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2014.01.27 07:17 chrono000 BlackCoin Subreddit

BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to

2018.07.07 18:00 earnburn LPC-Official

LPC is a crypto-currency based on proof-of-stake (POS) and masternode. Our main emphasis is to maintain the conditions that it is more profitable to keep your coin in our wallet then their sales.

2014.01.06 08:19 silverwater Diamond (DMD)

SCARCE. VALUABLE. SECURE. Diamond (DMD) is a non-government contro­lled digital currency that allows people to send money anywh­ere in the world ins­tantly, securely and at near zero cost. Moreover, DMD Diamond aims to empower pe­ople to achieve fina­ncial freedom by mak­ing every DMD Diamond coin an interest bearing asset with hi­gh annual interest rate. This makes an excellent storage of value th­at is supported by the network protocols, infrastructure and services.

2023.06.01 15:29 Kaskii9 About Pokecoins

Hey! I'm kind a new player and I've a few questions about how the gym 8H stay works for the 50 dailies pokecoins that I can get. First of all, for example, if my poke stay on a gym for two whole days, and then is defeated, when it comes to me again, it will bring 100 Coins, or just 50 counting just as a one day?
Thanks In Advance
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2023.06.01 15:29 WirelessCum Landlord keep Security Deposit: no damage

Our land lord is keeping nearly half our security deposit even though we left the house almost spotless.
Here’s the catch, when we moved in the place was f*cked. I’m a student and this was my first house (hence the landlords trying to scam us) so personally, I didn’t take great pictures of ALL the things wrong with the place — there were a lot. Allow me to entertain: 2 broken window panes, torso-sized hole-in-wall, mice (incl babies 👶), broken counter held together with epoxy caulking, massive dirty couch that we can’t move out, debris from broken bed frame, various pieces of furniture, it wasn’t cleaned at all (the image in your mind already looked like this), all the walls already had chipped paint etc. I could go on but you get the picture.
We didn’t have crazy parties and damage things outside what could be considered normal wear and tear. The only things left in the house were the furniture that was there when we got there that was never removed. We had “junk removal” come but they stayed for like an hour and left cuz it’s not like the one paying them was supervising.
Our tenancy is now they are taking a bunch of money from us for apparent damage. They never even sent the money on the 10th (deadline), they made it our responsibility to contact them about it and now they’re likely counting on us just accepting it or trying to fight it.
I understand that they could potentially take money from our deposit to get rid of the couch, but they should’ve got rid of it when we moved in and I guarantee that the guys who left the house in the state we arrived in had their security deposits taken too, except if it didn’t go towards fixing the damage they created, where did it go?(rhetorical)
Any advice about what rights I may have here would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.01 15:28 Antique_hardDrive One room smells dusty

Our guest bed room, of which we've removed all furniture, smells dusty. At least that's how I perceive it. We've mopped, washed the walls, and wiped down every surfice. There's no smell in other rooms, nor is there a smell under the room in the basement. Any advice for this? It's driving me insane, and the smell of the room makes me physically ill.
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2023.06.01 15:28 suparchan Many problems

i got msny problems i have on body idk if this is normal or not but recently im paranoid. pls tell me if each number is normal or not.
  1. when i open my mouth my tounge sits back so its blocking the bsck if my throat.(i csnt see my tonsils unless i stretch my tounge out)
  2. little orange dots of tounge(alot hut there real tiny like frog eggs?)
  3. never blow nose and always suck in my muscus and then it foes into my throst and i spit it out
  4. random bruises
  5. if i put pressure onto my hands and feet they can change colour into yellow or white fir a little while
  6. tiny bumps/spots on penis not the tip but more near the shaft on the left side
  7. lots of moles (atleast 3 that have the criteria to be cancerous)
  8. bumps at the bsck if my tounge (only few and medium sized)
  9. tounge kinda white like therr is white stuff on it. (hard ti explain)
  10. bad breath
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2023.06.01 15:27 Professional_Back445 Slip and fall severely injured, drugstore won’t pay.

