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National Parks

2010.02.25 18:22 colossal_fuckup National Parks

A community for those who love National Parks... anywhere in the world!

2015.07.02 16:26 hank_hiIl Fishing Ontario

The best place in Ontario to connect with other anglers.

2016.08.15 20:01 Crackmacs Camping in Alberta

We have mountains with glaciers, prairies, desert badlands, vast coniferous forests and over 600 lakes. Camping in Alberta is the best in the world.

2023.06.01 13:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/i-heard-a-cracking-noise-16-children-1-adult-injured-in-platform-collapse-at-winnipeg-s-fort-gibraltar-1.6421235

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2023.06.01 13:37 MeasurementUnable226 Animal Vet Etobicoke

Animal Vet Etobicoke
At Bloor-Kipling Animal Clinic, we are a team of qualified vets and compassionate staff. We are dedicated to providing quality pet healthcare services through effective Animal Vet Etobicoke equipment. We create an environment fit for treatment and filled with comfort. Besides the general pet care, we keep your pets under observation to ensure speedy recovery. Get in touch with us: 416-233-6306.
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2023.06.01 13:37 mrpurple_black Is this considered a nuisance?

Is this considered a nuisance?
Hello, I was wondering if this is considered a nuisance in Scotland?
Context: The black car is owned by the people in the property directly to the left where the red bin is. They are new neighbours and just moved in 2 months back. They frequently parked literally on our grass and over the kerb which is illegal several times whilst moving in and renovating their gaff, for which we rightfully told them off for. Since, they have consistently parked right there not on the grass or kerb but directly outside our front door. There are vacant parking spaces directly across from our driveway (that just so happen to be occupied today as the other neighbours have guests). So my question is, is this a nuisance?
Also, one of the neighbours adjacent to the black car owners has just had a stroke and has a blue badge now, and her husband has had the same issue and has told them off too, she also may find it difficult in future to get out as the road is quite narrow and has a sharp bend.
If anything, I just find it really odd (not just cause they are directly outside my front door but because the grass is only about 2m in length, mad confusing when we are expecting packages), and inconsiderate, especially when they have vacant parking spaces right across the road and for some reason they don't use their own driveway a lot of the time. You can't see it in this image but their driveway is literally empty.
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2023.06.01 13:37 silentscribe07 The Role of Commercial Property in Noida's Hospitality and Tourism Sector

