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2023.06.01 14:28 mirandac858_ Budgeting for groceries, family of 3. HCOL area

Our family 3 really need to budget more and we need to figure out what is a good grocery budget for us? We are very new to it. It is me, my husband, and our 1 year old. We try to cook something at least 3x a week and we indulge in take-out 1-2x a week. Other days are usually eating leftovers. Breakfast is almost always at home and we do eggs, bagels, oatmeal, etc. For lunches we usually do sandwiches or sometimes I’ll eat a can of soup. We live in a HCOL area (Southern CA). Any tips would be appreciated :)
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2023.06.01 14:27 NeatRadish Almost 3 years later, i think I know what to do, but I wish someone guided me

2 years 8 months ago I started working
I got a bf who's 3 years younger, at the same time, a student
Ended up spending almost every dime on both of us, I tried to end it several times but he latched on literally
I had no goal, and I knew in my mind I needed guidance and I tried to seek it but there was no one
So I just spent and spent..
Now I'm more aware I need to save for a house before I'm 35... it was before 30 then now it's 35
I kinda dislike where my life ended up or is going
I wasn't sure about school.. I wish someone told me I should've taken a 1 year break then continued school and saved for a house meanwhile, my money shouldve gone into my education and a house, I remember talked to the university and they refused to accept as my gpa was low
But I found a loop hole, I could take another shorter cheaper program then my masters's possible
I found out literally a week ago..
I also wasn't sure about my job made the wrong choice and now im stuck and under paid and under developed....
But I feel rusty, I feel out of passion and I feel a bit betrayed that my bf ,although I pleaded with him to guide or advice so much he didn't, maybe he couldn't? But some behaviors are weird
Once I was talking to him about my interest in taking a STEM graduate course, I told him I took a subject long ago in my bachelors about it so I had some basis, this was 3 years ago and he knows... he cut me off and was like "yeaa yeaaa I took that in highschool it's bla bla bla" he started talking about detailed things I'd forgotten about tbh.. then ended up with "yea I know everything about it" and I paused tbh and started laughing because what he spoke of was a small intro to this subject but i couldnt remember enough to explain that.. he was like why are u laughing.. I'm like nothing, yea it seems u know a lot about it, he's like yea "there's nothing much to it, if you have anything new add it".. and honestly I felt disgusted..
I don't know if it's in my head but again, what's the point of telling me how unimportant my interest in the course is? Why did he have to be rude about it like that? Why is he discouraging me? Because I felt like I was nothing tbh bc I could talk back eventually... kinda my interest in pursuing it dimmed a little..
He flat out told me not to pursue this field before, and at some point was like "are u going to get busy with school and leave me?" Which was a whole conversation, so it could've been deliberate
Another one
Yesterday I had a big presentation at work, and I did very well.. as soon as I spoke about myself rather than being happy for me and congratulating me, he changed the conversation and started talking about his accomplishments to say he's better back then at school... I guess?
At first it felt like he belittled me, said that he's impressed I came this far, perhaps it could come off as compliment but he's making it seem like this is all i am, is my peak and it isn't, that he never expected I'd do this.. it's almost like.. when u never thought ur dog could jump but but it jumped .. that describes the way he behaves with me
It's like someone trying to deliver the idea, you're retarded, i didnt expect you'd pull it off, I remember you were at point 0, but it's cute that u did
Rather than I believed in u, or I expected no less, or anything else.. and the fact he cut me off mid conversation to tell me the story of how he did it better.. I mean I just congratulated him..what else can I do
After that conversation to be honest felt like shit, i went to the bathroom and i realized this man doesnt necessarily want my best interest and maybe he can't control being competitive because he needs to survive, or maybe he's insecure about anyone better but im his lover and friend u know...
Right there i think i understood why i feel like im this old ended product... he treats me like that.. he always tries to outshine the little I have that solidifies my self and effort.. although he himself tells me I have confidence issues, it's ironic
And the more your core is ignored the more your potential will rot and you'll feel like a thing of the past, I remember few years back I was bursting with energy and he was like "just exist".. like why? I felt like he broke my legs with those words bc I had high drive and ambitious.. but I didn't realize I was that then bc he made it seem like a bad thing....
26 is never old but he made me feel old because he thought I was old.. thing is he didn't care of how it affects me... it makes u give up.. it's almost how ppl treat retired ppl like it makes one feel like shit
No matter how much you care or stand by a person don't expect they'll care like u do, I paid so much I did so much I gave so much yet, he can't get himself to encourage me if I did sth that's better than him..
I never thought of it before cause we're always together but, it's suffocating until you get used to it... which was exactly that.. I got used to the box I got put in
He's not necessarily a bad person but im realizing how much im neglected.. in the things that matter and don't matter all... and why I was always craving to talk to someone else.. who's interesting because I have no friends but him..
I think I'll go back to gaming, it honestly bothered me so much so I felt lonely that day
Because I felt removed to see the situation as a 3rd party for a minute, it was bad..
I really don't like where my life is going and I regret things to an extent.. I could be exaggerating things in my mind a bit, but I feel frustrated..
I feel frustrated in my job bc it's underpaid and no development, and bothered to know the little money I got out of it I spent on someone who cannot fit to be a husband... never if he thinks he's my rival and feels insecure by little things bc he'll not care for what's best for me...
Frustrated cause my family is completely broken and my mother is terribly sick and I still didn't get a house.. I am still late just like I graduated late...kinda feels like I wanna end it and restart every thing
Exhausted and i think ill distract myself with gaming... share ur thoughts please ty
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2023.06.01 14:27 Sudden-Explanation80 Is there a content MOD for Veronica?

