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2023.06.01 14:14 tsscarrierss Hiab Truck Rentals: Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Hiab Truck Rentals: Revolutionizing the Construction Industry
In the fast-paced world of construction, efficiency and productivity are paramount. One innovation that has revolutionized the industry is the introduction of Hiab truck rentals. These versatile vehicles, equipped with hydraulic cranes or booms, have become an essential tool for lifting and transporting heavy loads. From construction sites to logistics operations, Hiab truck rentals offer numerous benefits that are transforming the way work is done. In this article, we will explore how Hiab truck rentals are revolutionizing the construction industry and why they have become a game-changer for businesses.

1. Increased Versatility
Hiab truck rentals provide unparalleled versatility on construction sites. The hydraulic cranes or booms can be maneuvered and extended to reach even the most challenging areas. This flexibility allows for efficient loading and unloading of materials, regardless of the site's layout or obstacles. Hiab trucks can handle a wide range of tasks, such as lifting heavy machinery, delivering construction materials, and even placing items in hard-to-reach locations. Their adaptability makes them indispensable in various construction operations.
2. Enhanced Productivity
Productivity is a key factor in the success of any construction project. Hiab truck rentals contribute significantly to improved productivity on construction sites. The powerful hydraulic cranes can lift and move heavy loads with ease, reducing the time and effort required for manual labor. With Hiab trucks, construction companies can complete tasks more efficiently, allowing them to take on more projects or finish existing ones ahead of schedule. This increased productivity translates to cost savings and improved overall project performance.
3. Improved Safety
Safety is of utmost importance in the construction industry. Hiab truck rentals prioritize safety by offering features designed to prevent accidents and ensure secure lifting operations. The hydraulic cranes are equipped with advanced control systems and safety mechanisms that protect both the operators and the loads being lifted. Additionally, Hiab trucks undergo regular maintenance and inspections, ensuring that they meet safety standards. By using Hiab truck rentals, construction companies can minimize the risks associated with heavy lifting and create a safer working environment for their employees.
4. Cost-Effective Solution
Owning a fleet of Hiab trucks can be a significant investment for construction companies. However, Hiab truck rentals offer a cost-effective alternative. Renting Hiab trucks allows businesses to access the equipment they need without the upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining a fleet. Moreover, rental agreements often include maintenance and servicing, reducing the financial burden on construction companies. This cost-effective solution allows businesses to allocate their resources more efficiently and invest in other areas of their operations.
5. Flexibility and Scalability
Construction projects often vary in size and duration, requiring different equipment needs. Hiab truck rentals provide the flexibility and scalability that construction companies require. Whether it's a short-term project or a long-term endeavor, rental companies can tailor their offerings to match the specific needs of each project. Construction companies can easily adjust their equipment requirements based on the project's demands, allowing them to optimize resources and maximize efficiency.
6. Environmental Friendliness
Sustainable practices are gaining importance in the construction industry, and Hiab truck rentals contribute to environmental friendliness. Hiab trucks are engineered to be fuel-efficient, reducing carbon emissions and minimizing the environmental impact. By utilizing Hiab truck rentals, construction companies can align with their sustainability goals and reduce their ecological footprint without compromising on performance and productivity.
In conclusion, Hiab truck rentals have become a game-changer in the construction industry. Their versatility, enhanced productivity, improved safety features, and cost-effectiveness make them an invaluable asset for construction companies. The flexibility and scalability they offer allow businesses to adapt to varying project needs efficiently. Moreover, their contribution to environmental friendliness aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable practices in the industry. By embracing Hiab truck rentals, construction companies can elevate their operations to new heights and experience the transformative benefits they bring.
1. Are Hiab truck rentals suitable for all types of construction projects?
Yes, Hiab truck rentals are suitable for various types of construction projects. Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial construction, Hiab trucks can handle a wide range of lifting and transportation tasks. They are particularly useful for projects involving heavy materials, machinery, and items that require precise placement.
2. How do I choose the right Hiab truck rental for my project?
Choosing the right Hiab truck rental depends on factors such as load capacity, lifting requirements, site conditions, and project duration. Assess your project's specific needs and consult with a reputable rental company to determine the most suitable Hiab truck rental for your requirements.
3. Can I rent a Hiab truck for a short-term project?
Yes, rental companies offer flexible rental durations, including short-term rentals for specific projects. Whether you need a Hiab truck rental for a few days, weeks, or months, rental companies can accommodate your requirements. Discuss your project timeline with the rental company to determine the best rental duration for your needs.
4. Are operators provided with Hiab truck rentals?
Rental companies may provide operators along with the Hiab truck rentals upon request. Trained and experienced operators can ensure safe and efficient operation of the Hiab trucks. However, some rental companies may require you to provide your own qualified operators. Clarify this aspect with the rental company during the rental process.
5. How can I find reputable Hiab truck rental companies?
To find reputable Hiab truck rental companies, consider conducting thorough research, reading customer reviews, and seeking recommendations from industry professionals. Look for companies with a proven track record, well-maintained equipment, and excellent customer service. Comparing pricing, rental terms, and additional services can also help you choose the right rental company for your project.
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2023.06.01 14:14 vukz92 Callisthenics + skipping workout circuit on semen retention