This is my story. Back in Dec 2017 I had a slip and fall at a local pharmacy in Walkerton that did not take adequate care and removing ice in their parking lot in Walkerton. I now live with severe pain in my back my right hip and thigh I am unable to stand for more than 10 or 15 minutes sitting is about the same and this is with pain meds that I take daily I go to London it will now be every 6 to 8 months for a nerve ablation which does slightly help with the pain however I will never be able to work again. I’m on able to take care of my own home making meals is extremely difficult showering and washing my hair it’s just agony. The pharmacies insurance company does not really want to pay out any compensation their first and only offer that I know of would not be able to sustain an adequate lifestyle style for more than eight months to a year. I’m hoping that you will get in touch with meSo my story can be heard by others and take serious precautions went out and about.
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2023.06.01 15:26 Asleep-Builder7361 Is psychology a popular course?

I've been doing my research and I've seen in many lists of popular degrees in the UK, psychology almost always appears near the top. As someone who applied for psychology next year, I am the only one in my sixth form who applied so this seems interesting to me. I have also read the male to female ratio for those studying the course is higher for females. Is this true? Just a random thought of discussion
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2023.06.01 15:25 TheMysteriousITGuy Feeling discouraged about poor treatment by other Christians

I am a Christian guy approaching my upper fifties, and my wife is near her mid-40's. We belong to a church in our area in the U.S. that is theologically Reformed and has presbyterian polity/governmental structure. A year ago, we chose to transfer our membership to another congregation in the same vicinity (the specific reasons will not be explained now and are not known specifically by many of our friends, but we are in good standing).
There have been many instances of me trying reach out electronically to friends especially in the former and other congregations in the interest of interacting with them and fostering an air of more significant and meaningful communication. But unfortunately, many of these folks are slow or neglectful to reply and may not even get back to me until after I have sent a followup message a week or more later. It is disconcerting and saddening when the recipient does not take even just 2-5 minutes as a matter of common consideration to write quickly even if to say that I can look forward to more of a response when circumstances are better. And it is not like I have been excommunicated or otherwise disfellowshipped (even if my membership had been terminated due to the need for discipline, I would find it repulsive and not Christlike to be shunned). My wife in some measure feels the same way about communications seemingly being ignored. This makes for more potential tension along with hesitancy to be in situations where these others might be present. It also makes me feel like many of my friends maintain cliques or that functionally many churches are in a sense exclusive clubs.
How many of you likewise feel like there is not as much rendering of reciprocal acknowledgement as would be fitting for a relationship founded on committed faith in common? I do not simply contact a person for my own health/ego affirmation; it is to nurture the relationship bidirectionally. Have some of you needed to lovingly confront a person who resorts to the silent treatment despite a need for two-way exchange? My intentions are honorable and above board and do not involve the slightest risk of scandal or inappropriate situations. Excuses given to justify deliberately ignoring the initial message intended as 2-way will not be helpful (unless the actual other party says that it is because of being out of range temporarily or dealing with some kind of serious and significant matter diverting attention away from me), especially when anyone should be able to offer at least a courtesy response (and if anyone tries to treat us poorly when we have been circumspect, then there is a heart issue that is unbecoming of having saving faith in Christ).
If responding, PLEASE do not offer a trite statement such as that I would not want to interact with these friends anyway because they are not good enough for me or try to accuse or judge me presumptuously or make questionable excuses that might involve inconsistent standards of treatment. No, that kind of ill-founded reflection will not work; I have known many of these folks for a long time and value my friendships with them by and large. This post has a support-based focus and I thus seek practical insight. Also, I ask that no one go on superficial or meaningless tangents but rather stay attentive to the topic at hand.
Thanks to anyone that can offer some helpful understanding/suggestions for how to try to see some improvement.
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2023.06.01 15:24 76ersPhan11 Random electronics keep going off around me