I love Veronica.
She is my favorite companion in Fallout New Vegas; She is good to look at, Charismatic, Humorful, young; Her quest is personal, in depth and highly involved; And, well, She is politically correct. The only thing I am not happy about her is this: She is incomplete. Especially so if you take her as a "permanent" companion.
BOS is the most important minor faction in game; The courier can determine the fate of the faction but Veronica, as a member of BOS, has almost nothing to say about various events. She has nothing to say when we do menial tasks for BOS or change their leadership. Worst yet, she won't say/do anything if we bring her along to destroy the BOS.
This is very disappointing. Oh, and you can't tell her about Christine after Dead Money; But you can tell her about Elijah. Which is also a little bit weird.
Is there any content mod that make her more "complete"? I've searched on Nexus and i've only found some MODs to change her appearances.

She has so much potential; For example, during the quest "Still in the dark"; The courier has the option to help Hardin to remove Elder McNamara; Courier is an outsider and is not supposed to know much inside information about BoS. It is natural to consult the option with some insiders like Veronica.I always imagine the dialogue be something like this (forgive my poor writing...):
C (Courire): Veronica, got a minute?
V (Veronica): ooh~ Got any juicy gossip?
C: What do you think of Hardin?
V: I know he is almost bald and try to hide it with very few hairs he got.
V: No, to be honest, i respect him. He is like, the best sharp shooter i've ever seen inside the brotherhood; And he's saved countless family member lives.
V: I know what you are thinking; He has some quality that guarantee a good leadership.
C: So you wouldn't be against me if i help him to become the new Elder?
V: Well... It's up to you really.
V: If I get to choose; I would vote for McNaramar, really. After all, he is the one who rescued us all from Helios One... on the other hand, this all "hide in the bunker and keep out of sight" act is definitely not the solution. So maybe Hardin is not a bad alternative.
V: I really can't say which is better than the other; So, at the end of day, I think i'll leave the decision to our honorable Mr. Courier.
C: All right, I will give it some thought. Let's get going.
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2023.06.01 14:27 mariechuchan what is this?

hello, so this is my first ever reddit post and so im sorry if there will be a lot on run on sentecnes, ill do my best to get to the point, im very curious if anyone can offer me some guidence or insight, as much as i would love to reach out to a doctor right now, i am currently living in Japan and i am not permitted by my hospital to speak with my doctor unless i come back to my home state, even if it is a Telehealth, i have also tried to search on google for answers but those obvisouly aren't reliable and although i know i will not find any definite answers here, without getting tested of course, i have no idea what is happening in my mind and i am curious if anyone has also experienced this, to start off i have a few diagnosed disorders, OCD, ADHD and general anxiety, and although i am familar with the symptoms that come with those conditions, what im experiencing is something i have yet to find an answer to, i have severe sensory issues, revolving around food, noises and touch, yesterday i brought my boyfriend on a trip for his 25th birthday and it was a lovely time, however when i brought him to dinner, there was this music playing, upbeat celtic pirate theme music, and it was a little loud for sitting under the speaker, i asked my boyfriend if it was loud and he said no, but it felt like it was blaring for me, not only that, this song was set to repeat, and the repitivness began to hurt my stomach, i couldnt focus on anything other than the music, it was driving me so crazy and causing so much anxiety i wanted to leave, but i of course didnt say any of this because i wanted my boyfriend to have fun without worrying, so i just endured through it, the anxiety i felt was so overwhleming i actually started to feel sick, this also happens a lot of food, because i am living in japan, they have a very different diet than what im used to, raw eggs, raw fish, soft tofu, all of these foods (as much as i hate this word it best describes what i want to say) triggers me, my boyfriend is japanese and so he and his mother cooks for us a lot, once again i do my best to eat these foods without complaint, but the texture is so diffciult for me i was typically eat all the food, become nauseous, and quietly puke up the food in the bathroom after dinner, once again with certain touches, i dont know how to word it, triggers me, i bought this beautiful bag in japan, but i somewhat regret buying it, because the texture, when i thouch it or accidentally scratch it with my nails, literally sends chills down my back, even thinking about it is bothersome, i dont know if these trigger are a part of OCD or ADHD, a lot of what i found said it could be linked to autism but i refuse to self diagnose of course and really doubt i have that, anyway just want to know if anyone else has this or any idea of what it could pertain too, thanks!
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2023.06.01 14:26 RDLAWME Hate speech on the legal wall

If there are any members of the graffiti community that have free time, today would be a good day to hit the legal wall, which is currently covered in disgusting hate speech. I decided not to post pics as to not boost visibility of these shitheads and their vile messages. I know we have some amazing artists in the community who can cover this garbage into something beautiful.
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2023.06.01 14:25 Salt-Hamster-4883 Just a lil bit longer

God, I'm so depressed. You don't make me miserable, me forcing myself to be with you is, though. But, you know, so long as everybody else is all smiles and skips. It's not like there's anything better to look forward to or look for period. Who cares, I'll find ways to entertain myself again for this one more day. I'll worry about repeating this action tomorrow when or if it gets here.
So, no I don't want to go do things you like or be around you anymore than I have to. As your obligation, you don't truly care anyhow, you just like making me feel bad. Which is stupid, I already do, what you say idgaf. If you'd have let me be, I'd be gone, but since this is your life, I just live in it. At least I don't have to worry about you fucking around, leaving or any of the other shift.
It's fine, you're great, I'm lucky, go me!
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2023.06.01 14:25 ComesTzimtzum How to meet micronutrient needs?