Hello I am 30 years old male , about 95 kg , I am.musular athletic build I always used to.be skinny as a kid. They method of training I've been doing for the past 10 years , is always callisthenics, with boxing , sprints , some weights just the functional bench deadline little.bit squat, box jumps, you get the picture , my goal was first to gain some size when I was young , then it changed to increase my cardiovascular limit to.the max , and also increase strength and exosivness . Also do 3 clap pushups , all this training carries over to any sport that you wanna pursue . Muscle ups is my favourite callisthenics exercise . ANYWAY this was my workout today , compare your fitness or post here your own workout to motivate each other , I am pretty fit with cardiovascular stamina ,
Start of with skipping 5 rounds x 3 minutes skip, 1 minute break . Every round always skip mixing it up with different styles and double skip at the mast 20 seconds .
Then finish , have about 5 to 7 minutes rest and start a callisthenics circuit .
4 rounds x 10 pull ups , 15 pushups , 20 squats (all bodyweight , proper form ) , 10 calf raises on weighted machine in gym , rest 1.5 to 2 mins in-between. Everything in set performed all in one go no rest in-between exercises until end of set
After all this I was drenched like I swam in a pool then topped it off with 5 mins intense sauna then finished , felt amazing , done extreme cardiovascular, plus activate your whole body with core , bodyweight excercised and endurance . Testosterone was peaking LOL .
What is your opinion ? Give it a try and post a good circuit workout that you have done that I can try to challenge myself 💪💪💪
( I am also on semen retention, doing it for years currently on 10 day streak , it does make a difference with your absolute willpower and endurance)
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2023.06.01 14:12 Substantial_Pie8276 Bleeding after finger session

Everytime my boyfriend fingers me, i bled. I know it's too rough but y'all can't blame me 😔 Sometimes it's dark brown but today, it's pinkish like light red color. It's not too much so I'm worrying because I'm also worrying about pregnancy rn. We've had sex 3 consecutive days and 1 time 8 days before my ovulation. I'm worrying because I'm getting really bloated and I don't know if my ovulation started early. I have a long cycle which takes about 33-44 days and my period length is 3-5 days. Is it possible that I'm pregnant?
Note: He didn't finished but I'm scared that there's some semen in his precum.
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2023.06.01 14:12 Jeravae Non scale…

Non scale…
I caught myself looking very different today, so I thought I would post a before and after. I’m a ballroom dancer, and this is how I looked 8 months ago in my practice clothes vs. how I look this morning (I was sitting on my vanity doing my makeup) For reference, I am 5’6” sw 220ish, cw 145. Goal weight 140. I have 5 more pounds to go!!
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2023.06.01 14:12 sonofabutch No game today, so let's remember a forgotten Yankee: Jackie Jensen, "The Golden Boy"

