2013 gmc terrain catalytic converter

Monthly Zcash Discussion - June 01, 2023 - Use this thread for general chatter, basic questions, and if you're new to Zcash

2023.06.01 13:00 AutoModerator Monthly Zcash Discussion - June 01, 2023 - Use this thread for general chatter, basic questions, and if you're new to Zcash

What is Zcash?

Zcash is a privacy preserving digital currency. It is the first blockchain to leverage a novel technology called Zero-knowledge proofs to enable privacy and selective transparency. Zero-knowledge proofs allow transactions to be verified without revealing the sender, receiver or transaction amount. Selective disclosure features within Zcash allow a user to share some transaction details, for purposes of compliance or audit.
Development work on Zcash began in 2013 by Johns Hopkins professor Matthew Green and some of his graduate students. The development was completed by the for-profit Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, LLC, led by Zooko Wilcox, a Colorado-based computer security specialist and cypherpunk. Over time, this company rebranded and converted to a non-profit org now known as the Electric Coin Company (ECC). Zcash development now occurs with support from ECC employees, the Zcash Foundation, and many community members through community elected funding streams that originate from ongoing Zcash mining rewards.
Please visit these other Zcash community sites for additional discussion, news, and debate: https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/ https://discord.com/channels/669694001464737815 https://twitter.com/ElectricCoinCo https://stocktwits.com/symbol/ZEC.X https://www.youtube.com/@DigitalCashNetwork
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2023.06.01 12:53 OmerinoXsK123 Can someone explain the answer

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2023.06.01 12:32 sofargone234 2015 Chevy Tahoe Rough idling After Replaced Transmission!

So not too long ago the transmission and catalytic converter were replaced. Transmission went out first so it got replaced. Truck still had a engine light on. So they put it in the reader it was showing the catalytic converter on the passenger side was gone bad. Come to find out out was a hole in one of the three. So all three just got replaced. Truck was still shaking so the dealer saw the fuel injector was bad so that got replaced. But the truck still has a rough idle and I’m not sure why. Any advice will be appreciated, just want the truck back to how it was.
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2023.06.01 06:21 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2023-06-01

Today's anniversaries are:
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2023.06.01 05:29 Enough_Ad3023 P0420

Got a P0420 engine code. Says catalytic converter but do you think it might just be the O2 sensors. 2011 Ram 2500 5.7 150,000 mi
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2023.06.01 05:23 Optimal_Earth_9859 I need feedback on the magic system for my game. (kinda elemental based I think)

