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Existentialism: Being and Nothingness

2008.08.13 23:06 Existentialism: Being and Nothingness

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This is the unofficial sub-Reddit for DeVry University, and it's derivatives. It is setup to offer information for individuals interested in DeVry, financial aid discussion, students resources, and discussion of individual courses/degrees. Whether you are looking for on-site campuses or online courses, this is the sub for you.

2023.06.01 15:12 philosophiesde "The topicality of Plato's Allegory of the Cave in relation to the media echo chamber" by Peter Müller

"The topicality of #Plato's Allegory of the #Cave in relation to the media #echo #chamber" by #Peter #Müller
The guest contribution published here as "philosophical morsel of 08.04.2022" comes from the "pen" of a very estimated blogger colleague Peter Müller, who also likes to post under the alias "Schwarzer Peter" on his very informative page "".
While "pearl diving" his excellent philosophy blog in the "worldwide web" caught my eye, as one or the other "pearl" from his "treasure chest" seemed very suitable as a supplement to my articles due to their thematic overlaps. Mr. Mueller's "Philosophical morsel from 08.04.2022" with a current reference of "Plato's Allegory of the Cave" fits from my point of view perfectly to a comment, where I also try Plato's Allegory of the Cave and to my essay "Digital Tribalism". There I also tried to relate Plato's cave to the media "closed spaces" of "filter bubbles and echo chambers". However, the way out of the "individual comfort zone in Plato's cave" still does not seem to be that easy. In this respect, I am quite happy to find like-minded people who also want to dare to step outside the cave.
More on:
There is an orange translation button "Translate>>" at the bottom left.
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2023.06.01 15:11 philosophiesde Zoomposium with Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchs: "Embodied Consciousness"

Zoomposium with Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchs:
#Zoomposium with Prof. Dr. #Thomas #Fuchs: "#Embodied #Consciousness"
It is a great honor and pleasure for us to have the very well-known and internationally renowned German psychiatrist and philosopher Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchs for a Zoomposium interview. Prof. Fuchs is head of the section "Phenomenological Psychopathology and Psychotherapy" at the Department of General Psychiatry at Heidelberg University Hospital, head of research at the Karl Jaspers Comprehensive Edition of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the German Society for Phenomenological Anthropology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGAP).
A particular research focus is the study of the relationship between phenomenology and cognitive neuroscience, especially with regard to theories of embodiment and enactivism. In connection with this topic, Prof. Fuchs is frequently invited to congresses and seminars in psychopathology and psychotherapy to give lectures and advanced training on his proposed paradigm shift as a critique of the currently prevailing "neuroconstructivism" towards an "embodiment of consciousness".
Since I have also been concerned with these aspects for some time and had used Prof. Fuchs' literature, such as his newly published book "Defense of Man - Basic Questions of an Embodied Anthropology" (2020) in my essays, I was particularly pleased that he agreed to answer my colleague Axel Stöcker of the "Blog of Big Questions" and me our questions in this interview.
More at:
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2023.06.01 15:09 Jaffakake Net worth is a broken statistic.

I just realized something:
Net worth (Y) in replays is not an accurate statistic (because the true net worth of a hero is in their inventory). Example: If you get a kill, suddenly, you are 200-400 gold richer; Two hundred to 400 gold gets added to your net worth (but this gold makes no difference on your hero).
In this image: <jpegsupremacy.jpeg> AMMAR_THE_FUCKER's Magnus has Treads, Harpoon, a branch, Wand, Vanguard, regen, Pig Pole and Town Portal Scroll. Backpacked is a branch (but this has no change on NeW). 1243 gold sits in his inventory (and this has no effect on NeW).
From my point of view: it looks like AMMER's Magnus has a real net worth of 8350 from his inventory items (not including Pig Pole and regen). This is the NeW and should be the number that should matter.
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2023.06.01 15:09 philosophiesde Possibilities of a "New Metaphysics" for the Modern Sciences - Part 2