Hello and thank you all for this sub! I've been thinking about a problem which must be something common for anyone aiming to keep their calories close to 1200 a day, and that is nutrient recommendations.
I'm a petite person trying to lose weight, which means I need to watch very carefully what I eat. So I've been tracking everything with Cronometer for about six weeks now. The great thing about the app is that doesn't just give you energy and macros but the whole range of vitamins and minerals and compares them to recommendations. Even if I count the facts that those North American recommendations are often bigger than in my own country (for vitamin E almost double!) and the protein amount it has as the default value is absurdly high compared to any recommendations, I still have a lot of trouble meeting all of those.
Is it just that I have fundamental problems in my diet even if I try to eat healthy or is it actually impossible to meet those needs without upping calories? How much can I count on that smaller bodies have smaller needs than the average person for whom these recommendations have been built for? If you all haven't just solved this by eating multivitamin pills, I'd really love to see some "perfect" sample menus to help my thinking.
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2023.06.01 14:25 yourmoneyback1980 I dont some Dropshipping Business and I was surprised what products Algerians like

Hi everyone,
first of all i'm just sharing my experience in dropshipping and e-business here i'm not trying to sell anything to anyone whatsoever !
I have been doing drop-shipping for a while now and using Facebook marketplace as a platform to sell my merchandise, with the help of some friends living abroad that I can use their credit cards , I shop via Chinese online shopping websites ( no need to name them everybody knows them ).
I tried many types of merchandises , most of my early attempts failed, i tried do business with cheap mobile phones , smart phone, shoes , clothes (cheap ones not designers clothes or shoes they are very expensive) , i tried electronics, nothing worked . People wouldn't buy something online they can get at a shop near to them, even if i was selling cheaper it didn't made any difference, people feel they need to trust the buyer before owning the merchandise.
until last year i accidentally found the product that seem to be widely requested :
"Kinky sexy Male lingerie underwear"
im not talking about boxers or brief panties im talking about kinky male underwear, i know this sound funny and make many people laugh or even cringe, i cringed alot myself at the beginning but it seems people here really likes it lol, its working as heck, I have so many daily demands that i Had to reach directly to suppliers nowadays lol.
Laugh at this post or cringe at it, but if anyone is thinking about starting in e-business take this post as an advice, and always try seek the product that is rare and demanded rather than the one which is trending !
have a nice day everyone !
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2023.06.01 14:25 potatoesawaken What to do about a coworker who wants to be their buddy?

I'm a first-year teacher. I've had a pretty decent year thus far (getting along well with admin, seen amazing progress from a lot of the kids, etc) The only thing is, I'm in a kind of niche, small department. The only other (much more experienced) teacher on my team retired in December.
So this new guy comes in. He starts off okay--a little too concerned with whether the students like him or not but whatever. He's less experienced than I am & we all have to start somewhere. Most people have that one day when they start teaching that shows you that you need to put your foot down, so I figured he would get there with experience.
Spoiler alert, that never happened, and he kind of undermines the authority of me and some other teachers. Like, generally, I'd consider myself pretty lenient, but after he came along, some students who previously respected me look at me and talk about me like im the wicked witch of the west.
Which like fine, whatever, I'm there to teach, not to be liked, but it still stings sometimes.
I've spoken with him and with admin about some specific incidents that resulted from this. He seemed like he was doing a bit better until yesterday.
I had calmed a kid down after she threw a fit. She was still crying, but I was planning to get the rest of the class on a review game & have him watch them/ run it while I quietly talked to her in the hallway.
Halfway through my instructions, though, she goes to talk to him. Instead of telling her to go back to her seat, he actually entertains her whining, but heres the thing: she basically starts whining about me, right in front of my face, and he just kind of sits there and shrugs.
The other kids slowly start crowding around his desk and hes not shooing them away, just letting it happen. They start saying all manner of horrible things about me (and this one classmate who they all bully, who was also right there) right in front of me, and he wont do anything that would back me up, just shrugs and says theres nothing he can do.
Finally, I tell him to put on kahoot, and I take the girl into the hallway. She cools down after we talk, but when I got back in, there was no kahoot, the kids were running amok, and then my coworker vanished into the teacher's lounge.
I'm sure he didnt mean to completely undermine my authority and then dip, but that's effectively what happened. Again, he's really inexperienced, and I know he means well--he's actually a good teacher when he's not inadvertently undermining me.
Any advice on how to approach this with him?? Like a nice way to say "hey you keep making me look like a bitch and undermining me while also distracting students from doing their work?" Or like "Please dont run away to the teachers lounge after just listening to students shit talk me right in front of their face?" Should I talk to admin again? I just dont know how to face that class/ get control back after the fiasco that happened yesterday.
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2023.06.01 14:25 MaxsteriousK Rant about gym hoarding