Noida the city of fame located in Noida, a renowned city in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India is now an important center for business activities, particularly in the tourism and hospitality sector. Because of its central location as well as well-planned infrastructure as well as growing opportunities for business, Noida has become a popular destination for both businesses as well as investors. This article examines the important significance of commercial property in Noida's tourism and hospitality industry and focuses on the most important projects that aid its development.
Commercial Properties located in Noida are driving growth in Tourism and Hospitality
Noida provides a variety of commercial properties catering to the particular demands of the tourism and hospitality sector. These facilities not only provide a perfect location for businesses to run but also attract people and visitors to the city, adding to the appeal of the city overall. Let's look into some noteworthy initiatives that are transforming the commercial landscape in Noida.
World Trade Tower (WTT Noida Sector 16)
The World Trade Tower in Noida's Sector 16 is a prestigious commercial project that is now an iconic symbol of the city. It is a state-of-the-art facility with high-tech amenities and an ideal setting for businesses operating that operate in the tourism and hospitality sector. The tower's location makes it accessible to the transportation hubs and draws both tenants and investors from around the world.
World Trade Center (WTC Noida Sector 132)
A different notable project includes notable project is the World Trade Center in Noida's Sector 132. The World Trade Center is a world-class commercial project that gives businesses a powerful place to collaborate and network. By focusing on trade and globalization and trade, World Trade Center acts as an effective catalyst to attract international companies as well as promote development in the tourism and hospitality sector.
Bhutani Cyberthum
Bhutani Cyberthum, located in Noida's Sector 140A. It is a modern commercial development that blends sustainability with innovation. It has modern commercial spaces, retail stores as well as entertainment and leisure zones which makes it a perfect location for companies within the tourism and hospitality industry. Its distinctive design as well as modern facilities have received favorable reviews, which further enhances the appeal of this project.
Bhutani experience (Sector 32)
Bhutani Experience located in Noida's Sector 32 is a commercial establishment that caters to the changing demands of business in the tourism and hospitality sector. The facility offers flexible offices as well as conference rooms as well as recreational amenities, making an exciting and productive working atmosphere. Its position within a highly-connected location makes it easy for customers as well as employees.
Bhutani 62 Avenue (Sector Sector Noida)
Bhutani 62 Avenue situated within Sector 62 Noida is a commercial project offering a complete solution for companies that operate in the tourism and hospitality sector. The project offers commercial spaces, retail outlets, and entertainment facilities which makes it an all-in-one location for tourists. Its location in a strategic area and its well-maintained infrastructure make it a great investment.
Bhutani Techno Park (Sector 127 Noida)
Bhutani Techno Park located in Noida's Sector 127 is a commercial facility that is designed to satisfy the varied demands of business within the hospitality and tourism industry. The facility offers top office space with conference facilities, meeting rooms, as well as recreation areas that encourage cooperation and creativity. The proximity of the project to major roads and transport hubs makes it more accessible and easy to use.
Bhutani City Center (Sector 150)
Bhutani City Center, located in Noida's sector 150, is a commercial project which caters to the requirements of hospitality businesses and the tourism industry. Its modern design large office space as well as retail stores It creates a stimulating and vibrant environment for businesses and tourists. Its location in major residential areas boosts foot traffic and increases customer satisfaction.
Spectrum Metro Mall (Sector 75 Noida)
Spectrum Metro Mall in Noida's Sector 75 is a renowned commercial space that functions as a central point for business within the tourism and hospitality sector. The mall offers shopping areas, entertainment zones, and offices providing an experience that is seamless for those who visit. Its central location and numerous amenities make it an ideal place to shop, dine, and entertainment.
Sky Bhutani Alphathum (Sector 90)
Sky Bhutani Alphathum, situated in Noida's Sector 90 is a commercial development catering to the rising need for offices within the tourism and hospitality industry. The project provides companies with contemporary offices that are sustainable with cutting-edge amenities. The unique design and green features are a major reason for the popularity of the project among investors as well as tenants.
Bhutani Cyber Courtyard
Bhutani Cyber Courtyard located in Noida is a creative commercial space designed for companies within the tourism and hospitality industry. The space offers flexible workspaces with collaborative zones as well as recreational spaces, creating an enjoyable and productive working environment. The prime location of the project and modern design makes it a desirable alternative for those looking for commercial space located in Noida.
Bhutani Cyber Park
Bhutani Cyber Park is a commercial project located in Noida that serves businesses that operate in the tourism and hospitality sector. The park offers office space that is modern as well as a modern IT infrastructure and many facilities. The location of the project, which is strategic within Sector 62 Noida, known for its business-friendly atmosphere and its business-friendly environment, adds further attraction.
Bhutani Etherea
The Bhutani Etherea property is a commercial building located in Noida offering office spaces as well as co-working spaces to companies within the tourism and hospitality industry. The property offers design, functionality as well as sustainability to create an ideal workspace. Its emphasis on collaboration areas and innovative design has been a popular choice by businesses.
The commercial buildings situated in Noida are a key factor in the development and growth of the tourism and hospitality sector. Initiatives such as The World Trade Tower, World Trade Center, Bhutani Cyberthum, and Bhutani Experience have reshaped the city's appearance, providing companies with the latest technology, flexible workspaces as well as cutting-edge facilities. The properties do not just serve the needs of companies, but can also enhance Noida's popularity as a place to visit for travelers and tourists.
The investment in commercial properties in Noida offers lucrative opportunities to firms in the hospitality or tourism business. Noida's location is strategic along with its well-designed infrastructure and the emergence of well-known projects make the city an ideal location for businesses seeking to establish their brand and profit from the growing market.
To find out more, dial: +91 99009009728
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2023.06.01 13:37 j00sh7 Why do I see for many Florida plates?