Possibilities of a "#New #Metaphysics" for the #Modern #Sciences - Part 2
Guest article by Prof. Dr. phil. Dipl.-Phys. #Kay #Herrmann "Metaphysics and Contemporary Science"
The article published here was kindly provided to me by Prof. Dr. phil. Dipl.-Phys. Kay Herrmann, who teaches as an associate professor for philosophy of science and philosophy at the Chemnitz University of Technology, for publication on my site.
The contact to the author Prof. Kay Herrmann and the possibility to publish his article "Metaphysics and Contemporary Science" was made possible for me by the very friendly and helpful support of Andrin Kohler (head of the German section) of the Swiss site, which is very well known internationally in terms of philosophy. There is a friendly "joint venture" between the two sides, which gives me a lot of pleasure. In order to better understand this text, I would like to say a few words of introduction.
More on:
The original article is in english on my page.
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2023.06.01 15:09 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/DeepRockGalactic recap for the week of May 25 - May 31

Thursday, May 25 - Wednesday, May 31


score comments title & link
13,235 352 comments What did we do to deserve such an awesome Dev Team?
3,277 358 comments Decontaminator Pack changes
1,215 54 comments I GRADUATED HIGHSCHOOL!!!!
410 23 comments Am I the only one who sees it in the Decontaminator DLC?


score comments title & link
2,831 135 comments made a comparasion between the old and the new decontaminator dlc pack
2,092 469 comments This game has unlocked so much gender euphoria I never knew I could experience!!
1,331 108 comments The game literally tells you where a lobby's host is from. Use that information, people.


score comments title & link
4,606 204 comments Idea to make mining Gold fast AND fun - "fracture points"!!
125 4 comments I am once again asking for the first time that we get a voice line for bloopy fruit
65 10 comments I've made a COMPLETE concept of a rescue---mission based gamemode. Do you think it would it fit into the game?


score comments title & link
4,116 147 comments I need this confirmed (found under Warhammer 40k: Darktide)
1,761 114 comments Im a level 56 but I've never seen anything like this. Any Greybeards know what I'm looking at?
1,014 42 comments How does this dwarf have scale brigade armour at level 24?

Rock & Stone

score comments title & link
5,032 93 comments Bosco, buddy, all I wanted was a rocket, you didn't need the orbital strike the poor thing
3,085 106 comments I made a thing.
2,747 54 comments I love critical weakness.


score comments title & link
3,619 94 comments I underestimated how jarring this turned out to be
3,573 282 comments what if...
2,849 91 comments Not a Korlok, not a Nexus. A living, moving, Lithophage Meteorite!


score comments title & link
207 4 comments And he does it well!


score comments title & link
9,107 159 comments DRG makes me feel like:
8,475 109 comments Deep Rock really needs to invest in some better equip-! dies
7,052 60 comments They are such drama queens.

Modded Gameplay

score comments title & link
601 48 comments sandbox fun
49 5 comments The weapons in spawn mod is the best mod ever made

Board game

score comments title & link
69 3 comments As the driller, the scout having the satchel charge scares me
6 4 comments Movement Rules Clarification
6 2 comments Mood Publishing have gone radio silent on UK backers (board game)


score comments title & link
6,154 211 comments O.Dwarf.S.T.
3,596 66 comments gender
3,424 97 comments New world record. All barrels in launch tube. 1 minute 12.9 seconds

Weapon Build

score comments title & link
109 11 comments i got the funny
43 8 comments I can't get enough of Hyper Propellant
5 6 comments Help with RJ250 (Engineer rocket jump) build

Other Posts

score comments title & link
6,654 161 comments Our Driller arrived inside the heartstone so Doretta had to drill him out
5,637 262 comments Cheers for Season 4!
5,199 50 comments [MINER MEME] leaf lover scary
4,993 290 comments Ew, gross leak
4,805 309 comments Water, because i am a minor miner

Top Comments

score comment
2,643 Ser_Pounce_theFrench said It's partially true. Deep Rock Galactic was indeed founded by 5 people, quickly joined by their actual CEO (so there was originally 5 person but the real number of founders is 6). And it was...
2,152 DoktahDoktah said We finally sealed him away and you broke the seal?!
2,018 Snoo61755 said GSG Reaction to the promotion bug resetting the weekly core event: "Hey, you know what, this bug was well received, so we're reincorporating it as a feature." GSG Reaction to double jump being remov...
1,802 TheyHungre said What's your gender? Dwarve. What's in your pants? Extra Magazines. Who's your type? Team Players. When You Rock And Stone, You're Never Alone!
1,617 RaynSideways said Wow. I don't think I've ever heard of this happening. Devs announce a cosmetic pack, and hearing less than positive feedback for it, they decide to go back and tweak it to make it better before it's e...