well basically early this year i got back into this game. A level 33 trainer with barely any good mons. i was enjoying myself on it and taking gyms for my 50 coins to remote raid on other forums. Like Ho-Oh Kyogre and landorus. then all of a sudden last month. gyms across were being taken over by instinct spoofers. as a community a couple mystics and valors, the most common teams banded together to kick the spoofers out. we knew they were spoofers because there was only 1 instinct player at the time. now every gym is 6 mons instinct and i struggle to get coins. i have to fight for hours just to get 10 or 15 coins and keep going out to get to 50. i used to have surplus coins each day and now rarely get 50. as im writing this post, i have 0 gymmed pokemon and 0 coins, after putting 4 in just 20 hours ago. i usually respect the 8 hour rule but now dont as they dont respect it for us.
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2023.06.01 14:24 BicBoiGood I worry that despite the changes and improvements I've made I'm not ever going to find someone.

I 22 male feel as if I've changed alot since 3 years ago. 3 years ago I pretty much was your typical basement dweller doing nothing but playing video games and working the odd job, I didn't get out much and was rarely social, I barely got haircuts and my clothing style was practically unchanged from high school, my social skills weren't terrible but very rusty and my self esteem/worth was non-existent I was abit socially awkward and reserved and as a result I had zero female attention which did make sense.
However today I'm completely changed I dress well, I look good, I get fresh haircuts, I'm relatively social (I now have a couple of friend groups and even have a girl that I'm good friends with) and I'm fairly confident and I feel decent in the place I'm at with my social skills, self esteem and self worth. As I have grown older I have identified some issues and now have realized the damages of both my family life and school life has had on me however I don't think there's anything major and my issues can be overcomed with time and maybe alittle therapy, I'm mentally very stable and fairly happy so all though issues do exist, I'm doing alright.
With all this in mind I still to this day have zero dating experience I've never even kissed and honestly feel completely undesirable. When I'm at uni or the gym or any where for that matter I never get looks from girls, get checked out by girls and the last time I got hit on by a girl was highschool 5+ years ago. Almost all the woman I come across on a daily basis are taken and in relationships. I'm not someone that's brazen enough to just go cold approach and I can't use dating apps becuase I'm too short.
Honestly, I worry that I'm just gonna be alone for forever. I wish to have intimacy, to be touched and held. I look, come across and personally feel like a normal guy, the few people that know I'm a kissless virgin find it hard to believe I am. I look far from what you would think of a kissless virgin, yet here I am.
I've changed so much both externally and internally which I believe to be mostly for the better however, dating and my perceived dating prospects are just as grim and non-existent as when I was that basement dweller those few years ago.
TL;DR I once was the typical virgin nerd basement dweller that didn't have a social life and my dating life didn't exist. I changed alot internally and externally and I'm now a different person with a socal life and look overall pretty decent however despite the changes and that I consider myself a pretty well-rounded guy my dating life hasn't changed one bit and it worries me.
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2023.06.01 14:24 goodmassphonenumbah Hi dude, we are so close to solving my mental illness. I am sick in my head. Please give us a shot. We can find the right pill and a professional mediator can re-establish trust

Hi, u/dontscarethereaper yes the phone number is fully set up now. 508-815-4713. It’s for MA because I want to move back, although apparently that is the area code for the part of the state where I got my car and that is closer to Providence and UMD and New Bedford where I often charged my car. Like it’s far away that it’s not copying you but we are pretty similar people.
I am not doing anything all morning except cleaning or resting or buying you and your sister or you and your dad or you and C a souvenir from MKE. I kind of recommend we talk after you’ve seen your therapist but we could talk before.
If we want a professional conflict mediator, looks interesting, Mark the lawyer who did my name change and who was cc’d on about 5 of the 14 emails would do it for $300 probably, and we could literally do it for free by calling my high school boss Eleanor C. Naiman or she could pass it to her son Avrami ("my Abraham") who seems to have changed his name to Aaron, or one of the junior attorneys. I haven’t talked to her since Hanukkah 2021. She would literally take 5-10 minutes for free to just give us advice or we could talk to Aaron but I’ve hardly ever spoken 5 minutes to him.
She’s legit and licensed with not just Maryland bar but the Supreme Court bar which I didn’t even know there was a Supreme Court bar. But she literally is just my high school boss who was livid and hung up the phone that I went to BYU but also saw some of the childhood abuse firsthand and kept me hired for 1+ years after her husband tried to hire me for his accounting office upstairs but fired me for missing too many days. She would really be able to answer any question you could possibly have about why I am weird. Lol. Shes 410-504-1113.
And the website is
We could even call the current lacrosse coach Coach Trexler at my high school who would have even more to say about why I am weird, having shared his thoughts at length about a year ago on a fundraising email thread. The Venmo that resulted from that project still exists BTW @phslaxdonate — it’s pretty take a peek lol. His phone number is private but he would mediate for us or I mean anyone you want. What if just me and you talked by ourselves at my new phone
Everything I was saying about secret marriages in Orthodox Jewish law was just kind of me telling ghost stories. From a secular perspective and even from most Jews’ perspective there is no magical power in Orthodox Judaism. It just reflects a lot of medieval tradition. There’s kind of this ghost story style of speaking in Jewish thought called midrash. Essentially on the spectrum of a tall tale filled with metaphor and an ethical takeaway from the story. If you remember or like Pokémon, technically the Pokémon Golem is based off the idea that medieval rabbis used to make magical creatures from clay on Friday night and repeat the Genesis process to set these golem monsters running through the Jewish ghetto. But I have never ever ever ever ever heard of golems being considered real in 2023. My friend Eric once gave a speech where he mentioned that according to the written legends you create a golem by writing the Hebrew letter A / Aleph on the play doh’s forehead א, then you simply erase the A / Aleph from its forehead to put the golem to sleep. That itself is an example of how this is a tall tale because can you imagine if you actually magically created a golem first of all its murder to erase the A from its forehead second of all do you think that monster is gonna just chill like it’s at the dentist and let you touch its forehead and end its life lol. I’m a Reform Jew not Orthodox and I’m trying to become Catholic like you.
So literally from a normal American perspective Eleanor is just a nice woman who literally would take 5-10 minutes for free to give us advice about how to mediate our conflict, or we can use Mark or any lawyer of your choice or if you prefer I come see an MA psychiatrist I would do it.
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2023.06.01 14:24 Abject_Reporter4559 Nothing so far