This magic is based on the idea that there is an energy that is part of all the elements and physical entities in the universe.
To classify it, humans (with the help of other species) created the aspects. Each object is represented by a characteristic combination of aspects, which each represents a different type of energy.
Each aspect is identified with a name, an icon and a characteristic color.
FLAMMA (Fire, Heat, Plasma)VENTUS (Wind, Air, Gases)FLUCTUS (Water, Liquids)THUNDUR (Electricity, Waves)TERHIA (Terrain, Stone, Dirt, Solids)(You could also add NOX(Darkness, Evil) and LUX(Light, Photons, Divinity) but I dont think they fit in the system)These "Primordial aspects" are combined in chains to form a bunch of other different aspects.
This energy is normally called Essetia, but its divided into 3 types with different names:
It is commonly said that the soul is infinite, since it is kept stable by having a minimum automatic use in the brain and other parts of the body. But, when used too much it is necessary to "let it rest" and wait until it recharges.
In-game, the soul is represented as a black outline, which all players can see. By performing actions that use your soul, your soul is colored with the color of your affinity until the action ends.
Throughout history, humans and other races have been learning to use this energy to perform magic, generating matter just by thinking about it and making use of arcane machinery that uses environmental energy for every aspect of their daily lives. But what they did not know is that the use and destruction of this energy generates a negative energy called FLUX;Flux is the general term for a chaotic overflow of our magical energy, often produced as a by-product of risky experiments or negligence in working with ambient energy.This type of negative energy, if not cleaned quickly, will break the "chaos in control" that the universe manages and consequently will generate unimaginable great catastrophes (dimensional cracks, living beings without any logic, instant deaths, areas incapable of using magic, etc). The flux normally manifests itself in the form of matter, either in a liquid or gaseous state (this is known as TAINT) and is what generates the "corruption" or "rupture of order".
The only way to stop the "Corruption" is to convert the Taint back into Energy (Flux), then purify it and release it into the environment. For this, many means can be used and normally the flux purifies itself after a long time (so it is not very necessary to purify it), in addition some living beings such as certain plants evolved to slowly eat the taint and convert it back into negative environmental energy (Flux). But all these processes are very slow and attempts to try to speed this purification up only further destroy the "order". Therefore, the people of the past when ruining areas with flux and taint corruption simply moved to other areas further away waiting for everything to fix itself.
Small data to highlight + Ambient energy and flux are stationary energy, which is why they are "closed" in areas as if they were chunks and never move from there. Also, each one of the chunks has different amounts of energy. + In case it was not clear, this energy can be materialized into phisical things and this depends on the aspects. + The aspects of the soulshine are called "Soul Affinities". + This energy explains gravity in a unique way; The amount of essence that the matter contains represents its weight on the universal plane (This does not apply to souls since the soul is a source of energy that does not interact directly with
Enchantments This is a game mechanic that allows you to empower armor, tools, weapons, and a wide variety of items with one or more effects, called blessings or curses depending on their use. Enchantments can enhance item's existing abilities or give them new abilities. There are two types of enchantments:
Spell-Crafting When you get a magic spell (I don't know how I'm going to do the methods of getting it yet) It's a vague idea that serves as a basis for an attack but not really as such. To make a full attack you would have to improve it and there are 2 ways to do it:
These 2 things can be combined continuously, which means you could mix multiple "ideas" and multiple items in a single base spell. Examples:
Ice Imbuing (Imbue your weapon in ice doing more damage)
• You hit the ground with the weapon dealing damage but also breaking the infusion. • At the end of the infusion you throw several ice crystals that leave bleeding. • While imbued, the weapon hits significantly faster. • "Aer Orb", Allows you to jump into the air at the start of the spell.
Wind Orb (Allows you to make a wind orb that does damage)
• You cast the orb following the flow of the wind, allowing you to increase the casting speed. • You use more SoulShine to make the orb tougher, allowing it to bounce off things it hits. • You break the orb before throwing it, turning it into a small tornado. • "Ventus Mana Crystal", allows you to stack SoulShine on the spell to improve the duration.
This encourages exploration, adds more unique attacks and variety. It also leaves the possibility of doing really complex crazy things. But since spells arent a physical thing, I really don't know how I'm going to implement it in the game. There are also indecisive people so idrk what to do with spell crafting
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2023.06.01 05:14 Outrageous-Ad-3742 Should i just put a new engine in the car?

Should i just put a new engine in the car?
so i bought this car for about $4000 i have already put about $1000 into the car between putting a new rack and pinion in, new water pump, catalytic converter, valve cover gasket, new hoses. the clutch, flywheel, throw out bearing and pilot bearing needs to be replaced as well (gonna cost $400). i would probably put as much money into the car working on it as i would putting a new engine in it, the only thing is the labor for dropping the new engine. i really need some opinions on what i should do i’m really stuck and confused. the body of the car is still worth saving, i don’t wanna sell it if i don’t have to. i would appreciate any input you guys have!
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2023.06.01 05:00 jeffslittleelf Catalytic converter was cut and stolen

Hi all,
Last night my car was vandalized in my own parking space. Two other neighbor cars were also targeted. We all have Honda Accord 2003/2006. Catalytic converter was cut and stolen in all three cars. I only have collision coverage and no comprehensive coverage in my auto insurance.
Please see pictures. How much is this going to cost me to get it fixed? What are my options? Thank you! I appreciate all your inputs.
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2023.06.01 04:39 3DFarmer Moved out of state, had our catalytic converter stolen, replaced, and moved back to our home state, vehicle won't pass smog. Both unemployed. Help

Title says it all. Neither of us are employed right now and just found out we need to get this thing replaced in a few days so we can register our car. I've looked at the state of California BAR association and we would qualify if not for having to re-register the car in this state. It's going to cost at least $1,000 for a new one. The mechanics in the last state didn't replace it with one that was as good as the original. It cost nearly $2k for the first replacement :/
We just moved 3k miles 2 weeks ago and it was really expensive. We still have some savings but I'd rather not dip into that until my unemployment is up in 2 months. What are my options?
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2023.06.01 03:26 emf123 Sadly leaving the Honda Fit family...

