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Roasting (v.) - To humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke, diss or comeback. (As defined by urbandictionary) Hone your roasting skills, meet other roasters, and get yourself roasted! Everybody needs to laugh at themselves! And other people, of course!

2023.06.01 14:00 Nominar A love story about a childhood friend reconnected - is there any hope?

I (34m) recently reconnected with a childhood friend (34f) of mine from elementary school through tinder. She was my favorite friend from those early years, we lived across the street from each other. Even my very first memory from my very first year of school is of her. She moved away sometime after fourth grade.
She wasn't just some random girl I fell for, she was one of my best childhood friends. A part of who I am today.
We connected quickly, sparks flying in text, and decided to move it to instagram. She was very enthusiastic in meeting me and we set up a date. I picked her up from her home and we went for a walk in a park with my dog. It was unbelievable how much we had in common, from interests to values. It was too good to be true. After the walk I casually mentioned I had placed a reservation at a restaurant near her. She was happy to extend the date so we drove to her place and walked to the restaurant. Ended up being a 4hr date, felt fucking magical. At the end of the date we hugged and she suggested we meet again next week.
The next few days I text her once a day, but I get this dreadful feeling I've felt before. She was pulling back, not being as responsive as before.
Finally she texts me this: "I've been thinking and need to say it out loud. Two things that I feel are semi red flags. First you said on your tinder profile you're not sure if you want kids. I had to end my last relationship because of this and I don't want to go through it again. Second, we are at nowhere at the same place in life. I'm completely done with my backpacking trips and ready for the next chapter of my life."
Now, I want to travel more but I exaggerated my desire a bit to, not really impress her, but express my adventurousness. But I'm never going on a long backpacking trip at this point tbh. And regarding kids, I was not being honest/accurate on tinder. I want a family more than anything in this life. (I've learned my lesson, I thought for some reason it would push girls away, and boy was I fucking stupid, ofc it pushes girls away but those are not the right girls for me) I explained both to her in text.
And just to be clear, I really want a committed relationship and a family more than anything.
I double texted a few hours later, thanking her for the date and telling her I hope we could still be friends. I thought this text might give her a way out, if she really wanted out.
Then my dumb ass triple texted her at 2am because I was having an anxiety attack like I've never had before. It felt like I was drugged up, I have never experienced something like this. My text was: "I can't sleep because of how dumb I was to not be honest. I want a family with the right girl, and I believed it might be you. It would take priority over all dumb travel plans. Sorry for opening up like that, I feel like a total idiot."
She did not log into ig for about 2 days after she sent me her message and so didn't read any of my messages until then.
She finally replied "Sorry, I had a bit of a breakdown. I think I'm not ready yet, I think I need a bit more time before I can continue. Thanks for the evening though, it was very nice. Can I maybe contact you later when I'm feeling better."
I would have taken it as a rejection if she hadn't added that last line "can I maybe contact you later when I'm feeling better". I don't understand why she added that line if she was rejecting me.
I replied of course, and that she should take her time.
Two weeks pass, and my anxiety and depression is killing me. I decide to send her a message saying "Hey, how are you feeling? I know it's not been long, but I just wanted to check up on you. I want you to know I fully understand if you are healing and need more time. Emotionally I am ready to try to build up a relationship and would be more than happy to meet you again if you feel the same."
She read the message. 3 weeks have passed since then.
My mental health has plummeted. I continued talking to and dating other girls, because I know I can't just stop and wait for her, because I don't even know if she'll reach out to me again. But all I can think about is her. And that is not fair to other girls I'm dating. If she reached out I would drop all other girls.
Am I out of line here thinking there is still a chance? Wtf do I do? I am trying to move on but I just can't because there is still this tiny hope. I've kinda just accepted I have to live with this crazy anxiety for the foreseeable future because wtf am I supposed to do? I can't force myself to forget her, I've often thought of her before we reconnected. And I can't just go to her house and demand an answer, that's fucking stalker territory and I would just selfishly be making this about me when she clearly expressed she was still processing her previous breakup.
Back in my mind I fear she was rejecting me and is seeing other guys. But I can't reach that conclusion because of our history and the last thing she said to me.
Ultimately I will need an answer though. This is not your typical ghost story so don't tell me I have my answer if she never contacts me again. We were friends. I wanted to regain my childhood friend even if a relationship would not work out. I feel as if I lost my friend all over again, and that is the worst part.
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2023.06.01 14:00 Reaver_Engel Help with weird smell please