Jackie Jensen, "The Golden Boy", was a superstar athlete in the 1940s who seemed destined for greatness as the heir to Joe DiMaggio... only to be supplanted by a different golden boy, the great Mickey Mantle.
Jensen would eventually live up to the hype, but with the Red Sox -- but his career prematurely because, as baseball expanded to the west coast, his fear of flying made road games unbearable!
The Yankees between 1947 and 1964 were utterly dominant, winning 15 pennants and 10 World Series. And it wasn't just the major league team that was successful. The Yankees of this era were loaded up and down the system, from Rookie ball to their two Triple-A teams!
With such a loaded major league roster, the Yankees had many talented players stuck either on the end of the bench or in the minors who would eventually find an opportunity with other teams, including Bob Cerv, Vic Power, Gus Triandos, Lew Burdette, Jerry Lumpe, Bob Porterfield, and Bob Keegan, who would all be All-Stars with other teams. Clint Courtney would be the 1952 A.L. Rookie of the Year runner-up after the Yankees traded him to the Browns, and Bill Virdon was the 1955 N.L. Rookie of the Year with the Cardinals (and then Yankee manager from 1974 to 1975!).
But the most talented player who just couldn't find the playing time in New York was Jack Eugene Jensen, born March 9, 1927, in San Francisco. His parents divorced when he was 5, and he grew up poor, his mother working six days a week, 12 hours a day. Jensen said the family moved 16 times between kindergarten and eighth grade -- "every time the rent came due."
After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, Jensen went to the University of California in 1946 on the G.I. Bill. There he became one of the most famous college players in the country, leading Cal to the Rose Bowl. In 1947, he was the starting fullback as well as the team's top defensive back, and in 1948, he rushed for 1,000 yards and was an All-American.
He also was a tremendous two-way baseball player, pitching and hitting for the Golden Bears in 1947 as the won the very first College World Series, beating a Yale team that had George H.W. Bush playing first base. In 1949, he was an All-American in baseball, too.
His blond hair, good looks, and athletic accomplishments earned him the nickname "The Golden Boy."
Halfway through his junior year, Jensen left Berkeley to turn pro. Jensen would later say he couldn't risk playing a career-ending injury playing for free while teams -- baseball and football -- were trying to sign him to big-money contracts.
"There was a money tree growing in my backyard. Why shouldn't I pluck off the dollars when I wanted to?"
Jensen considered a number of offers, including from the Yankees, before signing a three-year, $75,000 contract with the Oakland Oaks of the Pacific Coast League. Jensen said he thought he'd face better competition in the Pacific Coast League, the top minor league of the era, than he would at the bottom of the Yankee farm system. He was right about it being more of a challenge -- he hit an unimpressive .261/.317/.394 in 510 plate appearances with the Oaks.
At the end of the year, the Oaks sold his contract (and that of Billy Martin, another Northern California kid) to the Yankees.
That same year, Jensen married his high school sweetheart, Zoe Ann Olsen, an Olympic diver. (By age 18, she had won 14 national diving championships and a silver medal in the 1948 Olympics.) "Together they looked like a Nordic god and goddess," Sports Illustrated reported. Nicknamed "the sweethearts of sports," they were the Dansby Swanson and Mallory Pugh of their era. More than 1,000 people attended their wedding.
Jensen would start the 1950 season not in the minors but in the Bronx. He joined the Yankees in a time of flux. They though they'd won the 1949 World Series, the Yankees knew they had to make some changes, with 35-year-old Joe DiMaggio nearing the end of his career. And their heir apparent was not Mickey Mantle -- at the time an 18-year-old shortstop playing in the Class C league, the equivalent of A-ball today -- but the 23-year-old Jensen.
But Jensen disappointed, hitting just .171/.247/.300 in 70 at-bats, and only starting in 13 games. Watching from the bench most of the season, Jensen would later lament the lost year of development, saying he'd have been better off playing every day in the Pacific Coast League.
The Yankees won the pennant for a second straight year, and in the World Series he once again was left on the bench. His only action was as a pinch runner in Game 3 as the Yankees swept the Phillies. That "Moonlight Graham" appearance would be his only taste of the post-season in an 11-year career.
The following year would be DiMaggio's last, and Mantle's first. Jensen began the year as the Yankees' starting left fielder and proved he belonged, hitting .296/.371/.509 through the end of July... and then, shockingly, was demoted to Triple-A and replaced with previously forgotten Yankee Bob Cerv.
I can see why they called up Cerv -- the University of Nebraska stand-out was tearing up Triple-A, leading the American Association in batting average (.349), home runs (26), triples (21), RBIs (101), and total bases (261) -- but why demote Jensen, who had a 140 OPS+ in the majors? Maybe the Yankees felt the brash 23-year-old needed to be taken down a peg. In any event, Cerv hit just .214/.333/.250 in August and was sent back to Triple-A, but Jensen also was left down there. He hit .263/.344/.469 and was recalled after the Triple-A season ended, only getting into three games (he went 3-for-9).
Mantle, too, had started the season with the Yankees, and after hitting .260/.341/.423 through the middle of July, was sent down to Triple-A. But he hit .361/.445/.651 in 166 at-bats, and unlike Jensen was back in the bigs by August 24. He would play pretty much every game the rest of the season, hitting .284/.370/.495 in 95 at-bats.
The torch had clearly been passed -- Jensen was no longer the heir apparent to DiMaggio. In the World Series that year, Mantle was the starting right fielder, and Jensen wasn't even on the post-season roster.
Jensen was so disappointed with how the Yankees had treated him in 1951 that he talked to the San Francisco 49ers about switching to pro football, but ultimately decided to stick with baseball.
Never shy about what he said to reporters, Jensen told The Sporting News on October 24, 1951:
"I felt so badly about the treatment that I received from the Yankees that, although I was in New York at the end of the season, I didn't feel like sticking around to even watch the club play in any of the World's Series games."
"I do not feel the Yankees were justified in sending me to the minor leagues. When I was shipped to Kansas City, I was doing as good a job as any Yankee outfielder and better than some of them. I was hitting .296, which was ten points better than Hank Bauer and 30 points better than Joe DiMaggio, Gene Woodling and Mickey Mantle. Yet Casey Stengel didn't give me the chance I felt I deserved."
Despite blasting his manager in the press, Jensen was still the property of the Yankees. That off-season, teams were circling, hoping to pry away the talented but disgruntled outfielder. There were newspaper reports of offers from the St. Louis Browns, the Detroit Tigers, the Philadelphia Athletics, the Washington Senators, the Cleveland Indians, and the Boston Red Sox -- with one rumor being Ted Williams to the Bronx in exchange for Jensen and several other players. (A Red Sox scout called the rumored deal "a lot of hogwash.")
Sportswriters spent the off-season speculating whether DiMaggio would retire, and if he did, whether Jensen or Mantle would take over as the center fielder, as there were still concerns that Mantle, who had hurt his knee in the 1951 World Series, wouldn't be fully recovered by the start of the season.
On Opening Day, April 16, 1952, it was Jackie Jensen in center and Mickey Mantle in right. Jensen went 0-for-5 with a GIDP; Mantle, 3-for-4 with a double, a walk, and a stolen base! Seven games into the season, Jensen was 2-for-17 (.118) and found himself on the bench. He'd never play for the Yankees again. On May 3, the Golden Boy was traded to the Washington Senators along with Spec Shea, Jerry Snyder, and Archie Wilson in exchange for Irv Noren and Tom Upton.
In two years with the Senators, Jensen hit an impressive .276/.359/.407 (112 OPS+), but the team was terrible, and Jensen wasn't happy. Still just 26 years old, he later said he had almost quit after the 1953 season... particularly after a harrowing flight to Japan for a series of exhibition games with a squad of All-Stars that included Yankees Yogi Berra, Eddie Lopat, and Billy Martin. That experience gave Jensen a lifelong fear of flying, a phobia that became so intense eventually he could only fly with the help of sleeping pills... and a hypnotist!
He might have quit if not for the trade on December 9, 1953, that sent him to the Boston Red Sox for pitcher Mickey McDermott and outfielder Tom Umphlett. He was homesick, he hated flying, and he now had two little kids at home. Red Sox general manager Joe Cronin convinced Jensen to come to the Red Sox, telling him that Fenway Park was tailor made for his swing. Cronin was right: Jensen was a career .279/.369/.460 hitter, but .298/.400/.514 at Fenway.
It was in Boston that Jensen finally lived up to the hype, becoming a two-time All-Star and winning the A.L. MVP Award in 1958 and a Gold Glove in 1959. During his seven seasons in Boston, he hit .282/.374/.478 in 4,519 plate appearances. In his MVP season, Jensen hit .286/.396/.535 (148 OPS+) with 31 doubles, 35 home runs, and a league-leading 122 RBIs. During his peak with the Red Sox, 1954 to 1959, Jensen's average season was .285/.378/.490 (127 OPS+) with 28 doubles, 26 home runs, 111 RBIs, 14 stolen bases, and 3.6 bWAR. During those six seasons, no one in the American League -- not Mickey Mantle, not Ted Williams, not Al Kaline -- had more runs batted in than Jackie Jensen.
Of course, Mantle was the far better player -- even in Jensen's MVP season, Mantle had more runs, hits, home runs, walks, and a 188 OPS+ -- but Jensen's 127 OPS+ between 1954 and 1959 would have been an upgrade over the aging Hank Bauer's 110 OPS+ in right or the left field merry-go-round of Norm Siebern (113 OPS+), Irv Noren (107 OPS+), Enos Slaughter (103 OPS+), and previously forgotten Yankee Hector Lopez (101 OPS+). Casey Stengel would later say the Jensen trade was the worst one the Yankees had made while he was manager.
Despite his success, Jensen was sometimes booed by the Boston fans, just as they sometimes booed Ted Williams. There even was an article in Sport magazine, "What Do They Want From Jackie Jensen?", taking Red Sox fans to task for their unreasonably high demands from the Golden Boy. In 1956, in a game at Fenway Park against the Yankees, the hometown fans were razzing Jensen so much that teammates had to restrain him from going into the stands after a fan. Later that same game, Williams misplayed a wind-blown fly ball from Mantle, and the fans booed lustily. The very next play, Williams made a leaping catch at the scoreboard to rob Yogi Berra of a double. But Williams, still furious, spit into the crowd. He was later fined $5,000.
And Jackie was unhappy to be away from home. He and Zoe Ann had bought a house near Lake Tahoe, where they could both ski and golf year-round, as well as hit the casinos. They also had a home in Oakland, and a restaurant there, and each year Jensen hosted a pro-am golf tournament. But the marriage was struggling. Zoe Ann, once nationally known for her Olympic exploits, was frustrated to be a stay-at-home mom in the shadow of her famous husband, and Jackie became angry if she engaged in her favorite outdoor hobbies, suspecting there were men around.
Jensen's fear of flying also had become even more intense. Sometimes he was so drugged up that he had to be carried on and off the plane, fueling rumors that he was a drunk. Other times he took trains or even drove while his teammates flew.
Once again Jensen was talking about retirement, and in Spring Training 1957, the Red Sox allowed him to train with the San Francisco Seals, Boston's Triple-A team, rather than having to go to Florida. But he was still miserable. That year, he told Sports Illustrated:
“In baseball you get to the point where you don’t think you have a family. It just looks like I’m not built for this life like some ballplayers. You are always away from home and you’re lonesome, and as soon as I can, I intend to get out.”
The 32-year-old Jensen announced his retirement after the 1959 season, and he spent 1960 home with Zoe Ann and their children and running his restaurant. But he returned in 1961. After hitting just .130 in April, Jensen took a train from Detroit home to Reno, determined to quit once again. After a week away, he rejoined the team and had six hits in his next 10 at-bats. By the end of the season he was at .263/.350/.392, and this time he quit for good.
After leaving baseball, Jensen invested in real estate and a golf course, but lost most of his money. He then got a job working for a Lake Tahoe casino, was a national spokesman for Camel cigarettes, Wonder Bread, and Gillette, and even tried selling cars. Ironically, Jackie found himself on the road almost as much as he had been as a ballplayer. In 1963, he and Zoe Ann divorced, remarried, and then divorced again.
In 1967, Jensen became a TV sportscaster, married his producer Katharine Cortesi, and eventually teamed up with Keith Jackson calling college football games for ABC and a college baseball coach, first at the University of Nevada-Reno and then at the University of California, and he managed the Red Sox team in the New York Penn League in 1970. In 1977, Jackie and Katharine moved to Virginia and started a Christmas tree farm while he coached baseball at a military academy. About five years later, on July 14, 1982, he died of a heart attack at age 55.
You Don't Know Jack(ie):
In 1958, Jensen told Sports Illustrated that the biggest thrill of his career wasn't being an All-American or an All-Star, it wasn't winning an MVP or a World Series. "The biggest is having played in the same outfield with both DiMaggio and Williams."
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2023.06.01 14:09 911one87 WNBA Picks 01/06/2023