Sadly leaving the Honda Fit family...
We're expecting in July and unfortunately, our little Honda Fit is a little too small and cannot (Honda) fit a stroller without putting the seats down.
We initially looked at the CRV but unfortunately, they're such a target for theft in NYC for sensors and catalytic converters. I feel like a lot of cars are, but we ultimately went with the Hyundai Tucson.
So sad to leave our bright, little, yellow Fit behind but happy to start on a new journey!
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2023.06.01 02:51 _darth_bacon_ Calgary considers changes to prevent catalytic converter theft

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2023.06.01 02:27 No_Chrysler-4-Me Try to steal my cads? Enjoy your smashed [email protected]!

This isn't my story, but something my dad told to me a couple of years ago and later confirmed with the guy it happened to. We all know how thieves went crazy stealing catalytic converters during the pandemic. Well my dad's friend (DF) owns a lifted 90s truck. So the cads are easy to get at from below. DF just went to a local store get some beer, but came back out of said store to find some random scrawny guy under his truck cutting away with an electric saw. He didn't even really think about it and gave the guy a swift kick in the nuts. This guy is ex-military, so he knows how to kick. And he always wears steel toed boots. I can only imagine the damage done.
The guy he kicked was instantly screaming and yelling in Spanish, and DF yelled to him that he better get out from under his truck or he'd kick him again. The scrawny guy came crawling out clutching his manhood and crying. DF took his picture with his phone and told the guy that if he ever comes near his truck again, he'll give the photo to police. The guy was about to take his saw and go, but DF yelled at him to leave it. And maybe he'll learn a lesson about stealing from people. The scrawny guy limped off in defeat and DF never saw him again. DF still has that electric saw too, and even loaned it to my dad once. As for his exhaust. He had to weld up the cut the guy made in his exhaust pipe trying to take the cad off. But otherwise there was no other damage. Later on he had someone weld rebar around his cads so they'd be harder to steal. And no one has touched them since.
Since that was so short I'll include one more story. But this one is from the rumor mill. So I don't know if it's true. But some guy (SG) I don't know, caught a couple of dudes trying to get under his truck and steal his cads in the middle of the night. They had the guts to try it while his truck was in his driveway. Instead of yelling at them, he got out his pellet gun and shot the one standing lookout in the shoulder. And he got the other guy's ass as they were running away. That's about all I know. But if you try to rob people, this is the kind of price you can expect to pay around here. Everybody and their mother's are packing heat of some kind.
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2023.06.01 01:49 KyleSherzenberg An honest opinion going from a 2000 7.3 PSD to a 2017 6.7 PSD- towing the Utah mountains

Last night, we just got back from our furthest trip of the year, from northern Utah, Weber county to eastern Utah, Duchene county and back. In that trip there's a 3% grade up over 2 miles, a 5% grade down over 5 miles, a 6%(my truck never read higher than 4%,but that's another topic) up over 8-10 miles, and a 6% down over 8-10 miles
Our trailer is a 2013 Heartland Big Country 3650rl. 38ft, roughly 14500 loaded without water, as our site had hookups
Now, I've traveled this same route in our 2000 F250 with a 38th foot toy hauler, a previous trailer we had. I think max it ever saw was 13.5k lbs
I know you guys love old diesels and I'm not here to shit on them. I miss my old truck and the sound of it, sure... But I have to say, that trip in our old setup was hell. Constant paying attention to temps, boost, RPM and speed. It was so nerve wracking, you'd only understand if you've been in the situation
I have to say, I set the cruise control on my 2017 at 67 mph(superstitious most efficient speed of mine) and my truck did everything without even making me raise and eyebrow. The 5% up for 8-10 miles, the 5% back down, the only thing I had to do was lock it out of 6th gear because it would lug down a little too much for my liking. The "exhaust brake" button actually works too well sometimes, I had to turn it off
Yes I have to burn emissions, lowering my mpg. Yes I have to put in def twice a year(is what it's averaging out to be), but guys, you need to let go of the past. I'm not trying to flame, but I'm converted
I'm not sure what I was trying to get out of this when I started this thread and honestly, I'm not even sure what's all included in here. I'm not going back to proofread lol.
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2023.06.01 00:57 Miekdneb Help please - Kia Ceed 2010 Misfire and Catalytic converter issues