So firstly. I have the nose of a blood hound and also am super paranoid.
I live in a crappy rental that still have a fuse box and outlets hanging out of the walls and stuff, I hate this place. Thankfully the building is being demolished in a few months so we're out of here.
Untill then i got 2 weird smells i cant figure out, and im gonna be honest, its throwing me into panic attacks.
First one is a weird smell coming from our bedroom vent. Now as far as ive been told this vent isnt even hooked up. Its a strange staticy dusty smell. I dont know what could cause it, but the staticy part freaks me out. I did stick my head in the crawl space above the ceiling and can't smell anything up there. It's literally like this grey gravel sand mixture up there and the only wires I could see were to lights we never use. And as far as i can tell from my father in law working on the lights, if the switch is off there is no power to them.
I also smelt a sweet smell for a day but also my neighbourghs place smelled similar so i think maybe she made something, i havent smelled the sweet smell in 2 days.
Also the heat is shut off cause when it was kicking in I smelt a kinda burnt smell for the first second or two of air if that's relevent. .
Second smell is in the living room. Its a warm plastic smell. Not hot or burning plstic but warm, it's in one corner that has no outlets or anything, maybe a little across the front wall where there are outlets, but strongest in the corner with none.
Now my neighbourgh has a portable AC, it's right in that corner up against that wall that we share, its only flimsy drywall seperating us. It smells like its strongest against that wall and i assumrd it was just her AC but it smells wether she is running it or not.
Anyways landlord is apprently an electrical engineer and said that if anything was wrong electrical wise if would smell like burning plastic so idk.
I'm just absolutly freaking out and want to just call the non emergency fire department but my fiance says that this place isn't up to code and he doesn't want them to kick us out.
It also doesn't help that other people don't seem to really notice the smell, my fiance did say he smelt something weird once but that was it. I would say I'm crazy but I don't smell these things anywhere else just in thr bedroom and living room.
Any help is appreciated cause I'm at the point of breaking down for the thousandth time over this nightmare place. Also im near Toronto if that matters for code or anything.
I'd have our own electrician come out but we cant afford it sadly. Any help would be awesome.
Also the lights flicker in here alot, but it's the whole place. So idk if that has anything to do with it, but I don't smell anything from the fuse box, I'm a little too paranoid to open it right now.
Again thank you for any and all help.
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2023.06.01 14:00 PotatoHeadPS WSIB WRC, The Crew or Need for speed heat?

Last week after having a friend persuade me I played asphalt 9 and I kind of liked the whole thing. I am tempted to get a racing game that has a realistic driving feeling to it and also be able to customize cars and such. I would also like it if it had online. Grind is ok as long as it's not a monotone boring thing like Terraria.
After taking a look at multiple games I am between the WRC series, The crew 2 (not 1 because I heard online is dead) Need for speed heat.
I have played WRC 4 in the past on my ps3 but I didn't like it and I don't know if it has changed. Have never touched The Crew. Have also played an old NFS (don't remember which one). To be honest I didn't really get the meaning of the game although it was decent and I am willing to try it again. (so maybe can someone tell me?)
Keep in mind that the game must be available on the GeForce Now cloud streaming service (hence NFS heat)
Ps the crew 2 is on sale for 5 bucks so maybe it's worth that price?
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2023.06.01 14:00 dreftzg [Daily News] Tissot With A New Hit: Could It The Best Summer Watch Of The Year?, New Certina DS Action Diver 43mm Is Pitch Black, Mido Introduces Multifort Powerwind Collection And The Edox SkyDiver 38 Is A New Skin Diver For The Smaller Wrist

It's Wednesday and you would be surprised how long it took me to realize that the majority of watches released yesterday were actually Swatch Group. That Tissot has me spending money.