Bet Record: 9-12 Individual Picks: 10-14

Tuesdays picks 30/05/2023

Indiana Fever Vs. Connecticut Sun @ 7 EST

Indiana Fever +12.5 ✅ FINAL: 81-78 CON
IND/CON OVER 158.5 ✅ TOTAL:159

Chicago Sky Vs. Atlanta Dream @ 7 EST

Chicago Sky ML ❌ FINAL: 83-65 ATL CHI/ATL UNDER 160.5 ✅ TOTAL: 148

Minnesota Lynx Vs. Dallas Wings @ 8 EST

Dallas Wings -6.5 ❌ FINAL: 94-89 DAL MIN/DAL UNDER 167.5 ❌ TOTAL: 183
New York Liberty Vs. Seattle Storm @ 9 EST
New York Liberty -15.5 ❌ FINAL: 86-78 NY NY/SEA OVER 161.5 ✅ TOTAL: 164 Seattle Storm ML (.5u) ❌ FINAL: 86-78 NY

Todays Picks 01/06/2023

One Game today, gonna try some plus money player props that look good to me. best of luck to anyone that tails!

Connecticut Sun @ Minnesota Lynx at 8 EST

Connecticut Sun -7.5 FD odds -110 CON/MIN OVER 162.5 FD odds -106
DeWanna Bonner 20+ Points FD odds +182
Just hoping she has a good game today. Averaging 16.6 to start the season. Might help that she’s a good 3-4 inches taller than more than half of Minnesotas roster, that’s gotta count for something?
Tiffany Hayes Points U13.5 FD odds +114 Averaging this season 12.8 PTS , 16.2 in 2022, ALL TIME 13.4
Kayla McBride REB O4.5 FD odds +114 Averaging this season 4.6 REB
Napheesa Collier AST O2.5 FD odds + 114 Averaging this season 2.6 AST, 2.4 in 2022, ALL TIME 2.6
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2023.06.01 14:06 Cpt_Plushy [Complete] The Road to Lose 100+ pounds for the 2nd time

Link to original post https://www.reddit.com/loseit/comments/11jpmgs/the_road_to_lose_100_pounds_for_the_2nd_time/
M 29 5’11” SW:350/CW:250/GW:200

Well i got here a lot faster than i did last time but as of today june 1st 188 days from when i started im officially down 100 lbs (45 kilos) from 350 lbs to 250 lbs
Before and After Photos https://imgur.com/a/YMCNDUR

