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2023.06.01 15:20 noone_987_bye Needing some serious guidance and advice.

My son's 7 months old today, we started puree's per-ped and GI recommendations at 4.5-5 months for reflux. My son is very much an eater. Showing all signs of readiness and all of that. If it's relevant as well he has his 2 bottom teeth now. (Which admittedly makes me even more nervous he will just full on take a bite of something way too big or too much of lol)
We tried BLW style per solid starts recommendations with avocado at 6 months. He took a huge chunk out and choked. Not gagged. Like get him out of his chair and hit his back. He threw up and everything. Thankfully he was fine and isn't showing signs of any eating aversion because of it.
I took that as a sign to take a step back. I mushed up banana and avocado, used oatmeal and thickened purees a good amount for the next month. Well now he's 7 months and he's showing SERIOUS interest in chewing (even trying to chew his spoon when eating) and feeding himself.
The mental block in my end is rough. Especially after that incident. Even my husband anytime he gags slightly we are like jumping up. (I've been trying to get better about husband is probably the worst out of both of us)
So, I guess I'm just asking advice on how and when to reintroduce blw style. Should I just bite my tongue when he takes a giant bite? Is there any prep I could do that is best? Any resources for me to look up? Good foods to start with? Anyone who's had this experience and how you got past it?
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2023.06.01 15:20 MaMcMu Original "Mon" Series

I currently don't have a title, but I had this anime idea for quite some time. Well, here you go:
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2023.06.01 15:19 Tim_DaToolmanFailure Interior drain tile system to protect an old stone foundation, or purely for comfort?

My old (120 year +) stone foundation has some walls that are starting to bow out. We recently bought the place so I don't exactly know when it started or how fast it's progressing, so I called out a structural engineer to advise. The engineer said the bowing is definitely not great but not an imminent danger and could stay basically like that for another 100 years. The engineer said the best thing to do is get the water away from it to make sure it doesn't get worse so we called a basement waterproofing specialist. The basement guy said that the best thing to do would be to put in an interior drain system to pump the water out after it enters, since stone walls were never meant to really be water proof and water can absorb in anywhere along the height of the wall. Pumping it out from the interior would help reduce the buildup of water inside the wall. This seems a bit counter intuitive to me but I don't know a ton about basements or stone foundations. He advised against a french drain around the the exterior as that at best would remove water from the top 2 feet or so and he said our lot grading looks fine anyway. Just looking to get a sanity check on this advice. Does it seem reasonable? There are not a lot of basement specialists in our area so hard to compare quotes. We had a few other landscaping / excavator people out but they seemed to just be spitballing and suggested a few things the engineer said definitely not to do... so I think we won't go with them.
The main reason we would do work in the basement is to protect the foundation and keep it from bowing further. We don't really care about using that space for much honestly. It's unfinished and the floor is gravel. If the interior drain won't actually do much to help the foundation but will just make the basement nicer I don't really care enough to invest thousands of dollars into that right now. If it will actually significantly preserve the life of the foundation I would happily invest in it. Also if anyone could give a rough ballpark for what this work would cost for about 100 feet of drain in an unfinished basement that would also help us out since we only have quote and doesn't look like we're able to get more. We'd just like to see that it's at least somewhat reasonable because it seems a bit high for us... but maybe that's just the going rate? Thanks!
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2023.06.01 15:17 nkdu51 AITA for wanting to expose a bar with poor work conditions and an unreasonable owner?

Hey Reddit, I need your judgment on a situation I've found myself in at the bar where I work as a manager. I'm considering exposing the establishment because of its poor work conditions and leadership, but I want to know if I'm being unreasonable or not. Here's the story:
I started working at this bar a few months ago as a manager after the previous manager and all the other staff members quit abruptly and at the same time. Initially, everything seemed fine, I was a little bit suspicious of why they all left, but as time went on, I started noticing some red flags. One of the issues is that the owner refuses to hire a cleaning company despite promising to do so "soon" multiple times but we all know they're not going to do so. As a result, we, the staff, are forced to perform tasks that were never part of our job descriptions and we get complaints every day that the place is not cleaned. One of the most concerning issues is that we also handle food, and drinks at the same time, and we are forced to clean dirty toilets, that’s definitely a health hazard. Furthermore, the fryer that is used for cooking food barely gets cleaned, like once a month, and hardly ever undergoes oil changes, all of which pose a health hazard also she doesn't know how the bar works or knows anything about what's dangerous or not. For instance, I have to point out the fact that using a glass to scoop ice is dangerous and could kill someone because the glass could chip and get into someone's drink, and she didn't know why.
On top of that, the owner likes to call for a staff meeting, but when we asked if we would be compensated for our time, she outright refused. It's important to note that all the old staff members quit because as I quote "We got sick of the Owner's way of leading", and now I find myself in a similar situation. It feels unfair that we're expected to attend meetings without being paid for our time. Furthermore, new employees have to do unpaid training shifts, which is illegal.
Moreover, I was asked to do a minimum of 160h a month, which I always go over and I rarely get days off; and lots of night shifts even though I hold the position of a manager and have numerous responsibilities during the day. While I understand that night shifts are part of the job, it is unreasonable to assign me, to do mostly night shifts because the owner believes having a female staff member during the daytime would attract more customers. This blatant gender-based scheduling preference adds to the unfair treatment I'm experiencing.
To make matters worse, one of my employees, on one occasion, fell down the stairs and hurt herself, but the only message she received from the owner was to point out that she hadn't fulfilled her tasks. This lack of concern for her well-being is deeply troubling.
I've discussed my concerns with my colleagues, and we all agree that the owner only cares about the money and not the people, which is unacceptable. We've tried approaching the owner about these issues, but our concerns are consistently brushed off or ignored. We feel trapped and undervalued.
Given this situation, I'm seriously considering exposing the bar's poor working conditions, including the owner's refusal to hire a cleaning company, the neglect of food safety, the unpaid staff meetings and training shifts, and the sexist gender-based scheduling. So, Reddit, AITA for wanting to expose the bar and its unreasonable owner? And if I were to expose them, what steps can I take to do so?
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2023.06.01 15:17 Tiny_Ingenuity2186 Bolt snapped off in battery of BMW

Bolt snapped off in battery of BMW
Water got in from a loose plastic trim allowing it Into battery compartment, I've cleaned this down now but it was rusted on, and when I went to undo bolt the thing snapped in half, what is this called and how do I replace it, also need a new bolt as the snapped part is stuck in old bolt. Bmw 118i 2007 Basically I want to order the parts and don't know their name. In UK thanks 😊
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2023.06.01 15:17 itsjackwayne Sandbox Co-founder Remains Bullish on Metaverse Despite Funding Issues

Sandbox Co-founder Remains Bullish on Metaverse Despite Funding Issues
Sandbox by
With the development of technology, Artificial Intelligence has made amazing progress in many fields that are hard to understand. In the same way, we've seen how strong and quick the metaverse is as it takes over the internet. In a recent report, Sebastian Borget, the founder of Sandbox, shed light on a very important subject. Investors are no longer interested in the metaverse because artificial intelligence has taken its place as the newest and most popular investment idea.
Sebastian Borget says that the metaverse race is a "marathon of many sprints" as the industry works to create long-term value with a positive outlook. Borget is still optimistic about the business world and thinks that AI could help the metaverse grow faster, better, and stronger.
In November 2021, when metaverse was making a lot of noise in the gaming industry, Sandbox raised $93 million at an unknown price. Borget and his company now have to deal with a worsening economy and the latest hyped-up technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Borget Remains Bullish on Metaverse

Even though technology changed quickly, Borget has a positive outlook and is still bullish. The co-founder is sure that the company can get more money if it needs to, though given the current state of the market, it may take a little longer.
The futuristic but vague idea of the "metaverse" is no longer a hot topic among investors because it would take a lot of time and money to make it happen. Because of how quickly OpenAI's ChatGPT became popular, many investors have turned their attention to AI, which shows a big change in focus.
Borget thinks that even though investors aren't interested in the metaverse, it will still bring in billions of dollars because businesses from education to retail have already started to use it. Even though the Sandbox has fewer players than popular games like Fortnite, which also has metaverse elements, Borget expects double-digit growth, which will be helped by the explosion of artificial intelligence (AI).
Borget thinks that ChatGPT and other AI tools that help people be creative will speed up the spread of the metaverse by making it easier to make avatars and virtual worlds. The New York Times says that Activision Blizzard, a major game company, is already using generative AI to speed up the design and development of games. Allen Adham, who is Blizzard's chief design officer, is said to have told employees, "We are about to make a big change in how we build and run our games."
Borget adds that by using the technology to remove objectionable words from in-game interactions, AI may also make the metaverse safer.