What's new

Tissot Releases The Best Summer Watch Of The Year, The Forged Carbon Sideral
The late 60s and 70s are arguably the golden age of watch design. It’s the time when watches stopped being elegant personal timekeeping devices and became tools. Or, at least, gave the illusion of being a tool watch so you could look like a badass on the beach. It gave us luxury sports watches like the Nautilus and Royal Oak, gorgeous chronographs from Heuer and dive watches from the likes of Blancpain and Rolex. It was also the the time of experimenting with materials and Tissot used their Sideral to do so. Since it’s supremely cool today to revive funky vintage watches, Tissot is now bringing back the Sideral, also experimenting with new materials, but this time with forged carbon.
The late 60s version of the Sideral was the first watch to ever use a monobloc fibreglass case. Two years later, the Sideral S was introduced, a sportier take on the concept with a now famous yellow rubber strap and different fastening system.
The new version retains a lot of the aspects of the original, but updating it for the age it’s made in. It retains the barrel shape of the case made of forged carbon fibre and stainless steel that measures 41mm in width and 46.5mm in length. You can get the watch in three colors, and while the black & yellow and black & grey models show the natural colours and pattern of the forged carbon fibre, the black & blue one comes with blue flakes embedded into the material. The unidirectional rotating bezel on top is fitted with a black insert and a graduated regatta scale in white. The screw-down crown ensures it is water-resistant to 300m.
The dial is predominantly black, with either a grey, blue or yellow minute track. This segmented track is accompanied by a green and red regatta countdown section between 12 and 2 o’clock. Tissot is a Swatch company, so it’s just natural that it gets the Powermatic 80 automatic movement. This is Swatch Group’s go-to automatic for several brands and is essentially a heavily modified ETA 2824 which has gotten decent reviews and has an 80 hour power reserve.
The watch comes on three perforated rubber straps in yellow, red or blue, inspired by the original yellow one. Additional coloured straps are said to be available too.
Each of the watches, available now, will retail for EUR 1,075. Looks like Tissot has another hit on their hands.
The New Certina DS Action Diver 43mm Is Pitch Black
Cartina has had a long stretch of being neglected by owners and undermined by the public. But boy, are they back. In the past couple of years they have regrouped and boy, are they on a bender. Vintage reissues, fantastic affordable divers… they even have a modular watch system which is… meh. However, the latest release form the Swiss watchmaker is not meh. In fact, it’s pretty bold. The new Certina DS Action Diver is super black.
It’s a big diver, there’s no denying it. 43mm wide, 51mm lug-to-lug and 13.1mm thick. It’s a stainless steel case with a matte black PVD coating, as well as a matte black ceramic insert within the coin-edge bezel. The blackness of the insert is broken up with a single bright white lume pip at 12. The NATO strap it comes on is also black and made out of recycled plastic. The one downside of the case is the fact that it has a 21mm lug width, so good luck finding a different strap.
The dial is just as black, with contrasting crisp white makers that glow like crazy. The triangles at the quarters and the arrowhead hour hand do help to lend an extra sense of aggression to the dial. There’s a date window at three o’clock. Certina, like Tissot, is owned by the Swatch group, so no surprises on what’s inside - it’s the Powermatic 80.
The Certina DS Action Diver in black is now available from all Certina authorised retailers. Price: CHF895
Mido Introduces Stylish Multifort Powerwind Collection
Here’s another brand from the Swatch Group that has been kicking ass in the past few years - Mido. It might be controversial, but the Mido Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer is one of my favorite watches of the past few years. Mido does vintage fantastically, just like they did last year when they introduced a limited edition, COSC-certified, revival of the 1954 Multifort Powerwind. Now, Mido is introducing three new variations of the Multifort Powerwind that will be part of the brand’s permanent collection.
The Multifort is Mido’s most important watch. Born in the 1930s, this automatic, anti-magnetic, water-and shock-resistant watch has become its bestseller. The concept was drastically updated in 1954 with an innovative automatic movement and renamed the Powerwind. Developed in collaboration with partner A. Schild SA, the automatic part of the movement reduced the components from the standard 16 to just seven, making it easier to build and service while enhancing durability and reliability.