Awarded Posts

score/comments awards title & link
1,771 - 81 comments 1 I'd Like to Thank..., 1 Plus One [OC - I made this! :molly:] Some old concept art/suggestions I made back when DRG was a baby.
1,183 - 23 comments 1 Bravo Grande! [Humor] Im new, is this the right subreddit?
288 - 49 comments 1 Wholesome [Off Topic] DRG just makes me happy
2,036 - 46 comments 1 Starstruck [Humor] Boomers trying to set up a wifi router:
3,201 - 19 comments 1 Narwhal Salute [MINER MEME] Orders from Wonka: stop dancing and get to it!

Awarded Comments

awards score comment
1 Gold 638 Drakith89 said Quick tip: When using the laser pointer hit your "Use" key and it will set a permanent marker visible only to you. With proper use you can learn to dig into walls, up, and into the ceiling above the f...
1 Take My Energy 298 Soft-External1533 said Well miners, it looks like some enterprising green beard opened a portal to hell using error cubes. Good news is, R&D have found some new valuable minerals on the other side. Bad news is, the locals a...
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2023.06.01 15:06 DependentLog9393 What brand is ths gun?

What brand is ths gun?
Hey guys, can you help me to find out what brand is this gun? Im brazillian and here is pretty common the importers rebrand some equipment with their names and erase the original nema of the gun, for instance the Army Armament glock here is QGK Glock, so i was looking for an AK 47 for my collection and find out this ak, some reviews said that this guns are better than the cymas polymer ones, but i wanted to watch some more reviews in other languages to see more about the gun.
This is the link of the gun: Rifle de Airsoft Eletrico AEG AK47 Victor 6mm - QGK (
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2023.06.01 15:06 Z-even Nueva temporada del MMO Conqueror's Blade: Sengoku con temática samurái

Booming Tech y MY.GAMES han anunciado el lanzamiento de la nueva temporada de su videojuego de rol multijugador masivo en línea (MMO), Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku. En esta temporada, los jugadores podrán adentrarse en la cultura samurái, reclutar nuevas unidades inspiradas en los icónicos guerreros
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2023.06.01 15:04 richolas_m [For Sale] Various records for sale. Mondo/UGK/Beach House/Gotye/Future Islands/Arcade Fire