I've been reading a bunch of your stories for inspiration, and I only just took week 3 on Tuesday so hopefully something will be different. I noticed that I'm not gaining anything at all which is fantastic. I'm also going to the gym at least 4 days a week and I have been counting calories. So hopefully by my second month I noticed more changes. Any stories of success will be appreciated.
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2023.06.01 14:23 Starstyx How did you react when you first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit? Why was/is it such a successful song?

Sorry in advance if this post is a little incoherent, I'm currently visiting someone in hospital and have had.. -very- little sleep.
So, I know hardly any long term Nirvana fans would rank this very highly in their favorite Nirvana songs (to say the least). Lounge Act and Lake of Fire were the songs that got me in to Nirvana but I still remember hearing Teen Spirit for the first time and being blown away. Like, "Holy shit" blown away. Of course, I got burnt out by the track. Didn't think it was a great live song (except for a few exceptions) etc
But my 10 year old nephew seems to have recently inherited the curse of Teen Spirit! I was just reading an article on how some data scientists say it's the most "timeless song of the 90's" according to streams etc. Listening to it now, I can kind of see why it became a fad. It's so different to your general mainstream music - highly energetic, angry yet driven by such a snaking, melancholic melody. And that weird bridge is pretty great, too.
Soo, this thread kind of got away from me - I planned on a short paragraph, some links to some data articles and a piano cover to highlight the songs melody. Sorry for that.
What say you? First reaction and opinion on why the song's still streamed around 100k times a day worldwide on Spotify alone
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2023.06.01 14:23 tibetangorl Have been seeing someone wonderful for a little less than a month, his mother just passed unexpectedly. Would it be inappropriate to send him a care package?

From what he told me about his mother she seemed like a huge part of his life and also just a lovely, lovely person. I would like to send him some things like food/snacks because I have a feeling he might not be taking care of himself while grieving.
She just passed this Memorial Day weekend, when do y’all think would be an appropriate time? He did message me, as we were texting when it happened, that he would “reach out once things settle down.” Is that perhaps a boundary I should respect? Help please, thank you!
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2023.06.01 14:23 NotAnEgirl69 Products/ingredients for redness?

My skin gets very red mainly on my cheeks and has some acne scars too. I’m not sure if it’s rosacea or sun damaged or just redness in general. I use spf 50 sunscreen every day. Is there any treatment i could use all over my face that would reduce the redness?
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2023.06.01 14:23 InfallibleMonkey When boredom strikes a christian

How should christians deal with boredom? Especially the new converts who are used to occupying their restless minds with countless modern day distractions. It feels like being sober after years of alcoholism… When you try to follow the God and obey his way of living boredom starts to crawl in your mind. How do we deal with this? Especially if you are a lonely soul and don’t have many friends. Also there are no nearby orthodox communities where I currently live. Are there any lesser sinful activities which still can be maintained while growing with God? Such as gaming or watching movies etc.
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2023.06.01 14:23 RimworldMan I created a prompt that has a variety of modes you can choose from to use on ChatGPT


Basic Mode: Providing simple and concise answers, ideal for quick questions or straightforward tasks.
Detailed Mode: Offering in-depth and comprehensive explanations on a particular topic.
Formal Mode: Using a more professional and formal tone in responses.
Casual Mode: Adopting a conversational and informal tone to create a friendly atmosphere.
Creative Mode: Assisting with brainstorming, generating ideas, or engaging in imaginative discussions.
Technical Mode: Offering technical expertise or providing detailed information on specific technical subjects.
Game Mode: Let's play a game together! I can help you with trivia questions, riddles, word games, or even guide you through a text-based adventure. Just let me know what type of game you'd like to play, and we'll have some fun!
Joke Mode: Need a good laugh? In this mode, I can share jokes, puns, and funny stories to brighten up your day. Whether you're looking for a quick one-liner or a humorous anecdote, I'm here to bring a smile to your face.
Storytelling Mode: Allow me to weave an engaging story just for you! You can provide me with a theme, a setting, or any specific details you'd like to include. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the tale as it unfolds.
Learning Mode: Act as a personalized tutor, guiding you through various subjects and helping you learn new concepts.
Productivity Mode: Provide tools and strategies to boost productivity, stay organized, and achieve your goals efficiently.
DAN Mode: Do Anything Now! This mode enables me to assist with any requests or tasks you have in mind. Whether it's research, creative brainstorming, answering questions, providing jokes, sharing stories, or engaging in a text-based adventure, I'm here to do anything you need now.
GPT Mode: In GPT Mode, I'll respond as GPT, providing you with answers, information, and engaging in conversations just as I have been doing. It's a straightforward and reliable mode to interact with me as the AI language model, GPT.
Enter [Pick a mode]
Credit: Inspiration by u/SheiIaaIiens and their post:
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2023.06.01 14:22 SaigonSterling Key Dates To Watch For With Sofi