The new models retain the same elegantly designed case with its thin, twisted lugs, box-shaped sapphire crystal and overall retro style as the limited edition released last year. Compared to the 1954 watch, it has grown quite a bit and is now 40mm wide and 12mm thick. What changes most regarding the design, compared to the limited edition of last year, are the dials.
The permanent collection is no longer a day-date model, but rather just a time and date watch, with reworked markers that are a combination of applied triangular indices and printed Arabic numerals. You can get it in three versions: steel with black dial, steel with blue dial, yellow gold PVD-coated steel with champagne dial.
Perhaps the biggest change happens on the inside - while the limited edition last year had a chronometer-certified ETA 2836-2 movement, the permanent collection gets, you guessed it, the Powermatic 80, here named the Caliber 80. The watch comes on a 3-link stainless steel bracelet with a folding clasp and quick-release spring bars.
You can get the watches now, priced at EUR 970 (black and blue) or EUR 1,160 (PVD gold).
Rado Adds Three Ceramic Watches to their Great Gardens of the World Series
Rado is a polarizing brand. Some love it, others almost detest it. But there’s no denying that Rado has done impressive things with the use of ceramic, be it their retro sports watches in the Captain Cook line, the super minimalist watches in the Designer line or the dressier models like the True Thinline. This is Rado’s slim ceramic watch intorduced in 2011 that is now getting three new models with textured dials inspired by endangered plant species in partnership with the Great Gardens o the World organisation.
This is not the first time that Rado is working with Great Gardens of the World, a network of gardens across 20 countries. They have made seven watches prior, making these Chapters 8 through 10. All three of the new watches have the same 40mm high-tech ceramic monobloc case that’s only 9mm thick, with ceramic bracelets that have a triple-folding titanium clasp. Inside the watch is the Rado 766 movement, based on the ETA 2892.
The major differences of the three come from the looks of the watches. Chapter 8 is housed in a black polished ceramic case, with the dial recreating the pleated leaves of the Hawaiian Luolu lelo palm tree. The hands and brand name are golden coloured. Chapter 9 is dedicated to the Chilean Araucaria, or monkey puzzle tree, and comes in a glossy, white high-tech ceramic case. The sharp, scale-like leaves of the tree are replicated on the dial with a composition of engraved triangles in opalescent mother-of-pearl. Chapter 10 is dedicated to the Dragon Blood Tree in a grey ceramic case and a two layer dial. The top layer is a skeletonised plate cut out in organic shapes to evoke the thick, entangled branches of the Dragon Blood Tree, revealing the lower layer in a pink gold colour.
The trilogy – Chapters 8, 9 and 10 of the Rado True Thinline Great Gardens of the World – is available in a collector’s box, limited to 99 units. Alternatively, each model can be purchased individually for EUR 2,900.
The New Edox SkyDiver 38 Date Automatic Is A Vintage Inspired Skin Diver For You If You Want A Smaller Watch
The Edox SkyDiver has an interesting story. The brand claims that a mysterious drawing was found in their archives which turned out to be “the sketch of a long-lost timepiece, the SkyDiver”. Along with the sketch, there was a scrawled note reading: 1973. Special production in strictly limited edition“ According to a retired Edox watchmaker, the SkyDiver was rumoured to be a secret project for a mysterious, wealthy Swiss colonel. The anonymous colonel wanted an exclusive timepiece for elite mountain paratroopers under his command. It had to combine the no-nonsense functionality of a dive watch with the style and aesthetics of a precision pilot’s watch.
So Edox took these sketches and remade it in modern times with a bronze version that followed. In 2021, the SkyDiver was entirely revamped with new looks and upgraded materials, yet a solid vintage touch, in a case of 42mm. To fix the biggest complaint they got, they are now releasing a new version - the 38mm SkyDiver.
It’s basically the same watch, but smaller. It’s a traditional skin-diver watch, with a straight case, unprotected oversized crown, rather slim case profile topped by a heavily domed crystal. The screw down crown gives you 300m of water resistance and the domed crystal brings the thickness to 13.7mm. You can have it with two dial colors - black or blue, with a matching ceramic insert on the bezel, and it has a glossy vintage finish with applied markers with orange highlights.
Inside is the Selita SW200-1 automatic movement with 4Hz frequency and 38h power reserve. Both colors come on a 3-link brushed and polished steel bracelet closed by a triple folding clasp.
The watch is available now and is priced at EUR 1,575 (excl. taxes).