And it’s really starting to freak me out. As I’m typing this my son’s fart machine just went off and no one is near the remote. Another thing that’s been happening a lot is the passenger seat belt light starts flashing while I’m driving, and then it starts beeping. That only happens when someone is actually sitting in the seat. It might be random but it only goes off right before I see my ex to drop off my son, and he sits in the backseat. Does this happen to anyone else? I don’t know if this is just random or a spirit trying to reach out. Sorry if I sound crazy.
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2023.06.01 15:24 DavidaShoshana I'm stuck and discouraged following multiple unplanned surgeries. Any advice?

Hi everyone,
I was sleeved in June of 2021. I have lost about 60 of the 110 pounds I want to lose to get to my preferred healthy weight. I have been losing/gaining the same ten pounds for almost a year and a half.
I had severe uterine fibroids that were misdiagnosed for about six months that left me with severe pain and resulted in a hysterectomy. Two months after being cleared for exercise after surgery I broke my leg rock climbing, leading to 15 screws in my leg and four months on crutches. I was cleared to exercise again two months ago, but I'm still trying to build up the stamina in my leg and tire quickly and am often sore, but I'm trying.
I've been depressed and so discouraged, especially seeing how much extreme and quick success others have had. I feel like I failed and that I'm someone the surgery didn't work for. My doctor told me I have a slow metabolism and that eating more than 1200 calories a day will cause me to gain weight. I can't eat anymore g-d chicken. Anything made with sugar alcohols makes me sick so that excludes a lot of "diet" foods. I'd rather just not eat.
I know progress isn't linear, but mine is near stagnant.
Has anyone else been more slow to reach their goals, even with the surgery? I feel like I've been taking one step forward and two back. How did you get out of your slump?
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2023.06.01 15:23 ChGvr 24 [M4A] Looking for a place where we could fish and stay the night

Hello! As the title says, I'm looking for a place where me and my friends can fish and stay the night.
A gist of what I'm looking for: - we can bring our own food - we can cook on the premises - we can drink alcoholic beverages - we can be noisy to some extent (this is for a despedida party so we may be up all night) - we can fish and possibly eat our catch - we can sleep near the fishing spot, it doesn't matter if there's a house or we need to sleep in tents
I'm currently staying in Malolos, Bulacan but I am willing to drive if the place seems good.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.01 15:23 StarlitCatastrophe How much of the pride collection is in stores?

I see a lot of it marked as online only, but I went to one of the stores near me yesterday and the rainbow heart shirt and rainbow shorts that are marked as online only were there. I want to get the rainbow frog buddy and if they’re gonna have him in store I’d prefer to get him there, so I’m not sure if I should wait or not.
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2023.06.01 15:23 srobison62 Im looking for someone who could design a referees coin for me, well for mysoccer organization.

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2023.06.01 15:22 OhThatWitchAgain My (F26) dad laid his hands on me for the first time