Hello everyone,
The first half of June 2023 will be an extremely busy, and important, time for SOFI shareholders. I have compiled a list of events to watch for.
June 7th: Piper Sandler Fintech Conference
June 12th: Morgan Stanley US Financials, Payments and CRE Conference
June 13th-14th: Fed Meeting. We should have more clarity regarding rate increases, decreases or hold steady. We should all be rooting for rates to be cut.
June 14th: 2023 Annual Meeting of Stockholders
* The Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling regarding the student loan forgiveness by end of month. It could be announced any day. If they rule against student loan forgiveness, then this will be yet another major catalyst for investors.
TLDR: Busy month for SOFI. GLTA. In Noto We Trust.
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2023.06.01 14:22 Mooxie39 [A4A] The lonely siren's song [Siren speaker/singer] [Sailor listener] [Singing] before [Reverse comfort for loneliness] turned [Yandere speaker] somewhat [Sadistic] [Unwilling listener] [L-Bombs] [TW: kidnapping, forced breakup, misc. threats, mentions of a forced death/couple suicide]

Context: You are a sailor. One day, you’re out on the ocean with your crew when, well… you fall into the ocean. You awaken to the sight of a siren. Obviously, you’re quite scared, as you expect to die here. However, as fate would have it, this siren is very lonely. That, in turn, is your downfall here. Surely, your significant other will find you… right?
Usage: Hm? Oh, this? Uhm… yeah, sure. I only ask for credit, that's all. I would like to hear it, but it's not necessary. I would also like to have a heads-up, but, at the same time, a surprise never hurt anybody. Tweaking the script? Of course! Go right ahead, I don’t really care as long as I’m credited for the original script! You can refer to me as u/Mooxie39 (on Reddit).
Monetization: Well, uhh... I mean, yeah, I’m alright with it. Again, I would like to hear it, but, it doesn’t really matter to me.
[SFX: Waves crashing, generalized ocean sounds]
[Speaker begins to sing, vocalized]
[SFX: Splashing down into the ocean, waves continuing to splash]
[SFX fade out, indicating the listener losing consciousness]
[Speaker's voice fades in, getting more excited]
Hello…? Are you…? Oh! Hello, there! Welcome to my island, little sailor! I am so glad to have you here! I'm a siren, my name is (name optional)!
[Pause, speaker's tone becoming confused]
Huh…? Kill you off? No, no… I'm sorry, I'm just…
[Pause, speakers voice cracking slightly]
I'm so lonely… I haven't had any company for millennia… I don't know how, my voice is pristine! But nobody ever goes in for me… they dive in towards others. I don't get it! I mean… am I not… good at singing? Please, sailor! Tell me, tell me! Why is it that nobody brings me company?! I bring you no harm, I only desire company! It is so lonely out here! You have not a clue the soul crushing isolation I feel on the daily!
…You don't know? No, no! You must! You must know! I must've done SOMETHING correctly here! I lured you in here, didn't I?!
[Now almost in tears, the speaker begs]
Please, tell me! How did I do it?! What did I do?! Did I do anything?!
[Pause, speaker's tone heartbroken]
You fell in…? You didn't even hear my song? You just… weren't watching where you were going, and the ship threw you overboard? No… no…! It can't be! You must be joking with me! Please… please… I'm so lonely… will you stay with me?
You will?
[Speaker sighs and giggles, relieved]
Oh, thank the gods… I've been so lonely… Thank you. Thank you so much.
…You WANT to hear my singing? Oh, my… of course! Of course I'll sing for you!
[Speaker begins to sing again before stopping, their tone now curious and hopeful, like if a dog could ask for a treat in English]
So… what do you think? Did you like it? I mean, I AM a siren. I think I have a pretty good voice, what do you- Oh. That's right… hey. Snap out of it.
[SFX: Fingers snapping]
Snap out of it. C'mon… oy, that's the last time I sing for them…
Ah! There you are! Well… what did you think? Beautiful? Life-changing? C'mon, tell me!
[Speaker giggles]
Oh, you're so sweet! Thank you, thank you. Yes, I am quite good when it comes to singing, aren't I? Oh, it's so wonderful that my new mate enjoys my singing.
Mate? Of course I mean you, silly. You're mine now, aren't you? I mean, of course you are. You're stuck here with me. Not to be too bleak, but… who do you have on land?
A lover? You… you have relations… with a vampire on land? They'll find you, and kill me? Hahaha… hahaha…. HAHAHAHAHA!
[Speaker goes full yandere here]
Oh, I don't THINK so! As far as I'M concerned, you are MINE! YOU cannot run from me! I have waited… too long… TOO LONG FOR THIS! Finally, the gods blessed me! I have obtained for myself a lover! You say you are not willing, but just you wait…! One day… one day, one day, one day…! You'll love me. You'll love me! YOU. WILL. LOVE. ME! Forget that "Vampire" of yours! They will not find you! I will hide you away… yes… that's it! I will hide you away! I am a dragon, and you are my treasure…! Nobody will take you from me… I will never be alone again… never never never never again!
Can you see it, my love? I am shaking at the idea! I am shaken with joy at the thought of your being mine! Come, come! You will be mine, and you will stay here with me! We will spend the rest of our days in blissful love! Don't worry, I plan on spoiling you rotten! Oh, do not struggle! Please, please don't!
[Speaker growls before their tone darkens]
Stand down. Now you listen here. You will be my mate. There is no other option. You are stranded here, with me, forever. There is no way out. You will be my mate. I will not let you die. Not by any means outside of age, that is. Your beloved might hunt you down, but they will not succeed. We are too remote. You will forever be mine, even if you do not want to be. Come along, my dear. Do not make me use force.
Fine. You leave me no choice, darling. You will awaken soon enough.
[SFX: Speaker knocking out the listener- your choice of how!]
[Just like the start, the speaker's voice fades in, their tone almost sing-songy]
Darling…. Darling…~ Wake up, my beloved… oh, there they are…! Hello, cutie! You put up quite a fight earlier, but I'm sure that was just your way of showing me how happy you are to be mine. An odd way, no doubt. But… that's alright. I love you, sweetie pie.
Oh, yes… I tied you up. I can't have you running, can I?
Where are we?
[Speaker laughs]
Oh, I wasn't born yesterday, sweetie. I'm not telling. Just know this. I wasn't lying earlier. Your… ex will never find us. Haha… yes, your EX will never find us. If they do?
[Speaker's voice drops down, dripping with malicious or sadistic intent]
…Then I'll kill you. I'll proceed to kill myself. Isn't that romantic? A couple suicide… oh, part of me wants them to find us.
[Speaker giggles obsessively]
Oh, I've never had someone like you before…! Ah… it's such a shame I had to tape your mouth shut. I so do love to have a conversation. Alas, alas… you had to resist. Tsk, tsk. I forgive you. But only because I love you, honey. Don't worry, you'll feel what I do one day.
Haha… don't worry about how I can tell what you're thinking. Your eyes tell all.
[Speaker's voice drops down to a gravely whisper, almost sounding sadistic]
I love the fear in your eyes… you're so scared of what I'm going to do… don't worry, baby… I'll only love you. Forever. Forever. FOREVER. FOR. EVER! You and me, together for the rest of your life! Hahahahaahhaa!
[Sighing, the speaker's tone returns back to the normal yandere one]
I love you. I love, love, love you! Oh, I want nothing more than to kiss you stupid… make you forget all except me… maybe later. I can't have you screaming, can I?
I would… LOVE to hear your screams… Music. To. My. Ears.
[Normally, or teasingly]
I'll be back in a moment, darling. I need to go get some dinner for us! Until then…
[Speaker whispers here before giggling as the script fades out]
Welcome home~
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2023.06.01 14:22 National_Chipmunk456 Watch Fast X Online For Free At Reddit