On hand - a selection of reviews

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A review of the updated mint green Rolex Sky-Dweller

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

How time shaped the Type 20 chronograph, and the brands that keep the legend alive
Watches and military history have an unbreakable bond. You only need to think back to the very beginnings of the wristwatch as a tool. During the Anglo-Burma War and First Boer War, soldiers began to strap pocket watch cases with primitive soldered lugs to their wrists, which opened the door for a new market. Fast-forward some 70 years, and you’ll find yourself in a new world, free from the shackles of World War II. Despite it being a time of peace, the French government found itself in need of accurate, reliable timepieces, resulting in the Type 20 chronograph that took inspiration from the designs of German pilot’s chronographs of the 1930s and 1940s, and applied it to the set of regulations outlined by the French. Today, original Type 20 pieces remain highly sought-after, spawning many re-editions and homages, with one brand in particular making the most of the design.
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.06.01 13:59 healerdan Help deciphering past service record?

Help deciphering past service record?
Partner's car is having a slight overheating issue that I'm pretty sure I know the source of, but she checked the previous owner's service records and found this previous "burning smell" diagnosis. She wants to know if it's related, but I can't tell what they identified as the issue - oil sender?? This looks like it's coolant related, but I'm 90% sure our issue is an oil pressure switch.
2008 subaru outback - 4 cylinder engine, no turbo.
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2023.06.01 13:58 Possible_Special6727 Donuts Near Me

This trendy donut shop in donuts near me puts a focus on fun toppings (in case you couldn’t tell.) Some of the best donuts in Albuquerque you should try are the Marge Simpson Sprinkle and Over the Rainbow. They serve coffee as well and because they’re all about having fun, they allow schools to have field trips at their locations. P.S. Their website is WILD! Exploring it was the most fun I’ve had all week.
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2023.06.01 13:58 PuzzleheadedTown2725 Cold

I hate the cold. It is something that creeps into your body down to your very core. It slows you down until you can’t move anymore. Unfortunately I found myself unable to keep going in my car and With no cell signal I had to abandon it on the side of this mountain road.I just have to head in the direction I came. Just gotta ignore the cold, ignore the snow falling, ignore the baby crying.” Wait what?! Why the hell is a baby out here?!” I shouted to myself as I did my best attempt at a run until I came across a tree stump with a crying baby on it.
The baby was cold to the touch and wrapped in a blanket.” Don’t worry I got you.” I said as I picked up the infant. Eventually making it back to my car I practically prayed that it would start. Whatever car god is out there apparently took pity on me and this small child. The relief of the heat hitting my body was incredible. The baby seemed to be asleep after letting the heat fill the car. I fell asleep. A nightmare jolted me awake. That’s when I noticed that even while asleep I hadn’t put the baby down. How could I put something so fragile and precious down? I didn’t even have my daughter’s car seat. Man, I hope someone finds us in time.
I was startled awake by someone tapping on my passenger was an Asian woman with black hair and icy blue eyes.” Can you help me?” She asked. I scrambled to unlock the door without disturbing the baby. Once the woman was in she practically melted into her seat as she drank in the heat.” What are you doing out here?” I asked, giving her a worried look. She took a moment to think of how much she should tell me.” Lost” was all she said. For a second I could’ve sworn the car went cold.
“I'm Thomas. What’s your name?” I asked, looking at my fellow snow prisoner.A soft “ Yu” was the only response I got as she stared at the snow accumulating around us. Before I could do anything, cold air suddenly blasted out of the air vents.” The hell?!” I yelled like a startled puppy as I panicked to turn it off. Yu seemed unphased by the change in temperature. So did the baby. After thinking about it this baby was unusually quiet. From what I could tell it was a normal healthy baby but it was disturbing how it barely made a sound.
After several failed attempts to get the heat back on we had to make a decision.” Well we can’t stay out here like this. Especially with a baby. We’re gonna have to walk. I passed a gas station a while back. If we make it there we should be alright.” Yu wasn’t happy about the thought of walking but we had no choice with the heat in the car not working. Grabbing my spare clothes from the trunk we layered up and set out.
The snow was in that sweet spot that everyone loves. Not too packed you can’t sink and not too loose to be easy to move. Despite this Yu seemed to move just fine. It was as if none of this weather bothered her. I'm honestly jealous.
We’ve been walking for what feels like hours now. The snow is getting deeper and the baby almost feels heavier than it was. I must be more worn out than I thought. I’d ask Yu to hold it for a while but it doesn’t feel right, like Every part of me was saying “ don’t let go.” I gotta keep walking, gotta find help.
I tripped and twisted my ankle. It hurts like hell and I don’t know where I am. It’s dark and snowing heavily. I keep trying to get up but it feels like there’s a weight on my body pinning me to the spot. Yu is walking over to me. She’s reaching for me Looks like I’m not done yet.
Authorities are still baffled by the body of a young man found not too far from a gas station outside of a small mountain town. Despite appearing as if he’d been out in subzero temperatures of possibly weeks, other evidence shows he’d been alive only hours before the freak blizzard kicked into full gear. There is so far no explanation for the large stone wrapped in clothes he was found holding.
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2023.06.01 13:58 a2goblue Test drove brand new car - a/c didn't work. Lemon??