Key takeaways
- Progressive overload everything, i did not jump into a crazy diet at the start i started off very slowly and added more layers of the diet month to month
- The most important part is the calorie deficit. i personally chose to do keto because i find it easy to stick to but it has no inherent advantage over any other diet or just counting calories in terms of weight loss
- Track everything i counted every thing that i have with out missing anything for the entire time and in situations i wasn't sure on the exact amount i always assumed more than i thought
- Identify weak points and fortify those areas, we all have some triggers or situations that lead to us falling off try to idenity those and plan around them. in my case if i have to cook every meal i will eventually be to tired one day and eat out and then fall into the "ill start again Monday mindset" so my solution is to meal prep a good portion of my meals so i dont have to cook for every meal

What i did per month
September and October: Focused on mental health
(i didn't officially start the diet here but it was so important to get in the correct head space before i started)

Started working out but failed at sticking to a schedule so instead started experimenting to see what time of day worked for me for working out.
November 25th started tracking calories but did not change my diet at all. (this is when i officially started the diet)
Work over took this month i worked 10-12 hrs a day for 5 days a week so main goal was to just stick with tracking calories and trying to stay under daily goal of 2,300 calories per day (note i ate fast food borderline everyday this month)
December 28th restarted Strong lifts 5x5 (3 times a week program)
The rush of work is over so the main objective was to start meal prepping Keto again and lightly start intermittent fasting (16:8 but allowed myself to eat outside of the window if hungry).
January 12th I decided Strong lifts wasn't the program i wanted to pursue (i have used stronglifts as my starter program since 2014, i normally do it for 3 months when i start working out then swap to a different plan. i love the work out it just didn't fit my goals so i cut it short this time) and downloaded the strong app and created my own workout plan (6 days a week program 3 days PPL and 3 days cardio on elliptical using the runmore couch25k program)
the idea for this month was to not set any new records just to show up everyday so i did light weight on barbells and empty bars if possible and increased each week at a semi accelerated pace
Progressive overload all workouts at the gym weights and cardio
Started shortening the eating window for intermittent fasting and starting OMAD on weekends
I made a big controversial decision on my calorie goal, since i had started keto i went back to the old routine i had from 2019 which was at the end of my diet but i was able to not feel hungry even at my current higher body weight so in january most days i ended up only eating around 1,500 calories so i decided to make that my new calorie daily goal but this was set loosely if i am hungry past 1,500 calories i will still eat even if out of intermittent fasting window.
Realizing I may have progressed my lifts too quickly (I went from 100 lbs deadlifts to 180 lb deadlifts over 6 weeks) I decided it was best to do a deload week and focus on form.
Cardio i went from 2.3 - 2.5 miles in 30 mins on elliptical in january to consistently over 3 miles in 30 mins on elliptical in march
March 5th i hit my goal of 100 days of calorie tracking every day
Swapped from elliptical to treadmill at the end of the couch25k program i was doing and restarted it
Added an extra 1 hour walk on days where i could (i didn't do this everyday) averaged ~3 miles per walk
Reformatted my gym workout to reduce volume as the total sessions were starting too long to get through
Got humbled by the treadmill restarted the program many times as i could not get through week 1 - 3 in a satisfactory way
Made it a goal to do the extra 1 hour walk every day that i workout (6 days a week)
My original source of motivation really starting to fade as since the start of April i was down 65 lbs and have been perfectly consistent with everything i have implemented, i would not allow myself to stray off the course as i have enough disciple to stay on track but started looking for a new source of motivation
Just remained consistent, i hit the amount of weight loss where people i have not seen in a while are very shocked at how much I have lost, trying to not let this remake the ego i had last time.
-Still eating 1500 calories per day strict keto (under 20 grams of crabs)
- Tracking100% of everything i eat on myfitnesspal with no exceptions,
- Still doing OMAD on weekends
- ~ 1 hour weight lifting in the morning M/W/F and doing the couch to 5 k program on Su/Tu/Th ~30 mins on the “off” day mornings.
- Continuing to walk 1 hour in the afternoons 6 days a week. I normally get around 3.4 up to 3.6 miles in that time frame hitting around 7-9 k steps per day, occasionally hitting 10k steps a day.

Long story short i have locked in to my routine the only thing that i am waiting for is now time i will continue my current effort until i hit my goal weight of 200
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2023.06.01 14:06 Pinzkinz8383 Derealization after 6 wks of 10mg

My son has been on Prozac for 6 weeks now. The first 5 weeks he did great and said he felt good again. Depression was manageable and he was happy. But about two days ago he started to feel strange. He told me he feels dull or grayed out, like he is watching his life as a movie thru his eyes. He said he is not sure if this life is real. He has had some ptsd with his suicide attempt and with this derealization, he is wondering if this is real life or the after life. It’s really strange! He is only on 10mg which is a low dose as I know most people are on higher doses. His doc is calling me back today to discuss but I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this derealization which I did not know even existed until yesterday. Does it go away?? His depression is severe enough to where he does need medication but I also don’t want him feeling this way.
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2023.06.01 14:04 Spiritual-Ad-2641 Most likely Tenet or NFT airdrop with EVA wallet.Collect points by referral and check in. $TENET

Most likely Tenet or NFT airdrop with EVA wallet.Collect points by referral and check in. $TENET
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2023.06.01 14:04 icecubefiasco When did your initial vertical labret swelling go down? What day was it worst?

When did your initial vertical labret swelling go down? What day was it worst?
I got mine done yesterday and today it’s swelled to j about the length of the bar (it’s not embedding or anything, it’s fine), but if it continues to swell I might need a longer one, so I just wanna ask if your guys’ swelling continued to get worse or got better after the second day. Ik initial swelling lasts 5-7 days typically. Idt it matters but I have an 11mm 16g threadless titanium curved barbell in and was pierced by a UKAPP piercer (who was absolutely lovely).
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2023.06.01 14:03 paransnips 5 years ago today this tune dropped

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2023.06.01 14:01 LazyFroyo7070 Newbie - Help

I created a DIY tether for my home pool and have decided this summer I want to put together a 1 hour workout regime. For now, all I’m trying to do is swim for an hour. I have an interval timer on my watch so I swim for 2 minutes, recover for one. Long term, I’d like to trim away at the recovery time and eventually swim for an hour straight. Today was my first day and boy is there a learning curve….PACE. Early on, I was going WAAAY to hard. About 30 mins into it I found a pace that was working better for me. I guess what I’m asking is if this is a reasonable approach? I’m 100% positive that my form is horrible but I can work on that over time. My focus for now is just getting out there and doing it 5 days a week. I’m 44 year old male with bad knees so this seems to be my best option for getting in shape. I appreciate your help!
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2023.06.01 14:01 rarakoko7 $WLDS early alert, was sent to all subscribers of Rara Koko‘s cell phone directly super fast super quick Rara Koko knows the news first and alerted his subscribers. Winner winner chicken dinner stamp 7AM June 1, 2023. We know the news and catalyst first.