I'm hoping that I could get some advice on the following issues I'm having with my car, hopefully the below information is clear enough!
I'm also wondering if this might be the start of a long string of more serious/frequent issues?
Car: Kia Ceed 2010 1.4L (G4FA engine) Mileage: 88k miles, regularly serviced by 3rd party garage (last full service in spring 2022, mini service in Nov 2022). No major issues in 7 years of ownership
Could this be as simple as replacing the other ignition coil (should spark plugs be done at the same time?), and using a bottle of Cataclean to clear the catalytic converter? Or is it indicative of bigger issues?
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2023.06.01 00:10 Disastrous_Ad4560 p0420 catalytic converter issues

Hey guys, I recently have been having issues with my 2019 subaru. I went to go get the diagnostic code and it came out p0420. Apparently it's the catalytic converter, but I feel like it's to new of a car to have issues with it. Have any of you had issues with this as well?
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2023.06.01 00:07 CycleDelic88 P0430 code

P0430 code
I recently had the check engine light come on and this code showed up once I ran a scan. My vehicle is a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6 liter engine. My question: is it ok to run my vehicle with this code on? I’ve heard that it would be ok but the thing is the emissions. If I don’t fix the situation I would not pass a smog. Just wondering what folks here would recommend? How much do the cats cost usually? I’ve been searching and get all sorts of different results price-wise. Anyways, any tips are most appreciated.
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2023.05.31 23:37 battle_ready_corgi Should I throw my whole car away

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2023.05.31 23:29 Wild_Development9739 Spotting in USA until a Hypercar is found (excluding CA, FL & TX) - PT.1

- 30 spots -


Audi RS5 Sportback
BMW M3 E46 Cabriolet
BMW M3 E92
Ferrari Portofino!
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG W205
Porsche 991.2 Carrera 4 GTS Targa
Porsche Macan Turbo


Alfa Romeo 4C Spider!
Aston Martin DB9
Bentley Continental GTC 2006
BMW i8
BMW M4 G83
BMW M5 F10
Dodge Charger SRT-8 Hellcat Widebody
Dodge RAM 1500 TRX
Maserati GranTurismo S
Porsche Boxster 718 Spyder
Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG W166


Audi TT-RS 8S
Chevrolet Corvette C8 Convertible


Bentley Continental GT 2018
Bentley Flying Spur 2013
BMW M3 E46
BMW M3 E92
BMW M4 G82
Dodge RAM 1500 TRX
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG W205 Coupe 2019
Mercedes-Benz EQS53
Toyota Supra A90
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2023.05.31 22:10 road_to_eternity 2003 XRS cat replacement question

So I’m in need of a catalytic converter on my 2003 XRS, it’s at 175,000 kms and it’s been throwing codes for the cat… my question is, should I get an oem cat or a magnaflow one… I planed on doing a magnaflow car back exhaust anyways so I’m thinking why not. Let me know if there is a better idea, thanks
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2023.05.31 22:03 Itchy-Sound-7566 2014 Chevy Cruze 2LT Sedan 4D/ 4-Cyl, ECOTEC, 1.4T

Hey Guys and Gals! I am having an issue with my Chevy Cruze's catalytic converter. I was quoted $1,400+ to have it fixed but I am a college student so I DEF don't have that kind of money. Are there any websites or dealerships in the 37724 area that will help me cut down that price? I don't mind changing it myself but I don't know where to start or what specific one will fit this vehicle. I love this car so I want to try to keep it alive for as long as possible. Any ideas?
Edit: I am also open to ordering the converter online; if you know any reputable sites please let me know! :D
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2023.05.31 21:53 thatskymirian There is a new patch update for Sky: 🌈 Days of Color 🎵 Days of Music ✨ Other improvements [May 31, 2023 - 0.21.5]

(See the Known Issues post for 0.21.5 here.)
Shared by TGC on all major communication. Check out their tweet here:
Good news, Sky kids! 📣
We have a new patch update for Sky:
🌈 Days of Color
🎵 Days of Music
✨ Other improvements
See the patch notes for more 📬 bit.ly/SkyPatch0215
Patch notes transcript:
Greetings, Adventurers! In our latest update, prepare to head into the remaining Season of Passage quests, plus two colorful and musical events. We also introduce a feature to make it easier to get new in-game currency items during events, a new way to create music, plus another round of bug fixes.