Sandbox Aims to Join Forces with AI Companies

The Sandbox has already tried out AI, working with companies that are excited about making avatars using text prompts and making avatar behaviors from videos of people doing things. Borget says that the company is looking for ways to invest in and work with AI companies that can help it build its metaverse game. For example, the company is looking for tools that let users create game modes and other activities on their virtual domains.
Unlike Mark Zuckerberg's Meta, which is built on virtual reality goggles, the Sandbox's metaverse is built on blockchain technology and can be accessed through web browsers. Based on the number of landowners, The Sandbox says it is one of the largest decentralized metaverse systems.
Since the number of people using the platform is lower than it was last year, Sandbox still has work to do if it wants to be widely used and successful in the long run. Borget thinks that the number of players will grow quickly for the rest of this year and into 2024. By the end of the third quarter, the platform will be fully functional, giving users access to the whole metaverse. As the platform gets better, players can only go to a certain number of virtual worlds at a certain number of times.
Borget doesn't seem to care about the numbers. He says that a lot of people could visit the platform even if they don't buy anything. In total, $1 million worth of sales have been made through the platforms.

The Sandbox: Room for Improvement

Also, The Sandbox needs to get more people to use its metaverse platform. Over 100,000 people played the beta version of the game in the first three months. This is a 72% drop from the previous 10-week period, which ended in November and was the same length. Statistics show that since their peaks more than a year ago, the number of daily unique active wallet addresses and game tokens for the Sandbox has dropped by more than 90%.
Borget admits that the number of people using the metaverse is falling, but he says that it is still "very active and ongoing." Daily unique wallet addresses only show how many people come to the Sandbox to do business. They don't show how many people come to do things like attend virtual concerts.
Thank you for reading this news story. We are the best place to find out what's new and exciting in the world of play-to-earn games. Our website has reviews, videos, and in-depth articles about the newest and most exciting P2E games for different platforms.
We give you all the information you need to make the most of your gaming time. For the games you have an interest in, you can find information about game tokens, white papers, and links to social media sites.
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2023.06.01 15:16 Knotty83 A rock bottom story

A rock bottom story
Minor trigger warning for the NEWLY SOBER
What follows is a humorous mostly true account of a tough day I had in Amsterdam whilst still an active alcoholic.
Some leaps of logic have been made as my memory of the time is not how you would say “perfect” and some events have been streamlined for ease of storytelling.
I’m posting to hopefully make you smile, and to remind myself of just how far i have come in my sobriety journey.
Oh god, why does consciousness always hit like a ton of bricks
The world hurts Today, what did I do last night? I can taste vomit, How much did I drink? Why am I wet?
Oh man my head
I wish that man would stop yelling……Did he say boat?
Cautiously I opened my eyes, the painful rays of light make the throbbing in my head worse.
The man doing the yelling, is a big bearded man who in any other circumstance would have had a kindly face.
“Excuse me” I manage to squeeze past my aching vocal cords.
“Oh good” the man exclaims with a heavy dutch accent “He’s not dead” “Daisy, Nee”(no) He says to a young woman brandishing a bucket of water standing next to me.
She reluctantly relaxes from her attacking position.
I try a smile, it makes my face hurt, so i go back to painless bewildered look.
Using all of my strength I squeeze out “Where am I?”
“In Amsterdam” he responds “Now hop it”
Amsterdam? But that’s miles from my sisters. I need more information, how did I get here? What day is it? Why is the floor rocking? I sum all these questions up into an eloquent sentence, fix the man with my best steely look ready myself to speak and …proceed to throw up in his potted daffodils.
The man looks to the woman “Doe Het”
SPLOOSH the bucket of water is as refreshing as it is painful.
“Now get off my damn boat”
The woman has grabbed a mop and is pushing me towards the edge. I clutch my side and roll over, staggering onto my feet.
I hop off the boat and onto the footpath, steadying myself on a bicycle. I try to stand upright but find hunching hurts much less.
Seeing a sign that points towards Amsterdamn central train station I start to hobble in that direction.
It hurts to breath but each fresh lung full of air hits me like a healing wind. “Its going to be ok” I tell myself.
Stopping next to a cafe I lean my arm against the window to keep my balance. For the first time that day I get a grips of my reflection. I’m not wearing a shirt?! What the hell, I’ve got a chipped tooth and have bruises everywhere. Was I in a fight? What the hell happened.
Looking past my reflection and into the cafe I see a Well dressed woman on the other side of the glass trying to enjoy a morning tea and crumpets. I try smiling (ouch) I should really stop that. The sight of food make my stomach do a somersault, I’m not sure if I’m Hungary or about to throw up again.
I wave the lady goodbye and make my way towards the station.
I watch a child walk past me eating some mayonnaise chips, she dumps the half finished packet in a bin, bearing no care for my surroundings I dive into the bin after the food. I throw a few of the greasy salty chips in my mouth…… Moments later I return them to the bin covered in a second wave of vomit.
The station is only a few hundred meters but it feels like a marathon. Flashes of the night before go through my head, Beers, shots, Schnapps Toilets, Vomiting, Kebabs
I make it to the station, I spend far too much time trying to focus on the big clock…. I think its 0930 in the morning. For the first time I think about my phone. My hand shoots to my pocket. OF COURSE my phone will have the answers!!!
I pull it out, wipe the water from the front, it is, of course dead. Filled with a new purpose I look around for a solution.
A waiter is taking chairs off tables at the Cafe Loetje. I run / hobble over to him and in my incredibly broken dutch including several miss used words of French and some German try to communicate id like a phone charger.
He says in perfect English “We open in half an hour, but shirts are normally a requirement for service”
I must have looked a complete shambles as his resolve soon crumbled, “Sit at the table in the corner” he said.
I fall into a chair in the corner and lean back My chest is killing me.
A plane flies over head, this seems important but I can’t put my finger on why.
The waiter walks over to me with a charger a t shirt and a coffee I don’t remember asking for the coffee but I reach into my pocket pulling out €1.50 I hold it out hopefully. “Don’t worry party man, this ones on me, just do me a favour and put a shirt on”
I thank the waiter , I watch him as he goes back to the counter and gets money out of the tip jar to pay for my coffee, a pang of guilt hits me.
I plug my phone in The screen lights up!, At least its not broken.
I sip at the coffee and feel the sun on my face while the phone charges enough to boot up. These old buildings are really pretty, maybe ill move here one day. Under any other circumstances this would be a beautiful morning.
The phone dings and dings AND DINGS. So many angry messages, so many confused messages, from strangers, from people I haven’t thought of in years though have apparently been messaging while blacked out. Too many to go through, ill apologise to them all later. I just need to find out where my stuff is.
I swipe closed the multiple texting apps and open my email. Scrolling past the online check in for my flight tomorrow I find my hotel reservation. Nice looking place, cheap enough, about 1.2km away. Ill sit here until my hangover recedes a little more, wit the coffee an the sun, then ill wander back and crash for a bit, Ill come back tonight and return this waiters shirt. Maybe take him out for a drink to repay his kindness.
The phone dings again. Mum “Great to see you on Monday, Have a good flight” Monday? Weird way for her to talk about yesterday and she got my flight wrong its not till tomorrow. The bottom of my stomach falls out.
I run up to the counter and try to get the waiters attention.
“Hey, Um, What day is it?” “Chill out party man, its Wednesday”
Wednesday!!! But I went out for a drink on Monday night! Wednesday I have a flight Wednesday afternoon! FUCKING WEDNESDAY!
I glance up at the clock, 10:30! If my flights at 1pm I need to be at the airport by 12 absolute latest,I should go get on a train. But my stuff is at this hotel. (I hope)
I throw the water his charger and start to RUN my phon on 28% battery guiding the way. Trying to do the maths in my head. The hotel is 1.2 km away , I could run that in 10 min. But that’s sober and I feel like I’m about to die. Oh fuck it just run. You idiot.
Exhausted, I find the hotel, 12 flights of stairs to the lobby and 5 more to my room. These old building can suck my dick, I get to the check in desk. My stuff is in a pile in front of it.
“I’m sorry” I blurt out. The cashier gives me a dirty look and holds out a credit card machine €150. Miraculously my emergency credit card and passport are in my suitcase. Lacking the time or ability to argue the charges I tap the card and pray that it will go through.
Ding , it’s accepted. Thank the old gods and the new.
The cashier holds out a receipt, I snatch ti and grab my suitcase and throw it down the 12 flights of stairs. Apologies to the U11’s soccer team that we’re making their way up.
Back on the street I check my phone, 18% battery 11:03 A train leaves for the airport in 27 min……RUN
Dragging my suitcase through the cobbled streets of Amsterdam,I run to the station.
As I pass the cafe, unable to breath I pull off the t shirt leant to me by the waiter and throw it at him.
“Merci” I yell. That was French you idiot, AND he speaks English. No time to explain, get on that train.
I drag the my suitcase into the station, tap my credit card and run to the platform. As I set foot on the train the doors close behind me. Collapsing into a seat I grab a shirt from my bag then open my emails and check into my flight, 8% phone battery.
The train gets to the airport and I head over to digital check in and get through security.
I get through security, random bomb check (of course) then head over to my gate.
I have ten minutes till boarding, time for a swift drink I order two pints and a shot, finish them with time to spare so order another pint.
Get onto the flight, stinking of booze and puke,
Pass out sleeping on a broken rib and multiple bruises.
Get back to Australia get the cab home to stop at the bottle shop, don’t get any food. Get home cry drink through the pain.
This is NOT my rock bottom story.
It would take me 3 more years to admit I had a drinking problem and another 2 to actually take action.
I am currently 1296 days (or 3 1/2 years) sober and my life couldn’t be more different. I’m married, have a daughter, and a job that I love. I still get stressed, and sad on occasion but don’t drink to deal with the demons any more.
If you’re on day 1 or day 1000 of sobriety or you’re just sober curious know that you are loved , I believe in you and I’m glad you’re here.
If you’ve enjoyed reading this, please let me know, writing is one of my outlets and therapies.
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2023.06.01 15:15 VTThroaway975 Do your doctors put in their own notes?