$WLDS early alert, was sent to all subscribers of Rara Koko‘s cell phone directly super fast super quick Rara Koko knows the news first and alerted his subscribers. Winner winner chicken dinner stamp 7AM June 1, 2023. We know the news and catalyst first. submitted by rarakoko7 to squeeze_stocks [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 14:00 Blooper_Bot Braves Off Day Thread - Thursday, June 01

Around the Division

Division Scoreboard

PHI @ NYM 01:10 PM EDT
SD @ MIA 01:10 PM EDT
NLE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Atlanta Braves 33 23 - (-) - - (-)
2 Miami Marlins 29 27 4.0 (103) 2 - (-)
3 New York Mets 29 27 4.0 (103) 3 - (-)
4 Philadelphia Phillies 25 30 7.5 (100) 7 3.5 (104)
5 Washington Nationals 24 32 9.0 (98) 11 5.0 (102)
Next Braves Game: Fri, Jun 02, 09:40 PM EDT @ D-backs (1 day)
No game today. Feel free to discuss whatever you want in this thread.
Last Updated: 06/01/2023 08:05:07 AM EDT, Update Interval: 5 Minutes
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2023.06.01 14:00 dreftzg [Daily News] Tissot With A New Hit: Could It The Best Summer Watch Of The Year?, New Certina DS Action Diver 43mm Is Pitch Black, Mido Introduces Multifort Powerwind Collection And The Edox SkyDiver 38 Is A New Skin Diver For The Smaller Wrist

It's Wednesday and you would be surprised how long it took me to realize that the majority of watches released yesterday were actually Swatch Group. That Tissot has me spending money.

