds sink under the waves. Forget farmland tax credits on land which you had no intention of farming, and never got enough rain to grow squat on anyway.
Pick a number for the income tax rate, and let's go with it. Maybe even two numbers. A normal rate for incomes less than $250,000 a year, and a higher rate for incomes over that. But no BS deductions. Your rate is your rate. Whether you're a stoner, a schoolteacher, or software billionaire with a yacht bigger than the Titanic.
Can we at least discuss this?
I now open the floor for debate: to everyone in this forum claiming to be a tax accountant, a socialist/redistributionist, or a millionaire. Tell me straight up why it's unfair to have simple income taxes? And just forget all the tricky loopholes created by politicians for their rich buddies?
Yes, I'm aware that someone is going to snark that “rich guys” will simply flee to a place with low taxes. Someplace usually run by a nasty dictator. That's their choice. I guess we'll just have to depend on the self evident advantages of democracy, a fair legal system, and human rights to make America's case. After all, people like Elon Musk (from South Africa), Sergei Brin, co-founder of Google (from Russia), and Zoom founder Eric Yuan (China) didn't come to America because they heard about our tax rates, did they?
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2023.06.01 13:27 hirohamster Punishing untaxed vehicle owner who takes the p***?

I get the title might be a bit dramatic, but it's hard to explain it while making it concise.
I live in a block of flats with an underground, gated car park for residents. There's an owner of a particular vehicle (think Italian grand tourer style vehicle, but on a budget) who does all of the following. Hopefully it paints a picture of why so many of us want him to face some form of consequence:
- Parks in allocated bays that other people pay for
- Parks in disabled bays
- Parks in as many as four spaces at once
- Tailgates other residents because he doesn't always have a valid permit/keycard
The amount of times the driver is in a new space, and *isn't* doing one of the above has never happened in the 3 years I've seen them. Complained to management, but they're as useless as a chocolate teapot, so I did some investigating.
*Turns out the dude doesn't have road tax.* He uses the car daily, illegally. So now, reminding this driver that owning a moderately fancy car doesn't put them above everyone else is the goal - and I'm convinced the road tax is how to do it.
Management say it's a police issue (even though it's in the permit conditions that vehicles must be taxed, and they gave him one anyway). Police say it's a DVLA issue. DVLA say they can't enter premises because they are not the police. Moreover the DVLA need to send out a resource to confirm it, I'm not sure my own photo evidence of the car on the road is enough. It's a game of people passing the buck.
Does anyone have any advice for this? The car park has the exact amount of spaces required for the exact amount of flats, so it's not like this is victimless. Thank you!
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2023.06.01 13:27 AnyMajorDeaconBlue Seriously Video Archives Podcast needs to discuss Pulp Fiction's VHS Tapes!

Seriously Video Archives Podcast needs to discuss Pulp Fiction's VHS Tapes!
I imagine Gala (and possibly other staffers) check this board out from time to time and I just wanted to get this message out. And man I really need to write them a proper letter!
Anyway we do need to have a Pulp Fiction special. And that's a seemingly generic fanboy request but hear me out. They don't even need to discuss the film for the millionth time (I'd still love them to do) they could just discuss the VHS Tapes!
Like first off I have never seen that alternate cover for Pulp Fiction until I googled it just now. What a cool picture of Uma Thurman, not being in the industry I've always wondered how film posters and box art are made. Did a young then indie filmmaker like Tarantino have any say in how Pulp Fiction would be advertised? What is up with the promotional image of Samuel L Jackson without Jules iconic afro? Could no one find Sam a wig to put on? Maybe it was taken when he got a necessary haircut to get rid of the rest of Marvin's brains and skull!
I need to know what Tarantino and Roger think about it because whenever they're interviewed about Pulp Fiction it's always the shallow questions given, "What was in the briefcase? Was it jewels from Reservoir Dogs?" I want no NEED to hear these two discuss the Video Archives details. I want to hear what Quentin & Roger think of the VHS transfer and whether it was up to their standards. I want to know how much that VHS Tape weighs! Tell me about the history of Touchstone Pictures distribution!
I could go on (I deleted so much text already) but I think I've made a sound case. I need Video Archives discuss Pulp Fiction. This needs to happen for Season 2!
Lastly I just had to end this post showing off my Boxing Kangaroo Caddy. I hope everyone knows you can buy one online for shockingly cheap, to the point I have to wonder if mine is a counterfeit. Really I don't care I love mine it makes me happy to see it. But most of all I wonder did QT keep the film's Boxing Kangaroo? If not who did? Also American Nitro was a great watch those Funny Cars were something else. I had to buy it when the trio informed me that the director still owns the film and ships it out.
Thank you Video Archives, best podcast ever!
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