Shipping from Houston, TX. US Buyers only please.
Add $6 for USPS Media Mail, up to 3 records.
I don't grade any records as Mint, so even Sealed records will be graded as NM.
Feel free to make an offer if you don't like the price!
I also have a bunch of vintage Soul/Funk/Rock records for sale here. Please note I haven't play tested any of these records, please consider them VG condition or lower.
Grading is Sleeve/Record
A Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory Reissue- NM/NM $25
Animal Collective - Centipede HZ VG+/VG+ $12
Animal Collective - Prospect Hummer - RSD 2021 Exclusive - NM/NM Opened, unplayed $10
Anthrax/Chuck D - Bring The Noise UK Import 7" Single VG+/VG+ $15
The Apples In Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder VG+/VG+ $40
Arcade Fire - S/T - RSD 2018 Exclusive Blue Numbered - NM/NM Opened, unplayed $25
Arcade Fire - Everything Now - Blue Translucent - NM/NM $15
Arcade Fire - Reflektor VG+/VG+ $15
Art Ensemble of Chicago with Fontella Bass - VG/VG $15
The Avalanches - Wildflower - Newbury Exclusive Cover VG+/NM $50
Beach Fossils - S/T - 2018 Green Reissue with OBI NM/NM $20
Beach Fossils - Clash The Truth - 1st Pressing Red Screen printed Cover - Limited to 400 VG+/NM $40
Beach Fossils - Somersault - Clear - NM/NM $30
Beach House - Depression Cherry - Loser Edition Clear with Velvet Sleeve VG+/NM $45
Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars - Loser Edition Green - NM/NM $55
Beirut - No No No - NM/NM $15
Beirut - Gallipolli - Turquoise - NM/NM $15
Best Coast - Always Tomorrow $5
Bill Evans - More From The Vanguard UK Import VG/VG $12
Black Pumas - S/T - Cream - SEALED $15
Black Sabbath - Paranoid - VMP Purple - VG+/VG+ $45
Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning - 2016 Remaster w/OBI & Shrink - NM/NM $20
The Clash - London Calling - 1981 Pressing - VG+/VG+ $40
The Clash - London Calling - 2015 Reissue NM/NM+ $30
Daft Punk - Tron Legacy OST - Target Blue - SEALED $20
Dinosaur Jr - Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not - VG+/VG+ $10
The Distillers/ The Regrettes - Dismantle Me 7" - RSD 2018 Exclusive - SEALED $10
Dr. Dre - Deep Cover feat. Snoop Dogg - Unofficial 12" Single VG+/VG+ $50
Dub Pistols - Point Blank + Keep Movin 12" Single $20
EPMD - Unfinished Business VG/VG $10
Eyedea & Abilities - By The Throat NM/NM $20
Eyedea & Abilities - First Born - VMP NM/NM $25
Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear NM/NM $20
Father John Misty - Pure Comedy - Aluminum/Copper - SIGNED NM/NM $100
Future Islands - As Long As You Are - Blue Marble - NM/NM $15
Future Islands - In Evening Air - Clear - NM/NM $25
Future Islands - The Far Field - White - NM/NM $15
Future Islands - Wave Like Home - NM/NM $50
Gotye - Making Mirrors NM/NM $175
Handsome Boy Modeling School - So..How's Your Girl? - VMP Green - NM/NM Opened, Unplayed $40
The High & Mighty - Home Field Advantage VG+/VG+ $25
Hot Water Music - Light It Up - Coke Clear w/Black Smoke - SEALED $10
Isaac Hayes - Tough Guys OST - VMP Classics - SEALED NM/NM $20
Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender - G+/VG+ (Sleeve's bottom seam separated, easy fix. still looks great) $12
Joanna Newsom - Ys VG+/VG+ $20
Kishi Bashi - Emigrant EP - Joyful Noise VIP Exclusive /503 - NM/NM $40
Louis XIV - The Best Little Secrets Are Kept - MOV White Numbered - NM/NM $15
Mac Demarco - Another One - Newbury Aqua Blue - NM/NM $40
Mac Demarco - Here Comes The Cowboy - Olive Green - NM/NM $15
McCoy Tyner - Looking Out - In Shrink VG+/VG+ $10
Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News - VG+/VG+ $25
The National - Sleep Well Beast - Blue - NM/NM $30
The National - I Am Easy To Find - Cherry Tree Exclusive - SEALED NM/NM $30
The Nextmen - Amongst The Madness - VG+/VG+ $12
Noah & The Whale - Heart Of Nowhere NM/NM $15
Okkervil River - In The Rainbow Rain - Purple/Blue - NM/NM $12
Parquet Courts - Content Nausea VG+/VG+ $15
Pink Floyd - Saucerful of Secrets - RSD 2019 Mono - NM/NM $30
Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven UK 12" - VG/VG $15
The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Green/Bronze Marble NM/NM $100
Queens Of The Stone Age - Villians Deluxe NM/NM $35
The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier - VG/VG+ $20
The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger - NM/NM Opened, unplayed $10
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool NM/NM $30
Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx - 2016 MOV Press NM/NM $40
Rocket From The Crypt - Hot Charity VG+/VG+ $20
The Silvertones - Silver Bullets - MOV Orange Numbered - SEALED NM/NM $12
Spiritualized - And Nothing Hurt - SEALED NM/NM $15
Spiritualized - Let It Come Down - SEALED NM/NM $20
Spiritualized - Sweet Heart, Sweet Light - SEALED NM/NM $20
Steady Hands - Truth In Comedy VG+/VG+ $5
Sublime - 40 oz. To Freedom - Pink Picture Disc VG/VG $50
Talking Heads - Warning Sign: Live At The Parkwest Chicago 1978 VG+/VG+ $25
UGK - Underground Kingz - VMP Woodgrain - VG+/NM $175
UGK - International Players Anthem - RSD 2016 Picture Disc SIGNED BY BUN B NM $250
The Wailers - The Wailing Wailers - VMP Red/Black - SEALED NM/NM $35
Washed Out - Life Of Leisure - 2010 Unnumbered Press - NM/NM $50
Willie Nelson Lot - Stardust, Always On My Mind, Somewhere Over The Rainbow (All VG+ In Shrink) $15
Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie - VMP Gunsmoke - NM/NM $40
The First Six Dicords Records Box Set - Opened, unplayed. Comes in original mailer. $150
Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas - UO Red/Green/Clear Splatter - NM/NM $40
Mondo - Portal OST White/Gray Split - NM/NM $100
Mondo - Jurassic Park OST Yellow & Red Swirl w/ Black Splatter NM/NM $225
V/A - Dune OST - " Spice" RSD 2020 Exclusive - NM/NM $45
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2023.06.01 15:03 Maelrhin Tipical genius heir.