What's new

Tissot Releases The Best Summer Watch Of The Year, The Forged Carbon Sideral
The late 60s and 70s are arguably the golden age of watch design. It’s the time when watches stopped being elegant personal timekeeping devices and became tools. Or, at least, gave the illusion of being a tool watch so you could look like a badass on the beach. It gave us luxury sports watches like the Nautilus and Royal Oak, gorgeous chronographs from Heuer and dive watches from the likes of Blancpain and Rolex. It was also the the time of experimenting with materials and Tissot used their Sideral to do so. Since it’s supremely cool today to revive funky vintage watches, Tissot is now bringing back the Sideral, also experimenting with new materials, but this time with forged carbon.
The late 60s version of the Sideral was the first watch to ever use a monobloc fibreglass case. Two years later, the Sideral S was introduced, a sportier take on the concept with a now famous yellow rubber strap and different fastening system.
The new version retains a lot of the aspects of the original, but updating it for the age it’s made in. It retains the barrel shape of the case made of forged carbon fibre and stainless steel that measures 41mm in width and 46.5mm in length. You can get the watch in three colors, and while the black & yellow and black & grey models show the natural colours and pattern of the forged carbon fibre, the black & blue one comes with blue flakes embedded into the material. The unidirectional rotating bezel on top is fitted with a black insert and a graduated regatta scale in white. The screw-down crown ensures it is water-resistant to 300m.
The dial is predominantly black, with either a grey, blue or yellow minute track. This segmented track is accompanied by a green and red regatta countdown section between 12 and 2 o’clock. Tissot is a Swatch company, so it’s just natural that it gets the Powermatic 80 automatic movement. This is Swatch Group’s go-to automatic for several brands and is essentially a heavily modified ETA 2824 which has gotten decent reviews and has an 80 hour power reserve.
The watch comes on three perforated rubber straps in yellow, red or blue, inspired by the original yellow one. Additional coloured straps are said to be available too.
Each of the watches, available now, will retail for EUR 1,075. Looks like Tissot has another hit on their hands.
The New Certina DS Action Diver 43mm Is Pitch Black
Cartina has had a long stretch of being neglected by owners and undermined by the public. But boy, are they back. In the past couple of years they have regrouped and boy, are they on a bender. Vintage reissues, fantastic affordable divers… they even have a modular watch system which is… meh. However, the latest release form the Swiss watchmaker is not meh. In fact, it’s pretty bold. The new Certina DS Action Diver is super black.
It’s a big diver, there’s no denying it. 43mm wide, 51mm lug-to-lug and 13.1mm thick. It’s a stainless steel case with a matte black PVD coating, as well as a matte black ceramic insert within the coin-edge bezel. The blackness of the insert is broken up with a single bright white lume pip at 12. The NATO strap it comes on is also black and made out of recycled plastic. The one downside of the case is the fact that it has a 21mm lug width, so good luck finding a different strap.
The dial is just as black, with contrasting crisp white makers that glow like crazy. The triangles at the quarters and the arrowhead hour hand do help to lend an extra sense of aggression to the dial. There’s a date window at three o’clock. Certina, like Tissot, is owned by the Swatch group, so no surprises on what’s inside - it’s the Powermatic 80.
The Certina DS Action Diver in black is now available from all Certina authorised retailers. Price: CHF895
Mido Introduces Stylish Multifort Powerwind Collection
Here’s another brand from the Swatch Group that has been kicking ass in the past few years - Mido. It might be controversial, but the Mido Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer is one of my favorite watches of the past few years. Mido does vintage fantastically, just like they did last year when they introduced a limited edition, COSC-certified, revival of the 1954 Multifort Powerwind. Now, Mido is introducing three new variations of the Multifort Powerwind that will be part of the brand’s permanent collection.
The Multifort is Mido’s most important watch. Born in the 1930s, this automatic, anti-magnetic, water-and shock-resistant watch has become its bestseller. The concept was drastically updated in 1954 with an innovative automatic movement and renamed the Powerwind. Developed in collaboration with partner A. Schild SA, the automatic part of the movement reduced the components from the standard 16 to just seven, making it easier to build and service while enhancing durability and reliability.
The new models retain the same elegantly designed case with its thin, twisted lugs, box-shaped sapphire crystal and overall retro style as the limited edition released last year. Compared to the 1954 watch, it has grown quite a bit and is now 40mm wide and 12mm thick. What changes most regarding the design, compared to the limited edition of last year, are the dials.
The permanent collection is no longer a day-date model, but rather just a time and date watch, with reworked markers that are a combination of applied triangular indices and printed Arabic numerals. You can get it in three versions: steel with black dial, steel with blue dial, yellow gold PVD-coated steel with champagne dial.
Perhaps the biggest change happens on the inside - while the limited edition last year had a chronometer-certified ETA 2836-2 movement, the permanent collection gets, you guessed it, the Powermatic 80, here named the Caliber 80. The watch comes on a 3-link stainless steel bracelet with a folding clasp and quick-release spring bars.
You can get the watches now, priced at EUR 970 (black and blue) or EUR 1,160 (PVD gold).
Rado Adds Three Ceramic Watches to their Great Gardens of the World Series
Rado is a polarizing brand. Some love it, others almost detest it. But there’s no denying that Rado has done impressive things with the use of ceramic, be it their retro sports watches in the Captain Cook line, the super minimalist watches in the Designer line or the dressier models like the True Thinline. This is Rado’s slim ceramic watch intorduced in 2011 that is now getting three new models with textured dials inspired by endangered plant species in partnership with the Great Gardens o the World organisation.
This is not the first time that Rado is working with Great Gardens of the World, a network of gardens across 20 countries. They have made seven watches prior, making these Chapters 8 through 10. All three of the new watches have the same 40mm high-tech ceramic monobloc case that’s only 9mm thick, with ceramic bracelets that have a triple-folding titanium clasp. Inside the watch is the Rado 766 movement, based on the ETA 2892.
The major differences of the three come from the looks of the watches. Chapter 8 is housed in a black polished ceramic case, with the dial recreating the pleated leaves of the Hawaiian Luolu lelo palm tree. The hands and brand name are golden coloured. Chapter 9 is dedicated to the Chilean Araucaria, or monkey puzzle tree, and comes in a glossy, white high-tech ceramic case. The sharp, scale-like leaves of the tree are replicated on the dial with a composition of engraved triangles in opalescent mother-of-pearl. Chapter 10 is dedicated to the Dragon Blood Tree in a grey ceramic case and a two layer dial. The top layer is a skeletonised plate cut out in organic shapes to evoke the thick, entangled branches of the Dragon Blood Tree, revealing the lower layer in a pink gold colour.
The trilogy – Chapters 8, 9 and 10 of the Rado True Thinline Great Gardens of the World – is available in a collector’s box, limited to 99 units. Alternatively, each model can be purchased individually for EUR 2,900.
The New Edox SkyDiver 38 Date Automatic Is A Vintage Inspired Skin Diver For You If You Want A Smaller Watch
The Edox SkyDiver has an interesting story. The brand claims that a mysterious drawing was found in their archives which turned out to be “the sketch of a long-lost timepiece, the SkyDiver”. Along with the sketch, there was a scrawled note reading: 1973. Special production in strictly limited edition“ According to a retired Edox watchmaker, the SkyDiver was rumoured to be a secret project for a mysterious, wealthy Swiss colonel. The anonymous colonel wanted an exclusive timepiece for elite mountain paratroopers under his command. It had to combine the no-nonsense functionality of a dive watch with the style and aesthetics of a precision pilot’s watch.
So Edox took these sketches and remade it in modern times with a bronze version that followed. In 2021, the SkyDiver was entirely revamped with new looks and upgraded materials, yet a solid vintage touch, in a case of 42mm. To fix the biggest complaint they got, they are now releasing a new version - the 38mm SkyDiver.
It’s basically the same watch, but smaller. It’s a traditional skin-diver watch, with a straight case, unprotected oversized crown, rather slim case profile topped by a heavily domed crystal. The screw down crown gives you 300m of water resistance and the domed crystal brings the thickness to 13.7mm. You can have it with two dial colors - black or blue, with a matching ceramic insert on the bezel, and it has a glossy vintage finish with applied markers with orange highlights.
Inside is the Selita SW200-1 automatic movement with 4Hz frequency and 38h power reserve. Both colors come on a 3-link brushed and polished steel bracelet closed by a triple folding clasp.
The watch is available now and is priced at EUR 1,575 (excl. taxes).

On hand - a selection of reviews

Hands on with the Q Timex Three Time Zone Chronograph
A review of the updated mint green Rolex Sky-Dweller

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

How time shaped the Type 20 chronograph, and the brands that keep the legend alive
Watches and military history have an unbreakable bond. You only need to think back to the very beginnings of the wristwatch as a tool. During the Anglo-Burma War and First Boer War, soldiers began to strap pocket watch cases with primitive soldered lugs to their wrists, which opened the door for a new market. Fast-forward some 70 years, and you’ll find yourself in a new world, free from the shackles of World War II. Despite it being a time of peace, the French government found itself in need of accurate, reliable timepieces, resulting in the Type 20 chronograph that took inspiration from the designs of German pilot’s chronographs of the 1930s and 1940s, and applied it to the set of regulations outlined by the French. Today, original Type 20 pieces remain highly sought-after, spawning many re-editions and homages, with one brand in particular making the most of the design.
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.06.01 13:59 Dancer_Artist Down 15 lbs in a month - not all on Wegovy!