At my clinic we have to put notes into the computer for two of the doctors. They're used to the old days when the clinic was paper only and refuse to learn how to use Avimark. This has caused a significant buildup of notes for us techs and we often have to stay a while after close to catch up. I'm not even caught up though and have a huge stack of notes because the owner made a rule that we can't stay past 6:30pm anymore.
The notes are usually super hard to read so we are constantly having to ask the doctors what they wrote. Both of them also aren't there every day so if you have a question and they're off you have to wait causing even more delay. We literally have almost no time to do them.
I've never been to a practice before where we had to put in ALL the notes. I'm used to doing my subjective notes and vitals. I would also help put some stuff in for the vet if I had time but they always either checked/revised it or finished it.
I'm annoyed because its not like they don't know how to use a computer. One of them is constantly on the computer. The other is constantly on a phone but I admit is more computer challenged.
Do your doctors make you do all their notes?
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2023.06.01 15:15 CallMeStarr I'm the Host of a Terrifying Game Show: Let's Make a Deal with the Devil

Season 2 Finale
“You look worried Bruce,” my producer jokes, moments before going live. “Even for you.”
This gets a chuckle from the crew.
“Quiet on the set!”
I’m already shaking in my shoes. Not a good sign. Working for the Devil is extremely stressful. And dangerous. And certainly not for the faint of heart. Why I took this gig is beyond me.
(Cue creepy music)
“Going live in five…four…three…”
I get the nod.
(Cut to camera one)
“Greetings Hell Beings and hell raisers. Welcome to the Season 2 finale of….”
(Cue the audience)
I wave my arms in the air.
The audience jumps to their feet.
Someone heckles.
“Alright. Knock it off.”
I serve up my best game show-host grin. It looks as fake as this cheap Hollywood studio.
“As you probably know, my name is Bruce Davie, and I’m the host of…”
(Cue audience)
There’s a disturbance in the audience. A crew member forcefully removes someone. The commotion settles, and I get the go-ahead.
“Phew! A feisty crowd tonight!”
My painted-on smile takes up the entire screen. So does my gleaming bald head.
“Now I know what you’re thinking. What’s the Devil got in store for us this evening?”
The audience rumbles.
I shrug.
“Honestly, I wish I knew!”
This is true. But I’m sure it has something to do with me spending an eternity in Hell. It’s right there in my contract, which runs out after this episode.
(Cut to camera two)
“So, without further ado, let’s bring out tonight’s contestants, shall we?”
The audience roars.
“And yes, you heard me correctly. Tonight, for the first time ever in this show’s defamatory history, we’ve got two contestants!”
Audience is on their feet, whooping and hollering.
(Cut to camera three)
(Cue music)
A middle-aged couple promenade towards the podium. They’re dressed like cowboys, and walk with a sense of purpose.
(Split screen)
“Welcome, both of you.”
More like: Welcome to your funeral.
“Tell us a wee bit about yourselves, why don’t you?”
(Cut to camera four)
The woman speaks first. Her hair is amber, her completion as pale as light beer.
“Well, Bruce. My name is Tammy. I’m a stay-at-home mom. This here’s my partner, Tex. He owns his own gun shop. We live in Austin Texas, with three beautiful children, who are with us here tonight.”
She points.
(Cut to overhead camera)
Two tall boys and a young girl, each dressed head-to-toe in denim, stand and bow.
The audience applauds.
(Split screen)
The other contestant approaches the microphone. He’s as tall as an ivory tower, with a voice like a banjo.
“Howdy Bruce. Good to be here.”
He tilts his cowboy hat. His square jaw and rugged good looks give Chuck Norris a run for his money.
I salute them.
(Cut to camera two)
“Well then, now that we’re finished with the formalities, I do believe it’s time to…”
(Cue audience)
(Cue creepy music)
(Cue pyrotechnics)
The stage fills with fire and brimstone. Pentagrams slice through the air. The Devil appears suddenly, dressed in a shiny new devil suit, tailored specifically for tonight’s show. It’s jet-black, and leaves little to the imagination. His pitchforked tail follows closely behind him as he approaches the podium.
(Cut to Camera five)
The Devil wraps his arms around the two contestants, kisses them both on the cheek.
Tex, clearly perturbed, winces, then grudgingly wipes his cheek.
The Devil snarls, then looks him up and down.
“Looks like everything isn’t bigger in Texas,” the Devil teases. Suddenly, he’s grown over eight-feet tall, and is looming over the tall Texan.
(Cut to camera three)
The bright lights and furious makeup make me look like a cartoon.
“What an exciting night this promises to be!”
Tammy steps forward.
“You bet it is, Bruce. We’ve watched every episode. We just love…”
(Cue the audience)
(Cut to camera three)
“Of course!” Damion boasts. “This is Hell’s most popular show. And for good reason.”
He slaps the woman’s backside with his tail, then raises his eyebrows mockingly.
The cowboy puffs out his chest, fists clenched, daring him to touch his wife again.
“Woah, easy their pardner.”
Damion nudges Tex.
Tammy is flushed. “Don’t mind Tex. He’s the jealous kind.”
“Oh really?”
Damion’s tail is now shaped like a lasso. With it, he snags Tammy and pulls her close. Her face turns tomato-red.
The cowboy grunts, pulling it off with one strong swoop.
The audience boos.
The Devil snickers.
I feel sick. If this is to be my last episode (or final day on Earth), I don’t want it spoiled by this denim-clad dude whose hat is bigger than his brains, or by Damion, who seems extra feisty tonight. Even for him.
(Cut to camera one)
I clear my throat.
“Tell us, Tammy and Tex…no, tell all of Hell…what it is your beating hearts desire?”
The audience is on the edge of their seats.
(Split screen)
The Texans exchange doubtful looks.
The wife takes charge.
“Well Bruce,” Tammy says. “We don’t want anything that might get us killed. Being from Dallas, we were raised with some common sense.”
The audience hisses.
(Cut to camera five)
The husband steps up.
“That’s right, Bruce. Simply put, we want to be famous for a day. That’s it. Then we can write a book and live off the royalties.”
The audience erupts into a frenzy of catcalls.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil’s eyebrows touch the top of his head. His voice slithers like a snake.
“Is that so?”
My heart plummets. These Texans are flirting with disaster. If they’d stuck to the script, they might be safe. They were supposed to ask for a lifetime’s supply of Super Bowl tickets. Easy-peasy. Who do these cowpokes think they are? Do they really think they can outsmart the Devil?
“Well then,” I say, shakily. “I’m sure Damion can arrange that.”
I raise my arms.
“What does the audience think?”
The audience goes ballistic.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil, still towering over the Texans, leans into the camera.
“Famous, eh?”
His lips smack against his face. When he touches the dude’s shoulder, the cowboy swipes his arm away.
The audience boos. Someone tosses an egg onto the podium, narrowly missing the contestants.
“Woah! Easy does it!” I spurt out.
All hell breaks loose.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The crew gets busy, disposing of both the egg and the agitator.
(Cut to camera one)
I wipe my sweaty forehead.
“Tough crowd.”
The audience hoots.
The Devil sneers.
Flames flash across the room.
People shriek, including me.
(Close up of Damion)
The Devil, boasting his gambler’s grin, turns to the contestants.
“Yes, yes. You WILL be famous. But just for one day.”
The audience roars their approval.
I shudder. Never in all my years, have I felt so much animosity from an audience. I’ll be lucky to make it out alive.
(Split screen)
“Sounds like the Devil has a plan.”
I try to sound cheerful. But cheerfulness is the opposite of how I feel.
(Cut to camera one)
“Tell us Damion…and all of Hell…what you’ve got cooked up?”
The audience leans in.
(Cut to camera three)
The Devil winks at Tammy.
“Well, I do believe it’s time for those two cowpokes to become famous. Am I correct?”