The Final Lessons of Season of Passage Lie Ahead

The second half of Season of Passage is here! The final Seasonal Quests approach, with new lessons awaiting. As you progress through the quests, don’t forget to check in with the Passage Guide in Isle of Dawn. Not only will you be able to receive hearts and unlock masks, you may even find a prop you can use to share a game of footbag with other players.
The lesson of each Seasonal Quest is best experienced when completed with groups of other players, but all of these passages can be completed independently if desired. Except for the first quest, all quests are held at set intervals every 15 minutes.
Be sure to unlock expressions and exchange Seasonal Candles for any cosmetics you want from the Seasonal Spirits before the Season ends at 23:59 on June 25th (all times PDT, UTC -7). Content can be enjoyed by all players who have progressed to at least Hidden Forest.
Players with a Season Pass will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the Seasonal Spirits and the Ultimate Gifts available through the Season of Passage Guide.

Introducing Event Currency

As you may have read in our recent blog post, in this update we’re introducing event currencies, a new category of currency to make it easier to get new in-game currency (IGC) event cosmetics. The aim is to make it easier to unlock new IGC event items simply by playing most of an event, without feeling pressure to save up Candles or Hearts in advance.
Event currencies can be exchanged for new IGC cosmetics or event-related spells. They can be found in the main area where the event is played, or in some cases, alongside the event’s themed daily quests, so you won’t need to go out of your way to add this currency to your inventory. In the levels, event currencies vary in appearance to fit the theme of their event. In your inventory, they'll appear as a ticket icon with a symbol on it that will be related to its specific event.
The basics:
  • The currency for a specific event is available only while that event is being held.
  • Currencies won’t carry over from one event to another, but enough are available during an event to unlock this year’s new IGC cosmetics.
  • You won’t need to get all the event currency available every single day to unlock new event items.
  • Currencies are placed in set locations each day, and their location in an event will rotate.
Event currencies have some similarities to Seasonal Candles. However, they have some key differences, like:
  • At the end of an event, unused event currencies do not convert to Candles or anything else.
  • From one event to another, there may be a different total number of event currency available each day.
Please note that there’s a limited amount of event currency available for each event, so if there’s a new IGC cosmetic you want, take note of how much event currency you’ll need to unlock it before deciding whether to spend a lot of that currency on event spells.
Be sure to check out our blog post and FAQ page for more info!

Rainbows Return in Days of Color

The most colorful time of Sky’s year is about to begin. From 00:00 June 1st until 23:59 June 14th, join in a celebration of the diversity that makes our shared world so vibrant. This year’s update further builds on the core themes that have been the focus of the event since its debut in 2020 as Days of Rainbow, celebrating diversity, hope, and above all making the world inside and outside of Sky more inclusive for everyone.
Two event guide Spirits greet a double rainbow in Home that offers Light to collect. Talk to them for the option of teleporting to where the main festivities will be held: an area high above Daylight Prairie, expanded specially for the occasion.
During the first eight days of the event, colorful platforms will gradually become available one-by-one. Charge them with the aid of other players, and once enough people have gathered to charge each platform, receive a reward of Light—or, once all eight platforms are charged, something even more lofty and brilliant. A nearby closet and magical spell-lending geyser can help if you need to make a quick cape change.
As you explore the event area and complete themed Daily Quests, keep an eye out for small iridescent, bubble-like spheres. These are the special event-themed currency you can use to unlock this year’s new IGC Days of Color cosmetic. Players can collect 8 every day during the event—and on days with themed Daily Quests, up to 12 each day! Explore a bit more on the weekends and you might find an extra bubble or two…
Note: The total number of event currency intended to be available during the event is affected by a bug. To offset that bug, we’ll add 8 event currency to the inventory of all players who log in during Days of Color. The only thing you need to do to receive this is to log into the game.
This year we’re proud to share that we’ll once again be supporting The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people. The Trevor Project’s programs include crisis services, education, peer support for people around the world, and other efforts to ensure young people can have the chance to thrive no matter who they are. You can read about our 2022 campaign with the Trevor Project here.
2023 Days of Color Campaign Items
  • Dark Rainbow Pack $9.99 (all prices USD)
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 40 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $5.00: Days of Color 2023 campaign
    • $3.00: platform fees
    • $1.99: development
  • Rainbow Pack flower hair accessory: $19.99 (returning item)
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 75 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $10.00: Days of Color 2023 campaign
    • $6.00: platform fees
    • $3.99: development
  • Double Rainbow Pack flower hair accessory: $9.99 (returning item)
    • As a token of gratitude in return, 40 regular Candles are included with the purchase of this campaign pack
    • $5.00: Days of Color 2023 campaign
    • $3.00: platform fees
    • $1.99: development
Other Days of Color Items
The cosmetics below will be offered for sale or in exchange for in-game currency. They can be found from the event guide Spirits, or from the in-game shop. (Please note that these are not campaign items.)
  • New This Year—Dark Rainbow Cape: 104 Days of Color currency
    • This is earned through our brand new event currency
  • Rainbow Cape: 175 Candles
  • Rainbow Trousers: 95 Candles
  • Rainbow Braid Accessory: 20 Hearts
  • New This Year—Dark Rainbow Tunic: $14.99
  • Rainbow Earring: $2.99
  • Rainbow Headphones: $9.99
  • Rainbow Hat: $9.99
Free trial spells for all items are available from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s Boat in Home. For more details about this year’s Days of Color, check out our recent blog post!