I weighed in at 220 lbs on 4/30, had a physical on 5/9 and asked to go on Wegovy - I weighed about 217 that day. By the time I started on 5/13 I was down to 212. Today, 6/1, I’m at 205! I don’t see much of a difference in my body yet, but my friends do. Of course, I didn’t take before pics at 220, I took them at 212, so there’s only a 7 lb difference in my pics. I do see a difference in the back. (Btw, I hate these and can’t wait to like my body again)
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2023.06.01 13:58 manojw Is Full Stack Development Still In Demand?

Is Full Stack Development Still In Demand?


Full Stack Development basically describes the development of both the front-end and back-end of a web application. It involves working with various technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript for front-end development, and various server-side languages, frameworks, and databases for back-end development. Well, they have a broad set of skills and are capable of working on all aspects of a web application, including the user interface, server-side logic, and database integration. They understand how different technologies work together to create a seamless web application and are able to develop, test, and deploy the entire application stack. The main agenda of Full Stack Training is to create a complete and functional web application that meets the needs of the end-users while ensuring that the application is secure, scalable, and maintainable.
Let’s now proceed further, and know why this stack is so much in demand.

Why Full Stack Is Still In Demand?

Full Stack Development is still in high demand because of the following reasons:
  • One-stop solution: Full Stack Developers are capable of handling both front-end and back-end development, making them a one-stop solution for building web applications. This eliminates the need for multiple developers or teams, resulting in faster development and deployment times.
  • Cost-effective: By having a Full Stack Developer handle all aspects of a web application, businesses can save money on development costs, salaries, and infrastructure.
  • Flexibility: Full Stack Developers are adaptable and can work on a variety of projects, making them valuable assets to any development team.
  • Faster time to market: Full Stack Developers are capable of quickly developing and deploying web applications, reducing the time to market and giving businesses a competitive edge.
  • Knowledge of multiple technologies: Full Stack Developers have a broad range of skills and are familiar with multiple technologies, making them versatile and able to work on a variety of projects.
  • Improved communication: Full Stack Developers holds the ability to communicate effectively with both front-end and back-end teams, resulting in better collaboration and a more cohesive development process.
In a way, Full Stack Development offers several benefits to businesses, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and faster development times, which is why it continues to be in high demand.

What The Future Holds For Full Stack Developers?

To be honest, the future looks bright for Full Stack Developers as the demand for web applications continues to grow. With the increasing adoption of cloud technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence, Full Stack Developers will need to keep up with the latest tools and technologies to remain competitive.
In addition, there will be an increased need for Full Stack Developers who are proficient in developing mobile applications, as more businesses look to build applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms. Full Stack Developers will also need to be skilled in cybersecurity and data privacy, as businesses continue to prioritize the protection of customer data.
As the world becomes more digital and interconnected, Full Stack Developers will play a crucial role in developing innovative and secure web applications that meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike. With the flexibility and versatility that Full Stack Developers offer, they are likely to remain in high demand for the foreseeable future.


From the information mentioned above, it's pretty much clear that Full Stack Development is a valuable skill set that combines both front-end and back-end development, making it a one-stop solution for building web applications. The demand for Full Stack Developers remains high due to the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and faster development times that they offer. As businesses continue to adopt new technologies and prioritize the development of web applications, Full Stack Developers will play a crucial role in creating innovative and secure web solutions that meet the needs of businesses and consumers. To remain competitive in this field, Full Stack Developers will need to keep up with the latest tools and technologies and be adaptable to the changing needs of the industry. Overall, if you still wish to know What is Full Stack developer? and their future in the coming years, you must get started with its legit course.
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2023.06.01 13:57 _focust You are not Zamasu

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2023.06.01 13:57 Patient_Kangaroo_667 My husband isn’t helping take the pressure off me and I feel like I’m going to break

I’m a full time working mom to a 3 year old boy. I am a surgical doctor so my schedule is extremely unpredictable and sometimes demanding. My husband is also a doctor so also busy.
My mom lives 5 minutes away and watches my kid on the days he doesn’t have school. I am blessed in that sense. But that’s not without its stresses - she sometimes calls me at work guilting me saying my child needs me and I should come home early (when that’s not possible)… so it takes a heavy toll on me mentally.
Right now I’m going through such a stressful time. My son is extremely clingy to me and refuses to go to my husband. It makes it awful because the few times I have to sleep, my husband can’t control my son and my son screams and cries to burst into our bedroom and wake me up. Today I had 1 hour to sleep in the morning and my husband couldn’t control our son so he had to let him in and wake me up.
I literally had tears streaming down my face. I work full time, I bust my ass to make it to drop off every day, I handle everything, and the one time I have to sleep my husband can’t make it happen.
I just feel like it’s too much for me and I’m reaching a breaking point. I’m always exhausted.
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2023.06.01 13:57 Endgamekilledme DAE feel like their brain is being consumed by parasites?

I (24yo) have ADHD, C-PTSD, Burnout (summer 2022) and other mental illnesses but I think this specific issue is mainly due to the ones mentioned above. I have Amnesia, so I hardly remember anything from my childhood or teens. I know this is due to trauma but I also have very bad memory and feeling for time even now.
When I try to talk about something that's happened or I did, I basically cannot tell you what day/time this was. If it didn't happen that same day it could be yesterday, 3 days ago or 10 days ago. Recent example: I thought my cats vet appointment was maybe 2 months ago until I was told it's been 5 months. Sometimes I say "oh yeah I talked to them yesterday" only to later see my calendar and remember "no it was Friday and today is Tuesday"
Some days it's worse and I think it's due to stress/bad sleep although I don't always know what exactly is causing me stress. For example today I feel anxious, tired and my brain feels like it only booted up 5% and there's a fuzzy thick feeling in my head that's slowing everything down. I also had a very stressful day yesterday.
I can understand the symptoms to a certain extent due to ADHD/C-PTSD but I feel like this is just too much. Can anyone else relate? I want to mention it to my GP but I might be overreacting and it's just part of disassociating or a strong stress response.
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