The audience jumps to their feet, chanting: “FAMOUS.… FAMOUS…. FAMOUS.…”
(Split screen)
Tammy looks pleased. Her partner, on the other hand, is showing concern. His shoulders are tense, he’s swallowed his bottom lip.
Damion dazzles the audience.
“Famous, y’all shall be.”
He snaps his fingers.
The studio goes dark.
Someone in the audience screams.
Tammy gasps.
Tex grunts.
(Cut to camera one)
I shrug.
Is this Damion’s latest trick? Or did they finally cut the power? We give the impression that this show is hugely popular; but in truth, outside of Hell, this show is a dud. Cable and internet companies avoid us like the plague.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The contestants vanish under a cloud of fog.
A flaming pentagram floats across the stage.
“Well, isn’t that just dandy!”
The Devil points to the large screen behind the audience.
“Mister and Missus Cowpoke are about to jump the falls!”
He snaps his fingers, then he disappears.
My legs go weak. My heart is beating irregularly again. I still don’t know he does it. How any of this works. Suddenly, I’m alone on stage, shaking in my fine Italian boots, while the audience grows rowdier by the second.
Cameras mounted on drones are pointed at Tammy and Tex, who are trapped inside a large, steel barrel, with Niagara Falls looming below them.
Damion flies across the falls, lands next to Tammy and Tex. He taps the barrel.
“Ain’t she a beauty?”
The audience hurrahs.
The barrel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Although it’s huge, and probably weighs a ton, it barely contains the two Texans, who are kicking and screaming, cursing up a storm.
“Get me the hell out of here!” Tammy’s voice rips through the noise of the falls. “NOW!”
Damion frowns.
“You wanted to be famous. Am I right?”
The audience chants, “FAMOUS…. FAMOUS.… FAMOUS….”
Tex pokes his head out of the barrel, cowboy hat and all.
“Now wait one minute, Damion. That’s unfair. We wanted fame. Not death.”
The Devil chuckles.
“The two are synonymous, am I right?”
The audience agrees.
Damion checks his watch.
“Well then…”
He slams the lid shut.
That’s the end of the Texans, as far as I’m concerned.
(Close up of Damion)
“Whatcha think? Should they jump the falls?”
The audience shouts, “JUMP…. JUMP…. JUMP….”
(Cut to camera two)
My insides are melting. I’m petrified. You’d think working with the Devil would get easier over time. You’d be dead wrong.
“Looks like the people have spoken!” I hear myself say.
The audience continues their chant.
(Cut to overhead camera)
“Excellent,” Damion says, fiddling his fingers.
He looks over the cliff, and makes a sour face.
“Wowsers. That’s a long way down!”
“And so much water!”
(Cut to camera one)
My worried-sick face appears on the screen.
I straighten up.
“Once they jump, Tam and Tex will surely be famous!”
Except of course, they won’t be famous. Not in this world anyways. They’ve been duped. Why these people sign up to die is beyond me. Perhaps we’ve reached a spectacular level of stupidity in human evolution.
(Cut to overhead camera)
Damion’s lips stretch across his reddened face, his arms flex like a weightlifter.
“I’ll give them a helping hand.”
He rolls the giant barrel to the very edge of the cliff, ignoring the banging and hollering coming from within the steel coffin.
“Tammy, Tex…” His lips stretch into a snarl. “Prepare for fame!”
The audience is on their feet.
Damion shoves the barrel over the edge.
(Split screen)
The barrel tumbles down the falls, disappearing into the fast-moving water.
The audience holds its breath.
(Cut to spy camera)
Inside the barrel, the Texans are shrieking. Their heads and arms and legs collide. Chunks of puke pour across Tammy’s sickening face, who’s calling Tex every name in the book, and it’s a big book. Meanwhile, Tex is like a frog in a blender. His face is green, his nose is broken; blood is leaking from every orifice.
There’s a loud crash as the barrel plunders underwater.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The barrel resurfaces, traveling dangerously downstream.
The audience is back on their feet, fist-pumping.
(Split screen)
What troubles me is how the pedestrians and tourists, crowding the streets, remain oblivious. To them, this is nothing out of the ordinary. Nobody watches, or even takes a pic. I’m starting to suspect foul play. Somehow, Damion is controlling this. He’s using dark magic. A spell. Maybe none of this is real. Except of course, it is real.
(Cut to camera one)
I’m trembling.
“What a jump!” my voice ricochets off the studio walls. “They’ll be famous in no time!”
The audience chants:
(Closeup of the Devil)
“Yes, yes. An excellent jump, I must say.”
He peaks over the edge.
“Looks like they could use some help.”
(Cut to overhead camera)
Damion flies towards the barrel, which is bouncing off rocks and debris.
(Cut to spy camera)
Blood. So much blood in such a tight space. Tammy’s hair is in disarray. Her face is beyond repair. Tex swallowed his hat. One of his eyeballs is bouncing like a Superball. His left arm is flapping nonsensically. It isn’t attached.
(Cut to camera four)
The Devil scoops up the barrel, then flies to shore. When his feet touch the ground, he shakes off the water, cat-like, then glares at the camera.
“What a jump!”
He cranks open the lip.
(Split screen)
Tammy spills out. So does Tex’s left arm.
The audience gasps.
Damion applauds.
“Such valor and swagger!”
(Cut to camera five)
Tammy is flopping fish-like, barely clinging to life. Her mouth is full of blood and brains.
The Devil puts his foot on her head.
From out of nowhere, a photographer appears.
Damion, looking pleased with himself, is suddenly holding a newspaper.
(Closeup of newspaper)
The headline splashes across the screen: IDIOTS JUMP THE FALLS.
(Cut to camera four)
Damion shoves the newspaper in front of her face.
“Looks like Tammy and Tex are famous.”
Tammy's eyes twitch. Clearly, she needs medical assistance. I’m surprised she’s still alive. Her husbands brains are splattered across the inside of the barrel.
The very sight of this makes me gag.
Tammy tries to speak, but fails. Her eyes are filled with rage.
Damion tosses the leftover arm into the water, then shrugs.
“Sorry about your hubby.”
(Cut to camera two)
With wobbly knees, I face the audience.
“Looks like the barrel got the best of Tex!”
The audience bellows.
I continue to talk involuntarily.
“Gosh dolly. Look at all that blood!”
I find myself chanting along.
Suddenly, my vision blurs. I clutch my chest. Maybe I’ll suffer a heart attack on live TV. Hell waits for no one, I suppose.
(Cut to camera four)
Tammy spits blood on Damion’s boot.
“Devil be damned.” I blurt.
Damion’s face twists into a ball of fury.
“Now, now, Tammy. That wasn’t very nice.”
He crushes her fingers with his boots.
Tammy yelps.
“I was gonna save your long-limbed partner over there,” he points. “Not anymore!”
The audience is bloodthirsty. Paper airplanes and rotten eggs whizz past me. I duck just in time.
(Closeup of contestant)
Tammy’s tongue is leaking from her bloodied face. She’s missing her front teeth. Damion digs his spiky heel deep into her blood-soaked abdomen.
“I reckon you’ll need medical assistance.”
He snaps his fingers.
Suddenly, they're back in the studio.
Damion is as happy as a filthy pig. Next to him is Tammy, who’s caked in blood and gore. Her corpse-of-a-husband spills from the gigantic steel barrel, taking center stage.
(Cut to overhead camera)
The contestant’s children rush the stage. They’re delirious.
The crew hurry out and drag them aside, along with Tammy, who's rushed to the hospital, where she will certainly die.
“Now that’s what I call speedy service!”
My voice appalls me. So does this job. If only I’d listened to my mother, and got into politics.
Damion snaps his finger, then disappears under a plume of dusty smoke.
(Cut to camera one)
“Well, there you have it folks. That’s the last you’ll see of Tammy and Tex. But fret not, they had their moment of fame…in Hell!”
The audience is tossing trash onto the stage.
I narrowly dodge a projectile.
“Hope you’ve enjoyed Season Two as much as I did.”
I hated it.
“And, unless the Devil strikes me down,” and he very-well might, “I hope to see you this Fall, for Season Three of…”
(Cue the audience)
Season Two
Season One
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2023.06.01 15:14 SheepShroom Let's talk Photography for LO...