Test drove a unicorn yesterday - an available 2023 Honda CRV Hybrid Sport. The sales guys said it had just landed on the lot a few days prior. When we took it out for a test drive, the a/c did not work. At all. The sales guy went for the drive with us and tried everything to get it going. He said maybe the service guys simply didn't install "the fuse" when the car arrived. I have no idea if that (plugging stuff in upon arrival) is a thing. He had us drive it right into service when we returned. Needless to say he was miffed because he knows he's not going to sell us a car that already has an issue. We noted the car had 70 miles on it, so apparently it has been taken out for a few test drives. Do we need to be concerned if this car already needed a repair? Should we move forward?
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2023.06.01 13:58 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi - Agency Navigator (Complete Program)

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2023.06.01 13:57 nikovsevolodovich Psa: don't buy "Bogart" nut files

If anyone here is just a hobbiest like me looking into getting a pair of real (not welder tip cleaners) nut files, stay away from these on Amazon.
I am absolutely blown away by how bad these are. They aren't anywhere near close to the advertised sizes and they're all going to form V notches rather than snug straight walled slots. And the worst part is that many of them have a conCAVE filing end, rather than a convex one, that would, you know, actually cut a slot a string could sit in.
Absolutely terrible awful garbage. Not salvageable in the slightest.
I got these thinking they look awfully close to the hosco files which are twice the price. Turns out they aren't just branded different, but are indeed a knockoff.
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2023.06.01 13:57 CTX800Beta Anybody else failing to get a drivers license?

I should add that I am German and from what I heard getting a drivers license here is a harder than in the USA.
It requires several hours of driving + 3 extra (night, on a highway and overland), about 15 hours of theory, a practical + a theoreticial exam.
Most people I know needed like 15 to 20 hours to learn how to drive.
I had over 100 driving lessons and still failed the practical test twice.
I can handle the car. I know the rules. I have excellent vision.
But no matter how hard I try, I CAN NOT handle the car + keep an eye on the people around me + mind the speed limit + pay attention to street signs AND remember where I am driving to ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
I can't. And here I am, at 32 the only one without a drivers license, feeling like a burden for my family because I can never drive. I get around by bike & bus but I still feel stupid every time I have to explain that I don't have a licence.
Please tell me I'm not alone
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2023.06.01 13:57 Send_Music Thunder, thunder, Thundercats Ho! And that's eight words.

I have always been, what some might refer to as, a thicc boi; I have 19 years soccer experience to thank for that. Unfortunately, I am now 33--and I have not worked out since pre-Covid.
Fast forward to this week. I am back in the gym and my thighs are clapping hard enough to signal all of Thundera to combat (circa 1985, not 2011).
Holy birthday cake, Batman: the chaffing.
Am I to forsake my boxer briefs and doomed to forever don athletic sliders? Can I utilize Vaseline in hopes of squelching the dying breath of William Wallace (Gibson, 1995, 02:44:10) reverberating from my shorts? Would the application of such near my netherbits scorn me as I have felt from the likes of Icy Hot, Bengay (schwing), and Tiger Balm?
Tune in next week.
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2023.06.01 13:57 Astronaut2555 Window problem 2017 G350d (problem description below).

Window problem 2017 G350d (problem description below).
My mother bought this vehicle a couple of years ago, something I’ve noticed recently is that the automatic windows don’t work when they’re closing up. The window buttons have a double click upwards and downwards, which usually means automatic windows…. Here comes the weird part, when I click for the windows to come down they do it automatically, but on the other hand when I double click for them to come up they don’t do it automatically, I have to hold the button. I know this is pretty stupid and minimal but it kind of bugs me, specially for a car of this price tag…. I’ve been to 2 dealerships here in Madrid, Spain, and they’ve all told me the same thing, that these cars don’t come with automatic closing windows and I find that quite hard to believe. It just seems extremely weird to me that a fairly new and pricey vehicle doesn’t come with this feature, even my 2008 Audi has automatic closing windows. Any help is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 13:57 Ok_Understanding6130 Shout-out to all you heroes on here! (N00bs Must read!)