New to LI. When driving around I see Florida plates everywhere. Parked in front of houses, driving on express ways. This was all winter too. And not only nice cars but beaters as well. Are people registered their vehicles in florida for tax reasons? Or second homes? What is going on?
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2023.06.01 13:36 Down-not-out Do you think

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2023.06.01 13:36 pLus_997 My first post! Moscow + Some Random Spots

Ferrari 488 Spider Moscow
Porsche 993 Turbo Moscow
Fisker Karma Moscow
Porsche 911 997.1 GT2 Moscow
Porsche 991.1 GT3 Moscow
Alpina B6 Cabrio E63 Moscow
Alpina B3 E92 Moscow
Ferrari 599 GTB Moscow
Porsche 911 997.2 Turbo Moscow
Porsche 911 996 Turbo Cabrio Moscow
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Moscow
Porsche 911 997.2 Turbo Moscow
Lotus 7 Moscow
Morgan (?) Moscow
Volvo P1800 Moscow
Bentley Azure + Aston Martin DB9 Moscow
Maserati GranTurimo MC Stradale Moscow
Audi RS5 Coupe B9 + Lamborghini Urus Moscow
Lamborghini Huracan Evo Moscow
Alpina B7 E38 Moscow
Ferrari 458 Spider Moscow
Maserati 3200GT Moscow
Nissan GT-R R35 Moscow
Nissan GT-R R35 Moscow
Mercedes S65 AMG W221 Moscow
BMW M5 CS Moscow
Mercedes G63 AMG Edition 1 Moscow
Aston Martin DB9 Moscow
Maserati Quattroporte Moscow
Rolls Royce Wraith Moscow
Rolls Royce Ghost Moscow
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Moscow
Porsche 996 Turbo Moscow
Maserati GranCabrio Moscow
Maybach 62 Moscow
Nissan GT-R R35 Moscow
Mercedes G63 Crazy Colour Edition Moscow
Porsche 911 997.1 Turbo (w Aerokit) Moscow
Ferrari 458 Italia Moscow
Porsche 911 996 Carrera 40 Jahre Moscow
Porsche 911 964 Carrera Moscow
Audi R8 ST. Petersburg
Rolls Royce Camargue Moscow
Maybach 62 Moscow
Ferrari Portofino Moscow
Ferrari California Moscow
Porsche 911 3.0 SC Turbo Look Moscow
Maserati 3200GT Moscow
Nissan GT-R R35 Moscow
Jeep Grand Cheeroke SRT 8 Modified Moscow
Porsche 911 997.2 Turbo Moscow
Porsche Panamera Turbo 970 Makhachkala
Mercedes CLS63 C219 Makhachkala
Mercedes S63 W221 + Mercedes S63 W222 Makhachkala
Mercedes S63 AMG W222 Makhachkala
Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Makhachkala
Porsche 911 997.2 Turbo S Cabrio Moscow
BMW M3 E92 + BMW X5M E70 Moscow
Porsche 911 997.1 Turbo Moscow
9FF Vantage GTR Moscow (First 9FF on street view?)
BMW M3 E90 Moscow
Audi RS6 C7 Moscow
Hummer H1 Yekaterinburg
Rolls Royce Ghost Grozny https://www.google.com/maps/@43.3065721,45.7040795,3a,16.3y,73.38h,84.77t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAhOJht_rrEy-ZfjYHwmjPQ!2e0!5s20190801T000000!7i13312!8i6656?entry=ttu
X2 Mercedes S63 AMG W221 Grozny
Rolls Royce Ghost Makhachkala
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2023.06.01 13:34 mindfulpractice Hiking in BC

I have a long list of trails in Jasper all over Banff and Waterton to explore with my family, kids are 8/10 and no strangers to hiking. Is there a better local insider post that has been made about hikes I could check out?
I use All Trails and have a ton book marked. I have read travel blogs and researched. Looking to do 2-5 miles (per hike can do multiple in a day if short) for any hikes as I’m 5 months pregnant on this trip and know I won’t last passed that!
I’m sure what I have is good enough to soak in the amazing BC beauty but we want to be respectful of the land and locals that call BC home. I have a National Parks Canada pass and we have a car, no strangers to a road trip to get somewhere outside the norm. Thanks BC for any help.
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2023.06.01 13:32 iguana1121 Vote For Sanchez! He is an English Mastiff running for America’s Hometown Hound 2023. Insta @SanchezTheMastiff for link

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2023.06.01 13:31 eggheadmarketers Web Design Toronto - Egghead Marketers Best Web Design Company.