Tipical genius heir. submitted by Maelrhin to CrusaderKings [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 15:00 Over-Direction-7403 Why does google remove my sites?

I have 2 Questions
Question 1:
I've got a site called synonymisch "." de which is a site that provides synonyms in german. The problem is that google is removing my indexes. Does anyone have a clue on why google is doing this on my site?
Question 2: What would be the best way to improve SEO on a synonym/dictionary page. I mean getting backlinks on every single page from about 200.000 pages seems a little bit unrealistic.
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2023.06.01 14:59 DevelopmentHuge9626 confusion regarding admissions

so i have been told different things by different people i hope this post clears my confusion will i get admission in the colleges i filled in the CUET form or will i have to fill seperate form for those colleges in order to get admission?(as one of the colleges have already closed their admission portal and i just dont wanna mail them)
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2023.06.01 14:55 DeeperBags Using DeFi and self custody aren't that much harder than using a CEX

It seems like the majority of the world is really hesitant to use DeFi/DEXs/self custody, because first impressions is that they are too complicated.
However, in my experience I don't really find that this is the case at all. Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but I think the difficulty of using DeFi has been blown out of proportion.
There are a few steps involved in getting started in defi, but they are very straight forward for someone with even intermediate computer skills.
My opinion is that if you are capable of using a centralized exchange, you are most likely capable of using defi too, and in turn holding your own keys.
Basically to trade on a CEX you need to:
-Choose one, and install the App, etc. -Set up an account, 2FA, etc. -Most likely apply for KYC, which can be more difficult and time consuming than setting up to use DeFi. -Wait for KYC to approve. -Then you still need to learn the nuances of your particular exchange/platform to trade/accumulate most efficiently. -Set up bank connection etc. to allow fiat deposits.
🚫 Then, after all this proving your identity, you do not even hold your own keys, and are expected to trust the CEX in managing your funds appropriately for the rest of eternity. 🚫
On DeFi/DEX, to get started you need to:
-Choose a chain that you'd like to be a part of -Choose a wallet to use on that chain -Install a web plug in for the wallet -If nessecary, add the desired network and tokens to your wallet (although some chains/wallets this isn't even required anymore) -Learn to use a DEX (really not much more complicated than using any CEX) -on ramp some crypto to trade
✅️ This way, you are holding your own keys. You are using crypto in the way it is intended. Even if your computer explodes tomorrow, you can recover your wallet from the seed phrase ✅️
So in short, my opinion is that there is a perceived knowledge barrier around defi and self custody, when in reality it isn't all that complicated, at least for the basics.The upsides to enduring this slight learning curve is well worth it in my opinion.
I have been around for a while, and witnessed/been a part of centralized exchanges collapsing, and in one instance, being able to flee quickly to a self custodial wallet as described above was a complete life saver for me.
I think everyone getting involved in crypto should take the time to learn how to set up a self custody wallet, if for nothing else to have a better understanding of crypto as a whole.
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2023.06.01 14:55 BMMXVIIC Cant access NVR after changing VLAN