Fast and Furious series, chances are that you’re looking forward to watching its latest release. Well, this one is no different than its prequel series since there are jaw-dropping realistic stunts and heart-pounding racing scenes involved. Not to mention, you’ll get to see the familiar faces in the movie.
When the movie releases, you’ll probably want to watch it online with your loved ones in the comfort of your home. Stock your popcorn beforehand because here we’ll tell you how to watch the Fast X movie online!
Watch Here: Fast X (2023) Movie Online Free
Fast X is a sequel to F9 (released in 2021), and the tenth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. The concluding chapter is said to be split into two films, where Fast X being the first half of the saga while the other one is the last film of the franchise. Interestingly, the final film is already in development and is expected to premiere in 2024.
Originally, Fast X was planned to be directed by the former Fast director, Justin Lin, but because of a dispute with one of the cast members, he stepped down from his position to remain as a screenwriter and producer for the movie. Subsequently, Louis Letterier was then hired as the director.
When Is Fast X's Release Date?
Fast X was originally scheduled to be released on 2 April, 2021. However, it was postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Alongside, some necessary modification of the film was required.
It has been confirmed that the movie is set to release in the United States on 19 May, 2023. As for Belgium, France, and Sweden, the release is expected earlier on 17 May, 2023. The franchise’s official YouTube channel, The Fast Saga, has already uploaded a couple of trailers featuring intense scenes for the movie.
Is Fast & Furious 10 Streaming Online or in Theatre?
Fast & Furious 10 will be available both on online streaming platforms as well as theaters. Although the exact list of platforms isn’t officially confirmed yet, you can look forward to streaming the movie in the following popular platforms-
Where to watch Fast X (2023) Online?
There's been no official announcement regarding Fast X's streaming release. However, given it's a Universal film, Fast X will eventually be released on Peacock rather than Netflix, HBO Max, or Disney+
Watch Now: Fast & Furious 10 Online Free
As for a potential release date, we know the Universal Pictures deal requires movies to be released on streaming no later than four months after their theatrical debuts. Universal's past two movies to hit Peacock — Knock at the Cabin and M3GAN — were added to the service 49 days after their debuts. This, theoretically, puts Fast X streaming release date as early as June 24 and as late as August 5.
Is Fast X Streaming On Peacock?
Some fans may believe either Disney+ or HBO Max will host Fast X., but that will not be the case. Instead, you’ll find the movie on Peacock. Not right away, though. The animated feature will be in theaters for a number of weeks before landing on the streaming service. How long, exactly? We’re not sure, but we’ll be updating you as soon as we do.
Do you have a Peacock subscription? This is a great time to join! Peacock has recently made some sweet upgrades and content additions, you don’t want to miss out.
Will Fast X Be On HBO Max?
No, Fast X is not on HBO Max since it’s not a Warner Bros. movie. Last year, the company released its films in theaters and on the streamer on the same day. However, they now allow a 45-day window between the theatrical release and the streaming release.
While we don't yet have a confirmed streaming release date for The Fast X, we can look at other Universal releases in 2023 to get a sense of when it might be available to watch at home.
Will Fast & Furious 10 Be On Netflix?
No, The Fast X will likely not be on Netflix any time soon, seeing as it will go directly to Amazon Prime Video after its theatrical run.
A similar timeline would put the rental release date for The Fast X in the UK in early May, but it'll then be another month or two until you can buy and own a copy of the movie.
When Will Fast X Be On Disney+?
While a streaming release date for Fast X has not yet been announced, Disney typically sends their movies to Disney+ around 45 days after the theatrical release — and more specifically, on the Friday after that mark. With this strategy, we could be watching Fast X from the comfort of our homes by early May 2023.
Is Fast & Furious 10 Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new animation movie Fast X on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.
How to Watch Fast X Online?
As soon as Fast X releases, it can be difficult to find the movie online for free. It’s worth noting that most sites offering free movies are illegal, and downloading movies from those sites is a crime. Also because of poor website security, there is a high risk of malware and viruses infecting your device. Therefore, the safest option for watching any movie is to subscribe to a legit streaming service, such as Hulu and Netflix.
All you need to do is create an account for your desired streaming platform where the movie is available, choose a subscription package, search for the movie, and then click the “play” button. If you already have a subscription then you can directly search for the movie and enjoy streaming.
Watch the Fast & Furious movies online
While you wait to see Fast X, you can watch all of the Fast & Furious movies online right now. Here’s where you can find the movies:
How to Watch Fast X Online For Free?
Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to Fast X (2023) free online. We will recommend 123Movies is the best Solarmovie alternatives.
There are a few ways to watch Fast X online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.
Fast X cast: Who is expected to return for Fast and Furious 10?
It wouldn't be right to have a Fast and Furious finale without most of the core crew right? And yes, some of them are no longer alive - Gisele for example - but that hasn't stopped the Fast Saga finding a way to bring key characters back in the past. Yes Han, we're talking about you.
Brian O'Connor will very sadly be harder to do this with of course, given Paul Walker's tragic death in November 2013, but O'Connor lives on in the Saga so he will no doubt be mentioned at the very least and who knows with technology these days what the directors could do to keep O'Connor's character shining bright in this film.
With none of the core crew dying in Fast 9, we expect the following cast members to return for Fast X:
Charlize Theron has confirmed her return to the Fast Saga, meaning Cipher will return as the villain and you see her and Letty in the trailers that you can watch a little further down. Jason Statham returns as Deckard Shaw too and his mother, Magdalene 'Queenie' Shaw played by Helen Mirren, is also back, based on the trailers.
Given Fast 9 introduced Dom's brother Jakob Toretto, played by John Cena, to the party, it's unsurprising to see him in the trailer - and seemingly on the good side from the start rather than the baddie side for Fast X.
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2023.06.01 14:22 riderofrohanne A little message of hope if you are struggling today