TW: mentions of cancer, death, physical and emotional abuse
Hello everyone, I really don't know where to start since I'm at a loss. I (F26) live in the same building as my parents, but on a different floor. I visit them sometimes to say hi, or WfH, if my neighbours are being too noisy.
My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer almost a year ago. It has also spread to his brain, but the prognosis is fairly good. He's resting well to the immunotherapies, and the doctors seem positive. However, since he started his meds, he's changed. He's become more angry, irritable, he shouts a lot, talks down to my mom, etc. He was never the perfect person, he has given us the silent treatment when I was younger, and he has even slapped my mom once (or twice, she says she's not sure). At some point we were living in the same home, and he had quit talking to my mom for 3 months, and to me for 1 because we had "offended his nephew". Don't ask me exactly what had happened, I was 9 and cannot remember, I'm not even sure I was in the room when the altercation took place.
So far, he has not been violent with me. He had cornered me once or twice, and raised his hand, but never actually hit me.
This morning, I went over and had some sort of disagreement regarding my cat. He doesn't want her inside my house, I want her inside my house, that was the disagreement. Maybe I should also mention that the building is in my mom's name, and my house is in mine.
I left the room to go turn on my work laptop, he followed me, while screaming at me that I never shut up and first grabbed me by the hair, then by the neck, and when I told him to get away from me or I'd call the police, he told me to "call anyone you want", and then slapped me twice. In the meantime, my mom had woken up and was trying to stop him, but she couldn't even move him. I gathered my things, and as I was leaving their house, I'll admit that I told him that he has been teaching me all these years not to accept this kind of behaviour from any man, but he turned out to be trash as well, and that I'm deeply disappointed I'm associated with him.
Maybe I should also mention that while my mom has also fought cancer (from 2013 to 2017, she's not cured and cannot be cured, the illness is lying doormat, and I hope it stays that way), he keeps telling her that he is the one who is sick, that she doesn't get it, and he doesn't want her near him because she has nothing to offer him.
I feel more disappointed than I ever have. This person, moneywise, has offered me a lot, especially a good education, food on the table, etc. (along with my mom, my dad was just always earning more), and in a single moment I started feeling that my love for him was gone. Maybe I'm still in shock, but I think of him, and feel that he is a stranger.
I know that cancer and the fear of death looming over you, must be terrifying. But is that an excuse? Was there always an excuse? How do I move on from this? At first I felt scared and now I feel nothing. I've cried so much, nd tried to cheer him up throughout his battle, and I have apparently failed. He is also not and never willing to see a therapist.
Tl;Dr My dad who also suffers from cancer, slapped me for the first time in 26 years. How do I move on from this?
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2023.06.01 15:22 fattyboi67 Do y’all think Kanye even wants to make music anymore?

It seems like he’s lost a spark since Donda…
More than ever he’s going exclusively off of ref tracks and even when he records lyrics he doesn’t have any of the energy that he carries in the rest of his discography.
We’re at the point of LazYe and the poor lyrics + dead delivery of Concussion only keep that trend going. Mumble demos and finished takes seem to have the same amount of effort put into them and it makes me fear for the quality of the next project… Just look at WDIK!
I don’t want to use the word “washed” but he doesn’t have the same passion for music that he used to.
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2023.06.01 15:22 babymucus Pregnancy, nausea and bras.

I’ve had PCOS for a while and my question may not be only related to PCOS, but maybe someone in the community has already experienced what I live right now. The maternity sub is also pretty inactive.
My bf and I started trying a few months ago for a baby because I figured with my PCOS it’s going to be difficult so better start now. It didn’t take that long though and I’m now in my first trimester. I’m extremely nauseous in the morning, and I started puking now as soon as I put my bra on. I tried wearing very loose sport bra, but as soon as I have anything somewhat tight near my stomach/sternum I throw up. I tried finding stuff on the internet, but it all comes down to “dont wear a bra”. Well, probably due to PCOS, i have these superb cone shaped boobs that I dont like, I could never go without any form of padding… I already ordered the Seamless Cake Cover from Respondvi, do any of you know anything that would give me a little shaping while puting no pressure on the stomach? Because of the shape of my boobs/nipples, i cant wear normal pasties/cover, they just fall off.
P.s: i think getting pregnant was facilitated by my 80% clean diet and the bf and I were taking multivitamins and Energex capsules (they contain vitamins and also maca and ashwaganda).
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2023.06.01 15:21 TeraChad_69 What *actually* happens in a Springlock Failure