I had short thread over in a fashion Rep subreddit. It was about a moron who ordered a fucking blank chip card. (Prob some kid thinking he can clone someone's card real easy)
Anyway, I posted about how I spent a ton of time in a watch Reddit learning everything over years. And a dude literally called out RepTime so I made a post I wanted to share here, cuz I don't think all y'all motherfuckers get the credit you deserve!!!
Here ya go:
Yo, RepTime is fucking For Real. And it blows my mind how many people come in with 1 post "where can I order a sick Iced Rolex?"
There's a reason they get 100 "read the fucking about glossary" or "look it up" I mean yeah, there's 10's of hours of info, that leads into rabbit holes of even more hours of shit to learn, forums to go through etc.. But I'm telling you, spending a few weeks or months or years (depending how much free time you have) makes the entire fucking difference of paying $50 for a $50 shitter (if that's what you want) or paying $500+ for a fucking GDF 5711 Tiffany Nautilus, instead of getting a real PPF or 3kF Super Clone. And knowing how insane ZF Factory is for AP clones and so on... it's sick the amount of information is out here, but my guys, y'all gotta put in the grind and learn the code. Cuz if you don't, what happened to me, will happen to you. EXCEPT, my ending won't be your ending.. read on..
I first was sent QC from a PPF 5711, and GL'd it, even had the 28,800hz and all.. But I was sent a GDF shit box "by accident" and was told "we couldn't stop the shipping" so what they was saying was "we sent you the REAL QC pics, but still never told you about the Shit GDF that you got and we hoped you didn't notice... But my guy, I noticed. And I also wasn't stupid enough to "mail it back after we get it, we send out PPF" no... I said "charge me for this piece of shit and refund the difference"
(The worst part was because the GDF doesn't even have the "170th anniversary" text on the glass back!! That should even make a N00b ask WTF??? But I'm tellin y'all, when you get that first rep you so happy you will overlook easy shit if you don't know what you're looking for)
NONE of what I just said would have gone that way if it wasn't for you guys, this Subreddit, and all the fucking TIRELESS hours y'all put into that "about" section for all of us to read and learn..
I also finally just ordered. ZF Factory 15710 rainbow bezel. I can't wait. I really want the AP Music Edition which ZF or any good factories have made yet. (That's why I settled on this for now) but thank you, to each of you motherfuckers that put in the time you do, so when you say "look it up" or "go read the info" there's a God Damn reason for it.
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2023.06.01 13:57 BallRevolutionary210 sex shop near me

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2023.06.01 13:56 Independent-Size-BIG Looking To Hire Structural Engineers For Louisville, Kentucky

Currently Looking to Hire A Structural Engineer With 3+ Years of Experience In Louisville, KY. The salary range is from 85 - 120k+ depending on experience.. This is a full time On-Site position with benefits that are listed below. If you would like to inquire about the job please inbox me and we can go over the details of the position. Projects sizes vary and will be discussed further if you are interested.
Job Responsibilities: • Manage multiple structural engineering projects simultaneously, including planning, • coordination, and execution. • Develop and maintain project schedules, budgets, and resource allocations to ensure • timely and cost-effective project delivery. • Lead project teams, providing guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle. • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to gather project requirements and • develop engineering solutions. • Conduct structural analysis and design to ensure compliance with industry standards and • regulatory requirements. • Review project plans, specifications, and drawings for accuracy and completeness. • Monitor project progress, identify potential risks, and implement corrective measures to • ensure project objectives are met. • Assist in construction support activities including responses to requests for information • (RFIs), submittal reviews, construction site visits, and design revisions/management of • changes. • Foster strong client relationships by addressing their concerns, resolving issues, and • providing exceptional customer service.
Qualifications and Required Skills: • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or a related field. Master's degree is a plus. • Professional Engineer (PE) license is required. • Minimum 4 years of experience in structural engineering. • Strong knowledge of structural engineering principles, codes, and regulations. • Proficiency in using structural engineering software, such as AutoCAD, Revit, RISA, , • ETABS, or similar. • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, meeting deadlines and • budgetary constraints. • Excellent leadership and team management skills, with the ability to collaborate • effectively with cross-functional teams. • Detail-oriented with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. • Proven track record of successful project delivery and client satisfaction. • Knowledge of and practical application of various regulatory codes and design manuals • (IBC, ASCE 7, ACI 318, AISC, etc.)
Rewards & Benefits: • Competitive salary based on experience and education. • Medical insurance for the employee (75% of premium cost paid by employer). • • Dental and vision insurance for the employee (100% of premium cost paid by employer). • Spouse & children’s insurance can be obtained at competitive group rates. • Paid time off bank (vacation/sick). • 401(k) retirement savings plan • Profit sharing plan
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2023.06.01 13:56 4runnerfan20160404 The days just started and I've already had a meltdown

I woke up to an email that said what I ordered is delayed another 3 weeks. Great start to the day. I got in my car to go get coffee and stalled it twice pulling out of the garage. I broke down and let out a scream in frustration, to which my mother responded by storming into the garage and trying to yank the door open (it was locked). She proceeded to berate me for losing my temper before storming back inside. Now I'm in a Starbucks feeling depressed.
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2023.06.01 13:56 moelszy Reliable ride

I need someone/service to pick me up 5 days a week @3pm to take me home.
Does liberty/bluebird/ ubelyft have service like this at a reduced rate…someone who has a disability and the METRO does not drop/pick up almost 23 miles to closest stop
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2023.06.01 13:56 ExtremeComplex Is there any used car for sale site that aggregates all the other sites together?