I need some help here. So I decided to move my NVR off from my internal network onto a new VLAN which is on 192.168.13.x

I change the IP from the NVR to and then went to the device on unifi portal and changed the vlan to IOT and change the ip from the internal ip to the new IP. Cameras are appearing on my mobile app so nothing wrong there, however when I try access the NVR through web it loads once and freezes. If I refresh the page it give me a ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

On the switch I changed the port profile to IOT. Also I have a continuous ping and I am getting:
"reply from Destination host unreachable.
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2023.06.01 14:54 KimVP91 Removed cloud attach, tried to rollback.

Hey hope someone have some insight im pretty new to SCCM, we have multiple tenants and the idea was to move the cloud attach to the new tenant. but something didnt go as we wanted so we reverted back to a previous snapshot.
Now all computers mostly say, See Configmgr on compliance this was green before we tried sapping. but does not seem to fall back as it was after the snapshot restore.
And no applications from Intune are showing up in the Company portal.
In Control panel > Configuration manager > Configurations. Here i see the Cloud attach from Sccm but its evaluation is inactive.
Workloads are the same.
Some machines that havent been on since this was done are still compliant. Compliant machine:
My machine:

Anyone got any ideas on how we can get the machines compliant again? Do we need to go full Intune on compliance? Thought the rollback would just solve our problems but it did not.
Can't se anything special in the CoManagementHandler.log file. Any other logfiles that should be checked?
just ask if you need some other information, help is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 14:53 justforporb Harassed at work

Am I being a bitch?
For context I am basically a delivery driver the delivers furniture to customer’s homes everyday in California. I have a manager but we mainly report to our lead whose de facto manager. My lead has harassed me about work issues while I’m off the clock more than once,touches me while we’re talking at times which I’m not okay with,nothing sexual seeming really,pat on the back or should or arm tap but I am not okay with him touching me still, and lied directly to my face about policy regarding handling customer furniture that’s already in the home that could get me in big trouble if I broke it as well as following me excessively on my assigned routes. This gives me red flags and makes me feel like I’m truly being harassed and I’ve made this clear to HR and it seems like nothing is being done and I’m afraid to approach my manager because based on his actions and words I fear that he’d side with my lead. I’m at my wits end with this guy and I’m not sure what to do.
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2023.06.01 14:53 AdiUndead Missing DLC

I hope this is the right place for my problem. I bought the Hunting Season 2 for Evolve on Xbox. And i realized the Kala-DLC isnt implemented in the Season Pass, but it should.
I contacted xbox and 2K, both wasnt able to help me.
Xbox told me to contact turtle Rock Studios. I love every TRS game (L4D, B4B and Evolve) I was searching for months to get the keys and Now all Whats left is Kala.
All i ask for is to implement the Kala-DLC into the Season Pass it ever should be.
Kala Link
Evolve Hunting Season 2
I Would love to hear from you
submitted by AdiUndead to TurtleRockStudios [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 14:43 sasuke_life16 To those who watched Spider-man Across the spider-verse, what are your thoughts on how they utilized Ben Reilly in this movie?

This is for all ben reilly fans and I just want to know your thoughts. This discussion will have spoilers from the movie. If you haven't watched it yet the please stay out of this thread.
First of all, this is just my personal opinion after watching ATSV.
I find Scarlet Spider's design to be really good! In fact, before watching the movie I have high expectations given that I saw a lot of toys and merchandises for him than other spider-man such as Peter B. And the way the directors try to hide who is the voice actor of Ben and gave him so little exposure on the trailer. Which gave me an impression that he might be a hidden gem and one of the supporting character on the movie.
But after watching it, he is just a cameo. What's worse is that I see him as a comedian who jokes a lot or try to sound funny. He seemed to be very vain on his muscles and tries to flex a lot.
On his last scene when he jumps around and then suddenly gwen webbed him up then thrown away to the portal makes me wanna leave the cinema early.
Maybe, I really just had high expectation for my bias character.
Will he have a bigger role in the Beyond Movie? I don't know.
How about you? What are your thoughts on Ben Reilly's role in ATSV?
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.01 14:40 withptmitf SQE and Conversion Queries...