Melodies and Harmonies in Days of Music

New songs are about to ring out to introduce a cozy event! From 00:00 June 26th until 23:59 July 9, Harmony Hall in the Valley of Triumph is hosting Days of Music, a laid back gathering for players of any (or even no) music experience.
A Jam Station in Harmony Hall allows you to easily create music of your own. This new feature lets you dabble out tunes for solos, duets, or even four-part ensembles with an interface that makes it simple to loop them together and adjust as you go along.
A group of four Spirits from the Seasons of Gratitude and Rhythm will also arrive for the occasion, each one offering an instrument to unlock. New music sheets have been added to the music sheet challenges, which will also give each Sky kid an extra boost of Light if they sit down to try their hand at one, no minimum skill level needed!
Two new instruments will be added to Harmony Hall's lineup: a saxophone for event currency, and a violin as an IAP added during the second half of Days of Music.
With the brand new event currency feature, we’re still working to make sure the final balance for everything will be in order—we’ll share those details on our News page closer to the start of the event, so stay tuned!
These event items can be found at the counter (or Spirit standing nearby it) in Harmony Hall:
  • Music sheet: 5 Candles
  • Harmony Hairpin: 50 Candles (returning item)
  • Event currency items: stay tuned for details when the event approaches!
    • Marching Band Hat
    • Saxophone
  • Planned to be available from July 7—Triumph Violin: $19.99
Apart from the music sheet, free trial spells for these items (and the violin, once available) can be found at the counter. Days of Music content is available to all players who have progressed to at least Valley of Triumph.

More Updates

  • A lot of features that have been added to Sky are directly based on player feedback—expanding the Friendship Constellation, in-game translation, even being able to interact with Spirits with hugs and high fives (as just a few examples). The latest addition based on player requests: Huggable plushie props. Go forth and show love to your stuffed crab anywhere you go!
Developer Note: Many players love taking their plushie friends around Sky, so we added new ways to play with them! Plushies can now be picked up, hugged, and more. This is our first crack at the plushies and we plan on tinkering with them some more as we see players interact with them. Keep an eye out for more plushie updates in the future!
  • A monument has been added to the Starlight Desert area of Vault of Knowledge in honor of a late beloved coworker, and others to whom we’ve had to say goodbye. “In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so, it will be as if all the stars will be laughing when you look at the sky at night.”

Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:


  • Various improvements to reduce players being separate from their friends when meditating to go to the seasonal area of Isle of Dawn or to join the Seasonal Quests.
  • Changes to make it easier for friends to teleport to a player in Festival Tech mode.
  • In Festival Tech mode, a player's own avatar will not be obscured from view by avatars from the crowd.
  • When standing near a player using the Do Not Disturb spell, the spell's icon appears above their head.
  • Updated music sheet rotations in Harmony Hall.