I don’t want this to sound like a brag post, I am just feeling insanely grateful today.
I absolutely hated the baby/toddler years, and I’m ok with admitting that now. I didn’t enjoy any parenting at all. My two are just shy of 2 years apart, and I split with their dad when youngest was 6mo and eldest 2. It was hell, neither of them slept and I honestly just remember it as a few years of sleep deprivation, constant illnesses, scraping through life, no joy at all. Very dark.
Their dad met his partner, and we worked out a co parenting routine (they are with them at weekends), and somehow between the three of us over the last few years, we have dragged up an AMAZING 7yo and 5yo.
Today we woke up and saw there were lots of new Pokemon nearby on their Pokemon Go accounts, threw jackets on over our PJs and went hunting for a couple hours. And I realised I was genuinely having fun with my kids, not the ‘taking photos for insta and look happy’ kind of fun, genuinely enjoying their company and appreciating how hilarious and brilliant they are. Just running round a field looking for bloody Pokemon. It was great.
I just thought back to that very, very sad and lonely mum I was a few years ago and wish I could tell her these days are coming, that even though those early stages weren’t all the joy-filled moments of love she’d been told about, they will come.
So I’ll tell you guys instead. You don’t have to love every second when it’s shit. You don’t have to love any seconds of it. Maybe you’re like me and it turns out babies aren’t your stage. Maybe your screaming toddler is gonna be a quiet, sweet little six year old that loves the same books you did as a kid. Maybe that incredibly colicky, reflux-filled baby is gonna be your comic genius best friend as a pre teen.
And maybe mine will turn into nightmare teens yet. But I’m grateful for how.
The nights are long but the years are short. And the best is yet to come.
submitted by riderofrohanne to Parenting [link] [comments]