Since everyone has a different view on how the springlocks work, let me explain using details from the books and games: The springlocks snap when touched, or when they get wet. Breathing or rapid movements (such as heartbeats and laughter) can make a springlock fail. The springlock pierces your skin, feeling like getting stabbed by a large needle. The movement of the springlock sets off other springlocks in a domino effect, piercing every bit of skin on your body. At this point, you might survive if the springlocks were re-wound. After a few seconds, the suit collapses in on itself, crushing and splitting your limbs. As the suit can't properly close, the animatronic shakes violently. The parts of the suit closest to the first springlock failure would collapse first, then the ones near that, until the entire body is crushed. The wearer's eye sockets and mouth has now been pierced and crushed, forcing the teeth and eyes to stick out the front of the suit. Then the animatronic folds at the joints, falling back into the Golden Freddy pose. The suit is now bleeding from every hole, and the wearer's neck is sliced and crushed, stopping them from making any sound or breathing. As the suit rattles, the wearer gets knocked around inside and is pulled in a little bit deeper. The wearer is probably dead by now from shock, blood loss, or brain damage. The animatronic now sits in a pool of blood, tears and Agony/ Remnant. The Agony is produced because of the immense pain of the failure, and it gets absorbed into the suit.
This answers a lot of theories, like the Shadows. RWQFSFASXC and Shadow Freddy are made from the agony inside the suits. The reason why they don't possess Springbonnie and Fredbear is because the bodies were removed from the suits. Springtrap is alive because the body of William is still in the suit, and Withered Golden Freddy is alive because the 2 children that are inside the suit.
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2023.06.01 15:20 shootsbigloads 30 [M4F] - #London, UK - Married, but looking for kinky sub on the side to be my little secret

Hi all, first off I'm looking for hopefully someone who is as horny all the time as I am, and would be up for meeting soon and regularly in the near future, ideally this weekend while my wife's away! I'm married yes but things at home have dried up lately and when they do happen it's quite vanilla. I would love to have some kinkier fun with someone else when I can. Ofc my wife won't know about this so please be ok with it, and if you have a cheating kink like me then even better! ;) Sexually speaking, my wife's not into anal so having my own little secret anal on the side sounds like fun. Other big kinks are facials (I love a real cumslut), public play, porn, dirty talk, watersports, filming (if you love playing the pornstar you'll be perfect).
About you: ideally younger or around my age. Experience is great, but more importantly being eager and open minded about trying new things and having fun - bonus points if we share a lot of the same kinks. I don't have much of a preference on looks, just please be in decent shape. As I have a thing for filming, if you love showing off for the camera that'd be hot as well :) Availability is important so if you can't meet once or twice a week or not during weekdays it may be tough for us to meet much.
A little about me I'm 30, living and working in full time in London. My work hours are quite awkward but usually weekday mornings/afternoons are the best time for me to meet. I can't host very often due to my situation but am happy to travel wherever you are. If you can't host then please be alright with hotels/public fun at least :) Physically I'm about 5'11 and about average build about 170lbs. If you're interested in size I am quite large as well. I'm a bit tan skinned as well - with some latino blood in me. Hobbies wise I'm a bit of a geek- into reading novels, pc gaming, etc but also love playing and watching football when I can. If you think we'd be a good fit feel free to shoot me a chat and let's meet ;)
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2023.06.01 15:20 Independent-Body-404 (18M) Red bumps after shaving

So I usually shave my bottom and my legs, but most of the time I end up shaving my bottom and them trimming my leg hair, because I always end up getting these irritating and itchy red bumps on my legs, typically near my inner thigh closer to my crotch and on the back of my legs where I sit, I’m decently new to shaving and I’ve looked up ways to tried and avoid them or make them go away but it doesn’t feel like any of them really work. I get them on my bottom too, though not even closely as often as on my legs. And it’s not my razor, because the blades are sharp and the bumps only appear when my hair starts to grow back, I saw on a couple different website it could be my hair texture, but my leg hair doesn’t grow curly it grows straight out. If anyone who shaved a lot could help me out, I would really appreciate it because I really love shaving because it makes me feel comfortable. But sometimes the bumps just make it not worth while. Any help is appreciated
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2023.06.01 15:19 StageWorried2129 AITA for being annoyed at my best friend because she doesn’t want to go to my birthday dinner?