I had some newborn photography done in the hospital when LO was like 2 days old. She is 5 months now and I'm wondering if I should have some photography done for her around 6 months or when she can sit up without support. We will go on a cruise when she is 7 months old so maybe I should just plan on having some done then...?
But then again... maybe I should just wait until the year mark and have some done then? What did you do? Why? First time mom so I don't really know how much she will grow in the next 7 months.
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2023.06.01 15:14 fresasfrescasalfinal How do you motivate yourself? Any small business owner support groups around?

I bought a homestead with a guest apartment four years ago at the age of 23 together with my mom. The idea was to rent the guest apartment as well as an event space below it and get some animals to tap into agritourism which is very popular here (Czech Republic).
Well in the last four years there's been a global pandemic, then a fire in the laundry room (faulty appliance), then I broke my ankle and then my mom died 3 weeks ago of brain cancer that she fought for a year.
I'm sitting here at the age of 27 and I'm terrified. The place is huge, it's a lot of work, and I'm alone. I've sold stuff elsewhere to fund projects this summer that should all improve guest occupancy. I've set up some google spreadsheets to track my business and personal finances alongside what my accountant does. People seem to like the place, they're coming back, if things go right and I know how to do math next year the business should cover its own expenses. I'm working as a private tutor on the off season (Sept-May) and saving as much of that as I can as backup.
But days like today I just feel paralyzed by fear and it really hurts my motivation. What if things don't work out, what if I end up in debt, what if some big catastrophe happens and I don't have funds to cover it, or what if I get injured or sick?
Anyway, I guess this is just sort of a vent, which I hope is alright on here. If anyone has words of advice or anecdotes I'd appreciate them. And if there's anything like a Discord server for people running small businesses I'd really love to join.
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2023.06.01 15:13 wildflowermural how to determine what temperature to set my window ac unit?

some information. this is my first time living on my own but also having control of the ac temps! i understand how to physically use my unit, i just don't know how to determine the right temps. dept of energy says the ideal temp is 78, but that doesn't make much difference if it's like 82 outside.
me: 31f
place of dwelling: third floor walkup, studio apartment
location: chicago, il, usa
ac: one of those energy-star units, has a few different settings, the two of which i'll use are eco-mode and cooling.
i work in an office and am hoping to be able to leave it off most of the day (or on eco mode if it's really hot). ideally i'd be able to turn it on (from an app on my phone) right as i get off the train and am walking home.
thank you!
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2023.06.01 15:12 Guilty_Tap834 Is this the start of trich?

Is this the start of trich?
I made two monotubs s2b on May 15h. I came home from camping and noticed my one tub was pinning very very fast! So fast that I didn't have time to even add the casing layer but the substrate didn't look fully colonized. My other tub with about fully colonized so I added a casing layer(only coco coir).
Long story short, I accidently bought coco coir bricks for the substrate and was in a pinch for time and really needed to try to get these going before working away. I literally threw some bricks in a bucket and ran warm tap water over them until they broke up. Then i squeezed out excess water in handfuls throwing that in a bowl. When I had enough in the bowls for 2 tubs i used it. I feel like if anything went wrong is was right there. Please give me tips on how to get these bricks right with very limited tools if that was a big mistake!
I already got one flush out of this tub with no green anywhere on it. I even picked mushrooms out of this tub 2 days ago that looked fine. Now today i came home from work and seen green on the left side so I paniced and hot knifed it out and sprayed with 3% hydrogen peroxide.
What's it looking like fam?
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2023.06.01 15:12 interestedswork Carrying the conversation on the apps and texting.

TL:DR I always feel like I am carrying the conversations on OLD with matches. How do people get past this? Often one word responses to questions and never asking anything about myself unless I ask them.
I match with both men and women so I would like both perspectives please. Getting matches is not an issue but carrying on a conversation is. My first message is usually saying hi and asking about something in their profile that struck my interest as well as small talk. Almost every time I get a mix of these options. A one word response, no reply, or they ignore the question and say hi.
Now I know women get a lot of matches so sifting through them all and responding can be a chore. To a lesser extent the same thing with men happens. I don’t have witty jokes or a pile of pick up lines to use and I avoid mentioning looks initially as that just feels like a cliche.
Are people who respond with one word not interested? Are they busy? I will continue to try to get a conversation going but it is usually the same thing. I will mention that they seem disinterested but they will say no they are interested but the pattern of communication doesn’t change. They rarely ask anything personal about me. This continues with texting and phone calls. I am initiating contact every time. This is frustrating as I do have things to do and like them have matches to work through.
While trying to avoid conversations that sound like interviews I do ask random questions and as well to try and get some sort of a flow going. What boggles my mind is these matches will then message they miss talking with me when it feels like a one way conversation to me. I will move it to the phone as soon as I feel comfortable and they seem interested. If they give me their number I assume they are interested.
This seems like a common issue on apps and I am wondering if I am overthinking this and should keep trying. My guess is they would unmatch if they weren’t into it. I would like the other person to show some effort and wondering if they think replying is the effort and I just need to keep going. Which is what I am currently doing.
Thank you in advance for any replies.
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2023.06.01 15:11 TaliesinMerlin Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection
Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Sega
Review Aggregator:
Metacritic - 79 average - 8 reviews (last edited 9 AM EST)