Hi everyone - I recently graduated with a 2:1 in Philosophy, and I'm really considering a conversion into Law. I've tried doing my due diligence but found there's almost too many options and routes into Law. I have two main questions:
  1. As someone who did not study law at university, I'm rather unawares of the ins and outs of the different areas of law. I'm considering undertaking my SQE with a law firm in London - how do I pick which area of law I want to qualify in without actual experience in each area. I'm quite interested in art law, so Mishcon de Reya is an obvious choice, but am I shooting myself in the foot by choosing something so specific to qualify in straight away? (Rather than come to specialise in an area of law through my career).
  2. As I have only recently come into the position where I can look for SQE placements with law firms, I am looking to apply for the 2024 intake. In the meantime, I wonder if it would be a good idea for me to complete my PGDL in the meantime. Does this sound like a good idea? Is the University of Law my best option? Is the PGDL normally covered by a law firm in the SQE? Could I be reimbursed for my PGDL if I pay for it and later sign an SQE contract with a law firm?
I really appreciate any response to my post, as I know I have rambled around a bit.
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2023.06.01 14:40 code_hunter_cc jQuery how to fix Cannot set property '_DT_CellIndex' of undefined?

I'm new in Jquery and I want once the user adds new row and give the important information once he clicks on "Ajouter" button it will add on data base then reload the table automatically.Once i run that I found that the data added successfully to the database however "tablebqup" does not reload anymore and it I found this error :
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property '\_DT\_CellIndex' of undefined Here is the function to add the new element:
$("#newbq").click(function () { var indexadd= $('table#tablebqup tr:last').index() + 1; //Now add this row to the table: var row=' '; $('#tablebqup').append(row); $(".addbc").click(function () { var nombc=($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(1)').html()); var abrv= ($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(2)').html()); var sigsoc=($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(3)').html()); var telf=($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(4)').html()); var fx=($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(5)').html()); // if (nombc=="" abrv=="" sigsoc=="" (telf=="" && fx=="")) if (nombc=="") { alert("Rempier toutes les informations de la banque d'abord") } else { $choix=confirm("voulez vous vraiment ajouter la banque"); if ($choix) { console.log(nombc); $.post(basUrl+'views/component/updtbq.php', { action:'add\_bq', nomb:nombc, abrvb:abrv, sigsocial:sigsoc, tel:telf, fax:fx, }, function(data) { alert(data); $('#tablebqup').DataTable().ajax.reload();//My problem is here }); } } }); }); In the fist time one i run it it showed something like this :
“Uncaught TypeError: $(…).DataTable is not a function” To solve it i added the appropriate link and script:
Doing that the error has changed to :
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property '\_DT\_CellIndex' of undefined What surprised me that i have used above similar logic I mean use the same:
$('#tablebqup').DataTable().ajax.reload(); and once I click another button just to modify information on data base in this way :
$(".modif").click(function () { $choix=confirm("voulez vous vraiment sauvegarder les modifications"); if ($choix) { var id=($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(0)').html());// the value in the 1st column. var nombc=($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(1)').html()); var abrv= ($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(2)').html()); var sigsoc=($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(3)').html()); var telf=($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(4)').html()); var fx=($(this).parent().parent().find('td:eq(5)').html()); console.log(id); $.post(basUrl+'views/component/updtbq.php', { action:'update\_bq', idbc:id, nomb:nombc, abrvb:abrv, sigsocial:sigsoc, tel:telf, fax:fx, }, function(data) { $('#tablebqup').DataTable().ajax.reload(); }); } That work perfectly without adding any of this two links!!!
Here is the dtail of the error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property '\_DT\_CellIndex' of undefined at Ga (datatables.min.js:36) at M (datatables.min.js:28) at HTMLTableRowElement. (datatables.min.js:28) at jquery-3.2.1.min.js:2 at (jquery-3.2.1.min.js:2) at (jquery-3.2.1.min.js:2) at ma (datatables.min.js:28) at e (datatables.min.js:104) at HTMLTableElement. (datatables.min.js:104) at Function.each (jquery-3.2.1.min.js:2) Here is my php file:
function add\_bq(){ if((isset($\_POST['nomb'])) &&(isset($\_POST['abrvb'])) &&(isset($\_POST['sigsocial'])) &&(isset($\_POST['tel'])) &&(isset($\_POST['fax'])) ){ $nomb=trim($\_POST['nomb']); $abrv=trim($\_POST['abrvb']); $sigc=trim($\_POST['sigsocial']); $tel=trim($\_POST['tel']); $fax=trim($\_POST['fax']); //Update les banques MainController::addBanque($nomb,$abrv,$sigc,$tel,$fax); include 'C:/wamp/www/Mini\_Prj/views/component/tbbanqueupd.php'; } and here is the included:"tbbanqueupd.php":