I (25F) am turning 26 in a months time, so I decided to message a few close friends of mine to celebrate at a local Italian restaurant, nothing big or special. There would be 6 of us.
The problem is that my best friend, lets call her Sofia, 26F) went out on a few dates with another one of my friends (26M), who I’ll call Richard. (not their real names). Sofia and Richard were only doing these dates for about 3 weeks, and Richard broke it off because he felt they did not have enough in common and he started to gain feelings for somebody else, so he broke it off straight away. (the person who Richard gained feelings for is not invited to the dinner), Sofia was not that much bothered about the split, but felt she was led on slightly by Richard. Aside from that, she wasn’t much affected, they split up in April of 2023.
It is now June, and I invited Richard, Sofia and 3 other people, who I’ll call Jas (short for Jasmine), Ella & Kelly. Ella and Kelly are part of a mutual friend group that Sofia and I are in, and Jas and Richard are friends with mainly me but are friendly everybody else.
I first noticed Sofia had a problem with Richard being there when she told me a couple weeks ago that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go because none of her ‘main’ friends would be there so it would be awkward. I told her not to worry because I invited Ella and Kelly so she would have then with her, she still seemed off, but I let it go. She then brought it up this morning saying, (paraphrasing) “Do I really have to go? I don’t want to be anywhere near Richard”. (Before I continue I want to say that Sofia and I have been friends since we were learning to walk and haven’t missed a birthday for each other ever, so you can imagine my surprise and annoyance. In fact, I even went to parties of hers in the past where there were people I really didn’t like there)
I told her that I would separate her and Richard, and she wouldn’t have to speak to him and looking at him would be kept to a minimum. (I also want to add that Richard has no issues with Sofia). However, Sofia keeps insisting that she won’t go if Richard is there. I have made it known to Sofia that I am very annoyed by this decision, as I think it is childish, Jess even agrees with me. But I’m not sure if I have the right to be annoyed, so AITA?
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2023.06.01 15:18 gherkinit Jerkinit with Gherkinit S41e7 Daily DD and Charting

Jerkinit with Gherkinit S41e7 Daily DD and Charting
Good Morning,
Last night at 9pm the house voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling on a vote of 341-117. The bill will will likely move through the next two steps unhindered and the Treasury could begin issuing new debt as soon as this week. With a couple hundred billion in Extraordinary Measures needing to be covered right away and the Treasury expected to raise their deposit at the Federal Reserve by $1t in the next couple weeks, we can expect to see yields rise and liquidity leave the equity markets. FED president Harker came out yesterday and made a rather bold declaration of a potential to pause at the June session. This is in pretty stark contrast to the rest of the FED president's statements that have all signaled another rate hike in June, especially as PCE YoY came in .6% hotter than the FEDs March expectations. Regardless of Fedwatch expectations I think the stagflationary conditions that are being presented by slowing GDP and entrenching inflation are only being temporarily protected by continued strength in the labor markets.
ES failed to gain any ground in the Asian and European sessions overnight, showing that the debt ceiling expectations were already largely priced in. Gamma on the chain remains decidedly split. Probably into this morning's ISM data. This presents an upside range of about 4210 with a downside range of around 4150, so far. Watch both the fast and standard gamma neutral levels for an indication of momentum today.
SPX 1h
GME continues to realize a small amount of liquidity but the daily pullbacks in the pre-market session and lack of increase in borrow rate are not significantly improving price. The fairly stagnant index trading in the last two days isn't helping drive anything either. I still remain cautious of its potential given the borrow rate and R2k situation and will probably not make any decisions till later this week or next depending on if we get any acceleration in liquidity or not. I do plan to start pulling back $25CCs for June 16th over the coming days, with earnings on the 7th it seems prudent to start closing them now rather than wait for a higher IV environment.
GME 4h
UPST shorting is progressing a little more in line with expectations now that the BOTZ pressure has eased with NVDAs drop yesterday and maybe more so today with C3.AI's earnings. My expectation here is still sub $20 over the next couple months as UPST's headwinds remain very much in front of them for the near future. The lack of recurring RegSHO inclusion tells me that some of the more entrenched shorts have either averaged or pulled back for the time being. But the current price and IV will likely pull them back in.
Options Data