Critic Reviews

Digitally Downloaded - 90
I’m torn on these remakes. On the one hand, I don’t think they work on Switch. Not in recreating the original vision of Etrian Odyssey, at any rate. The best way to play these is to jettison the mapping feature that was so core to the experience on the DS and 3DS. This truly is disappointing. On the other hand, even as a stock-standard set of dungeon crawlers, the three Etrian Odyssey titles bundled up here are beautifully elegant, ethereal, and artful. They’re challenging and fundamentally enjoyable, classic dungeon crawlers. If these new releases help a new legion of people discover Atlus’ dungeon-crawling genius for the first time, then I’m ultimately very glad they exist. - 80
Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is an excellent collection of three titles that have made the history of their genre. The gaming experience may be anachronistic for the youngest, but it is a nostalgia operation that works very well: beyond some aspects penalized by the console, such as the need to get a stylus not supplied to better map the dungeons, we are facing a return of a piece of history of the Nintendo DS. Among other things, the amount of content within the package is remarkable, to the delight of fans of the series.
Metro GameCentral - 80
Three old school JRPGs that are so perversely old-fashioned they force you to draw your own map - and yet they’re surprisingly captivating and fully deserving of this welcome remaster collection. - 75
[Translation] Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is great news for dungeon crawler lovers who want to rediscover a turn-based combat classic on Nintendo Switch and PC. The function for which it is necessary to draw the maps yourself could be disorienting for those who have never tried a chapter of the saga, but it will make you feel like real explorers looking for their fortune in uncharted territory. [...] The main flaw of the Collection is the introductory price of 80 euros, which in our opinion is rather high. which immediately transforms the bundle of three games into a product only for those who are fans of all three titles and want to relive them with better graphics, updated mapping tools and greater fluidity in exploration. If you are looking for a very solid dungeon crawler and you have met this series for the first time, it is better to dedicate yourself only to the third chapter, the most solid of the trilogy.
Nintendo Life - 70
Etrian Origins Collection may not be the 'definitive’ re-release that many hoped it would be, but these games are well-respected in the DRPG space for good reason and it's great to see them on Switch.
Noisy Pixel - 80
The Etrian Odyssey HD Origins Collection is an excellent way to start your expedition into the dungeon-crawling genre. All three titles are excellent, but the first two entries are missing some of the major quality-of-life updates found in the Untold remakes. It’s sad to think those versions were left out, given they greatly improve the experience. Regardless, the dungeon crawling system, character classes, and overall enjoyment of this collection come to a head with the inclusion of Etrian Odyssey III, which takes all the best mechanics and provides a memorable adventure to cap off an addictive and fun collection of titles.
Siliconera - 80
The Etrian Odyssey games have always been a triumph, and Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is the sort of loving proof of concept to convince Switch and PC owners that yes, it’s still just as good on a platform that doesn’t feature two screens. Etrian Odyssey I, II, and III remain fantastic, challenging, and engaging games that will drive players to explore. Even better is that the auto-mapping and difficulty options increase the ease of entry, making them even more appealing. It’s wonderful to see all three games again, and I hope this is a precursor to a seventh installment.
Vooks - 70
The Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection was an interesting title to review. As a newcomer to the series, it was a daunting series to get into without having played this style of dungeon crawler in over a decade. The benefits of including easier modes for people who just want to explore what the dungeons have on offer should not be discounted, but with a notebook, some grid paper, plenty of patience, and a willingness to experiment and try different strategies in battle makes for a compelling trilogy. However, if you do not the patient type of player, or if excessive exploration and dungeon crawling for minimal plot do not sound all that appealing, it may not be the title for you.
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2023.06.01 15:11 untalweon I got a student place, help!

Hello, first of all I am sorry for writing this in english as I just started learning Danish.
As the title says, I just got a place to study a master at IT University of Copenhangen, and I am trying to figure out so many things about living there, one of them is renting a room. I have been checking boligportal for rental rooms which allow cats, and I have found many that are on my budget.
My questions are:
  1. How updated is the information about the rooms and apartments on rent in boligportal? I mean, is it common that one room appears as available but was taken long time ago?
  2. How easy is it to find a rental place in Denmark? I mean, can I book an airbnb for a couple of weeks while I sign a contract or will I need more time than 2 weeks?
  3. Any advices on what to take into account before renting an appartment/room?
Note: University's rooms are not an option since they do not allow pets.
Note: Is a female neutered cat 2 years old. She is my closest friend and I won't let her in my country with my family since she is really attached to me as I am to her.
Thanks for all your help!
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2023.06.01 15:10 questionagain21 Today is supposed to be our first counselling session and I’m waiting for him to cancel.

His last marriage ended in ultimatum that he gets counseling or they divorce and he wouldn’t go. I’m pretty sure she was also an alcoholic since all their photos on Facebook are in alcohol related activities and holding alcohol so the counseling must have been unrelated.
Our son is now 3 months old and I had a straw that broke my back moment when he went on two trips 5 days each where he drank Super excessively I’m sure since that’s what usually happens but when he returned he went to the bar instead of spending time with his son or me. Then when he came back and I started “complaining about it” it turned into another episode of emotional abuse him Leaving back to the bar and the next day not responding and going to a hockey game.
Then he left to go to a friends wedding for another 4 days where he got drunk im sure. I called his best friend and told them everything and that I’m planning to actually try to get a small house and make my escape. Which is just a lot harder now with insane interest rate and I can’t afford anything. I also told his sister but she just basically wouldn’t talk to him either since no one in their family speaks about anything at all.
So when he came back I said I scheduled counseling, he can either go with me or not go; but I can’t do it anymore and that both of us know he’s an alcoholic.
I’m exhausted and all I can think of dream about is him being an alcoholic. I live in a constant state of anxiety about it. I couldn’t sleep all night. Over the weekend I moved all 100 bottles of liquor into the garage and all his beers etc bc I can’t look at this shit anymore. And if he wants to separate there ready for him to pack up. Most prized possessions during our move.
Recently during a rage I told him that if he doesn’t get help I’ll be taking our son with me and leaving and he basically told me “good luck” in a threatening way since he already knows that I’ve been through a horrible divorce with kids in the past and he’s make this awful for me or worse.
At the very least my ex wasn’t an alcoholic and I didn’t have to fear for my other 2 kids safety.
He said he’ll go to counselling and signed consent forms. It’s today and virtual at 6.
I’m just getting to work and have cold sweats and nausea and just feeling that he’ll make some shit up about how he’s late from work that he doesn’t even work past 3pm ever to and just goes to the bar instead.
I don’t know what I’m afraid of. Has therapy ever worked for anyone? Because all they do is just pretend they don’t have a problem to anyone but I warned the therapist and she understands and I have no idea what to expect. I feel so sad and exhausted. I guess “at least” he agreed to try it for the first time in 50 years. But he’s been an alcoholic for 30, functioning and in denial so I don’t know what to expect.
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2023.06.01 15:10 AvailableField7104 Sent GGF’s birth record to the BVA and asked about the criminal records check in China

So I mailed off my great-grandfather’s 1903 birth record to Barbarastraße, opting for first class mail and hoping to all that is holy it doesn’t fall into the ocean on the way to Europe.
I also emailed the BVA yesterday about how to handle a criminal records check from when I was in China. I explained to them that it’s impossible to get a national-level police clearance certificate, and the local records that are available are both cumbersome and expensive to obtain, and in my case wouldn’t even necessarily exist (eg from the months I spent in Guilin crashing at a friend’s place without registering with the police, as foreigners are required to do…I noted I was young and naive at the time, and China wasn’t as strict as today). But I said I did manage to find my old passport with all the Chinese visas, entry and exit stamps, including from two subsequent visits, which indicates I was deported from the country, as I would be if I had committed some serious crime.
Anyway, I haven’t heard back yet, but will let everyone know what the BVA says I should do.
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2023.06.01 15:10 Caserole Historically territorial cats have started a new war in the bedroom.