Want to know more about some other fixes in this patch? Find further details below!

  • The Overactive Overachiever's hair no longer has a gap when worn with the chibi mask.
  • Adjusted the alignment of the Tumbling Troublemaker's earrings.
  • Fixed Isle of Dawn Temple music playing instead of seasonal music in that level's seasonal area.
  • Update for timer text visibility in second Seasonal Quest.
  • Adjustments to ultimate mask to reduce clipping with various hairstyles.
General Fixes and Improvements:
  • [PlayStation] Savior achievement reliably granted.
  • [iOS, Android, Huawei] Added the option for players on mobile devices to link their Sky account to a Steam account.
  • Honking is very important, but not so important that it should interrupt Sky kids’ movement. So now, Sky kids no longer stop rolling, skipping, and doing any other traversal emote to stand up straight when they honk.
  • Friends and others should correctly see the stance a player is using, and that stance should no longer reset to default when going between areas or restarting the game.
  • Trial of Water opening cutscene is skippable.
  • Friendship should raise you up, not pull you down, so we fixed the bug causing a player to sink underground if they accepted a friendship request or unlocked a friendship interaction while being carried by piggyback.
  • Similarly, a player leading a friend by handhold won’t sink below the terrain when the person they're holding hands with dives deep underwater.
  • When two Spirits are standing close to each other and a player opens one of their Friendship Trees and then selects the other Spirit, the display correctly switches to the Friendship Tree of the selected Spirit.
  • Player will not leave edit mode if they tap outside of the keyboard when naming a Shared Space.
  • When recording Shared Memories, chatting will pause the recording while the avatar is standing still. Chat is disabled during a recording when swimming, flying, or otherwise moving.
  • Music sheets stop playing when you equip a new prop.
  • Spirits in Harmony Hall now use their instruments properly during a jam session.
  • Removed the mysterious invisible lead boots bug that made players walk underwater in one of the waterfall ponds in Sanctuary.
  • Friendship menu now closes automatically when two friends swim away from each other.
  • Duration of Kizuna AI STAR Pin effect updated from three seconds to 1 minute.
  • Fixed a bug causing avatars that were sitting or lying down to stand up when using an emote.
  • When a group of players is handholding or using piggyback, the players following in the chain will automatically attempt to join the Shared Space the group's leader is in.
  • Even though red notification dots that never ever ever ever go away are surely the most beloved thing that could appear in a menu, we have ultimately decided that the red dot for new inbox messages should not wear out its welcome. Thus, that red dot now disappears after reading the message.
Audio & Appearance
  • Fix to reduce flickering lighting on capes in bright environments.
  • Reduced the sound effects radius of instruments being played by other players.
  • Fixed a bug causing pillars and other objects in front of the first gate in Forest to be unusually dark or oddly lit.
  • Fixed clipping issues with Nature sunglasses and Sanctuary sunglasses masks.
  • Instrument no longer misplaced during the Hairtousle Teen's Spirit memory sequence, better suited to entertain us.
  • When two friends follow each other in the AURORA concert, doing so no longer leads to visual corruptions in cutscenes or transitions.
  • Fixed some missing and discolored polygons here and there, like behind the stage in the Village of Dreams Theater area and the Daylight Prairie Village area.
  • Fixed some gaps and pits that could trap players in Eden, plus some other clipping issues with the terrain.
  • Small fixes for visual effects affecting capes, with small changes such as gold diamonds on the Thoughtful Director's cape appearing metallic, and improvements to the visual recharge effect on the Season of Shattering Ultimate Light Cape.
Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch: Known Issues Patch 0.21.5
As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join the community discussion on our official Discord server at discord.gg/thatskygame!
Reminder I’m not TGC staff, just reposting their announcements :D
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2023.05.31 21:52 UnableDisaster7051 Ford Explorer 2013 Acceleration Hesitation

Hi! I bought a Ford Explorer 2013 V6 about 2 weeks ago. Was fine for 2 days and then started hesitating when I accelerate (specially in lower speeds). Has anyone been thought this? My husband works at a dealership and the mechanics there took a look and cleaned the throttle body for us, also exchanged the filters. It got worse, the engine light came on. The error appointed to the catalytic converter. So we put a new one and a new Oxygen sensor. It keeps getting worse. Honestly.....help!
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