Web Design Toronto - Egghead Marketers Best Web Design Company.

When it comes to web design, Egghead Marketers reigns supreme as the best Web Design Toronto Based company. With their team of skilled and innovative web designers, they deliver visually captivating websites that leave a lasting impact. What sets Egghead Marketers apart is their meticulous attention to detail and client-centric approach. They take the time to understand their clients' unique needs and goals, crafting customized designs that align perfectly with their brand. From user-friendly interfaces to responsive layouts, Egghead Marketers creates websites that not only look stunning but also provide a seamless user experience. Trust Egghead Marketers to elevate your online presence with their exceptional web design services in Toronto. For More information contact us!!
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2023.06.01 13:31 Familiar_Mix_2111 [Chicago Bears] Since being paralyzed from the waist down in the Highland Park shooting last year, 8-year-old Cooper has been unable to do his favorite activity: going to the beach Today at practice, we had a special surprise for him 💙

[Chicago Bears] Since being paralyzed from the waist down in the Highland Park shooting last year, 8-year-old Cooper has been unable to do his favorite activity: going to the beach Today at practice, we had a special surprise for him 💙 submitted by Familiar_Mix_2111 to u/Familiar_Mix_2111 [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 13:30 AutoModerator Dangerous legal precedent about to be set if my eviction appeal is not granted

Tens of thousands of South Carolina mobile homeowners manufactured before 1976 & renting the land it sits upon, can be legally evicted without cause if the Appellate court upholds the verdict of my eviction based solely upon the wording of the 30-day notice of the end of the term of their expired lease agreement.
Many, if not most renters of land in a mobile home park, have leases for one year, which likely have never been renewed from year to year, as the law states.
If my case is not dismissed, it will become 'case law', which can then be used by any greedy, unscrupulous landowner who wants to own your home to evict you and take possession of your home, whether there exists no cause or reason for the eviction.
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2023.06.01 13:29 tech-no-mad Flat high performance pole mount

Does anyone make a pole mount for the flat high performance dishy? My wedge mount is already installed on my RV, but I will be at a location for 6 weeks that may require me to mount my dishy as high as possible, maybe 20' or more. I know Starlink makes a pole mount, but it is meant to attach to their wedge mount and they do not sell the wedge mount in the store that I have been able to find because "it's included with the kit".
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2023.06.01 13:28 Terrible-Court-7773 Arts, Culture, Festivals, Parties and Markets - June 2023 Round-Up