tl;dr: our two cats, rescued from the street and not shelter-socialized, have adjusted pretty ok after a move but have started a specific territory war in the bedroom at night. We have a new mattress and the two only barely tolerate each other. How can we diffuse a fight over a thing like a bed so Cat 1 can stop getting his butt kicked by our 2YO tortie? We have Feliway, vertical space, etc.
Hello! Let me introduce the context first. We have two cats: one is Declan, 8 year old stray rescue I took in from the street (important) and Matilda, almost 2 years, a stray rescue taken from the street at 4 months. Declan is fairly socialized but definitely displays alpha behavior and is a large guy. Matilda is a tortie with tortitude and has been described to us from our vet as “pretty much feral”. To us, she is an absolute angel but to our vet and Declan, it’s a different story.
The past 2 years, my SO and I have become more trained in cat behavior than we ever thought because these two have a strong, ongoing territory war. We have things to catify the space like: cat wall perches and ladders, multiple trees, beds, scent soakers, etc. They get playtime and we do not free feed. It used to be BAD. The introduction period took us 3 whole months just to get them not to go for the necks at dinner time. It’s caused us (and still has) a lot of stress.
Fast forward to now: it’s gotten waaaaay better. But we recently got a new mattress and moved. We studied up hard before we moved and I think we did a good job during the transition. They have their own home bases which they retreat to when needed and we will separate them if needed in these rooms. They stayed there for a week besides getting fed. The fighting decreased when we moved after this period. Yay!
But, we’ve noticed there’s a war in the bedroom over what we think is the mattress. It only happens at night when we’re here (Matilda is very territorial of my SO may I add). Matilda has claimed the bed as hers, kicking Declan off when he just wants to cuddle and sleep at the end of the bed. It’s constant fighting through the night i. spurts and always in the morning and our blood pressure is through the roof.
Any advice? We have 6 Feliways in our apartment. It doesn’t help much but it completely eliminated Matilda’s stress related asthma attacks (we have cats on Expert level hard mode). I referenced this postand we will definitely try the positioned scent soakers but wanted to ask the community for more tips since this has been really difficult on us. We really do a lot of research and just want the best for our kids!
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2023.06.01 15:10 NorwegianBookkeeping Need advice with my Model 3

Hello all,
I am taking delivery of a Model 3 next month and I need advice on a couple things.
I have read many posts where owners are debating ceramic coating and PPF. I see how both are helpful and I think I should do both--rock chips on this car would really bother me. I am actually thinking of getting a wrap for style, and I am trying to figure out the right order to get these in...should I get it ceramic coated, then PPF, then wrapped? Or should I get the PPF first, then the wrap, then the ceramic coat? I have seen how people drive directly from delivery at the service center to get their car PPF'ed, and this is my plan, so I want to have my plan regarding the wrap and ceramic coat worked out ahead of time. Anyway,
A little about myself, I am a college student and I currently drive a clapped out Honda. It's pretty old and beat up, and I want to upgrade. I don't really have a good job right now since I'm so focused on my schoolwork, and the college loans pay for my tuition costs, so that's OK. The college loans are actually significantly more than I need, and I take out the max since it's an interest free loan as long as you are in college. The Model 3 I am looking at getting is the base model, so the payment will be about $650/mo for 72 months, but I can use the interest free loan money for the payments, so there's no downside. I'm not worried about the payments after college, my degree is in a pretty good field, I'm getting great grades due to ChatGPT and I intend to work after I finish my degree, so I'm not worried about the payments.
Anyway, back to the car, rock chips really both me, so I need your advice on the order I should do the wrap, PPF, and ceramic coating. I only have about 1 more month to figure this out.
I also need to know how much to spend on accessories--this is going to be my first really nice car, and I want to treat it well. I have already ordered 9 or 10 accessories based on the posts here, and the boxes are stacked 5 feet tall at the front of my dorm-room. Like, I know the car has a wireless charger, but I ordered the aftermarket one since I am not sure which one I will like better. My total budget for all accessories is $20K. I know this sounds like a lot, but the legacy automotive companies are so far behind Elon, they will never ketchup. Demand for used cars, and especially electric cars is going thru the roof, and with Elon's purchase of Twitter he is becoming more and more of a household name. Therefore I see the Model 3 as an investment--in a few years time my car will be worth more than I paid for it. None of the other companies are going to have anything on the new car market, much less used car market, so if I sell my car as a low mileage Model 3 it should be worth around $50,000 within 2 or 3 years. I think new Model 3s will be $60K in a few years time.
Since I'm paying for this car with my student loans, which as I said are interest free while I'm in college, this makes it basically free money, so buying a Model 3 is a no-brainer investment decision.
I know there is a recession coming, but Tesla will stand strong through the weather and continue making money hand over first. All of my peers say the same thing, so I see this as the perfect moment to get into a Model 3 before the electric car short squeeze happens in the next year or so.
Anyway, I also need to know if I should upgrade to the Long Range version. I don't actually need the extra range, as I drive very little since I live on campus, but I am mostly thinking about the future and if I'll regret getting the standard range vs the Long Range version.
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2023.06.01 15:09 KeKeFTW Developers to Players 27/04/2023