GME - 2023-05-31
DN: 16.95 GN: 4.47 GM: 25.67 VN: 0.31

UPST - 2023-05-31
DN: 23.56 GN: 22.68 GM: 31.06 VN: 19.54

NVDA - 2023-05-31
DN: 295.3 GN: 284.61 GM: NaN VN: 250.81

As always feel free to check out the livestream from 9am - 4pm EST on YouTube
Our join the community discord
As always the information will be available here on reddit as well.
You are welcome to check my profile for links to my previous DD
GME Resistance/Support:
13.66, 15.50, 16.00, 17.46, 19.50, 21.40, 22.50, 24.68, 29.83, 30.73, 31.65, 32.90, 33.99, 35, 36.05, 37.50, 40, 42.50, 45, 50, 52.50

Pre-Market Analysis

Fidelity: 162,973 @ 2.25%
IBKR: 95,000 @ 7.830%
Fidelity: 0 @ 17.00%
IBKR: 200,000 @ 23.160%

* Although my profession is day trading, I in no way endorse day-trading of GME not only does it present significant risk, it can delay the squeeze. If you are one of the people that use this information to day trade this stock, I hope you sell at resistance then it turns around and gaps up to $500. 😁
*Options present a great deal of risk to the experienced and inexperienced investors alike, please understand the risk and mechanics of options before considering them as a way to leverage your position.
*This is not Financial advice. The ideas and opinions expressed here are for educational and entertainment purposes only.
* No position is worth your life and debt can always be repaid. Please if you need help reach out this community is here for you. Also the NSPL Phone: 800-273-8255 Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.
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2023.06.01 15:16 Shutterbirdy My partner might have to quit their job. I am worried, and fighting a huge impulse. Suggestions welcome.

My partner (SO) has worked at their current job for nearly 15 years. Their job has been our soul income since we had our kid, as it was cheaper for me to quit my min-wage job than pay childcare. Our kid is now 11, and I've continued to stay home and maintain the house, which means I've been out of the work force for over a decade now. Today the company that OWNS the business SO works for, announced a change we were hoping wouldn't go through. This change will negatively impact SO'S ability to do their work effectively and efficiently without them also being completely miserable. SO has already said they'd consider quitting if this change went through, and I completely support this.
In their spare time, SO and a close family friend have been working very hard on something they seriously hope to turn into a business, so I'm now thinking maybe it's MY turn to get a job in the meantime, though I'll not likely make anywhere near what my partner was making.
So I have a question: Do I let my impulsivity take over and start cold calling places for ME to work at while SO is still at work today? OR, would it be better to wait until they get home this evening and see where their head is at, before I suggest my trying to get a job?
I am posting HERE, because my ADHD is impacting my ability to think clearly and rationally while my partner is so sad, worried, frustrated, and upset. I want to show them in big ways how much I love and support them, but I don't want to stress them out further with big messy gestures.
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2023.06.01 15:15 NHNY61 Update: Keep Going? Please Help :(

To start thank you for all the love and support yesterday, it made me and especially my mom have some relief on a pretty upsetting day :)
My decision is to keep going with this approach:
  1. I bit the bullet and invested in the Princeton 513+ review prep course, I know many say it’s not worth it but I need the structure. I REFUSE to let this stupid test beat me lol
  2. I’m currently looking at and going to apply to SMP programs in the near future
  3. Once I take the MCAT again on July 28th , I’m gonna try and submit my complete app Aug 28th and see what happens (mainly targeting DO, low MD)
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