Birmingham Fair's June 2023 Arts & Culture Round-Up!
A regular non-exhaustive snapshot of creative events we've found going on in Birmingham this month...
Soho House and Blakesley Hall Reopen with Blood & Fire: Our Journey Through Vanley Burke’s History Exhibition
FOKA WOLF: WHY ARE WE STUCK IN HOSPITAL? (The Exchange) until 17th
We Don't Settle: Poetry Jam Live! (Symphony Hall)
Digbeth First Friday (multiple venues)
Open Studios & The Growing Project Sale (Grand Union)
Sonic Signals and God-Pocket (Eastside Projects)
Nela Milic Wedding Bellas (Centrala)
Free Jazz Fridays: Daisy Houlder (Symphony Hall)
UK Games Expo (NEC) until 4th
Community Fun Day (Burbury Park, Newtown)
Midlands Air Festival (Ragley Hall) until 4th
Burger Fest (The Bond, Digbeth)
Fighting Spirit Film Festival (The Mockingbird)
Community Open Day (Lifford Reservoir)
Walkspace 23: Opening Night Party (Artefact, Stirchley)
Birmingham Art Zone: Art Festival (Gunmakers Arms)
MAC Arts Market (Midlands Arts Centre)
Highbury Hall Craft Fair
Still Walking: Relics of New Street
Dancing Out (Compton Verney, Warwick)
B-Side Hip-Hop Festival (multiple events) until 14th
Birmingham Design Festival (The Rep) until 9th
Fatt Butcher: Tw*ts (Old Joint Stock Theatre) until 10th
Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changes The World Special Screening (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival) (Birmingham Hippodrome)
Free Jazz Fridays: Maddy Coombs Trio (Symphony Hall)
Wolverhampton Pride
Balsall Heath Second Saturday (multiple events)
Zine-Making Workshop with Rachael House (Grand Union)
Birmingham’s Craft & Flea (Custard Factory)
Windrush Tapestry Project (Old Print Works)
BAR4BAR Cypher (Suki10C)
Supersonic Kids Gig: ICHI (Symphony Hall)
Growing Up Green Festival (Highbury Orchard)
Breakin', poppin', lockin' and Hip-Hop Battles: Prelims & Qualifiers (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival) (Arcadian Car Park)
All Styles & Waacking Battles: Prelims & Qualifiers (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival)
Frequency Summer Festival (Luna Springs)
50 Years of Hip-Hop Block Party (Thorp Street)
FLUXCON: 50 Years of Hip-Hop (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival) (Birmingham Hippodrome)
Lark in the Park (Manor Farm Park, Northfield)
Tin Tent Festival (Rock N Roll Brewhouse)
Dance Championship Finals (Part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival) (Bullring)
Kings Heath Artisan Market (York Road)
Force of Nature Exhibition (Birmingham Botanical Gardens)
Collage Club Social (The Steam Room, Harborne)
Windrush Caribbean Film Festival: Young Soul Rebels + Shantaye’s World (Midland Arts Centre)
Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul House Party (The Mill)
Free Jazz Fridays: Cherise & University of Birmingham Jazz Orchestra (Symphony Hall)
Moseley Food Fest (The Village, Moseley)
Stirchley Community Market (Stirchley Baths)
Celebrating Sanctuary: Refugee Week Family Festival (Midlands Arts Centre)
Amok: Experimental Performance and Music (Artefact, Stirchley)
Pop Lovers Summer Outdoor Festival (Luna Springs)
Paperdolls Summer Market (Custard Factory) until 18th
Sinfonia of Birmingham in Barnt Green
Still Walking: 666 Places in Birmingham That You Shouldn’t Miss (Black Sabbath Bridge)
VERVE Open Door: Poetry Event for all (The Hive Cafe & Bakery)
Ex Cathedra’s Summer Music By Candlelight (St Paul’s Church) (until 21st)
First Songs in the Orchard... with B'Opera (Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens)
Hannah Sawtell: Useful Tools (Centrala)
Bournville Village Festival
Earth Markets (Martineau Gardens)
Congolese Independence Day Celebration 2023 (Midlands Arts Centre)
‘Parade – The Giant Wheel’ by Autin Dance Theatre (Walsall Arboretum)
Harborne Carnival
Vegan Market and Garden Party (Castle Bromwich Historic Gardens)
The Flapper Summer Market
Birmingham Settlement Neighbourhood Futures Festival 2023 (Edgbaston Reservoir) until 1st July
Birmingham Indian Film Festival 2023: New Brit-Asian Shorts (Midlands Arts Centre)
Friday Lates: Your City, Your Story (Wolverhampton Art Gallery)
Free Jazz Friday: Birmingham Jazz Orchestra (Symphony Hall)
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2023.06.01 13:27 hirohamster Punishing untaxed vehicle owner who takes the p***?

I get the title might be a bit dramatic, but it's hard to explain it while making it concise.
I live in a block of flats with an underground, gated car park for residents. There's an owner of a particular vehicle (think Italian grand tourer style vehicle, but on a budget) who does all of the following. Hopefully it paints a picture of why so many of us want him to face some form of consequence:
- Parks in allocated bays that other people pay for
- Parks in disabled bays
- Parks in as many as four spaces at once
- Tailgates other residents because he doesn't always have a valid permit/keycard
The amount of times the driver is in a new space, and *isn't* doing one of the above has never happened in the 3 years I've seen them. Complained to management, but they're as useless as a chocolate teapot, so I did some investigating.
*Turns out the dude doesn't have road tax.* He uses the car daily, illegally. So now, reminding this driver that owning a moderately fancy car doesn't put them above everyone else is the goal - and I'm convinced the road tax is how to do it.
Management say it's a police issue (even though it's in the permit conditions that vehicles must be taxed, and they gave him one anyway). Police say it's a DVLA issue. DVLA say they can't enter premises because they are not the police. Moreover the DVLA need to send out a resource to confirm it, I'm not sure my own photo evidence of the car on the road is enough. It's a game of people passing the buck.
Does anyone have any advice for this? The car park has the exact amount of spaces required for the exact amount of flats, so it's not like this is victimless. Thank you!
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2023.06.01 13:27 stonedrolling Grad student housing