Title: Synchronise the daily reset of the various systems
There is currently a 5 hour gap between event / starlight daily resets and daily tasks. It would be a lot easier to manage everything if everything reset at the same time.
Reply: The reset times for Starlight and the daily missions have been implemented accordingly for quite some time. We are worried that the sudden changes will affect players' experience. Therefore, we will not make relevant changes anytime soon. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: event gifting rules
please bring back the old rules in the events. the rule that the sender doesn't need to own the skin before they can send gifts to other players. just like the moonlit wish event, i dont use hanabi so i don't have any plans acquiring her skin, but I want to send it to a friend. how am I supposed to send her the skin if i don't own it and i don't want to buy it in the first place? that's just unfair
Reply: We have set this restriction solely in lucky draw activities with the event exchange shop. This is mainly due to the presence of gifting with illegal diamonds, which cause property damage to the player's account. We will consider whether there is a better way to protect everyone from infractions due to purchase or use of illegal diamonds. We also recommend that you do not recharge through unofficial channels. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: let us know when limited time event skins are leaving
Chang'e lunar fest skin + fanny and claudes skins are now unable to be purchased. I know they're both lte skins so they would go eventually but they left without any sort of warning. I was planning to get those skins thinking they would stay around until the promo diamonds are usable but not anymore and now and many others who were planning the same thing will have to wait a year. Just let us know maybe even a week beforehand when they're going to leave so we can avoid thinking they'll be here longer than they are planned to be.
Reply: We will consider how to remind players better before the time-limited skin is off the shelf for purchase. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Preferred Hero - Skin Lock
Players should be able to lock a hero of their choice and they can get some offers for a skin of that hero that runs the whole season. Example an Epic Skin with 30% Discount or something of the chosen hero or whatever skin is available for that hero. So that players have a better price for the hero that they want and not under the mercy of whatever the guy managing the store wants.
Reply: There will be a discount event for the whole platform every six months, such as the ALLSTAR event that has just ended. If you have a favorite skin, you may buy it during the discount event. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Buff Aurora and Freeze debuff
Buff Aurora and the freeze status I want you to buff the freeze debuff, currently the freeze is just a version of stun without any difference except the animation. My suggestion is that you change the effects of the frozen status with this : When enemy is frozen its magical and physical defense will be decreased , so basically give a defense decrease to enemies that are frozen to combine with the Ice that make the enemy decay. Also buff Aurora , you could remove her additional damage to give her that defense decrease when she freeze enemies, allowing her control effects to help her damage and also allies to inflict more damage, frozen debuff should be unique. Also my suggestion to Aurora is that you remove her stacking passive and Exchange to give her a time passive. After a few seconds any of Aurora skills will freeze enemies hit, this way she wont be need to waste time and skills to charge her freeze . She will just have to wait her cooldown from passive to be back and she will freeze enemies with her skills instead of stacks to freeze. Because whats the logic for EVERY hero in mobile legends to be able to control the enemy just by using their skills and Aurora has to stack wasting her skills 4 times to be able to control someone? So, simple give her a timed passive so she can freeze or not freeze enemies with her skills So in resume give the freeze debuff a decrease hybrid defense status, and buff Aurora passive with a cooldown to make her more independent of not worrying to stack passive and waste skills to freeze her enemies , that way Aurora gameplay will have a better game experience
Reply: We already have a revamp plan for Aurora, which is expected to be completed in 2024. Please stay tuned.
Title: change the lane of support from gold lane to mid lane or to jungle
supports should not be in gold lane pretty much 270% of the time so please stop teaching new players to go support in gold lane its actually lowering the skill level of players who havent even started the game yet. look at every single high level m5 mpl or any official match and the ammount of supports that started gold was exactly 0. telling new players to go gold as support is like recomending a build for pharsa with all attacks speed items. it nerfs the player and is an advice thats generally considered trolling.
Reply: In the novice phase, there is no issue in educating players that roamers should go to the gold lane. But in mid-to-high-tier matches, the roamer needs to carry more functions. It is no longer suitable to stay in the gold lane all the time. This is the part of the tutorial that we are currently missing. We have plans to provide mid-to-high-tier tutorials and strategies for players who have come out of the novice stage. This can help players to learn gaming knowledge more conveniently and to get a better gaming experience. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Nerf freya too unbalanced
Please nerf freya at least take away the shields she gets. She is impossible to beat 1 v 1 even with argus and gatot. Her second skill was a bad idea. Let me ask yall this were you smoking when u decided to make a 1 skill button champ?
Reply: Freya is a typical early-to-mid-game hero and will be relatively weak in the late game. Freya's overall performance on the battlefield is at a moderate level. We are also observing her balance continuously. Thank you for your suggestion.
The effects of this skin just look like a elite skin it just a recolor and little sparks it just like that nothing speciali hope you will optimize it
Reply: We have no plans to optimize Kadita's special skin anytime soon. However, we will consider it if there is an opportunity in the future. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Give Painted Skins Different Colours
Can you make painted skins have different colour effects? The colour scheme of the original skin does not match that of the painted one. I find that the colours clash and it feels like the skin is not worth our money.
Reply: Different levels of skin have different production standards. Under the current production standards, not all painted skins will have special effects and color changes. In the post-production of painted skin models, we will consider how to design the painted skin models to match the original special effect color better. If there is a skin case where the color conflicts, you can also give feedback on the specific skin. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Revamps
PLS for the love of god revamp other heroes in need instead of revamping eudora for the 6th time in 2 years update model quality for irithel gatoc aurora and a few more
Reply: We will arrange a reasonable revamp plan by considering various factors comprehensively. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Aurora Revamp
I had the chance to play the game in Ultra graphics recently, I noticed u planned to do a visual revamp for Franco and Eudora, but I think Aurora needs a visual revamp urgently, her basic design look with poor quality compared to many recent heroes.
Reply: We already have a revamp plan for Aurora, which is expected to be completed in 2024. Please stay tuned.
Title: System announcement voice
Please update all system announcement voicelines inside a game to the new voice. Like there are different voices. The old one and the new one for like this new „ok“ button and it would be better if everything had the same voice.. Thank you!
Reply: We will verify this issue first. If there is a problem, we will arrange for an optimization. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Draft screen improvement
ditch the current all blue background; it looks really bad.
Reply: We are currently considering some optimizations to the interface background. However, there will be no changes anytime soon. Thank you for your suggestion.
Sheshhh you swapped the "Play again" and "Quit" button and still ask if the person really wanted to leave. Desperate much for people to play your game again? It just came out as annoying because people need to click twice now to quit. Our muscle memories have been conditioned to press bottom right corner to Quit and it's left to enter a Room. The new button placement screws that up a little and makes it uncomfortable Please make it back as usual,it's really frustrating
Reply: This update is to solve some of the issues that the players have frequently complained about before. Among the problems encountered is that after team players end the game, they will enter a different room after tapping on "Another Round" and need to be invited again. Another problem is that tapping "Another Round" will automatically invite other teammates after solo players finish the game. This update has reorganized the logic of the two buttons, so there will be some changes. However, it is also a chance for players to have a better gaming experience. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Button
Please remove this godforsaken button feature. Or, if you insisted on keeping it, move it somewhere else.
Reply: We are already designing an optimization plan. It is expected to be completed in July. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Update stuff in other game modes
Update the heroes, items and spells in brawl and other game modes. many of heroes, spell and items are still old way
Reply: We will gradually update the equipment and spells in different modes to the latest version. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Improvements that could be made to Overdrive
RNG makes Overdrive unfair and unfun at times (especially when the game keeps giving you terrible heroes) so these are a few suggestions to make it less unfair and everyone can have fun more often 1. -30% dmg for all mages 2. -10% max HP, def and res for all tanks and select fighters that are tanky 3. Remove Wind of Nature and Winter Truncheon for this mode only 4. More passive Gold and EXP so enemies can't just lock you out from farming
Reply: We will use the data to make reasonable balance adjustments for mages and tank heroes. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: ImproMages and mm too op
Mages and mms are too op in brawl. They just stay back and blast u to oblivion. Also fleeting time should be removed from brawl. It is too strong on alot of mages like pharsa gord and change. U give fighter damage reduction yet why dont u nerf mages and mm? Its crazy when ur up againts a all range comp or full mage. Does not matter how much magic defence u have ur most likely lose. Its unbalanced. Instead of giving fighter damage reduction why not nerf mms and mage? They deserve a nerf.
Reply: We plan to optimize the gaming experience of melee heroes in Brawl mode. Please stay tuned!
Title: Matchmaking
why are mythical honors teamed up with legends while the enemy there are 3 mythical honors and 2 mythics??? when are you going to fix your matchmaking? players have been complaining about this issue for years.
Reply: We are already optimizing and adjusting some matchmaking strategies for Mythic rank team-ups. It is currently in development and testing stage. Thank you for your suggestion.
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2023.06.01 15:09 DiscreetPenguin1 Relationship of 10 years over. I am so lost now.

Yesterday my girlfriend/fiancé/everything told me that she feels we are just holding each other back and are not growing and she is leaving. I know over the course of the relationship she was the stable one, but looking back at it...I never was stable..even before we met.
1 month after we first started dating my mother passed from cancer. This was my last living family member. My time coping with this caused me to recluse from my friends and focus my world on her. She gave me comfort in my pain. And I never wanted to lose that.
But I would have substance issues (I realize I have an addictive personality and use weed to treat what may be a different condition).
These issues caused us to lose homes, my inner issues would come out with venting with anger after work. And all this rage kept being built up. Through the last 10 years of economic issues, I went thru a lot of jobs. This didn't help us either.
At one point after 5 years we separated for 3 months. We both were better people and then rushed right back in. We never coped we just didn't want to hurt I guess.
My issues didn't really change once she was back and by having her support I slipped into old habits again. I became very sedentary and angry. By now I have pushed away what friends I have made again and my world is her and work.
Things I think kinda catalysts to this point when in Feb 2023 I had multiple seizures. The doctor due to a previous seizure in Nov, diagnosed me with epilepsy. The meds they prescribed messed me up mentally. I was very emotionally unstable and brought I think issues to more of a head.
While I wanted to believe she would stay to help care for me, I knew inside that she wouldn't. She offered to cover bills while I adjusted and recovered, but after 1 month I could tell the stress of me not working built resentment.
I went back to work and am trying to adjust, but I don't trust my own brain any more and it feels like at this point I know how badly I ruined the best thing in my life. My true partner.
I know life moves on and I have plenty of time to love again, but deep down I hope we can be better people again and this time learn from this and build a life together again.
I am trying to look at this as a chance to grow, but the meds from before and now this...I just want to end it all. I can't though because of the pain it would cause her.
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