Mise a jours des banques

'; $i=0;foreach ($bnqs as $bnq) {echo" ";$i++;}echo'
Id Banque Nom de la banque Abrev Siège Sociale Tel Fax Modifier Supprimer
'; I thought that maybe the problem is because i allow the user to not filling all the informations, but i want that it gonna be in this way the user enters just the important field.How could I solve this problem?Can someone help.
Answer link :
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2023.06.01 14:39 Lilconkb00 UK Abandoned van, left down our road, what else can we try to get it removed?

Edit: I’m in England, and to confirm on the title is a uk registered van( according to the plates anyway…)
Hi all,
There has been a van which was abandoned for close to two years down my road which is a cup de sac with a junior school at the end (pick up and drop off time is fun). It has no MOT but is Taxed.
It has not been moved once, severely damaged on every side and corner (tbh it looks like it’s stollen and was used in a bunch of ram raids before getting dumped so may be on false plates). It’s unlocked, partially open and the ignition has been ripped out.
It has been reported to the police, council and the company whose branding was on the side (they sold all of the particular model of van off a few years back) nothing has been done. It’s parked in a way where it is taking multiple spaces (long wheel base van) on a road with limited parking. I have now seen a child on two separate occasions hurt themself when going past the van leaving school on the path due to damaged parts which are hanging off.
Is there anything else that can be done to get the van removed?
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2023.06.01 14:39 Disastrous-Buy-8732 How to buy/rent a movie on UK Prime without a UK credit card?

I live in Germany and would like to rent/purchase John Wick 4 (released earlier this week as a digital release on the UK Prime Video portal), but my credit card is of course not being accepted as it is not issued in the UK. Is there another possibility, e.g. via gift cards? Is it even possible to pay for Prime Video content with Amazon gift cards?
Thanks in advance and best regards
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2023.06.01 14:38 AndyGraziosi Trying to rebrand, launch new blog as experiment in different language, merge both later

Hi, I have a bit of a tricky scenario that I hope I can get some advice on. I've been doing YouTube / Coaching for about 1 1/2 years. There are two things that I neglected:
I've recently published 150+ old blog posts created from my non-scripted YT channel. They are still terrible format, so right now I am doing a monster project to improve SEO on every single blog post. After that, I'll have 200 high-value blog posts but I'm stuck with 200 low-value YouTube videos and generally, my first YT channel that I believe is somewhat "destroyed" as a result of focusing on consistency vs quality.
I want to relaunch all my improved YouTube content on a new channel (it's all evergreen stuff), preferably in German, not English, and rebrand as well.
So the idea is
  1. Keep my old EN blog
  2. Start a new DE blog with rebranded domain. The content is a mirror but in German language.
  3. If the German YouTube experiment with scripted/edited videos pays off, I'd like to merge the EN blog to the DE blog
  4. Use a redirect for the old EN blog to point to the new DE blog which will host all future languages
  5. Completely take EN down somehow eventually if possible (?)
Does that make sense? That seems to be the best way for me to test the waters. Basically, a parallel German blog for now, then migrate old EN blog over... Is that possible?
My theory is that after a few months ,once the migration happened, I could probably take down the old blog and the new one should have all old EN content indexed by search engines to point to the new one.
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