Hi everyone,
I will be starting a masters in the fall and I’m currently looking for a (somewhat) affordable place to live in Ottawa that is nearish to campus and grocery stores, etc. I’ve gone through the student housing board, Rentals.ca, etc and haven’t found much that is promising yet (I’m sure more postings for September will appear soon). One thing to note is that I can’t post ads searching for roommates on the billboard until I get my school email in mid June.
If you are a current or former student I would appreciate any advice. If you are starting in the fall like me and I’m the same situation, perhaps we can share experiences/advice.
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2023.06.01 13:27 apexauranoidaexten Nirala Trio Luxury Apartment Greater Noida West - Price List

Nirala Trio Noida Extension:- The development with strategic location is excellent for individuals and families. It is closer to premium colleges, recreation places, hospitals, schools and parks. Many entertainment centers and all other facilities are also located closer to the development. These world class features attract potential buyers or investors. Investors can also take a look at this development. Check out new and easy payment plans for easy buying!
Nirala Trio - Multipurpose Hall, Car Parking for the residents, Ample Natural Light, Kids Play Area, Swimming Pool for the residents to relax and Clubhouse to celebrate 'Get together'- The development also offers indoor and outdoor sports amenities for the fitness of the people.
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2023.06.01 13:27 StalinSmokedWeed Reason to go to a MegaStore in a vacation island ? P A R K I N G

Reason to go to a MegaStore in a vacation island ? P A R K I N G
You can thank their sister in law
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2023.06.01 13:27 Musician-Quick Douglas Jemal prepares to close on Mohawk Ramp, begin redevelopment project

Douglas Jemal prepares to close on Mohawk Ramp, begin redevelopment project
  • Jemal working with the city to finalize acquisition as soon as possible
  • $1 million in work on the ramp to repair upper levels. City didn’t have original plans for the ramp so 6-8 months of studies had to be done.
  • $155 million to create 600 apartments and retail space in the neighborhood
  • $45 million for ramp. 2 additional floors of parking. 4 levels of residential with 200 units.
  • Simon west next to Tappo witll be tackled first, taking about 2 years from beginning of construction. 53 to 70 units.
  • Then Simon East will take an additional 2 years.
  • The article was a little clunky to me. If anyone thinks I missed something or should clarify anything let me know!
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2023.06.01 13:26 ggfchl Do you think the upper decks in some of the older dual purpose stadiums (and some modern stadiums) restricted how far some home runs went?

For example, candlestick, veterans park, riverfront, even old Busch stadium. You have seats (and upper decks) wrapped around the entirety of the field. If these extra seats didn’t exist and was just an opening, could the homers have travelled further? Would there be no difference? I mean, this would only apply to those big shots that made it up to the upper decks in those places.
It also could be a question for nowadays. Some parks have upper decks that wrap around part of the outfield. Hitting a bomb to left field at let’s say target field would hit the stands while at Wrigley, could land in the street behind. It’s easy for a ball to land in McCovey cove, but again, other stadiums? Stopped by extra bleachers.
I would be interested to see how some well known or milestone homers would’ve looked like in other settings/ballparks.
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2023.06.01 13:26 xToXiCz Cominvest Robo-Advisor

Hallo zusammen,
Verdiene ab nächsten Jahr ca 3200 netto und habe vor kurzem ein cominvest robo advisor Konto bei der comdirekt aufgemacht. Einmalzahlungen 3000 Euro + 100 Euro monatlicher sparplan. Ich kenne mich überhaupt nicht aus und würde das gerne für mehr als 1 Jahr testen. Alleine traue ich mich nicht selbst in etfs zu investieren. Sobald ich im Monat einen Geld Überschuss habe würde ich das direkt dort investieren statt auf meinem Sparkonto.
Was sagt ihr dazu? Passt das Vorgehen? Bin 27, seit dem ich Arbeit spare ich höchstens nur auf das Tagesgeldkonto und wollte endlich mal investieren
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