Seems like a pain in the 🐴 to try and find a used car near you and there's all these different sites that apparently dealers use. It would be nice if there was one site you could go to that would link these all together.
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2023.06.01 13:55 JJspath Please help me understand this

Idk if this dream was tunnel vision to the future or i am just tripping cuz I stopped smoking not to long ago and now all my dreams coming back to haunt me. I been dreaming about this house for quite sometime Idk whos house it is I just know that in my dreams I’m sleeping there almost everyday tonight I have dreamt that I went out with my buddy paul we went to see a movie after the movie I ran into my ex right outside the theatre she was waiting for me right there with a friend of hers I didnt ask no questions I just said to her lets go and she came with us. I hopped in the car with paul she hopped in the backseat then paul went and dropped me off I completely forgot that my ex was in the car with us as if i was blacked out or something. After paul dropped me off I’m back to sleep at the same house I been dreaming of for the past week the house sitting up on a hill i have a perfect image of the house in my mind because of the times I’ve dreamt of being there by now. After I went to sleep I woke up and it was still dark outside I rememberd that hailey was in the car and that I didn’t wait to drop her off first I just walked into the house and went to sleep not remembering that she was even in the car so I called Hailey once i woke up (still in my dream) and when I did the line was already connected she was talking to someone about something saying he did me so shady tonight after i heard that i hung up and called her again she picked up the phone I apologized to her on how i forgot she was there and that I should’ve waited to drop her off first she told me not to worry about it then I remember in my dream that she was in the same house as me somehow but again no questions asked by me. then somehow I ended up outside the house it was very dark out and I remember walking down slowly in the driveway toward the mail box and thats when someone was walking up to the mail box I couldn’t see his face he grabs the mail and starts running downhill with it so I run after him screaming stop him stop him then from my dream I remember how it was a weird lookin driveway almost like a V shape now that im thinking about it after running downhill after him he made a right to run uphill out of the driveway and thats when someone ran down in his way to confront him I was about six feet away from this confrontation when the thief was caught up in the middle of me and the other dude he pulled out a gun pointed at the other dude I panicked and screamed he got a gun then he got frustrated shot at or next to the other guy (again it was very dark out I couldn’t see faces) and instead of continuing to run uphill to leave the property it seemed like he (the thief) ran to the left as if there was another driveway or a another road there or something but thats when I woke up and started typing this to the best that I remember.
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2023.06.01 13:55 PapaUchiha14 How to get a Job in Java Full Stack from .Net Full Stack?

I have 5 years of IT experience in service-based MNCs and my profile is ReactJS, NodeJS, .net core, C#. I want to switch my career to Java Full Stack. But since I don't have any industry-relevant experience in Java they don't consider me. Is it impossible at this stage? Or is there a way?

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2023.06.01 13:55 domGLY Hilariously inept install

Nearly eight weeks on from ordering Hyperoptic (which has been sitting on the pole I can see outside my window, but not available to order, since a couple of months before that) I have just had my fifth visit to install it. Everything was physically done on the first visit - which was supposed be just a survey - but they keep sending people back. All the engineers have been very lovely but Hyperoptic seems to have a lot of trouble coordinating their efforts.
Today's team assured me that everything was fine and my service would be activated this afternoon. Logging onto my account page, it is still telling me I need to book an install. I just got an email to tell me to expect another install visit tomorrow. Speaking to the call centre, they tell me that tomorrow's visit is just a remote activation and nobody will come. But no, the activation can't be done today, and no there's no way of escalating.
I would put money on someone showing up at the house tomorrow. I guess it's no wonder their installs are slow if they send teams of two or more multiple times over a period of weeks. That might just be bad luck, but the failure of their systems and teams to join up is pretty surprising in a newish company which has clearly had access to plenty of capital.
Let's see...
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